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Found 1 result

  1. I couldn't help myself. I went in to get fit for a putter... already having the Evnroll ER2B in the bag (which I love!), and a Scotty Cameron Special Select Del Mar at home. Let's just get this out of the way up front... I have a problem. However, I have never went through a true proper putter fitting before, and wanted to get some real data into my putting game. Using the SAM putt lab, it was interesting to see that I had a relatively straight-back/straight-through stroke, yet I needed some toe hang due to my swing path. That was something that I never put together. **Side note - I will say that after only doing like 7 putts with the SAM putt lab and for it to give all this data -- and the rep to say, "that's it, 7 putts and there's your answer"... I left a little curious and wondered that if it was a different day, with some different putter stroke feelings, if I would've gotten the same results. (That discussion is for another day.) While I appreciated the honesty from the rep saying that I didn't really need a new putter because the Del Mar would work well with my stroke, I couldn't look away from the Scotty Cameron 5.5. I have ALWAYS wanted a putter with this shape. I tried playing the Toulon Las Vegas H7 (? can't remember if that's the name, but the one with toe hang) but I hated the feel. The deep mill patter on that face really gives it a feeling that did not suit me. But damn that putter was sexy. I digress... While I honestly prefer the look of the Odyssey, I couldn't turn away from "Justin Thomas' putter." So what did I do? I did what every conservative, budget minded person would do. I bought a new putter. And as weird as this may sound, this is the first Scotty since the Del Mar (something about that Golo 3/Newport 3/Del Mar shape that sucks me in) that I absolutely love everything about it. I love the weighting. I think the sound/feel is where I want it to be. And so far, I've putted very well with it. I've previously had the Newport 2 (just because it's Tiger's putter), and experimented with many of the 2019 Phantom lineup... but could never settle on something that made me forget about the other putters out there. But the 5.5 really fits my eye. I absolutely love the short slant neck. I'm a little curious why Scotty only went with the short slant in the 5.5 and not the 11.5. That might have made the decision a little more difficult. But as it is... I bought it and have zero regrets!! I took a couple videos you can check out to see it in action. Again, the weighting of the putter feels amazing. The sound/feel is firm and crisp, but I wouldn't call it "clicky." The face length looks just ever-so-slightly long, but nothing that looks bad. If I could suggest just one thing to Scotty... fix the dang head cover! I don't like the 'split' bottom cover, but it's a minor problem. Now I knew that going into a true putter fitting would be dangerous for me (remember I said I have a problem). I would be able to get my hands on every type of putter. I went in this day knowing that I wanted to get fit for a Scotty. Nothing else. I wanted a true Scotty Cameron putter that was fit for me. ...but I saw something that I haven't been able to stop thinking about. Remember I said I (previously) have Evnroll ER2B in that bag?! Well at the fitting... I saw the Evnroll ER2-V, with the short slant neck. Are you catching on to a theme? And it was just one of those things, I haven't been able to shake. But when I looked it up on their website, they didn't have the "murdered out" version. Which really stinks. So what did I do? I, of course, emailed Evnroll and asked if they could do a special order and do the ER2V murdered out. Please, if anyone knows a good counselor, let me know. There was a part of me wishing they were going to come back and say "Of course we can! But it's going to be double the price..." -- and that would have ended it right there. (Most likely.) Well, they responded... "yea of course! It's only $40 more to get it "murdered out." Damn. So now I have an Evnroll ER2V-B short slant neck that has been custom ordered and hopefully shipping this week. Again, anyone know a good counselor?! For now the Scotty 5.5 is staying in the bag... but will likely be on display in my office after the new putter comes in. And it's only because that I honestly have never putter so well as I have with my ER2B. And now, it'll be fit for me and have the look I've always wanted with the slant neck. Just know that it's not the Scotty 5.5's fault! It's not due to lack of feel, looks... anything. Again, I absolutely love the 5.5 putter. And again, the purpose of my fitting was for me was to truly get fit for a Scotty Cameron. This is one that I'll keep forever. I love everything about it. Tight one putt shot.m4v 615864493_longuphillputt.m4v
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