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Found 17 results

  1. Some 1/2 zips look better than others....
  2. 8 colors. 1 choice. Stock up and save!
  3. Hi everyone! First off, I just wanna say that I work for Bermuda Sands Apparel, and let you know that this is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT! We recently launched our e-commerce site (which I was very integral in pushing) and I would love to hear some opinions on it. Layout, ease of use, pictures, whatever. Let me repeat THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. I'm not asking anyone to do anything more than to look around and let me know what you think of the site. I'm always looking to get better feedback, and who better than you fine folks! Thanks again. CLICK HERE to check out the site.
  4. If you guys go to Bermuda Sands new e-commerce site, you can save 20% on EVERYTHING there by using the promo code LAUNCH. Also offering even deeper savings on Ace and Dana in the Sales section. Use promo code KICKOFF to save 30% on those garments. BTW, Ace is definitely my favorite! CLICK HERE to go the site. Thanks!
  5. on and off the course, for you hipsters.
  6. 7 colors. We've got you covered.
  7. 6 colors. Eat your heart out.
  8. A great way to layer, for 19.99
  9. For those perfect mornings on the golf course.
  10. Nike Hyperadapt Wind Jacket In 2013, Nike Golf introduced the Hyperadapt Storm-Fit Jacket. They set out to terminate the oversized rain gear that can get in the way of the golf swing. Nike accomplished this by incorporating four-way stretch technology. The idea is that the outwear would fit like a sweater. That is, a close to the body fit without restriction. Recently, Nike introduced the Hyperadapt wind jacket as a compliment to the Hyperadapt line. The wind jacket incorporates the same four-way stretch technology that as in the Storm-Fit jacket. A “V” shaped panel in the back of the jacket assists in mobility and ventilation. However, they went a little cosmic on this design. It's translucent! Naturally, when I first picked this up, I wondered, is there a need for a shirt under this? “With the Hyperadapt Wind jacket there's no need to ‘size up' – it's designed to fit and move with your body,” says Merritt Richardson, Nike Golf VP of Global Golf Apparel. “The four-way stretch laminate through the back, shoulders and upper arms maximizes range of motion and eliminates distractions, and the lightweight outer shell provides superior protection from the elements for all day performance and comfort on the course.” Translucence was by design in the Hyperadapt wind jacket. One of the members of the apparel design team saw a vehicle parked on Nike's Breverton, Oregon, campus. The vehicle had a translucent hood exposing the vehicle's engine. In addition to the performance features of the jacket, it's sustainable as well. Nike used recycled coffee grounds incorporated into the windproof coating on the outer shell. This sustainability is supposed to help reduce odor from sweat and aids in UV protection. *Olympia Fields T-Shirt Underneath to show properities. When you put this on for the first time, you'll think, this fits too small, I need to size up. That's really not the case at all. It will fit more like a shirt than a jacket. But, when you take a golf swing in this, although more tailored than traditional outwear, there is no tightness or restrictive feeling whatsoever. So as a guy that normally wears a size large in outerwear, this fit true to size. I am not sure what to make of the translucent, see-through properties of this wind jacket. It certainly is cool and different, that's for sure. The Hyperadapt wind jacket retails for $100, and also comes in Black and Gray.
  11. Nike Golf's New Innovation Woven Cover-up Golfspy Tony drafted a nice article on the Nike Innovation Woven Cover-up earlier this month. For those that did not see it in the blog, have a look: http://www.mygolfspy.com/nike-innovation-woven-cover-up/ Below, is the press release and some additional photos. Nike Golf's New Innovation Woven Cover-up is a Sweater and Jacket in One - 3D knit sleeve construction combines with a woven body for superior movement, protection, comfort and fit - BEAVERTON, Ore. (February 4, 2014) – Sweaters are warm, comfortable and allow the body to move with ease – but rain and wind often find their way through the cozy knit. Jackets keep the weather from creeping in, but don't always allow golfers to move the way they want. That pinnacle combination of comfort, warmth and protection drove the design behind Nike Golf's new Innovation Woven Cover-up, which moves with the body while keeping golfers warm and dry. “Golfers love wearing sweaters on the course. They're soft and warm, and easy to move in, unlike a lot of jackets,” says Merritt Richardson, VP of Global Golf Apparel. “With the Innovation Woven Cover-up, there's no need to choose one over the other or add layers. It's the best of both worlds.” Part of Nike Golf's Stay Protected line, the Innovation Woven Cover-up features two technologies merged into one unique, hybrid design. The lightweight wind-and-water resistant Dri-FIT stretch woven body – the ‘jacket' – is breathable and protects against the elements. The 3D knit sleeves – the ‘sweater' – keeps warmth in and amplifies movement through the arms and shoulders. “We've done a lot of research around the thermal properties of 3D knit and increased articulation for a better fit,” adds Richardson. “The knit is fabricated to be higher in certain zones to trap heat and offer flexibility, and dialed in around places like the elbow to reduce material and weight.” The Nike Innovation Woven Cover-up, available now at retail, features a bonded seam down the back, eliminating stitching and added distractions. A traditional collar offers additional protection from chilly temperatures and wind. Innovation Woven Cover-up Retail: $120 Colorways: Medium Base Grey and Light Base Grey
  12. This deal is just in time for the holidays, and the cold weather.
  13. A Zero Restriction rain jacket for $29.99, originally $180.00 Come and get it!
  14. Here we go...2nd installment of The Tuesday Awesome. Let's get right to it. PUMA Golf 1/2 and 1/4 Zip Pop-Overs Why they're Awesome They come in a variety of weights and colors (white is heavier fleece, blue is mid-weight, orange is light) Colors are updated each season They're comfortable enough and functional enough to wear while playing golf Great for wearing around the proverbial town, or at your desk PUMA style, yo! Can be found at fantastic prices if you're willing to look around (I bought the Orange one for $9.99 $19.99)
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