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Found 8 results

  1. Happened across this very clever solution on Insta... Edit: Not a penalty anymore - *IF* the double-tap was unintentional... Thx, cnosil. (But you still have to be an adept trick shot artist - and s very good actor to pull it off!)
  2. I am looking at buying a set of 2009 Callaway X-Forged or Razr X Forged. I played the 2007 X-Forged but since they were non-conforming, I switched to the Bridgestone J38 Dual Pocket Cavity (great clubs). I have the itch to go back to the Callaway forgings due to their weight (D2) (Bridgestone are a D1). Plus, I really like the look and feel of them. The Question: The 2009 X-Forged has grooves that are spaced "normal" but the Razr X Forged has the tightly spaced conforming grooves. Are the tighter grooves good or bad? (I've heard they don't change much) Additionally, does anyone know if the 2009 X-Forged (Version 2 on USGA Conforming Database) from Callaway have conforming grooves. The USGA database says additional testing required (ATR). If you have any input on how tighter grooves play it would be appreciated. I remember the conversations about it back in the day but I can't seem to find anything about it now. I'm a 5 handicap FYI. Thanks!
  3. Have you guys seen this? http://golfweek.com/2018/01/24/web-com-tour-player-throws-headcover-at-caddie-over-costly-and-mysterious-penalty/ Quick summary: Web.com player in the hunt for a tournament win, hooks ball into hazard on the last hole. Caddie picks up ball. Rules official assesses a stroke penalty because the caddie got the ball without explicit authorization from the player. Gibson drops and hits, nearly holes out. Grabs putter out of the bag, pulls headcover, and flings the headcover at the caddie. Apparently at the same time, fires the caddie. Gibson finishes 3rd instead of T-2, costing him about $12,000. Caddie posts summary of the event on YouTube, including his argument that the penalty stroke should not have been assessed. My thoughts: first, events like this are always interesting to learn more obscure rules. It looks like the caddie is correct: there should not have been a penalty here. Provision is made in the decisions of golf for circumstances in which a drop is obvious that a caddie can pick the ball up without penalty. Second, Gibson comes out looking really bad. His anger is understandable, but any circumstance in which a person treats a subordinate (caddie, waitstaff, etc.) in a demeaning manner is a telling revelation of that person's character. Fire the guy: fine, that makes sense. But throwing things at him on the course? Childish and way over the line.
  4. Hey guys. I've been lucky to be able to afford a lot of golf stuff, and as an addict I constantly add new things to the collection I'd like to do a giveaway of some stuff like rain suits, tees etc... as I don't use them, and not really feeling like selling them on the bay. Are there any rules I should follow? Is it ok to post it in the contest section? Thx
  5. I was at the 19th hole yesterday when one in our group relayed a story regarding a controversial ruling during a match play event at the club: On a par 3 with a carry over a water hazard (with mud and reeds obscuring the far side), the player's tee shot appeared to be short and potentially in the hazard. The player declared a provisional shot and struck a ball from the drop zone, holing out for three. The player then declared that they would take the provisional shot and not search for the original ball. The opposing team objected, walked to the edge of the hazard, and found the original ball. Here I am not sure if the original was in the hazard or safe. I'm assuming safe. What's the ruling? Is the player the arbiter of the search for their own ball? Once they declare the ball lost, is the provisional the ball in play? The 19th hole committee was divided. Some sited an anecdote of Mickelson declaring a ball lost after hitting a provisional proved that no one can search if a player instructs them not to: http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/By-the-Rules-Ball-Was-Not-Lost-Odd-sequence-2952722.php. But when I read the story I am still confused. The marshal finds the ball and Mickelson winds up re-teeing. I need MGS wisdom here... PS, the onsite decision was that the original ball was in play.
  6. That guy ... you know the one that thinks he is better than he actually is. He may do some of the following: line up every putt as if it's for the U.S. Open take as much time lining up the putt for an 8 that he does for a par get mad at someone because they "took the tee box from you" .... just because we are in the interest of slow play, we like to play "ready golf" ... especially when there is a storm clearly heading our direction! spend 10 minutes looking for the ball that was clearly hit OB just because you are the last group off in the league and there is no one behind you blame every missed shot on something other than what it actually is ... "Oh I pushed that one." or "Damn this rough is brutal." NO Pal ... you just suck and couldn't find the fairway if you fell out of the cart play the wrong set of tees because you think you hit the ball further than you actually do claim you got a 5 on the hole when you clearly hit it OB once & had to take an unplayable lie, so it was at least an 8. Then get mad when I question it. If you are going to play by the rules, you may want to learn them first. when taking a drop from a lateral stake in the rough, don't claim that the ball moved towards the green on each drop just so you get to place it. (grant it the rough was about 4" high in places but still we all have to play the same course.) Take the game WAYYYYYY TOO serious! It's league play .... I mean c'mon we are playing for a beer for Christs Sake! Yes all of these occurred the other night in my league play. It was brutal ... playing slow, having to teach the rules to someone, etc. I even had to break out the actual Rule Book out of my bag for this guy! (yes, I keep one just for days like this) So ... don't be "that guy!" And if you happen to play with "that guy" ... I wish you well & good luck!
  7. hot off the press ... obviously in response to Lexi ruling http://www.usga.org/articles/2017/04/new-rules-of-golf-decision-limits-use-of-video-review.html a good start and it looks like we might see more changes in the revisions being considered
  8. Last week during a league match a friends opponent tried to make the argument that his best shot at a ball would be left handed. If he were to hit left handed then his stance would be impeded by the cart path. The ball was located in between a hazard and the cart path. To swing right handed he would have to stand in the swampy tall grass. His opponents let him have free relief, and he dropped it at the point of nearest relief and then hit the ball right handed. We got to arguing this one on the 19th hole, and google really wasn't all that helpful. 1. One guy said fine if he gets free relief then he has to hit it left handed, and he has to have a left handed club in the bag. We all agreed this guy was very very wrong and I'm sure you all will too. 2. The second guy argued that you only get free relief from a cart path if it affects your normal swing, and to swing left handed then it isn't his normal swing and he doesn't get relief. 3. I argued that you get free relief from a cart path if it affects a normal swing on this particular shot. So in this instance his normal swing, being the only one that was really available was a left handed swing so he does get free relief. And once he drops at the nearest point of relief its a new shot and he can choose to swing right handed if he wants. So who was right? I still am pretty sure that I am. But like I said google wasn't too informative on this.
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