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Found 3 results

  1. Hello MGS Community, I'm a long time consumer of MyGolfSpy, but this is my first Topic I've created. The gist of this thread is how to build the best Home Simulator for $4,000. That seems like a lot, but in my honest opinion, this is the lowest cost you can get while getting a full sim experience with true ball data instead of random ball data assumed from club data systems like the Optishot's infrared system. I'm not here to brag about anything as you can see from pictures below that I built this system over a number of years and countless hours of research. In the below spreadsheet, I work through an analysis of each of these components and review them based on personal experience and the reviews of trusted golf equipment reviewers: 1. Launch Monitors 2. Hitting Mats 3. Nets and Impact Screens 4. Simulator Softwares 5. Projector In the spreadsheet, I provide data on my research, actual use, recommendations, costs, and links to the products. I will say you can spend a lot more than $4,000 using my spreadsheet, but you can also spend less. There are always more expensive and cheaper options out there that will work, but I have done my best to give an in depth review of those products including the pros and cons on when to go expensive vs. when is the cheaper option just as good if not better. Popular brands in the analysis are Skytrak, Flightscope Mevo, GC2, Optishot, Net Return, Carl's Place screens, Viewsonic projector, Fiberbuilt, Truestrike, The Golf Club 2019, and TruGolf by E6. Here is the viewable spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hbjBM2Iuk7QC4s6XDVrrWlrEZ7lDRvdwN0qTulBDK7k/edit?usp=sharing Below are some pictures of my final and some of my earlier setups:
  2. Hey Optishot players ! Online play is happening as we speak and we just finished our first tournament. Everyone is welcome to join the tour at www.onlinegolftour.net . There is live leaderboards, chat and your own stats. Better practice though as the competition is fierce ! Cheers. Maxxx
  3. I just joined this site and saw a couple of posts on Optishot. Two years ago, I started taking lessons after struggling with my game. My instructor was the golf pro at the city course and was starting his own business. His first setup included an Optishot simulator. He didn't use it for instruction but had it available for people to use for practice (in Minnesota, any golf in the winter is good golf). At the end of the first year, he decided he was be upgrading his setup to provide better instruction. He purchase the Foresight simulator. I purchased the Optishot and stance mats from him. I happen to have a heated garage and have space for the simulator and net. I don't have ceiling that really allow you to swing a driver or have a projector. The setup I have is the Optishot connected to a laptop that runs the software. The Optishot is on a stance mat and platform. I purchase an enhanced cover for the Optishot to allow for the ability to hit down through the ball. I have a net but since I have cars in the garage, I only hit foam balls. One of the key factors in the success of using the Optishot is the lighting. I installed a "shop light" right above the device. This ensures that the sensors have enough light for the club head. I use Mizuno irons and with this lighting, I have few issues with the unit recognizing my swing. For those that don't know, the Optishot has two rows of infrared sensors. They read the club head passing through the zone. This gives you club head speed and the angle of the club face (closed or open), and swing path. From this data, they calculate the flight of the ball based on the "club set" you have setup. The club set does allow you to tailor the specs for each club (degree, length, speed factor, distance factor). What I have done is adjust my "clubs" to give me the expected distance and club head speed. This was trial and error, but once it is set, it is fine. I needed to increase the distance by 10% and the speed by 5%. The Optishot is not measuring the ball (launch, spin, etc) so don't expect Trackman data. Many comments have been made about the value Optishot for practicing. My experience is that if you accept the limitations, it works fine for practicing. My golf pro now has a Foresight simulator with the head measurement device. The results (distance and ball movement) are within accept ranges to make it valuable in working on changes. You just need to put time into the setup and configuring the club set. Given the low ceilings, I don't hit driver. The Optishot is poor at recording driver swings especially if you have a dark-bottom driver. I normally play all the courses as "Par 3" and don't putt. Putting is of no value on any of the simulators I have ever used. The Optishot has a "Par 3" option on every course. Lots of good iron practice. I have purchased a few of the premium courses and they are remarkably accurate. I played the Ocean Course last year and purchased the Optishot version and it really is like playing the layout. It may not be the best simulator on the market...I have less then $1,000 invested. If it broke tomorrow, I would purchase another one. Sorry for the long post, but thought others might be interested especially in the "North". If you have questions, please ask and I will try to answer. Clark
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