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  1. Forum members, I need your help! My buddy's younger brother is a sophomore in high school, and wants to go out for the golf team. His golf experience is pretty limited, and my buddy asked if I might be able to help him out a bit with some "lessons". To be clear, I have absolutely nothing even close to qualifications to be giving lessons. I feel like I have a decent golf knowledge compared to the average golfer, but nothing even close to a teaching pro. I made sure my buddy is aware of this, but his family is hoping I can just get him in the right direction before they decide to invest in
  2. Hey All - Yeah the ads on GC may seem a little weird (and, yeah, Gary McCord may endorse anything to make a buck), but ..... on other forums and on Amazon this program seems to have gotten a lot of favorable reviews.... So... Has anyone tried it? They're running a Black Friday special on their website, valid through the weekend. Thanks!
  3. This question topic can definitely branch off into the, should you get better right away with lessons, or is it expected to take a step back. So the last two options in the poll might be extreme, and we all probably fall inn one of the top two. But I'm curious how you most feel after taking a lesson. Today, I felt a combination of 3 and 4. For two lessons we have been working on me getting my weight until my left side. It something I see what he showing, but despite a couple different drills, I just don't do it. And the rare times I do, it's such an awkward forced move that the
  4. Hi Spies, Hope y'all are doing well and staying safe. So I know there are a lot of Golf coaches that offer online/virtual coaching and lessons for their students, but how does one find out who is good and who isn't? I am a 16 Handicapper and have been stuck at that for quite some time, multiple people have told me that I need a few lessons from a good golf coach and my game should improve. I live in Pakistan and so there aren't any PGA professionals close to me that I could go to and so my only option is finding one who offers trainings and lessons online. I have found a few and
  5. Hey guys, I am having a really hard time tracking my ball on the course, and I was wondering if anyone has tips around how to find your shots? I am losing a few balls per round, and while one or two of them are clearly OB, or in hazards, I am losing balls that I didn't think should be lost. I watched them land somwhere in the rough, and sometimes bounce, but once I take my eye off the landing area, I lose it completely. Does anyone else have that problem? Just wondering how you guys know where to look for the ball? Or have any tips for keeping track of where your ball should be
  6. Hey All, First Post on MGS! Over the past year and a half I started playing golf frequently (usually at the course 3x a week between range sessions and playing rounds). I use Arccos to track my rounds so I have a general idea of my game. I have improved from a 27 hcp whacking it everywhere to a 18.8 hcp. I generally play bogey golf with a few pars and doubles thrown in there. I have never taken any lessons in my life. I am pretty athletic and up until this point I improved by just tweaking things on my own. I want to improve my game drastically and believe it's time for lessons
  7. Hey y'all. With the off-season coming up, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on lessons. I'm curious what kind of questions would be good for me to ask potential pros? I've never had any lesson before, am about a 16 hcp, and live in Michigan, where winters are coooooooold... I've gotten a list of potential instructors from MGS and coworkers, just trying to whittle it down from here.
  8. GOLFTEC Unveils Enhanced Putting Lessons Powered by TECPUTT (Englewood, CO.) – GOLFTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and premium club fittings – has taken its renowned instruction to the next level with introduction of enhanced Putting Lessons powered by TECPUTT, a proprietary software system built by GOLFTEC’s in-house team of golf instruction experts and product designers. Rolled out this month at select GOLFTEC locations nationwide, the company’s new offering utilizes special putting sensors that pair with a comprehensive analysis app to provide real-time, actio
  9. So, it may be a little rant-like but I want to improve as quickly as possible without going in circles so I thought I'll ask for an opinion here. Went for my first lesson - as I've started struggling with 2-5 irons for some reason, so instead of the usual 2h spent on pitching and chipping - we spent some time on going back to basics with the swing. My impact position was still pretty solid, the body works 'okish' but i wasnt happy with the contact on shots. So after a few shots the diagnosis was - I'm laying off the shaft too much. I am consciously doing it, as I've got a fad
  10. Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI. This is my first post....I am excited that I stumbled across this site. Thank you for all the great content! Hey, does anyone have any recommendations for a fun (2-3 day) golf school/lessons located in the South/West/Southwest? My group of girlfriends are interested in getting out of frigid Michigan in February. We want fun, but also want to improve our game, as well. Thinking AZ, CA, TX, FL....warm and dry!
  11. Hello to all. I'm Mike and I'm starting back playing golf after a 7 year break and have been amazed at all the new kit thats available. Yet, if you go into golf superstore, you still get the same sales folk waffle.. Just had first lesson and feeling pretty good and motivated.. Using my golf as a way to maintain both physical and mental health. its a great game to do this
  12. I'm not playing today due our first real cold front of the season. Windy too. So, I've been thinking about this past year and my golf game specifically. What did I accomplish? Where did I fail? What can I do differently in 2016 to better my game, etc, etc. Thinking, thinking. In January 2015 I decided I'd make a real effort to improve my game. How was I going to do this you ask? Three ways that I figured would certainly help. 1. Start taking lessons/coaching - more focused practice. 2. Drop a few pounds and improve my diet. 3. Start and maintain a weekly stretching program. Lessons/coachi
  13. Last week, Tom Watson, released the second edition of his Lessons of a Lifetime. Both Watson releases are well organized and produced by Terry Jastro. Jastro brought you instructionals from Nicklaus, Harmon, and Mickelson, he does a great job with them. This second release, Lessons of a Lifetime II, is a more advanced instructional and is basically a compliment to the concepts that didn't make the first series. An appendix for more accomplished players, if you will. Tom Watson, 2.0. This second release comes in two varieties. For $50, you can get both DVD's (Lessons of a Lifetim
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