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  1. My Truespec driver fitting came up with the KBS TD 50, Cat 2 as the best amongst several others tested and against my Alta CB 55-S. Not available at TS and one that I was interested in is the Tensei Orange 55, either in R or S. When I was fitted for the G410P, as part of the 2018 "Official Tester", the shop did not have those available... so I went with the Alta CB. I just picked up the KBS TD and have one range session in with it. Not seeing the same added distance as the fitting session and it feels a little on the whippy side (probably just did not notice that during the fitting). This is interesting in that several product reviewers say the KBS TD series play "stronger to flex". We did not test the stiff (Cat 3) version during the fitting. I often find my swing speed numbers/carry distance fall right on the OEM recommendation for R or S flex. I just went with the fitters suggestions. If the KBS TD doesn't pan out, I'm thinking of giving the Tensei Orange 55 a try. It, like the Alta CB are a counterbalanced design and the PING shaft feels good to me. I would probably opt for the 55 stiff?? With these Tensei shafts being so popular amongst the forum, I was hoping to get some feedback on how these play to flex? If anyone has tested them against the Alta CB Red, how did they compare? Here's a photo of the driver shafts I tested:
  2. Just reading the Title makes me smile. I was fitted over 10 years ago and ended up with S300 shafts. I am getting myself a birthday gift and new irons are on the list. I am going to go hit a bunch of irons in a couple of weeks and looking for a little direction with new shafts. My swing speed and overall swing is the same but I am now seeing other options like Nippon or KBS. I hit the ball mid to high with my irons so just trying to get a feel of what would be on par with the S300.
  3. I have to say, I have been jonesing for these shafts since the 2019 PGA Show when I hit them in some irons at Demo Day. They were just phenomenal feeling. During this past summer, to truly get a better feel for them, I ordered a single Apex 7 iron from Callaway with the shaft in it, to really have time with it to make sure it was a shaft i liked. I still had the love for it that I first experienced at the PGA Show. Now moving on, some of you know I was fit for T300 irons last fall at TPI. What most of you don't know is I had the opportunity the day before my TPI visit to visit the new KBS Experiece. A combination retail store and fitting center, with all things KBS and even draft beer on tap! You can see some pictures from that visit Here Now I didn't go through a full fitting there, but knowing I was going to be fit for most likely the T300 the next day, and knowing Titleist doesn't currently offer it as a custom option, the guys at KBS gladly put together a T300 head with a couple different TGI shafts. The TGI 80 worked very well for me in all aspects, distance, most importantly flight dispersion and height. So I got back home, the season was pretty much over and had surgery and knew I wouldn't even be thinking about hitting any clubs until well into January. I ordered the T300 with the stock Tensei Blue, which was what was best for me out of the options that day at the TPI fitting. Once they arrived, I took a day to take in the excitement of new irons, and then immediately shipped them off to KBS to have my long awaited TGI shafts put in. What better news to see on a Monday than the Fed Ex truck pull up with a very cool long box. Inside was a full set of TGI 80 shafts in brand new T300 that have yet to have the misfortune of striking a golf ball by me. I'm sure both the clubs and shafts would be better served in a more skilled players hands, but it is what it is, and you'll get to here the experiences of your affable if not scratch golfer CG2. Initially I've got some unboxing photos to share. They unfortunately arrived on a wet and cool day, so no real opportunity to get them on the course. Will definitely try and get some Trackman time with them this week if the weather improves a bit. And while this thread will be mostly about the shafts and their performance, I'd be remiss not to show off at least 1 in the bag picture of the irons. I must stay they look pretty darn good for a GI iron.
  4. Looking at replacing my KBS C-Taper Lite with the $- Taper Lite, for my Cobra Utility 3 iron. Currently can only really hit the 3 iron off the tee with any confidence. Had a go with a graphite shaft but lost distance that made it not worth having the club in the bag. Thought would be going for the lighter shaft would improve striking off the tee, and improving consistency overall, and that the steel shaft is more likely to keep the distance. Anyone thinking this would be the case?
  5. Since i bought and have been playing the Cobra King F6 irons, I wondered just what FST shafts are. I hit them in the store, of course, and liked them. The salesman said they're medium launch and torque. After about 25 rounds, i know i can hit these low or high, they have a boring medium natural trajectory. So i did some research and found that FST stands for FEMCO Steel Technology, a division of Far East Machine and Tool Company, and they're the 2nd largest steel shaft manufacturer in the world. They formed a partnership with KBS Shafts in 2008 to manufacture all the KBS Tour line. FST is known for leading technological advancements in CNC manufacturing. So effectively, Cobra put low-cost KBS shafts in their King F6s to hold pricing down. I think this is also evidenced by the next step up in the Cobra iron line, the King Forged Tec, which come with KBS Tour shafts as standard equipment. So the F6s effectively have shafts which perform nearly as well as premium shafts from KBS, albeit at a much lower cost. I think this just shows Cobra's committment to provide value and savings to their customers, while producing high performance equipment. You can compare that attitude with other companies which charge a premium for their name brand and offer no discounts. Just sayin'. Talk amongst yourselves.
  6. COBRA King Forged Tec BLACK iron set. KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff COBRA CONNECT GRIPS + 7 ARCCOS screw-in sensors for your other clubs. Ordered from Cobra 4/11/18 --- invoice/specs are shown in one photo. EBAY LISTING $620 - HERE Great great irons! Awesome shafts! Lead tape was added - easily removed. Less than 10 rounds and some range sessions since getting them. Short irons have some wear (range sessions)-but nothing major.
  7. Selling T-MB iron set in great condition. KBS c taper 125 s+ flex. Standard l/l/l. $1050 obo. willing to trade for: Srixon z765/565 combo set with PX 6.5 or x100 Titleist ap2 718 with PX 6.5 or x100 or something similar
  8. OFFICIAL FORUM MEMBER REVIEW - KBS $ TAPER SHAFTS Here's our lineup of testers... Hackabilly Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 BigHappyVA Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Kegger Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 VolGolfer Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
  9. Selling a LIKE NEW set of Cobra Fly Z Irons with upgraded shafts. See ad on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222258685573?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you!
  10. Ok so I consider myself relatively knowledgeable about equipment and in particular shafts. But sometimes I'm not sure what differentiates one shaft from another and by how much. My knowledge is mostly of low launch stuff. The goal right now is to find something to go into the Hogan PTx irons. The KBS tourV 120x just feel really soft to me and aren't working out. This is going to be kind of difficult because I want super low launch and spin from 6i/7i-pw and something a little higher launch in the 4i/5i and maybe 6i. The flighted sets all seem to be too soft from what I understand and have tried. Not many high swing speed players want flighted shafts and while I probably don't need them, these irons may or may not(depending how testing goes) be in the bag for a long time to come so its worth it to look. I understand the the DG AMT aren't flighted and are just weight sorted and get heavier through the set so that may be an option. DG Pro sort of peaked my interest as well. What about DG black gold? Is that just an older version of DG pro? I don't know as much about some of the more exotic shaft options but I know Nippon Super Peening Blue have been recommended to me in the past. About me: SS with the driver is 120ish and 6i is around 100. Transition is on the faster side but working on it. Previous shafts that I've used that have worked well in the past are: PX 6.5/7.0 DGx100/X7 KBS Ctaper130x Any input would be helpful. And yes i'm definitely a tinkerer, I know.
  11. Anyone ever had a KBS Tour Shaft with incorrect etching? I have a KBS Tour Stiff shaft with etching marked as a 5i but actually has an 8i step pattern. My first thought was the tip was trimmed, but after inspecting, it hasn't. Odd. I'm not sure how that could even happen?
  12. KBS Golf Shafts has added two wedge-specific steel shafts to its line and will debut the new products at the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day, Jan. 20-23, in Orlando, Fla. “We've gone outside the box designing shafts specific for scoring clubs,” said Kim Braly, head of R&D and Tour operations at KBS Golf Shafts. “They are some of the most important- if not the most important- clubs in a player's bag.” Over two years in development, the new KBS 610 WEDGE Shaft is designed to deliver penetrating ball flight with less spin. The shaft's stiffer butt section combined with the KBS signature step down configuration enhances shot making for the skilled player. This shaft is available in three flexes, from 110-125g. “Our overall goal with these two shafts is to create a wedge-concentrated shaft category,” said Braly. “Wedge shafts are commonly overlooked and we are aiming to tackle this issue, beginning with the HI-REV 2.0 and 610 WEDGE.” The HI-REV 2.0, an updated and improved version of the current HI-REV shaft, features an active tip section that increases the effective loft of the club head. Golfers can expect a higher ball launch with more spin for added stopping power. The HI-REV 2.0 is available in three flexes, from 115-135g. Both shafts will be available for inspection and testing, along with the full KBS product line, at the PGA Merchandise Show Outdoor Demo Day, Tuesday, Jan. 20, Tee #5, Orange County National Golf Center, in Winter Park, Fla. --- I like that they are committing to a wedge category and offering a low and high spin option. Barbajo - can you go and test these please!
  13. KBS Tour shafts claimed its fifth Champions Tour victory this year and an additional win with the Hi-Rev shaft at the PGA Tour's CIMB Classic over the weekend. The win at the AT&T Championship came after a 10-foot birdie on the first playoff hole on Sunday. This feat marks the champion's ninth total win using KBS Tour shafts- four Champions events and five PGA events- since 2008. The AT&T Championship winner has trusted the KBS Tour in his irons for the last six years and recently won two majors: the Senior PGA Championship and the Senior U.S. Open. At the AT&T Championship, he led the field with 19 birdies. This player's most recent accomplishment places him at the top of the leader board for the Charles Schwab Cup. KBS' victory at the CIMB Classic was again decided by a birdie on the first hole of the playoff round. The winning player used the KBS Hi-Rev shaft in his lob wedge. “We are thrilled for this Champion's Tour player and all of his accomplishments in 2013,” said Kim Braly, director of tour operations and research and development at KBS. “His victories at the Senior PGA Championship and the Senior U.S. Open, combined with this win at the AT&T Championship, make for a terrific season. We are extremely proud that he was one of the first players on the PGA to switch into KBS shafts and wish him the best of luck with the remainder of his season.” www.KBSGolfShafts.com
  14. Today KBS Shafts announced impending availability of the formerly-prototype shaft that Phil Mickelson has been using since early 2012. Mickelson has won 3 times with the shaft, most recently the 2013 Open Championship. The shaft has been called Tour V2, or KBS Tour Version 2, but Tour-V is the real, official name. Wondering where the Tour-V fits in the KBS Lineup? There's a chart for that. KBS Tour-V Light weight (100g, 110g, 120g), tight dispersion, mid trajectory Up to 20% better shot dispersion than leading PGA TOUR shafts 10% Lighter weight than Tour shaft Mid Trajectory Pre-order Sep. 30th through authorized KBS dealers Shipping to customers November 1st Stock shaft in new Callaway Apex Pro iron available Q1 2014 KBS Tour-V Specs Inside Info: The KBS Tour-V shaft has been in development and testing on the PGA TOUR since 2012. KBS has incorporated an advanced design for taper rate, OD, and wall thickness to produce a lower spin, mid launching shaft with very tight dispersion. The outside diameter is larger on the Tour-V than the Tour shaft. This is just barely visually apparent as it is a subtle change. The proportional increase in OD and increase in wall thickness is designed to produce less spin and a piercing ball flight. Because the OD is larger, the tip section is stiffer and produces less spin. Adopted by tour professionals on the PGA TOUR, Web.com Tour, and European Tour, the Tour-V has already been trusted for multiple worldwide wins, including the 2013 Open Championship, Aberdeen Scottish Open, WM Phoenix Open, and multiple top ten finishes on the PGA and Web.com tours. From player and robot testing, the Tour-V shows up to 20% tighter dispersion than other leading steel shafts on the PGA Tour. For more info visit The KBS Shafts Website. Official Press Release: KBS Announces the Tour-V Shaft Already proven on the PGA Tour, the Tour-V shaft offers golfers a lightweight and low spin option BOULDER, Colo. (September 30th, 2013) Today, KBS Golf Shafts announces an all-new steel shaft, the Tour-V. The KBS Tour-V has already been the trusted shaft on professional tours for wins worldwide, including the 2013 Open Championship. Similar to the popular Tour shaft in feel and trajectory, it features a lighter weight design. This new offering compliments the already popular line of KBS iron shafts. In development on the PGA Tour since 2012, the Tour-V enters the aftermarket already proven with the best players in the world. The lower spin performance in a lighter weight is achieved while maintaining the superior feel KBS has become famous for. The Tour-V is available in three flexes: R-100g, S-110g, and X-120g. The Tour-V was chosen by Callaway Golf as the stock shaft for their newest player's iron, the Apex Pro. Available in all three flexes, the Apex Pro iron will be on sale Q1 2014. The Tour-V shaft is available for pre-order immediately through authorized KBS dealers with orders shipping November 1st. “We are very excited to introduce the Tour-V shaft. It has been tested and perfected over the past year and a half, and truly delivers on offering a tight dispersion shaft in a light weight package. The results we get from PGA Tour player testing are spot on. Dispersion with the Tour-V is some of the tightest we have ever seen and it maintains our signature smooth feel at impact. Lighter weight has become more popular and this allows golfers to swing a little easier. Our team is thrilled to bring this shaft to market and see it as the stock shaft for Callaway's new player's iron.” said Kim Braly, Director of R&D and Tour Operations at KBS Golf Shafts. During player and robot testing, the KBS team has seen terrific results. The Tour-V offers a slightly different performance: up to 20% tighter shot dispersion than other popular shafts on the PGA Tour, 10% lighter weight and a mid trajectory. This distinction in performance allows KBS to offer golfers yet another terrific option to improve their iron play.
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