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  1. I was talking to Ben Hogan Golf today about a question regarding the VKTR hybrids that I am testing, and I changed the subject to the SCOR wedges. I remembered a post by @revkev in the short game struggles thread... I was told that Ben Hogan Golf has a deal for loyal SCOR wedge owners. For every club you buy to replace your SCORs, Ben Hogan Golf will give you $50 trade-in. So, if you replace 4 SCOR wedges, they will give you $200 off your new purchase. This offer is only available through Ben Hogan Golf and not through stores. If you are thinking about replacing your SCORs, the TK wedges might be a good replacement as they have the V-sole like the SCORs.
  2. Well, I made a change in my irons so I guess I will see if I like it. If I don't, I can always go back to my Ping i20's or buy something completely new, right? I love my SCOR wedges, all with the Genius 9 shaft; well, the 42 is actually my 9i. And therein lies my problem. When I got the 42, I found that it flew higher and further than my Ping i20 9i with the stock regular flex graphite shaft. I then had a very small gap between the 42 and the i20 8i; no good. I have been trying to figure out what to do. I will keep my SCORs but most OEMs don't want to sell a partial set. Those that do, like Ben Hogan (and I haven't given up on them yet), are very expensive for 4 clubs. I only need/want 5i-8i. So, I went looking through my vast supply of old clubs in the garage. I have always liked my set of MacGregor VIP 1025M clubs, but in the past 10 years I have lost the ability to hit the TT S300 shafts. I contacted UST Mamiya because they made the Genius 9 shaft in my SCORs. That shaft doesn't exist; it vanished along with SCOR when they became Ben Hogan Golf. The Hogan's graphite shaft option is the UST Recoil shaft. I looked into it, but I don't think the Recoil in any flavor will fit my swing. I don't know that, but I have demoed the Recoil in other clubs, and I wasn't impressed. I decided to try the UST ProForce RV2 shaft since UST said that it was similar to the Genius shaft. Now my bag looks a little different: Driver SLDR 14* 4W 17* Sonartec LS-99 7W 24* Sonartec LS-99 5H 25* TaylorMade Rocketballz 5-8i MacGregor VIP 1025M Wedges SCOR 42, 46, 50, 54, 58 Putter Boccieri Heavy Putter C2-DF I've played the MacGregor VIPs for a week now after strengthen the lofts to match the Ping i20 specs and adjusting the lie to 3* flat. I love the feel but need more time to determine if they are right for me.
  3. No, it's not a 70 yard lob wedge. It was raining yesterday, so I thought I would stop at the range on my way home and hit a few. About a third of the way through a small bucket, I hit my 42* SCOR 70 yards; the head, that is. It did not snap off; just flew off! Nice and straight though. It was really embarrassing because I had just been showing the guy next to me the wedges, and telling him how much I liked them. I had to yell down the range for everyone to stop hitting while I retrieved the head. Looking at it, there is almost no epoxy in the hosel and very little residual on the shaft. I cleaned the dirt and grass out of the hosel with just warm water, but haven't touched the shaft. I can slide the shaft into the hosel fairly easily. I ordered a 50, 46 and 42 from SCOR last fall, and it seemed that they may have been hastily built to fill the order. Now I am wondering if the other two wedges will do the same. One of them (can't remember which one) had the red SCOR grip on upside down so the choke down marks were on the underside. Didn't matter to me, because I removed them to put on the PUREs to match the rest of my set. My 54 and 58 have been in my bag for almost 2 years and have had no problems with them. Poor quality control when transitioning to the Ben Hogan brand??
  4. We've seen our beloved Scors get special discounts this fall and we all know that the Hogans are coming. Today I heard rumors that they've pulled the plug on Scor wedges and in the future you'll have to buy similar V-soled Hogans. Anybody get an email announcement to this effect?
  5. SCOR4161 Custom Wedge SetOfficial MGS Forum Member Reviews JREcklund03 Unboxing Review txgolfjunkie Unboxing Review whiskey golf Unboxing Review Walkerjames Unboxing Review R.P. Jacobs II Unboxing Review SCOR Golf Website |SCOR Fit |SCOR Zone (blog) Buy Now
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