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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! First off, I just wanna say that I work for Bermuda Sands Apparel, and let you know that this is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT! We recently launched our e-commerce site (which I was very integral in pushing) and I would love to hear some opinions on it. Layout, ease of use, pictures, whatever. Let me repeat THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. I'm not asking anyone to do anything more than to look around and let me know what you think of the site. I'm always looking to get better feedback, and who better than you fine folks! Thanks again. CLICK HERE to check out the site.
  2. $6.99. Say Whaaaat?!?!?! Don't miss our Flash Sale Friday! - Ladies Apparel - Putters - Preowned TaylorMade Putters and Wedges - Preowned Nike Golf Clubs - Lefty Preowned Fairway Woods - Preowned TaylorMade Iron Sets - Previous daily deals
  3. My first travel solo led me on a fabulous whirlwind trip to New York City last week, for an Adidas special event, the Golf Women's 2015 Launch Event. I'm not sure what maniacal brainchild came up with this event but it IS genius! Don't worry, I'll explain later. Few items that grab my attention when it comes to ladies golf fashion; you get the same old cookie cutter looks or the outrageous looks, nothing in between. If they are in between, they are not what I would be willing to spend, when I could be spending that on a hot outfit I can wear more often anywhere (not just on the course). However, after attending the Adidas Golf Women's 2015 Launch Event last week, we finally have a golf company that gets it. I do love golf but what I really love is, looking hot and feeling confident in every outfit I decide to wear. Although, I have many options off the course, I feel I have to compromise on the course. Until now! The 2015 spring/summer ladies golf apparel motto is "built for an athlete, designed for a woman". Adidas hit the nail on the head with this one! Why should I have to compromise my athleticism on the course by sacrificing fashion. With their new upcoming line, you don't have to! As always, Adidas sacrifices nothing for quality. So it's no doubt their new collections will allow women to move freely, without restrictions, on or off the course. To prove this, Adidas invited several ladies to Golf & Body NYC to test it out for themselves. The event allowed guests to meet and greet LPGA celebrities, learn new fitness techniques, a fashion show of their 2015 spring/summer collections, access to simulation booths, and of course be among the first to experience the feel and look of the new collection with some great pieces to take home. Built for an Athlete Putting us and the new product line to the test was Kim-Lien Kendall, yoga and movement educator at Golf & Body NYC and co-founder of SMARTer Bodies. Because ladies have different physical builds than men, Kim had participants really focus on the needs and demands that golf has on women's bodies. Don't expect to come to this top facility and not have to strive for the best. The ladies this night, including special guests (LPGA 3 time tour winner Jessica Korda, LPGA 4 time tour winner Anna Nordquist, and Golf Channel's very own Lauren Thompson), took part in a 25 minute workout in their new Adidas collection pieces. The workout itself was five different golf focused exercises, followed by a cool down with yoga stretches. Talk about putting these clothes to the test; we were n the ground, in the air with plyometrics (that's training that involves jumping), twisting and stretching. Never once did I feel self conscious about any unwanted creeping up or down of clothing, exposing unwanted skin. The clothes moved as I did, with rotations, twisting, bending and stretching. One word, ClimaCool. No worries about overheating the materials were stretchy, soft, and cooling. I'll have a whole other post about the fitness techniques we were shown to help build your golf game. Be you, Beautifully Strong Earlier I had mentioned the plain Jane looks that most companies have in their ladies clothing lines (I get it, we need basics, but not EVERYTHING!). They're so boring! On the opposite end of the spectrum, I feel they get a little crazy thinking they need to provide something unique. What happens is, these companies, create over the moon clothing with patterns that I wouldn't be caught dead in unless I was an eccentric golfing grandma, or weird impractical designs. Let's get real. If you are like me, most women want to look good and feel confident, and still have that feminine look whether we're on the course or off. Adidas listened to what women really wanted and delivered. Tops: Let's face it rainwear/wind gear is not super attractive in all it's baggy, crinkly glory. I love the the Transparent Wind Full-Zip jacket gives you protection from the wind, but with a fabulous flexible fabric that won't restrict your swing. It a great purple and blue color (Flash Pink and Clear Aqua) with a tasteful monochromatic pattern. The elastic waist helps create that peplum-look celebrating a waist-to-hip curve, making it flattering for women of all sizes. They also have a fantastic selection of peplum and ruffle bottom polos that give that added feminine touch. My favourite addition is the incorporation of the high low shirts. If you are conscious of plumber's crack, when bending to mark your ball, or just like a little more coverage of your beautiful booty, you will love the added length on the back of the shirts. Personally, I have a ton of, off the course, high to low shirts, so excited to see this in womens golf apparel. I have been so jealous of all the choices guys have in classy polo shirts with accent colors and patterns on the plackets (that button up part of the shirt). Now I can get my own without having to pay an arm and a leg! Ladies get excited! They've added different colored collar plackets and accent colors on the polos, to give each shirt a classy pop of style and glam. A great addition is the Slub Polo which provides a less formal, more casual feeling, breathable shirt than cotton or the traditional golf shirt. Same thing goes for their ClimaCool Tour mesh stripes sleeveless shirts with the racerback (minimizing that sleeveless golfer's tan even more!), you can pair with their performance tanks, or a racerback sports bra. Beautiful versatile sweaters in great spring/summer colors, you can wear on and off the course. Not a big sweater fan? How about a lightweight fitted athletic jacket with hidden pockets. Bottoms: There is something for everyone in this category. The essentials ankle pants in Black, if you want you're looking for something more traditional; If you are looking for something a little different but still classy spring for the Clear Aqua color. If you like your shorts, Adidas brings you the option of the Essentials bermuda shorts or jump into a pair of patterned Advance Art Deco shorts. Feeling a little more flirty? I am absolutely loving their Tour Floral Flair Short, with 50UPF and a curved stylish hem. Skorts are definitely my thing. From sporty to traditional, you have great options to choose from: a casual, Range Skort; their color bordered Geo Skort; to my favourite (I was super envious of Heather who was wearing this at the event), the soft ruffled, Tour Mesh Skort in Clear Aqua. Super cute, stylish and fun! Accessories & Footwear: From Ruched Fashion Visors with shorter brims for those smaller faces, to bright colored hairbands for the flyaway bangs, to super cute ballerina-like summer mesh street to course shoes (check out my blog post on street to course shoes). Even if you are a traditionalist, there are lots of accessories that will give you a little bit of summer/spring flair. Blown Away After the golf fitness tips, the guests of the Adidas Golf Women's 2015 Launch Event were treated to a fashion show of the new collection being launch in the spring/summer, followed by a Q&A with LPGA celebrities Jessica Korda and Anna Nordquist, hosted by Golf Channel's Lauren Thompson. After finding out Jessica and Anna's thoughts on the new collection, some things they focus on with their golf game, and funny things they encounter on tours, guests were allowed to take advantage of the simulation bays at Golf & Body NYC while enjoying appetizers and beverages. What a fantastic event and opportunity to mingle with the people who make things happen at Adidas. When asked what she was most proud of, Designer at Adidas, Larissa Grashian says, "In terms of the collections... I am super proud of the ability for us to push silhouettes. In the first collection we played around with collarless tops. The second we had a a peplum top that is longer and leaner than a typical polo. In the third collection we played around with the racerback. I also would say I am proud overall of color. We were able to bring wearable and bright colors to the table. Lastly I am SUPER proud of the fabrics we used. Fabrics that are soft and not the typical polyester hand you find in the golf market. I think they are feminine and that was one of the biggest changes we had in the line." As always, here are Dee's Top 3 things, I love and can't wait to get my hands on: 1. I'm a big fan of visors, and absolutely love the springtime yellow and the feminine cut floral flair shorts. A classy but cute look. 2. You know those days when you don't want to wear the formal golf shirt? I do. That's why I love this outfit, it's comfy and flirty. 3. I absolutely adore these ballerina look mesh summer shoes. I would take one in every color. I mentioned earlier that this event was genius and promised to tell you why, but first... let me take a selfie. Ha! I couldn't resist. Lauren Thompson, she's awesome! Okay, back to why this event was so brilliant. Ask yourself, what are some things women love? We love to shop! Especially for things that make us look amazing. If the golf industry wants to get more women in the game, what better way to do it than to focus on fashion. Not only did Adidas Golf bring a group of strong, smart, beautiful women together but they brought them to a ultra-premium club to give them fitness tips to help them look great, perfect their game, and made them feel like VIPs with a golf inspired fashion show, some great pieces to take home to flaunt to their friends, and eagerly anticipate when they can spend on the new collection for next season (because none of us want to be caught on or off the course in last year's style). BRILLIANT! Hey! We are the population that is stereotyped for spending SO much money. Give us the shapes, fabrics, and style that will make us look better than the average. Keep that glam on the course and off.
  4. One for the ladies.
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