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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Spies, Just finished the No Putts Given episode on personal launch monitors and I think that the Trackmans and the Flightscope companies should make a personal launch monitor that gives data similar to Shot Tracer. Akin to catering to the people who don't care how the sausage is made, this monitor won't spit out Ball speed, Spin Rates, AoA, etc. but maybe focus on the information about the ball flight: Yardage Yards Offline Left or Right from the "Target Line" (in relation to the position of the monitor which is assumed to be some 10 feet behind the ball) Peak Height? Maybe also have a camera so that it makes a shot tracer video? The selling point would be to give golfers an idea to where their ball ended up (helping pace of play), shot tracer video they can share, and just enough data for those using it as a DIY fitting tool. Obviously getting professionally fitted with a GC Quad or Trackman would give you more data, but that's when you buy the flagship product (therefore, even if these companies were to develop this product it wouldn't undercut their top of the line product). What do you all think? Is this something worth developing? Would you buy it? Does it fit in the market and satisfy the requirement of not threatening sales of the fully spec'd launch monitors?
  2. Looking for a used SkyTrak. Looking to trade left handed clubs with cash for one
  3. Hi everyone, I am selling a brand new, in box, PRGR Red Eyes Launch Monitor. I have one that I use personally and absolutely love it, had ordered one for a friend that wanted it too, but he backed out, so now I'm stuck with 2. Asking $115 + Shipping Please message me if interested.
  4. Good morning MGS brethren! I am creating this thread to put quality information out into the community for those who are trying to research how to build an epic golf simulator. I just finished my build and it has drastically improved my game in the short time that it has been in use. When I started to research all of the different options for components however, not a lot of good information was available..... Now it will be! I will be updating this thread in a stage-type fashion. Each stage of the project will show pictures of the setup, components, and result. Each stage will also have all of the different vendors researched, the decision that was made & why, and links to the selected products. I hope that this will drastically help anyone going down the road of building their own. Enjoy!
  5. Availability, price (£199), convenience, portability, user friendliness, swing & ball speed accuracy and smash factor are insane, carry & total distance are also fairly accurate (super sufficient for gap testing purposes and wedge distance control)...knowing your numbers is a complete game changer when working on swing speed, all from a pocket sized launch monitor that runs on 4 * AAA batteries, that’s not fussy about location or whether you’re in a net in the backyard, down at the range or on the course - checkout the YT review from MrShortGame
  6. Has anyone else seen this or tried their putting only Gen i1 model? I'm curious what everyone thinks since of this since I would love to have an apartment friendly practice option if it doesn't suck. https://www.coachlabs.com/workshops/gamer-pack
  7. Seen a couple youtube videos about the approach G80 from Garmin , highly touted as the first 2 in 1 launch monitor and range finder, any one have or tried one? Steep price tag but I have been looking for a decent range finder , could kill 2 birds here.
  8. I am going out on a stretch with this one... When we all buy new golf clubs or are in the market for a new club (testing), we head over to our local shop (Dicks Sports, Edwin Watts, PGA Superstore, etc) and request to try the clubs out in the bay with the launch monitors. Of course, how well is the new club going to compare to our existing club. In my personal experience, the employees in the shops always seem annoyed when you ask to try out clubs in the bays; more so if you are a lefty such as myself. That means they have to move the launch monitor sensor to the other side of the mat . Those of us not on tour or living in the 1% wealth do not have the ability to own a Trackman or GC Quad BUT would still like to utilize those products to test equipment and learn to gap our clubs. Do these 8 new drivers really give me 20 more yards and are much more straight than my existing driver... who knows, but the golf shop guy does not want me spending 3 hours testing all his equipment. Yet he wonders why i do not buy anything after i try one driver and dont get results. Don't be annoyed with me if i ask to try a different driver. Here is the dream... A driving range with 2-4 bays rigged with launch monitors. Having top of the line monitors may be quite expensive but something to at least provide sufficient data to help the average or better golfer. By allowing players to learn their yardages and make adjustments will in essence speed up rounds as well. With the popularity of the technology AT the range, players would need to schedule times and pay fees for equipment use. The Arccos system is a great tool to help gap and determine club lengths BUT it takes quite a few rounds to determine all your clubs. Now i can hit 20 shots with each club and get solid data on EACH club. In addition, i can borrow or rent multiple clubs if i am in the market for a new driver, iron set, etc. IDEALLY having newly released equipment AT the range would be perfect. My Golf Spy Community, lets make this happen! Make this the new Top Golf or get me in touch with a Top Golf guy to integrate this!
  9. I want to hear everyone's experiences that they may have had on fittings. Particularly if you had an outdoor vs indoor fitting for the same product within a short period of time, on how they went and the differences between the two. So as some may have read, I was one of the members chosen for the JPX 900 Iron Testing. I'll be reviewing/testing the Hot Metal version. We were even more fortunate that Mizuno was allowing us to send in our own specs and choose from anything on it's current custom offerings. So wanting to make sure I got properly fit irons for the test, so i could give solid accurate feedback, I wanted to go get fit by a certified Mizuno fitter who used the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, see the pretty cool video of how they use it here. http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/blog/mizuno-challenges-6-golfers-to-the-swing-dna-iron-test/ So settle in this might get wordy....Even for me...HA I first called a place I had been fit before that has a reputation as one of the better fitters in the area. Of course he was off until Tuesday (this being Monday, and having a case of the "I want it now!!", I called a second place that I had heard of but never been to. They said come on down anytime today, so that's what I did. INDOOR FITTING In short this one was a very nice golf independent golf shop in the area, it has survived the glut of Big Box stores the past 15 years and has a very loyal local following. I was met by a young man who took me over and explained the process. Sounds good. Having watched the above and several other videos on Mizuno's Swing DNA system, I pretty much knew what he was saying. Well, in short it didn't go well at all. The Shaft Optimizer kept dying after every shot, so they had to charge it have me hit a shot and repeat The computer software wasn't working correctly, it didn't save all the info so the fitter said, he could probablyy remember the numbers from the 3 balls (the ones we had to wait 5 minutes between) and entered them manually Lastly, my swing was way off, I struggled to hit two consistent shots back to back. not that I was looking for perfect shots, but they didn't have some shafts in 1" over so I had to go with 1/2 in some which was tough to adjust to. All that said, I don't blame the young man at all, he himself was very frutstrated by things not working and just having conversation with him, I could tell he knew how to fit and knew his stuff. he was also very patient with me struggling to put solid shots together. Well the recommendations that we got from the Optimizer based on his memory Project X LZ 5.5 Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff Dynamic Gold R300 We hit all those and I immediately eliminated the DG based on it feeling to heavy. I currently have the Modus 105, so those felt familiar and the Project X LZ felt good as well. We went to look at the numbers and the only ones that saved were the PX, and he said I was getting too much spin and too high of flight on those. So his recommendation was the Modus 105. Which I was fine with as I have them in my 565/765. But all these shots were hit in a small bay that had no more than 6 to 8 feet of flight before hitting the net. Impossible to tell what the true flight was. Also a big thing I wanted to get right was what length he thought I should play as I've been alternating anywhere from 1/2 to 1" over depending on the OEM. He took my knuckle to floor measurement. Also for the lie, he was using lie tape and the lie board, but instead of leaving a mark like it usually does, half the tape was ripping off, so to me I didn't think it was giving a true indication of if the lie was correct or not. So instead of a print out of what everything was, he scribbled down on a piece of paper what the recommendations were. Now, again not all of this was his fault, as they had some technical issues. But at the very worst, I know OEM's provide fittings sheets, that he could have taken the time to at least compelte that as much as possible. For this I paid $45 Outdoor Fitting So the more I thought back on that, the less satisfied and 100% convinced that i had gotten the best information possible. So I went ahead and called my first choice and set an appointment for the following day. This is at a very nice range and was conducted outside in the private fitting/lesson area. I had worked with Jon before so he knew a bit about my game and we didn't' have to go through my profile or game ability. We got right to it. The Mizuno Shaft optimizer worked brilliantly from the start and he plugged the numbers into I-Pad. They spit out the following options. KBS C-Taper Lite 110 S Project X LZ 5.5 TT XP 115 S Honestly these options surprised me a bit, as I've always tended to play shafts between 95 to 105 grams, as my driver SS is in the low 90's and my iron ss in mid to upper 70's. However, Jon mentioned and has been pointed out during my Driver fitting last year, I have a very strong and fast move down, so a bit stiffer and more stable shaft suits me. Also he had irons in 1" over...THANK YOU!! So I didn't have to try and adjust my set up. Overall I was hitting the ball pretty solid with a few loose shots here and there, but certainly enough for him to see my natural tendencies (and also based on seeing me previously) The LM numbers between the C-Taper Lit and XP 115 were very close. Although to me the C-Taper Lite was much easier to swing, yes the 5 grams probably made a big difference. But I felt like I could feel the shaft getting through the swing more efficiently (loading better?) But one of the biggest things in the fitting came with the length and lie measurements. He used the same method of Lie measurement, with the tape on the sole, except these stayed in tact and showed I was hitting the ball flush in the center of the sole, with a 3 degree upright shaft. Interesting that I have been only going 2 degrees, but we noticed a slight reduction in my fade when we went from the 2 degree to 3 degree lie. He also mentioned to me that mizuno uses a 1/2 degree flatter lie as standard than most OEM's. So I was really going to need to add that to my spec. For length, the same thing with Mizuno, it's standard 6 iron is 1/4" shorter than most OEM. So when I measured 1" over on his PING fitting chart, we made that 1 1/4 inch for Mizuno. So factoring in the extra inch gives another degree upright, he gave me complete different specs than the previous fitter, who just gave me 1" over and 2 Up. John actually wrote out the exact specs 38 1/4" 6 iron length and 63.5 degree lie. BTW, I never would have thought I'd be in a C-Taper shaft at 110 grams...HA I tried the regular C-Tapers a couple years ago and it was like swinging a 2x4. I did a lot of reading on these C Taper lites, and they were perfectly placed between the Tour 90 and C Capers from what I read. I have had the KBS Tour 90 before and liked them a lot, but at times felt I hit them a bit too high. So these should give me more of a mid flight, which I'm excited about. I left there so much more confident that I was properly fit and that I'm getting the best shaft for me for these irons. For this I paid $0.00. I explained to John why I was getting the irons and that I wouldn't' be buying them there, and again offered to pay for his time and the fitting. He said, "Not at all!! Sounds like a great opportunity with Mizuno. Let me know how they work out for you. So if you're still with me, let's hear what you like and don't like about indoor and outdoor fittings. And if you've ever had two completely different experiences back to back like that.
  10. I'm curious - has anyone on here truly dialed in their distances? I ask because I swung by the local PGA Superstore today to borrow a launch monitor and felt a bit embarrassed. I understand there's a few variables in play on the course, and I also understand you always want to believe you hit your clubs farther than you actually do. But I certainly didn't expect the carry gap I saw. Granted, I was hitting clubs that were harder to hit than my J38s (yes, an almost blade like club), and I wasn't hitting the center every time...but it certainly wasn't what I expected. So, has anyone actually rented a launch monitor for an extended period, or gone through a fitting, or used a rangefinder on the range to get accurate distances for all their irons? Am I the only one flying blind, off feel? Either way, it's crazy how big of a difference there is on the course as opposed to hitting in a vacuum.
  11. //ES14 Personal Review - please see attached PDF. Please feel free to ask questions. Let me know if you have something you think I might have missed, post personal experiences, or anything else... I'd like to hear what you guys think about this unit and this review. Enjoy! ES14 REVIEW.pdf
  12. My goal was to get out and play today to give a full review of this driver on the course but the weather has been so cold and rainy that it hasn't been possible yet. Instead I took the driver up to Golfsmith to get on their launch monitors and at least have some numbers to post. It took me a little while to get warmed up since I haven't swung a club in a few weeks but overall the club performed extremely well for me. I am very pleased with how low the spin stayed since I normally have a hard time getting below 3000 rpm's. I usually swing around 100 mph and currently play to a 3.8 handicap. My shot shape is pretty straight overally but I tend to favor a slight fade so my spin numbers are usually a little higher. I was a little scattered with my impact position on the face as you can see from my picture but for not playing in so long, I wasn't too upset. The driver shaft length was a little long (almost 46") and the swingweight was around D5. I usually prefer no longer than 45" and a swingweight of D2. The sound was a little hollow sounding but nothing obnoxious at all. It may also have sounded differently because I was in the fitting area indoors. Overall my averages were: Clubhead Speed: 100 mph Ball Speed: 145.6 mph Launch Angle: 14.7 degrees Backspin: 2298 rpm Total Spin: 2352 rpm Total Carry: 250.2 yards Total Distance: 274.19 yards Offline: 5 Yards Given these numbers I'm pretty excited to see what it does out on the course. I'm sure using real golf balls my spin will decrease some compared to whatever they have in the fitting area. Once I got home I shortened the shaft down to 45" and added a few grams of hot melt through the screw weight port. This should help the sound quite a bit and gave me my desired swingweight after I cut it down.
  13. I recently purchased the Voice Caddie sc100 launch monitor and I have to say, hitting with it is more productive and way more fun with it than I ever thought it would be. I was a little skeptical about its accuracy before purchasing it but after seeing the numbers it gave me versus what I know I hit my clubs, I was thoroughly impressed. Considering the price of this launch monitor at around $200 as compared to Trackman at 19 thousand or GC2 HMT at 13 thousand, it does a great job. It displays club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, and carry distance. It does not factor in temperature, pressure, wind, or any other environmental factors; it basically says "that ball would have gone X distance if the conditions were perfect". It is super portable (its the exact same size as my Samsung Galaxy S5) and fits in my golf bag no problem. I'm bringing this with me everywhere I go now. I like the "Target" mode it has where you pick the distance you are trying to hit and it scores you based on how close you came to hitting that distance. I'm not impressed with the "Random" mode mainly because it only gives a random distance under 100 yards. I was hoping it would at least go up to 150 or 175 yards, but I guess if you want to dial in your wedges, it is pretty cool. The only thing I think it's missing is an app so you can permanently store data from your sessions. It does show averages for each club, but only for either that current session or "All" (the last 100 shots). IMO if you want a cheap launch monitor that provides relatively accurate figures (within 2% of Trackman), give this one a try. You will not be dissapointed
  14. Very interesting article by TrackMan on the differences between hitting off a mat and hitting of grass. I always knew hitting off mats can give you some crazy distances (yesterday FlightScope was telling me I was hitting my 7i 220), but I didn't realize the dispersion would be that far off. Give it a read.
  15. I went to Golfsmith to use their launch monitor for some numbers on the B330s I'm helping review. So....while I was there I figured I'd check out the SLDR and hit it against my R1. The guy helping me....cannot call him a "fitter"...was real nice but seemed overly interested in keeping the launch angle down....which I thought odd. My R1 numbers look good to my completely untrained eye. It looks like there might be some yards to gain by "lofting up" the SLDR ?? What I did find interesting was that....even set all the way to FADE.....the SLDR went 31 yards further left than the R1.
  16. Came across this room on Electronic House. How could I not share it here? http://www.electronichouse.com/photo/interior_designers_embrace_technology_and_home_automation/4
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