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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! First off, I just wanna say that I work for Bermuda Sands Apparel, and let you know that this is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT! We recently launched our e-commerce site (which I was very integral in pushing) and I would love to hear some opinions on it. Layout, ease of use, pictures, whatever. Let me repeat THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. I'm not asking anyone to do anything more than to look around and let me know what you think of the site. I'm always looking to get better feedback, and who better than you fine folks! Thanks again. CLICK HERE to check out the site.
  2. If you guys go to Bermuda Sands new e-commerce site, you can save 20% on EVERYTHING there by using the promo code LAUNCH. Also offering even deeper savings on Ace and Dana in the Sales section. Use promo code KICKOFF to save 30% on those garments. BTW, Ace is definitely my favorite! CLICK HERE to go the site. Thanks!
  3. By now I'm sure you have all seen the Gift Guide on the blog (here). Since you've all been good little Forum Members this year, Santa is putting a little something extra in your stockings. We've reviewed these products over the past year and they are all GolfSpy Donner and Golfspy Blitzen approved! To assist you with your Merry Ho-Ho-Hoing, we have arranged special discount codes exclusively for MyGolfSpy Forum members, which will run through the end of December. Golf Gym Power Swing/Power Swing + Power Swing is a resistance band device used to strengthen the muscles used in the golf swing. It can help add distance and better sequencing of the swing, while eliminating the over-the-top move that so many golfers struggle with. This product was reviewed by Golfspy Dave in August 2014 – http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11729-golfgyms-powerswing-plus-first-look-and-a-question/ To order visit http://golfgym.com/shop/ Enter code “SPY15” at checkout for 15% savings (valid on all Golf Gym products) Tiba Putt- Impact Zone Training Aid Tiba Putt is a training aid to improve your putting. It helps to correct your swing path, square the face of the putter, and ultimately help with distance control and accuracy. This product was reviewed by Golfspy MBP in September 2014 – http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11760-tiba-putt-impact-zone-training-aid/ To order visit http://www.tibaputt.com/products/tiba-putt Enter code “welovemgs” at checkout for 20% savings TPK Putting Stick The Putting Stick is literally a stick that you putt down. It helps promote a square putter face at impact, proper alignment, and an accelerating stroke. This product was reviewed by Golfspy Barbajo in December 2014 - http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/12375-the-putting-stick-the-key-to-nailing-those-5-footers/ To order visit http://www.tpkgolf.com/Putting-Stick-s/1818.htm Enter code “golfspy” at checkout for 15% savings and free shipping (valid on both standard and pro models) 3UP Golf Balls How can a ball improve your game? It can't. However with 3UP you can get a Tour performance golf ball without the Tour performance price tag. This allows you to save those precious dollars for use on the above training aids, which will improve your game. 3UP balls were reviewed by Golfspy MBP in September 2014 – http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11862-3up-golf-2s14-ball-review/ To order visit http://3upgolf.com/ Enter code “SPY15” for 15% savings on all 3UP products Stamp Your Balls This product won't necessarily improve your game, but it could possibly save you some strokes in a round. These ball stamps are a unique way to mark your ball to keep from playing someone elses or having it stolen. This product was reviewed by Golfspy Dave in November 2014 - http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/12172-stamp-your-balls-quick-review/ To order visit https://www.stampyourballs.com/index.html Enter code “GS322" at checkout. This is will get you 3 stamps for $22 US dollars Happy Holidays
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