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Found 18 results

  1. The inspiration for this thread came to me when my friend sent me what I thought to be a serious email regarding some business. To my surprise, when I clicked on the link it was a YouTube video of my favorite golf infomercial of all time; the HAMMER driver. I always laugh out loud when I see or hear it, and I haven't seen it on the Golf Channel in a while. So I thought to myself; I will share it on MyGolfSpy. Did I mention that this is Hands Down, my favorite golf infomercial of all time. Click here to want to watch the VIDEO. Please feel free to share your favorite Hammer infomercial memory with us. As a former golf pro, my fondest memory is of me sitting in the golf shop at 6:00 am. I am enjoying a cup of coffee and the peaceful quiet of the early morning hours. When I turn on the television and hear "POW" "BOOM" "BAM" and I just knew it was going to be a great day. The HAMMER World Long Drive Champion, Jack Hamm This guy is banned from most driving ranges. If seen. please report to the proper golf shop employees.
  2. Only 200 hundred made,got mine today,amazing putter,will have 4 months of practice inside before i putt on a real green,love everything about it.Bravo Bettinardi.
  3. What is Genuine Leather? We all see it everyday, a company claims that it only uses "genuine leather" in the manufacturing process of their goods. Of we notice the stamp on our leather goods that state that the item is genuine leather, top-grain leather, or full-grain leather. But what do these stampings actually mean? And is there that a difference between the quality of each leather type. Whether you're buying a golf club head covers, a scorecard holder, or belt, you should know exactly what to look for in your leather: FULL GRAIN LEATHER Considered the most durable, expensive and highest quality grade of real leather is Full Grain. Full Grain is the top layer of the hide, and the only layer to posses the grain appearance. TOP GRAIN LEATHER The second highest quality grade of leather is Top Grain. Top Grain has been split from the top layer of blemished hide, sanded and refinished. Sanding is a common process that tanners use to rid the hide of scars, scrapes and imperfections. GENUINE LEATHER The third highest quality grade is Genuine Leather. Genuine Leather is produced from the layers of hide that remain after the top is split off for the better grades. The surface is usually refinished to resemble a higher grade leather. BONDED LEATHER The fourth quality grade of leather is Bonded. Bonded is referred to as such because it is made from the dust and shavings of other hide layers. These remnants are then collected, glued and pressed together to form a single piece of hide. The hide is then sanded, refinished and often times painted to resemble a piece higher grade leather. But no matter what quality grade, you can be certain that any item made with real leather is made from the hide of an animal, and will produce a durable and long lasting item. Now it's no secret that OEM manufactures in the golf industry almost exclusively use synthetic leather for their golf clubs headcovers, and other "leather" items. The reason for this is purely economical. Synthetic leather is much less expensive than real leather. However, this results in sub-par quality items. SYNTHETIC LEATHER Synthetic Leather is an artificial (man-made) leather. While this leather type may appear to look and feel like real leather, synthetic leather is of much lower quality than real leather. However, it is often used as a substitute for real leather because it is less expensive: POLYURETHANE "PU" LEATHER Polyurethane Leather is made by coating a backing fabric such as cotton, polyester or shredded leather with a flexible polymer and then treating it to look more like animal hide. Polyurethane upholstery is the most realistic imitation of genuine leather, with respect to look and feel. VINYL LEATHER Vinyl upholstery is made from two separate synthetic materials. The fibers of the upholstery are constructed from strong polyester fibers. The fibers are then coated with vinyl, and then melted onto the surface of the fibers, sealing them closed and making a virtually waterproof surface that is still flexible and tough. CONCLUSION Regardless of what material quality is claimed by the manufacturer, or stamped on the item, we hope that this article has provided you with some facts that will make you a better informed consumer. Or, the very least, be better equipped for your next leather purchase. CLICK HERE to view the original article.
  4. I just found this from a golf buddy and thought I would share.... Stitch Golf is doing a 72 hour secret sale. I just placed an order myself and received 40% off of my entire order. Discount code: secret40
  5. Here are a few photos of our handmade, genuine Leather Putter Grips $24.99 Augusta Alligator Blue Alligator Brown Ostrich Copper Crocodile Purple Ostrich Red Crocodile Tan Python White Crocodile All of our putter grips are handmade from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
  6. PUTTER GRIP INSTALLATION & CARE (Part 1) In this first installment, we lay out the simple steps for installing a putter grip. If you are someone who enjoys Do-It-Yourself projects, you will find this process fun and rewarding. If not, you may want to head to your local pro shop and let them do the heavy lifting. Supplies you will need for installation: Bench Vice Rubber Shaft Clamp Utility Hook Razor Blade Two Sided 2" Grip Tape Grip Solvent Spray Bottle Shop Towels Small Paint Tray ***CAUTION*** Always perform grip installations in a well ventilated area to avoid a hazard. Step 1: Firmly secure your putter shaft into the vice. Secure the putter firmly into the vice. Be sure to apply only enough pressure to secure the putter from twisting during installation. Next, place the paint tray beneath the grip end of the club to catch all excess grip solvent. Expert Tip: Make sure that the putter is squarely lined up, with the toe pointing up at the sky. This will make alignment easy when it easy when it comes time to install the new grip. Step 2: Remove the old putter grip. Using a utility knife, with a hook blade razor, make a straight cut the entire length of the putter grip starting at the narrow end of the grip. Next, peel away the old putter grip and any grip residue, leaving only the old grip tape on the handle. Step 3: Remove the old grip tape. Remove the old grip tape at your own pace. You may use the utility knife, a heat gun or hair dryer to make this step faster easier. Be sure to remove all traces of glue from the shaft handle. Expert Tip: Use heat and acetone to remove any stubborn glue remnants. Step 4: Apply the new grip tape. Measure out a strip of grip tape 1" longer than the length of your grip and cut. Apply the adhesive side of the tape lengthwise to the handle, leaving the 1" inch excess tape overlapping the butt end of the handle. Next, peel away the tape backing and proceed to wrap tightly over the handle. Twist the excess 1" of overlapping tape and plug it into the shaft butt end. This will keep all debris and solvent out of the shaft after installation. Expert Tip: Be sure and check the core size of your new putter grip and your shaft handle diameter before performing installation. Most putter shaft butt ends will measure at .580 inches, and most putter grips will have a M58 core size. This combination will create a perfect standard size fit. However, there are some putter grips that have a M60 core size. If you run into this situation with a .580 shaft butt end, make sure that you use a couple of extra wraps of tape under the right hand of the grip. As this will allow for a perfectly fit. Step 5: Apply the grip solvent to the grip tape. Pour (1) cup of grip solvent into a spray bottle. Hold the new putter grip vertical with the butt end in your hand. Using your finger, cover the hole in the grip butt end and spray 5-7 sprays of solvent into the grip. Also, use the spray bottle to wet the new grip tape with solvent. Next, with your finger still over the hold in the grip butt end, use a finger from your opposite hand to cover the large grip hole and proceed to mix the solvent inside of the grip. After the solvent is mixed, dump out all excess solvent onto the new grip tape. Step 6: Install the new putter grip. With the grip visually lined up squarely to the putter toe, slide the new grip over the grip tape and towel off to dry any excess solvent and avoiding contact with the leather portion of the grip. Expert Tip: When installing the new putter grip, make sure that the grip tape has been liberally treated with solvent. If you do not use enough solvent the grip may get stuck half way on during the install process. Step 7: Align your putter grip. Remove the putter from the vice and visually make adjustments to your new putter grip to assure that your grip is aligned properly. You will have approximately 5-10 minutes to adjust the grip to make sure that it is properly aligned. Expert Tip: Use a door jam to squarely brace the putter face while you adjust your putter grip. Step 8: Let the new grip set. Allow the grip to dry for at least 15-20 minutes before use. Step 9: Don't brag. Be cautious, if you proceed to brag about your new found skills to your friends, you may become their go to guy for grip installation. http://www.aceofclubsgolfco.com/blogs/news/14736493-leather-putter-grip-installation-care-part-1
  7. To officially say hello as a new forum sponsor, we would like to offer the MyGolfSpy community an exclusive 10% off coupon code. We offer handmade, genuine leather golf accessories with the look and feel of exotic animal skin in a variety of colors. Please visit www.aceofclubsgolfco.com to give us a look and remember to enter the coupon code: MYGOLFSPYACE during the checkout process. We look forward to seeing you there.
  8. We will be posting several photos of various leather styles and colors in this thread over the next couple of weeks. We would appreciate your feedback on which leather are your favorites. In short, you guys will pick the leather that we will use to make our next batch of putter grips and headcovers. This first batch of leathers are Snake pattern. Blue Snake Brown/Red/Teal Snake Maroon Snake Brown Snake Brown Snake 1 Red Snake White Snake
  9. In line with the trend of product customization, we are proud to announce the official grand opening of the Ace of Clubs Golf Co. Custom Department. The Custom Department is a progressive program and unlike anything ever offered before. Until now, programs with this many custom options to choose from have only been available at a wholesale level, but now we are offering it to everyone. This is the ONE place where anyone can create something truly unique. Pricing on all custom orders start at just $24.99. To get you started, we offer a wide variety of genuine leathers patterns for you to choose from. Where you take it from there is completely up to you. Step 1: Choose Leather Pattern & Color Don't see what you are looking for? Send us an EMAIL and tell us exactly what you are looking for. We will find it and make it just for you. Step 2: Select the Size Step 3: Choose the Stitch Color Step 4: Add a Logo Custom, genuine leather golf accessories start at just $24.99 To get started customizing and creating, CLICK HERE A minimum order quantity of (10) items applies to all Custom Department Orders. A logo setup fee may apply.
  10. In this post, we wanted to give everyone an inside look into our handmade putter grip process. From start to finish it takes our professionally trained staff about 20-25 minutes to fully assemble each putter grip. 1. First, we begin by selecting which size grip underlist we are going to need for theorder. For this project we have chosen a midsize grip underlist. 2. Next, we select the leather pattern and color that we are going to use to make our grip. For this project we have selected a Brown Alligator leather. 3. We then cut our selected leather into the appropriate midsize pattern and punch holes along the edges to prepare for the hand stitching. 4. Next, we use a mild adhesive to secure the leather section into the proper position for the hand stitching process. 5. We then proceed to lace the leather piece together by hand using a brown stitch that matches the leather color. 6. Now that we have the hand stitching in place, we are ready to clean up the leather edges and any extra stitch by tucking the excess leather under the grip caps and trimming off any excess stitching. 7. At last, the grip is complete. It is then packaged and shipped out to the customer. The Ace of Clubs Golf Co., the exotic look without the exotic price. http://www.aceofclubsgolfco.com/blogs/news
  11. Here are a few photos of custom work Custom Brown Alligator Custom Black Alligator We recently created these for our talented friends down under.
  12. To enter the contest, FOLLOW US on Twitter @AceClubsGolfCo A winner will be drawn at random every time we add 100 followers. To View Official Contest Thread: http://www.aceofclubsgolfco.com/blogs/news/14872385-ace-of-clubs-golf-co-twitter-contest
  13. LEATHER GRIP INSTALLATION & CARE (Part 2) In this next installment, I discuss some preferred methods of caring for your leather golf grips and making them last for years. Leather putter grips are very easy to maintain and care for, but this process may require persistence in order to maintain that soft, supple feel. Over time, the natural oils from your hands and other foreign substances that your grip comes into contact with on the golf course takes its toll on the condition of your putter grip. So we recommend regular scheduled maintenance to keep your grip soft and your confidence up. Key Thought: Confidence is the key to remember in this process. You will not be able to perform to your maximum potential on the putting green if you are uncomfortable in any way. If you complete this cleaning process and do not like the way your grip feels in your hands, stop cleaning your leather grip. Just keep in mind that you may have to replace your leather grip sooner rather than later if you do not care for your leather grip on a regular basis. Supplies you will need for maintenance and care: Saddle Soap A Soft Cloth or Towel Small bucket of Water Step 1: Clean the leather putter grip. While applying liberal pressure, wipe down your leather putter grip with a damp, soft cloth to remove all dirt, dust and debris. The grip should be completely free of dirt before the soap is applied. Step 2: Prepare the saddle soap for application. Dip the damp cloth into the saddle soap and work into a good lather. Step 3: Apply the saddle soap. Rub a small amount of saddle soap into the putter grip and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Expert Tip: Apply the saddle soap in small, circular motions to ensure full coverage. Much like waxing a small car. Step 4: Wipe off the excess saddle soap. Using a clean, damp cloth wipe off all excess saddle soap. Expert Tip: Be sure that no remaining soap is left on the grip, as this can cause dryness and cracking. Step 5: Condition the leather grip. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner to a clean dry cloth and rub in with a small circular motion until you covered the entire grip. Expert Tip: This step is optional depending on the level of tackiness that you prefer to feel in your grip. Step 6: Store the leather grips in a safe place. Avoid storage in direct sunlight, extreme heat or an area where carbon monoxide is present. Expert Tip: If you are taking the time to regularly clean and care for your leather putter grip, be sure store your golf clubs in a cool, dry area to avoid drying and cracking. http://www.aceofclubsgolfco.com/blogs/news/14780757-leather-putter-grip-installation-care-part-2
  14. Here are a few photos of custom work Custom Brown Alligator Custom Black Alligator We recently created these for our talented friends down under
  15. Here are a few photos of our handmade, genuine Leather Putter Grips $24.99 Augusta Alligator Blue Alligator Brown Ostrich Copper Crocodile Purple Ostrich Red Crocodile Tan Python White Crocodile All of our putter grips are handmade from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
  16. Here are a few photos of our newest release, our genuine Leather Putter Headcovers $29.99 Augusta Alligator Augusta Alligator Green Ostrich Green Ostrich Cognac Alligator Cognac Alligator Red Alligator Red Alligator Tan Alligator Tan Alligator All of our headcovers are made from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
  17. Here are a few photos of our newest release, The Leather Putter Headcover $29.99 Augusta Alligator Augusta Alligator Green Ostrich Green Ostrich Cognac Alligator Cognac Alligator Red Alligator Red Alligator Tan Alligator Tan Alligator All of our headcovers are made from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
  18. The Count is now three. Three products from the guys over at Best grips. My first purchase was a custom fairway shoe which to this day still gets oooooooo's and ahhhhh's on the golf course. With the fairway shoe, to my surprise, “Zack” throws in a Gridiron grip. The gridiron will probably get installed this spring, I am waiting on a new wedge that I ordered to put it on. The third, a custom laser engraved Major Leaguer D putter grip which was won on the “Forum Member – Product Reviews”. I was super stoked that I won, which was short lived when I realized that I would have to replace my beloved Pistolero grip on my SC Monterey. After contemplating a couple days I decided to go for it: Installation: Without a doubt, I was going to save my SC Pistolero grip just in case I did not like the Major Leaguer. The Install was fairly simple. I usually reuse the tape but for this installation the tape was replaced with 2 inch masking tape. The grip slid on fairly well. I had to shoot a couple shots of air for the last couple of inches otherwise I ran into no problems. Install time including the removal of old tape: 4 Minutes Injecting the fatal dose into the Pistolero All Clean Done Looks This putter went from a perfect 10 in looks to a 15! The construction is flawless, I absolutely love the contrast of the stitching on the leather. The premium leather looks like what the name says “Major Leaguer”. It presents itself as if Best grips took a baseball mitt, threw it in their magical grip making machine, and out came a golf grip. The laser engraving is NUTZ! Very sharp and clean lines. The pictures serve no justice on how precise the lines are. You have to see it in person!!!!! On a side note: The design/ordering process is first class. You throw some ideas at best grips, and you come away with an amazing PERSONALIZED product in the end. Your product is not put into production until YOU are happy with the final design that Best Grips emails you. Performance This is where I “thought” that I would have a major issue. Let me start off by stating that I am a “FEEL” player. I love to feel the club head at the top of my golf swing, and with putting, I love to feel the golf ball at impact in my putting stroke. I do not know if it's the leather, construction, or magical fairy dust they use in the manufacturing, but the feel actually improved 10 fold. Conclusion
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