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  1. Hi all. I'm new here. Largely drawn to the site due to the fact that this is one of the most truthful, "down-to-Earth" golfing forums I could find (I'm being forcibly humble here, it is easily the best). Product reviews remind me somewhat of Top Gear, but without the cars, the same people, the studio, the guest sections and add golf. So it's not like Top Gear at all. Trust me, I know what I mean. Blunt, unbiased feedback. Anywho, this brings me onto my question for the day. I am relatively new to the game, and I am 19 years old. I am also, like 98% of new golfers, now in the market fo
  2. Just trying to get back into the game. Been away for a few years. Hope for good convo and tips. Thanks guys, WB
  3. I am 17 years old and am going to be competing at the collegiate level after high school. I am looking at getting some new irons soon. I swing the club decently fast and hit the ball plenty far enough. Any suggestions??
  4. Spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the Tampa Bay Golffest event. A really nice though not especially large demo day event hosted by Tampa Bay Downs. Had a chance to hit some of the new offerings out there in the marketplace and some potential GolfSpy test candidates. Hit several drivers. The new Mizuno ST, Ping G410, Wilson Cortex, and Cobra F9 Speedback. Keeping in mind it wasn't full fitting for each, but the reps did ask enough questions to get you close enough spec wise so you were hitting something close to your current gamer. Of the 4, my least favorite was the Mizuno, it ju
  5. For sale is a new in the box "The Palmer Original Putter" which includes the putter which is signed on the grip, the head cover, and the box which are original and in perfect shape. This is the absolute perfect item to be displayed in any man cave. I am asking $1000 OBO. For inquiries please message me on this platform or email me at - nt.dinaso@yahoo.com. Photos (click here) Photos Backup - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jy01iIRyMcLJ1mc4HaUhQOp4JBEZO9xy
  6. New again. Read articles previously. Play less than 10 rounds/year. Playing 38 yrs, since 5 yr old. no membership. great mechanics. great mobility. family & money limit rounds. Par4Success training facility has helped me maximize my mobility. Range practice exposed strong feedback of driver shaft mismatch for my improved mobility & muscle engagement. Had 2008 TaylorMade Tour Preferred s300. Mismatch was felt on Driver Titleist 913D2 factory stiff. Avg speed documented jump by 6 mph 2 months fitness work. 108 to 114. 7i SS 92mph during testing. Golf Etc fitter is bringing
  7. Hello to all here, looking forward to reading up and using the forums to learn/contribute. Former scratch golfer working my way back to form in my early-30's after a stint on the sidelines due to injury/life and trying to play as much as I can.
  8. I am new to mygolfspy.com and I love all of it. I have recently started golfing again regularly and am interested in some new clubs and overall improving my game with and without technology. My handicap is somewhere around 18-22 if I had to guess. Driver: Orlimar tri-metal 440cc fairway woods: also olimar tri-metal Irons: ACER XK pro 4-GW slotline putter (probably 28 years old) titelist 14 way bag brooks running shoes. I don't have favorite grips, but my hands sweat even when they shouldn't and am in the market. I am also a big guy...5'10 300+ and am trying to lose weight whi
  9. Hi all! I am a new member and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Sean, and, as most of you probably have deduced, I LOVE golf. I am a "bogey" golfer with the occasional round near par. I currently play a Taylormade SLDR 430 Driver, a Nike VR Pro Limited 3-wood, a Taylormade Rescue 09, Taylormade RBZ irons consisting of 4-9 plus pw, aw, sw, and lw, and I finish of my bag with a Maxfli putter. I prefer to play Taylormade Project[a] golf balls.
  10. Hey All, i am new to mygolfspy. I have been a regular member on golfsimulatorforums (have a skytrak and play on the tour) but i got a google now notification about some wedge testing and figured i'd give it a shot. Registered and started looking around and see that this is a very good place for all kinds of education about golf. Looking forward to coming back often and checking out all the different information within this forum!
  11. New member here! I'm Rico, 26. Currently a 13 handicap with a personal best round of 79 (that one day everything goes right.) Got Wilson Staff in my bag, absolutely love golf started playing about 15 years, avidly playing the last 5 or so. I hope to make some new friends in the golf world, chat about new clubs, tournaments anything golf related really. Or anything at all! Hope to get some pointers on my game and give out some too. Have a great day and say hello! Cheers!
  12. What's going on MGS members? My name is Kyle and I am from Ohio- I've been using MGS for almost a year now but decided recently to start posting and looking at the forums to help my game out, and see what cool new equipment is out there! I used to be a College Baseball player, but now my passion is golf- I would play everyday if I could and almost wish that I would have started playing earlier in life I started playing in 2015 - Currently on the road to break 80- best round an 85.. I am not one of those golfers that will overstate my skills or how far I hit it because of an ego
  13. Hi MGS friends! I've followed and interacted with MGS for some time now on social media and I just joined the forum group. I was a contestant on Wilson's Driver vs. Driver on the golf channel, but my design was made by a different manufacturer during the filming and I missed the cut I look forward to talking golf with you all! Areas of interest: - tour equipment - blades - custom clubs - golf club design - Tiger Woods and his equipment - instagram If you'd like to know more about who I am, follow the link in my signature. Regards! - Weston
  14. Hello MGS members, I've been playing the same set of irons for the past 15 years or so (Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-31 reduced offset). I still really love the feel and I'm comfortable with them, but I also realize that I'm probably missing out on some added distance and forgiveness that come with today's irons. Any advice on which new iron sets might closely match my Tommy Armours by way of feel, swingweight, sole width, looks, etc.? Thanks very much. It's a big decision!
  15. Hello everyone, I have benn slowly but surely getting back in to golf after a long layoff. Never knew how much I would miss the game until I started visiting the range. Unfortunately, I am experiencing a minor setback at the time due to recent knee surgery (meniscus repair). On the upside my wife thought it was a great idea to introduce my 5 year old son to golf to arrange our first round of golf for me and him on Father's Day (God bless her). I have been seeing my son' s slow progress and am extremely happy that he is enjoying the game. I am truly looking forward to meeting everyone
  16. The picture have been circulating of the new i200's....anyone heard whether it's just another iron range that Ping will be releasing or will they be releasing woods as well or they sticking with the G range for this year?
  17. Posted this already in the PTx iron forum but thought I would start a new thread for the hybrids (I don't know if this is good forum etiquette). I am in the market for a new one and the offerings from Hogan look really interesting. Love the design. http://www.benhogangolf.com/hybrid
  18. Hey everyone, Just wanted to slip in a quick note. I am new to the site and can't wait to spend my entire winter on it. Being from Michigan our season is done. Now the winter want list grows. John
  19. Just wanted to introduce myself as I've recently started lurking on the forums. Just getting back into golf from a long hiatus and realizing I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be. I've already been bitten by the golf bug again, didn't take long.
  20. Long time follower but I'm going to give it at shot at expressing my opinion on this bad boy. I'm a fitter here in the great Tri-Cities of Michigan. Love to fit people and see the reactions after they have played a few rounds with their new toys that fit them. Big fan of finding the right shaft that provides all the big elements. Know to to fix almost any broken club. Would love to learn how to refinish putters and all clubs for that matter. I'm a huge advocate for quality and not quantity. If you're looking for club advice I'd be happy to help you the best I can. So Lets Do This!!! OO
  21. I've got a great idea......putting this Idea hybrid in the golf bag
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