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  1. While the debate rages on about driving distances driver shaft length limitation, and possible bi-furcation, how about another log on the fire? Is it time to let pro's use electronic/GPS yardage devices - similar to the college game? Personally, I find the game so much easier and faster using my V2. I recall the "good ol' days" of finding marker stakes, painted rocks, the dwarf pine tree, and sprinklers to start the pace off. Yup, even a change resistant guy like me whole heartedly gets behind this improvement. I pretty much know what I'm hitting as I'm walking to my ball. When I watch pro events, players and caddies are still having to walk off yardages.... why? Isn't it time to allow use of the now nearly universally used distance devices? What would be the reasons not to?
  2. Has the game of golf become too data driven? When does a good thing begin to become a bad thing - at least at the amateur level? This comment was made by someone writing into the most recent MGS Podcast mailbag and it got me to thinking more about it. I love some of the analytics about the game but at the same time, starting to grow weary of the seemingly never ending analytics about the game. I spent a long career in aerospace engineering and management and love me a good data set and analytics as much as the next guy or gal... but, at least for me, it's beginning to overshadow the pure enjoyment of the game. Since joining MGS in 2018 and immersing myself back into the game, I've done the fitting thing (thrice now), seen all my data, and acquired what should be optimal equipment. I've poured over the Ball Lab test reports and tried (unsuccessfully) to find any that really stand out. I no longer use my Shotscope V2 RFID tags. I did for a period of time and the data was interesting... but not that interesting. Frankly, I just don't want to sit and look at graphs, SGI's, and scatter charts about my game. Yes, I do want to improve but, like so many things, one needs to find balance. Recently, I've decided to let the pure joy of playing once again become my focus. Play more instinctual and less mechanized. If the decision costs me a couple of index points, so be it. So where are you in this new modern, analytic saturated world of golf?
  3. Have you ever had your irons loft or lie checked, or adjusted after your initially getting your clubs? What prompted you to do so and what were the results? Until joining MGS a few years ago, I would have never thought to have my clubs checked... just assumed they were built correctly. Based on the numerous threads/discussions here and on other sites, I get the sense clubs being built per spec is a 50/50 proposition at best. That seems nuts but maybe the case? I'm interested to hear what others have experienced.
  4. Anyone else watching the 2020 US Amateur Event at Bandon Dunes? I watched some replay of Day 1's event and there is some spectacular golf being played! That links style course looks really fun but would be a big change for most of us - like playing St. Andrews. The roll out on the fairways is crazy. One could really boost some club distance averages there. It's hard to imagine this sport in any sense of a "dying mode". Man, there is a huge cache of really good players in the field and I'd bet the place would be packed with patrons were it not for the pandemic. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/championships/2020/u-s--amateur.html#!latest
  5. Just watched the Adam Beach/Guerin Rife video on putter designs/history and it got me wondering what the preferences are among the MGS community. I've never played a putter having grooves. Except for the offset, my Ping B61 is as plain as can be. For those that have switched from groove-less, what did you find different? Anyone know what the statistics (preferences) are among the various tours?
  6. So Tiger got a whole practice round in at Augusta and fired a 74 (+2). It's good to see that he is there, and fuels the speculation that he may actually play. So what say you, fine golf-loving internet people? Will Tiger play? How do you think he will perform if he is able to strap up the TW15s? (I saw the odds this morning for him winning are at 50-1)
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