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Found 1 result

  1. I probably should have started a new thread here after getting the G410's. but will continue the review of the new irons here. First Impressions/Looks One thing that PING advertises about the G410's is that they are closer to a "players" club profile than any of their other game improvement irons. This seems to be the holy grail of iron design since so many like what GI irons offer but simply cannot get past the larger profile. Let's face it, hit most any of these new technology irons on the "screws" and they perform. The challenge for most of us mere mortals is hitting that sweet spot strike after strike. If a players iron had the forgiveness of a SGI iron, while still maintaining shot shaping capability, it would be the holy grail. But, like most things in physics, there are limits which restrict that design. That said, many of the manufacturers continue to strive for that combination... and that's a good thing for us consumers! Interestingly enough, as compared to my PE2's most all of the newer GI irons (and even some player irons) I've looked at are larger - some appreciably so. For me personally, I do prefer a more compact look. Based on the dozen or so GI irons I looked at during my search, they (and the G400's) were the smallest looking , but still larger than what I'd been looking at for over 30 years. Here is a side by side comparison. And I'll bet many said "dang, would you get a load of the size of those PE2's" when they hit the streets . I'll bet many newer forged PI's aren't much smaller. Another claim is that the G410 has 10% less offset and shorter blade length than the G400. I held the two up together at Dicks Sports store a couple weeks ago and they look near identical. I even had my wife tell me if she saw any difference - hope. I'm sure the numbers are there to support the statement, but outwardly, they look the same. What is cool is that the G410's have increased MOI by 8% while making it smaller than the G400. A higher MOI generally helping the clubs forgiveness on off-center strikes. This is partly achieved by use of tungsten weights in both the toe and hosel, which allows increasing perimeter weighting. "Weight savings are concentrated in the toe and hosel to increase MOI 8%..." From a top line visual, they look great. Not an excessive degree of offset and a pretty thin top edge - giving those oh so coveted forged blades a run for their cosmetic money . In the bag they still look like a GI category iron but far from the GMax or Rapture. The satin "hydroperal 2.0" finish with the contrast milled face is very nice looking IMO. PING and their users are reporting improved wearability from the original version, which had staining issues. I inquired with PING about the change to the 2.0 finish and they confirmed the change was principally to address issues with version 1.0. The notched neck, while seemingly popular on many newer irons appears odd to me. I'm not sure if they are purely cosmetic or provide some intended design purpose - lie adjustment for example? The rear badging in the red and black colors match the G410 woods. It just dawned on my why PING selected these particular colors. Even though he does not play their products (although he uses their putter grips), PING's marketing group wasn't about to miss that subliminal message . Much like the G400, this iron employs a co-molded, aluminum and elastomer badge which, in addition to cosmetics, help dampen vibrations. Range Testing As I'm sure with most iron changes, there is some readjustment necessary. After playing one set for over 30 years, in my case, a BIG adjustment. I have now had several range sessions going through the full set and using my SC200 to establish data. The results are pretty impressive. I have gained about 1.3x carry distance on 4i-6i and about 1x on shorter irons. It appears my dispersion is about the same as my PE2's (on good hits) which were always fairly tight. But, what I do notice is that mishits with the G410's are more forgiving - as advertised. I'm still hitting more towards the toe than I'd like, so I'm probably not getting everything from the "Core-Eye" design that I could. A larger spread in flush hits vs. non-flush hits carry distance is the one significant thing I'm noticing with the new irons. This could prove problematic on the course . I'm now working on minor swing changes to move that ball strike area towards center. So really no big surprise in the added carry distances given the difference in lofts - about 5-6 degrees stronger. I'm not sure how accurate the total distance numbers are on the SC200 and roll-out will be something I'll need to assess out on the course - and especially important on those shots onto the green. Course Performance The new irons now have 6 rounds under their belt. The first few were a bit of a struggle - particularly the shorter irons into the green. I'm seeing more roll out with these than the PE2's and that's no doubt due to the lower trajectory. I have several well struck shots land on the green and roll off the back with the 6i and 7i. The PE2's tended to drop like a sack of sand. On the flip side, I had several shots land on the apron area and roll onto the green - something I rarely saw with my old irons. Where I really had issues was selecting short irons and wedges. I'd stare at the bag hoping for some divine intervention to help select the club . As I mentioned earlier, I need to validate what the SC200 is showing for the 9i, PW, UW, and 56/12. I plan to go to one of the ranges real early when no ones there and pace off some shots so I can confirm. The Glide 2.0 continues to be the biggest challenge. I just don't have any confidence with it right now and it has been just going for strolls of late. I tried it out the sand but find the UW much more consistent. Since I am now finding the 9i to be really similar to my PE2 8i for my bump and run game, I'm questioning whether the 56/12 is ever going to find a place in the bag. I'm not ready to give up on it yet and, once I know the SC200 numbers are accurate, will spend more range time with it and the other wedges. ...more to come
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