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Found 2 results

  1. I did a fitting in March 2021 and got fit into Titleist T200 irons. I had previously been playing Titleist DCI 762 irons, so these were a massive upgrade. I received the irons in April and have played about 20 rounds since with them. The T200s are fantastic and work so well for me. My only complaint was that the 8-PW are different from the rest of the set. Starting at the 7 iron and into the long irons, the T200 has the Max Impact technology. The 8-PW have no Max Impact and I believe are simply hollow-bodied irons comparable to a Ping i500--please someone correct me if I am wrong. The feeling from the short irons is very dull, and every shot felt the same whether struck thin, solid, off the toe, or on the heel. After many rounds and range sessions, I was seeking an improved feel in these short irons. I did a lot of research about the best feeling clubs. Miura irons are known as the best in class for feel. So, long story short, I pulled the trigger on the Miura CB-301 in 7-PW. I ordered the Miuras strong to match lofts with the T200 and ensure my gapping remained the same. I just received the Miuras and played 2 rounds with them, so I felt I had compiled enough data for a comparison of the two. In terms of looks and size, the two are very similar in sole width and blade length from heel to toe. The main differences are the T200 is slightly shorter from heel to toe, is maybe a bit smaller with a shorter face, and the T200 are significantly lighter than the Miura. The Miura has a pre-worn leading edge and other grinding on the sole, but otherwise is just a forged cavity back with fairly strong lofts and no discernable technology. After all the comparisons in looks and weight, I finally decided it was time to give the fine pieces of metal a swing. The "hype" around Miura and their "legendary" feel is certainly warranted. These have that exact "soft" and "buttery" feeling you expect when you are getting a forged iron. Even the 2-piece range balls felt great. As a former baseball player, the best I can describe the feeling of hitting the Miura is like a hitting a high quality wood bad. You definitely get the feedback of mishits, but good shots feel like you are swinging the club and not even realizing you hit the ball aside from a gentle "thud" sound and little smooth vibration through the club as the ball melts into the sweetspot then rockets off at your target. I get it is not entirely apples-to-apples to compare a fully forged Miura to a technology-packed players' distance iron like the T200, so I also hit the Miura PW against my Mizuno T20 wedges. As Mizuno's saying goes "nothing feels like a Mizuno," so I also put that to the test. The T20 are fantastic feeling wedges and were the best feeling wedges I had tested during my fitting for the variety of wedge shots. However, compared to the Miura, the T20 felt a bit firmer. Where the ball felt like it melted into the Miura, the ball felt like it did not quite get into the face as much. I would put the feelings on a spectrum. The T200 are softer than the DCI 762, the T20 wedges are softer than the T200 irons, and the Miura are softer than the T20 wedges. Aside from being in love with the feeling, I also wanted to really see the performance differences between the Miuras and the T200s. My range recently installed TopTracer which measures distance, land angle, curve, ball speed, height, launch angle, and hang time. I am not sure how accurate it is compared to a launch monitor, but I am sure it provided a fair enough representation of the differences in the clubs. Side by side comparisons My observations of the data are that the Miura is equally as long or longer than the T200 in the 8-PW, but the Miura also went higher with a steeper landing angle. In terms of the 7 irons where the technology ramps up in the T200, the Miura was not significantly shorter in distance. In fact, I seem to think consistently hitting the Miuras around a comparable number is better than occasionally hitting a T200 over 165, but then also having the potential of only hitting it 150. I don't have a launch monitor to truly verify my findings, but despite a lack of technology within, I found the Miura to be comparable in distance and ball speed while feeling significantly better. Overall, I do think it comes down to preferences while also maximizing performance, which shows the benefits of fitting. I prefer a softer and more responsive feel in my short irons, and I found the best feeling clubs that also maintained the distances I got from my T200s. I am a very happy customer, and I will be hard pressed to find clubs that feel as good as my Miuras.
  2. Well fellow Spys, it's time for a little spring cleaning. All items are OBO and willing to negotiate. Not trying to get rich, just make it fair. I've been buying and selling on eBay for a long time (ID=pgcsf). I know what things are worth, I keep items in best condition possible and I have great feedback. As for shipping, smaller items are most likely free. Everything else, we will decide best option together and I'd prefer to split cost 50/50. I usually use USPS priority and it's almost always reasonable. Any thoughts/questions we'll work it out. Will ship within 48hrs of received payment. I try very hard to describe all items as accurately as possible. I take great care of my equipment and have no problem passing it on to others to enjoy. Anything, please ask. Please DM me Oudefart and I'll happily include more pics for any specific item. Thanks. I will do my best to honor correspondence in order received. I reserve the right to end any discussion/agreement should it get nasty (it happens, at least on eBay). Finally, I request all transactions via PayPal. I'd prefer using Friends/Family option to avoid an fees. Thanks. Here's the list: - OBAN Kiyoshi Black shaft for driver. 04 flex (stiff) 75g. Depending on head, finished club should measure roughly 44.5" $125 OBO - Leupold GX-1 rangerfinder. VERY lightly used as I bought one with slope shortly after getting this. $115 OBO - Titliest 915F 15° 3W, Diamana Blue Board 72g Stiff. Shaft is brand new, never used it with this head. Club in great condition. Headcover included $140 OBO - Nike B1-01 Converge Counterflex putter. 38" Basically new, owned about 6wks, played 2x. Headcover & tools included $90 OBO - Titliest Sunday "pencil" bag, black. VERY lightly used , maybe 6x - Hogan Apex Plus iron set. Collectors dream. These are brand new, never used. PW has a couple shots on it. Make serious offer - Callaway Sunday "pencil" bag, black. VERY lightly used , maybe 6x $45 OBO - Odyssey putter. Brand new in package. $15 (free shipping) - Hogan Apex Plus iron set. Collectors dream. These are brand new, never used. PW has a couple shots on it. Not from me, most likely the person I inherited them from. Make serious offer - Miura CB-202 heads (4-PW). These are in great condition, LOTS of life left in them. They have expected bag chatter, however I always us iron covers on them when playing. Additionally, I have a set of True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts I'll include. Or, I can build them for you. I build them to Miura stated specs. $800 OBO 4 iron - (shows least wear) PW - (shows most wear)
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