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  1. It's been one of the most talked about training aids this year, and has popped up in use by golfers all over the world, including professional tours. But now you'll get to see real everyday golfers like yourself use the full Putt Out system. They'll use it indoors, they'll use it out doors, they'll use the whole system, they'll use parts of the system independently. You can follow it all in this thread and best of all, you can get direct feedback from them on how it works for them, their likes, dislikes and most importantly see if it has improved their putting. Direct access to their links are below. @Kanoito Stage 1 Stage 2 @HardcoreLooper Stage 1 Stage 2 @Peaksy68 Stage 1 Stage 2 @tommc23 Stage 1 Stage 2 @gaussman1 Stage 1 Stage 2
  2. OFFICIAL EVNROLL PUTTER REVIEW Fozcycle Stage One Stage Two Stage Three RevKev Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Hula Rock Stage One Stage Two Stage Three BGoergen Stage One Stage Two Stage Three jlukes Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Carolina Golfer 2 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Visit Evnrolls website HERE Visit Evnrolls Facebook HERE Visit Evnrolls Twitter HERE Visit Evnrolls Instagram HERE
  3. Looking to do some putting practice inside. Has anyone ever made their own version of The Putting Board? I love the idea, but not the price tag ($130). The keys to creating this is understanding if there's any arc in the board, and what the angles are for the takeaway and follow-through positions. I'll let you know what I come up with, but thought I'd check if anyone has already created one. Cheers
  4. OFFICIAL FORWARDGOLF PUTTER GRIP REVIEW Follow along with our 10 testers as they review the ForwardGolf putter grip, the grip that was designed to put your hands in the perfect position for putting. Does that design lead to more made putts? Read the review below to find out. Without further ado, meet the testers..... Without further ado, here are the testers. Super Dave Stage One Stage Two Stage Three wersty Stage One Stage Two Stage Three armour248 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Pablo6060 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Aubrey40 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three benlowery Stage One Stage Two Stage Three KB McCool Stage One Stage Two Stage Three rc990n Stage One Stage Two Stage Three jberhart Stage One Stage Two Stage Three gary507 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Let us know what you think! Visit ForwardGolfs website HERE Like ForwardGolf on Facebook HERE Follow ForwardGolf on Twitter HERE Follow ForwardGolf on Instagram HERE
  5. Hi all, My first post on here. Just wanted to give a quick review of the Forb 12ft home putting mat. i think this is a great Home practice aid with putting. Works on all home floor surfaces and gives a true roll to the ball with it slightly elevated towards the holes which make sure you’re hitting putts with good speed. only negative is it doesn’t have a faint marked yardages on, I have had to sharpie my own 3,6,9ft marks on to gauge the distance I am hitting balls from. Could be improved by having marks put on it and also something in the bottom of the holes to stop the balls going in and bouncing out on tiled surfaces. overall I would give it an 8/10!
  6. I just finished this project in time before we started getting some bad weather here and before things started to get shutdown. I still have a couple more things still to do before it reaches its final form but so far I’m really happy with how it has turned out. The putting surface is a 12’x4’ Birdie Ball Mat places on top of a 4” thick platform. Eventually I will be cutting holes in the platform to install full size cups and adding self leveling feet to the platform. The idea is to eventually be able to adjust the base to replicate different breaks so that I can get more practice using Aimpoint and be able to have a space to still teach students during the bad weather months.
  7. GOLFTEC Unveils Enhanced Putting Lessons Powered by TECPUTT (Englewood, CO.) – GOLFTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and premium club fittings – has taken its renowned instruction to the next level with introduction of enhanced Putting Lessons powered by TECPUTT, a proprietary software system built by GOLFTEC’s in-house team of golf instruction experts and product designers. Rolled out this month at select GOLFTEC locations nationwide, the company’s new offering utilizes special putting sensors that pair with a comprehensive analysis app to provide real-time, actionable motion analytics, 2D & 3D synchronized graphical playback, video capture, automatic cloud-based record keeping and more. The company’s philosophy is that consistency and repeatability are the key elements shared by all good putters. GOLFTEC Coaches help show students why they aren’t hitting more predictable putts and recommend a plan to develop their skills. “GOLFTEC strives to provide an environment for total game improvement and a crucial element to lowering scores is building confidence and skill on the green,” says Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GOLFTEC. “Our students have access to the best Coaches for all elements of their game, be that analysis of the full swing, club fitting or our new enhanced putting lessons.” TECPUTT software, combined with insight from GOLFTEC’s highly-trained coaches, uses a variety of tools to analyze student performance, including: · Target Line Analysis: Display of the length, duration, and accuracy of the proper putter orientation · Face & Loft: Complete analysis of face, loft angles and their relationship · Putting Score: Quantitative assessment of progress · Result: Record, review and compare putting performance Enhanced Putting Lessons are the latest addition to GOLFTEC’s world-renowned teaching technology, which includes advanced motion measurement, video analysis and premium launch monitors to help any student find the lesson plan best suited for their unique needs. GOLFTEC students drop an average of seven strokes from their scores. GOLFTEC continues to establish itself as the world leader in golf improvement with more data on the golf swing than anyone else in the world, thanks to its award-winning SwingTRU Motion Study. The global GOLFTEC coaching team is comprised of experienced instructors that have graduated from GOLFTEC University – a multi-week certification program based around a curriculum of mastering advanced training of golf swing mechanics and GOLFTEC’s proprietary technology used in all Training Centers. The majority of GOLFTEC Certified Personal Coaches are PGA Professionals who have taught thousands of lessons. To learn more about GOLFTEC and the new Enhanced Putting Lessons, please visit www.golftec.com or call 877-446-5383. About GOLFTEC Since 1995, GOLFTEC has become the world’s largest provider of golf lessons and premium club fittings, operating more than 200 corporately-owned and franchised Training Centers in all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. A top employer of PGA Professionals, the company’s 700-plus coaches have taught more than nine million lessons with students dropping an average of seven strokes from their scorecards. Its highly-trained coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a completely fact-based approach to instruction, practice and club fitting. GOLFTEC’s leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by its SwingTRU Motion Study™ – the largest study ever conducted on golf swing mechanics. ###
  8. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Let's congratulate these forum members: @Kanoito @HardcoreLooper @Peaksy68 @tommc23 @gaussman1 Full announcement is found here. ______________________________________________________ 5 TESTERS WANTED Let's make practice fun again! Well even if you never found it fun before, you might after giving the PuttOUT system a go. It begins with the Pressure Putt Trainer. A very simple looking plastic ramp with a hole in it. Has to be easy right? Well give it a go and let us know. it in of itself would be enough practice for you. But PuttOUT has developed a full system, each of which could be used independently, but when combined make for very impressive and effective methods of practicing your putting. It can be used indoors with the PuttOUT mat, it is also very effective on the actual putting green with any combination of the mirror, gate and Pressure Putt. How To Apply This opportunity is open to any golfer who lives on the planet earth! We are looking for five dedicated forum members who will use the system and report back their honest thoughts in a full thorough and comprehensive review. Please provide the following info in a separate post below...DO NOT QUOTE this post. First Name/State or Country Handicap Have you ever used a putting training device before We'll be selecting the testers late next week, so be sure to check back to see if you've been selected.
  9. I've always liked that quote from Yogi Berra. It also is painfully evident to my golf game that I need to pay more attention to it. I've noticed over the years that I tend to leave more putts short than I roll long. It is something that I haven't paid too much attention to, just aware that I should try to get putts to the hole more often. Watching golf for many many hours this weekend I decided to count how many putts the pro's left short... it turns out, that unless they are outside 25', they don't. They always get it to the hole, go figure. Checking my Shot Scope putting data... I manage to leave 72% !!! of my putts short. This has gone from minor thought in the back of my mind to 5 alarm fire that I need to address now. I have a new goal in golf, 0 putts per round left short. I have to trust that I can make the 4' come back putt. I don't know how many of you out there suffer from this same issue. But I challenge all of you to never leave a putt short. If you need to say it in a very marine sounding voice akin to never leaving a man behind, then please do. Let me know if you can successfully pull this off. Apparently, I am only 14 putts/round from success....
  10. Drive for show putt for dough. Does anybody carry 2 putters? A heavy head putter for stability of face direction on short putts and a lighter one for speed control on long putts?
  11. When putting, especially those long putts.. you can feel and almost bet that you have the right aim.. but the reality is your probably aiming far to the left or right. Would training with laser pointers to check the aim and whether my stroke is a squared one or not actually help? Suppose I can build the right muscle memory at home with practice then carry on on the field with that muscle memory...
  12. Hi guys. I am "89" score man for 7 years. When I stand on green and see the cup, my head turn to chicken's And bawl in the mind "Shoot~ Shoot~ " After few second, I always see the ball on the side of cup. I want to skill up the putting. So I am here~~
  13. A few months ago my father-in-law and I attended the New Jersey Golf Show - the annual golf bargain hunter's dream. We ran across an up-start team socializing a new putter brand which has taken off in Korea. Top Spin Golf - http://www.golftopspin.com/ We were both a little surprised by the feel and roll these putters put on the ball. Has anyone else seen these and tried them? Anyone gaming one?
  14. I'm sure this topic was already discussed. What apps have you found great to use for during your round for shot distances, approach shots, putting slopes, scorecard/handicap, etc.? I want to pick one and upgrade to have the full features this season. I had used 18birdies a little bit last year just to plan shots, keep my score and didn't upgrade, which that alone has been a great help and was an easy app to use. I was just looking at GolfLogix which looks like they have green slopes mapped out which is great for approach and putts which could help cut a few strokes having that knowledge, and I don't think 18birdies does that. GolfLogix looks a bit spammy though and has a lot of pop-up windows, and you have to upgrade to get rid of ads. Not sure if I'm a fan of that. Anybody upgrade GolfLogix? 18birdies? Any recommendations of other ones? What features have you used/appreciated? What benefits have you experienced? I imagine these apps have helped a lot of others out there cut some strokes down knowing distances better and help with reading putts. Thanks!
  15. Since golf started players have been in search of the perfect putting stroke. They are constantly looking for new and advanced technology and more effective methods to improve their putting. There are many factors that have to come together to hit a perfect putt, but all are irrelevant if one is aiming incorrectly. It is thought that over 80% of putting errors are due to aiming the putterface poorly. With other sports where accurate aiming is important (shooting a gun, playing snooker, throwing a dart) one puts their eyes on the target line behind the projectile. This is the best way to accurately gauge where the target is. Aiming a putter to the target is like shooting a gun while looking at the barrel from the side and is therefore extremely difficult to get right. How can we solve this problem??
  16. My family presented me with the opportunity to buy any putter I wanted really and would love to do a bit more than just go find something at PGA Tour Superstore that I happen to like that day as that's how I bought the two putters I've used the last five years or so. I know should probably be looking for SAM labs but if anyone has recommendations as to who or where or any other advice I'd love to hear it! Do know of Club Champion & the Southlake Golf Galaxy have the SAM lab but that's about it so far as haven't had a ton of time to research.
  17. Wanted to start a post on my journey with the EVNROLL ER2. It's coming in the mail today or tomorrow and I'm convinced it's going to be a staple in the bag for a long time. I had before been a Scotty Cameron guy and even an Odyssey Tank #7 for awhile. But I was due up for some change and when I went to go demo a bunch I settled on the ER2. The ones I went to demo overall several days included: Taylormade Spider Tour Bettinardi Queen B 8 Ping Sigma G Tyne Ping Sigma G Doon Scotty Cameron 5W Envroll ER2 Clearly I though I was headed the Mallet direction but actually the ER2 and the Queen B 8 were my favorite two and they are the more stretched blade style. It was honestly a huge toss up between the Queen B8 and the ER2 but I found I was more consistent with the ER2. Plus, I loved their lighter option jumbo grip. So I made the call, got fitted, and pulled the trigger on it. I'll follow up soon when it arrives and include pictures and hopefully some video with my GoPro. Not sure what the goal of the post is other than to give an average-joe putter review that will be honest, probably "make-fun-of-worthy", and give some valuable insight. Be Back Soon,
  18. Hello guys, Just wanted to introduce a great putting trainer and aid that can actually help out a lot of beginner or weekend golfer like myself. The Smart Putter launched on Kickstarter last week . Check it out here. Now, as a putting practice gadget it's not for professional level golfers who seek and value grip/feel more than anything else. But for golfers like myself, who just suck when you land on green but just don't have the time to practice strokes or get used to reading elevation and stuff like that. Smart Putter has a built in sensor that would indicate the level balance of the putter with it's LED level indicators on the head. It also has a laser pointer that would guide the golfer with aim allowing the golfer to check the proper alignment between the putter , ball, and target. The point is. With the level indicators on the head of the putter, you can track your horizontal and stabilization movement without forfeiting your original stance. Therefore, just get in your stance and as your facing down on the putter as you would normally, you can instantly and constantly check your level balance. Does this thing stop there? Nope. It comes with a SMARTGOLF App. The Smart Putter sends live quaternion data (location/angle data from the head of the equipment) to the application for precise analysis and guidance. Now there are ALOT of training aids that attaches to your club and with connection with the app it would analyze your swing and also tell you how far you've hit. BUT most "pads" or attachable gadgets are put on shaft or the butt of the equipment. Which calls for a very limited and not so accurate analysis. Our application retrieves data from the head of the equipment which is where the gold is. The SMARTGOLF app is free and available in each respective application stores, it would provide data on the velocity, impact point, path, angle, and so on. If you want to hit the course rather than just practicing. Utilize the field mode where you would actually swing or putt on a virtual golf field. It's a mobile golf game, but rather than click some random power gauge to play.. you would actually swing or putt like you would at the field. Alright guys so again visit here if you guys are interested and let's work hard to hole it!
  19. Not only a putter, a Smart Putter! Putting, it's one these skills which really makes the difference between two players. In a very close match, victory and defeat will be chosen while putting so why not give yourself the best odds and make a new ally of the green? With the Smartgolf putter, practice whenever and wherever you might be even for 10 minutes a day and finally get these few extra strokes off your game! Equipped with powerful sensors, the Smartgolf putter analyses your putts and transmits the data to your phone, tablet or computer via the Smartgolf application. Analyze your game on the field, at home or even at the office and receive some professional feedback to better yourself. Get transported to a virtual field using the associated application to practice at home surrounded by your loved one! That's not all! Play or practice without the app, using only the Smart putter and still receive feedback from your moves with the innovative LED level indicator and other top of the line features! Enjoy a well-crafted putter and never miss to sink your putts! From the company behind the Smartgolf club, the world's first swing Analyzer comes a new way of practicing your putts, never let anything stop you from exercising your passion, choose where and when to practice! Check out the Kickstarter today and get 50% off the retail price with the launch day special deal (50% and a special gift!)! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartgolf/smart-putter
  20. Recently picked up the PuttOut training aid for a little indoor winter practice and wanted to share my thoughts. Awesome aid to keep around the house and for travel. I travel for work and found that I can take this along and it passes the time. This device has 2 options for putting. 1 you can go for a perfect putt. It requires you to have the right speed and line to make the ball stop perfectly in the hole. Great way to consistently get the feel and speed of a putt and have a great visual cue that you are succeeding. Then you can use it like a normal ball return putting aid. Device simulates regulation size cup and gives you a visual when a putt lips out of the hole. For the $25 bucks I have found that it is money well spent. Can't wait to get out on the course and see some results.
  21. SPEED REVIEW TIBA PUTT - Impact Zone Training Aid Written by:Dan Mann THIS PUTTER GADGET WILL MAKE YOU A STAR When I was offered a chance to test the TIBA Putt I scoffed. You see, I am Canada’s Self-Proclaimed Best Putter and I laugh at your training doodads. However, my wife, the beautiful and very talented Mrs. MBP, thinks she’s this great putter. She's not, but I dare not state this aloud at risk of rocking the perfect marriage. She takes way too long of a wavering backswing and decelerates hard far too often. So when the TIBA putt arrived I cunningly convinced her to try it, stating “You need this, you’re not that good.” I cooked dinner and washed the dishes that night, but I’m still the better putter in the house. PREPOSTEROUS WHAT?! It’s a cardboard box, with two orange pieces of plastic and four short tees. Not even three-inch tees that I can use after I stuff this thing in the back of a drawer only to be forgotten. I will admit the instructions are well laid out and setup is a breeze. I’m telling you people are looking at us funny on the putting green with our fancy orange thingies… Sigh… Now I gotta explain what we’re doing. This is TIBA Putt – Impact Zone Training Aid. It’s supposed to: Correct swing path Square face angle Improve distance control Ha?! Laugh at me now will you. PROGRESSIVE Day one, we’re 6 feet out with 2 sleeves of balls and spent an hour on the putting green. At the start, the Mrs. was hard pressed to make 50% of her putts, that’s 3 out of 6 for those counting. But I’ll tell ya, by the end of that hour she was ramming in 5 outta 6 no problem and this was with substantial gaps on either side. Who would have thought focusing an inch on either side of the ball would have such an "impact"? There’s truly something to be said for the visual and mental guide reinforcement TIBA putt presents. A week later, we went back out and ran the same tests with the orange guides pretty much putter width. There are 2 things that jump out here right away; she has a much shorter controlled backswing and a much more aggressive direct follow through. You can see her focusing on squaring the face and maintaining a smooth stroke. I’m keeping my mouth shut ‘because I’m still the better putter, but I won’t say it hasn’t helped me too. Here's a fancy image because the boss is all about #DATACRATIC PROFOUND I sprained my knee a month ago (everyone stop what they’re doing and feel very, very sorry for me right now) and I've done nothing but push a cart caddying for Mrs. MBP. This means I've had a lot of time to inspect her putting. Folks, listen very, very carefully: TIBA Putt really, really works. Kyle Henderson and Don Everhart TIBA Putt creators are onto something special here. I’m not sure who replaced my old crappy putting wife with this new version, but I’m blown away and diggin' it. It’s about the things I see that she doesn’t even realize are happening. On the course her stroke is very solid and direct. You can see how much squarer the putter face maintains through impact and by golly is she ever making a ton more putts inside 15 feet. I’m really blown away by the aggressive confidence she’s gained stepping up to short putts too. Oh and let’s not forget TIBA’s last claim there about distance control. Not only did the Mrs. notice a marked improvement, but I’ll go on record as saying it’s nothing short of phenomenal. THE WRAP PREPOSTEROUS PROGRESSIVE PROFOUND MBP APPROVES Yes I scoffed at the TIBA Putt's claims as sorcery and witchcraft when it first arrived, but I, Canada’s Self-Proclaimed Best Putter, was quickly swayed and am now a believer. Not only is it good for beginners, but its innovative design can easily adapt to and improve even the most established strokes. Trust me when I say you’re going to see this guy practicing with his orange pieces of plastic for the foreseeable future. This is one of those products you may overlook, but if a good friend recommended it, you’d buy. Consider me that good friend. For more info visit TIBA Putt TIBA Putt Seriously I was making like 6 outta 6 all day with the TIBA. Canada’s Self-Proclaimed Best Putter out.
  22. Hi Everyone, I am a Professional based in Holland and have a company called Burley Golf Development. My work involves developing Coaching, Fitting & Equipment and I am interested in feedback and keeping up to date with new developments within the world of putting. Glad to be involved and I look forward to some interesting discussions! Stuart Burley
  23. Winter Shut Down I hear rumor that some of you can't play golf year-round. During winter, you actually get winter weather, shutting down access to your favorite course. While I can sort of understand that, NorCal drought has kept my courses open, but dry, during the winter for the past couple of years. We do need the rain though... Anyway, like many of you, I see the winter as a time to hone some golf skills in order to be ready for the next season. I'd like to say that the goal is to play better the next season, but we all know that just not having the swing completely disappear would be a victory. Training aides seem like a natural place to turn to get some golf motions in when real golf is not possible, and I've got a couple of them from SKLZ to share with you today. Really, these are more my first impressions about the aides since I have not had a ton of time with them, but so far, three of four are really good. The fourth shows potential, but its complexity will warrant further research. Grip Trainer $19.99 http://shop.sklz.com/fall-2015-products/grip-trainer-/invt/gogr001 Has anyone ever actually gripped a club with one of the standard type grip-training grips? I've definitely held one in the shop, and wondered if it would help, but I just couldn't (can't) see myself permanently attaching it to one of my clubs. Maybe I could buy a back-up set of clubs and grip them all with the training grips. Honestly, that seems like the only time I would go that direction. This little grip trainer is a different animal as it snaps on and off of the grip already on your club. You can switch it from wedge to iron to wood in about five seconds. Sorry midsized and up, you're too large from this. What I like about the grip trainer is that with it attached, I have a better understanding of where the face is during my swing. As a known wiper of the ball, this is a huge help. Additionally, once you clip this on, it really stays put. No twisting or sliding on my NO1 grips at all. So far, this one has earned a spot in the bag for range time. Accelerator Pro Compact Putting Mat $29.99 http://shop.sklz.com/fall-2015-products/accelerator-pro-compact-/invt/iptm001 This one is about what you would expect from a putting mat. The turf lays down pretty flat and allows the ball to roll true to target without skips and bumps. It does have a couple of extra things going for it. First, it's small. At only three feet long, you can probably find a spot to use it even in your new tiny house. Second, the alignment graphics and the elevated hole should help one to groove in a putting stroke. You are going to need to practice, of course, but having hit about a hundred putts on it (it's fun ), I can definitely see how it can help. Currently, it is at my neighbor's house where a high school golfer has been struggling with her putting. We will see if it can help her reduce here putts per round. Impact Golf Ball $9.99 http://shop.sklz.com/accuracy/impact-golf-balls/invt/mimpgb001 I love blasting practice golf balls around the backyard. I've used most of the different kinds, from the old hard plastic whiffle balls, to the reduced-flight Almost Golf balls. BTW, reduced flight does not mean that you should hit those with driver. You are welcome. Without a doubt, these Impact Golf Balls are my new favorite. They fly pretty well off the face, spinning enough to let you know some info about the swing, but not launching over fences, onto roofs, and into unhappy neighbor pools. What is best about these though is that they are seemingly unbreakable. A hard plastic one usually lasts an afternoon. One thin shot and it is done. These are fully resistant to my bashings. They squish, and pop right back. Seriously, check this out: You get a dozen for $10 and that should last you a long time. Plus, it comes with a little mesh bag for storage. You may lose these, but it will take some serious work to destroy them. All-In-One Swing Trainer $49.99 http://shop.sklz.com/accuracy/all-in-one-swing-trainer/invt/sled001 This one has me a bit more cautious in my praise. While I am totally thumbs-up on the other three training aides, my thumb is still level here. In theory, this contraption is amazing. It's easily adjustable in such a way that it should help you address multiple swing issues, such as coming over the top, moving your head, and weight poor shift. It could be amazingly helpful. It is a bit unruly to transport around. Not terribly so, but the bars will take up some space, and the base will be heavy-ish when you fill it with water. It's just not that portable. It does have a handle built into the base, but you will need that free hand to tote it around. I also have some concerns about its resiliency. Not from experience with this product, but with a similar one that I built DIY from PVC. That homemade contraption was similar in design, allowing me to work on the over the top issue. It worked well too, until I really came over the top and smashed it with a 7i. With that, I had to replace a cheap section of PVC, with this, a big chop could put you out $50. The simple solution, of course, is don't hit it with the club... Back to the plus side, this trainer is super easy to adjust and is built in such a way that the parts slide to the correct position and then lock in place via little pop-up buttons. With a bit of experience, it shouldn't be a huge deal to switch from one configuration to another. Anyway, this one is going to take a bit more research to get a final opinion. I am especially interested in setting it up for head movement monitoring, as there is no real way to do this on one's own. I'm sure I'll look a little silly with it resting against my head at the range, but if it helps my swing, I can handle that. Hone those SKLZ this Winter I love the balls, and I think that there will be some repeated use with the grip trainer and the putting mat. If the swing trainer survives my hacks, it too could be quite a help this off-season when I hit on a mat in the garage. Ball flight won't tell me anything in there, but the swing trainer could give valuable feedback. If I don't shatter it. What do you all think? Do you have any toys that help you to stay golf-fresh in the winter?
  24. We have had discussions in a putting problems thread about looking a the hole when putting. Jordan Spieth does this for short putts, and how can you argue with his putting results!! So, today I went to a muni to play a relaxing round after traveling most of the day yesterday. I usually play pretty poorly when I get back from a trip with a typical round of good drives, so-so putting and lousy chipping. Short game is the first to go, and last to come back! Today I shot 74 on a par 70, an unusually good round for me because I didn't have that many chips. I thought that since this was a "get acquainted with golf again" round, I would try the Jordan Spieth putting style of not looking at the ball on short putts. I know I should have practiced this first, but I am willing to try most anything. I made a commitment to look at the hole on any putt less than 4 feet, and I made all of them. EDIT: Based on jbil's comment, I will clarify that most of the shorter putts were straight, so I was looking at the hole. I did have a few breaking putts, and I was looking at a spot by the hole, not the hole. I actually tried it on putts that were up to 6 feet, and made most of them too. I think the ones I missed were a read issue. I must admit, that it feels a little weird at first, but the more that I did it, I actually started feeling more comfortable. I am going to spend some significant time on the putting green and continue with this method for awhile to see if it improves my putting. I consider myself a decent putter already, but sometimes I get a little antsy over the short ones. I think this method might be a solution to that problem, and provide more feel into my putting stroke. Here is what I did today: I am using my usual ball marking. I mark a line on the ball through the alignment aide with a sharpie (my usual color is RED) and then add another line perpendicular to that line, so it looks like a big T. I aim the alignment leg of the T to the line I have read for the putt and the alignment mark on my putter. After making a few practice strokes to get the feel for distance, I make sure that the putter face is square to the perpendicular mark on the ball. Now that I know that I have aligned the ball and putter correctly, I look at the hole and trusting the read, make the putt. I still look at the ball using the same alignment for long putts, but I think NOT looking at the ball on short putts takes a little of the nervousness away, prevents you from looking up too quick, and frees up the stroke. I am going to spend more time on this to see where my cut-off distance is for NOT looking at the ball. So, has anyone spent any time with this style? Does NOT looking at the ball work for you?
  25. I would like to ask you to take time out to answer a few questions for research purposes. 1, What putter do you use and why? 2, What are the specs of your putter? 3, How long have you been using the current putter in your bag? 4, Do you commit to a specific method? 5, How do you rate your putting performance on a scale of 1 to 10? I look forward to your responses
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