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  1. Used RH Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 - 34" with original headcover. I completed the paint fill myself a couple of years ago, its orange and a clear orange color combo. I also installed the SuperStroke Wrist lock grip earlier this year, and it has probably 2 rounds on it, so its basically new. Putter is in pretty good shape for its age. Asking $350 with shipping. PRICE DROP $300 $275 $225 OBO.
  2. I couldn't help myself. I went in to get fit for a putter... already having the Evnroll ER2B in the bag (which I love!), and a Scotty Cameron Special Select Del Mar at home. Let's just get this out of the way up front... I have a problem. However, I have never went through a true proper putter fitting before, and wanted to get some real data into my putting game. Using the SAM putt lab, it was interesting to see that I had a relatively straight-back/straight-through stroke, yet I needed some toe hang due to my swing path. That was something that I never put together. **Side note - I will say that after only doing like 7 putts with the SAM putt lab and for it to give all this data -- and the rep to say, "that's it, 7 putts and there's your answer"... I left a little curious and wondered that if it was a different day, with some different putter stroke feelings, if I would've gotten the same results. (That discussion is for another day.) While I appreciated the honesty from the rep saying that I didn't really need a new putter because the Del Mar would work well with my stroke, I couldn't look away from the Scotty Cameron 5.5. I have ALWAYS wanted a putter with this shape. I tried playing the Toulon Las Vegas H7 (? can't remember if that's the name, but the one with toe hang) but I hated the feel. The deep mill patter on that face really gives it a feeling that did not suit me. But damn that putter was sexy. I digress... While I honestly prefer the look of the Odyssey, I couldn't turn away from "Justin Thomas' putter." So what did I do? I did what every conservative, budget minded person would do. I bought a new putter. And as weird as this may sound, this is the first Scotty since the Del Mar (something about that Golo 3/Newport 3/Del Mar shape that sucks me in) that I absolutely love everything about it. I love the weighting. I think the sound/feel is where I want it to be. And so far, I've putted very well with it. I've previously had the Newport 2 (just because it's Tiger's putter), and experimented with many of the 2019 Phantom lineup... but could never settle on something that made me forget about the other putters out there. But the 5.5 really fits my eye. I absolutely love the short slant neck. I'm a little curious why Scotty only went with the short slant in the 5.5 and not the 11.5. That might have made the decision a little more difficult. But as it is... I bought it and have zero regrets!! I took a couple videos you can check out to see it in action. Again, the weighting of the putter feels amazing. The sound/feel is firm and crisp, but I wouldn't call it "clicky." The face length looks just ever-so-slightly long, but nothing that looks bad. If I could suggest just one thing to Scotty... fix the dang head cover! I don't like the 'split' bottom cover, but it's a minor problem. Now I knew that going into a true putter fitting would be dangerous for me (remember I said I have a problem). I would be able to get my hands on every type of putter. I went in this day knowing that I wanted to get fit for a Scotty. Nothing else. I wanted a true Scotty Cameron putter that was fit for me. ...but I saw something that I haven't been able to stop thinking about. Remember I said I (previously) have Evnroll ER2B in that bag?! Well at the fitting... I saw the Evnroll ER2-V, with the short slant neck. Are you catching on to a theme? And it was just one of those things, I haven't been able to shake. But when I looked it up on their website, they didn't have the "murdered out" version. Which really stinks. So what did I do? I, of course, emailed Evnroll and asked if they could do a special order and do the ER2V murdered out. Please, if anyone knows a good counselor, let me know. There was a part of me wishing they were going to come back and say "Of course we can! But it's going to be double the price..." -- and that would have ended it right there. (Most likely.) Well, they responded... "yea of course! It's only $40 more to get it "murdered out." Damn. So now I have an Evnroll ER2V-B short slant neck that has been custom ordered and hopefully shipping this week. Again, anyone know a good counselor?! For now the Scotty 5.5 is staying in the bag... but will likely be on display in my office after the new putter comes in. And it's only because that I honestly have never putter so well as I have with my ER2B. And now, it'll be fit for me and have the look I've always wanted with the slant neck. Just know that it's not the Scotty 5.5's fault! It's not due to lack of feel, looks... anything. Again, I absolutely love the 5.5 putter. And again, the purpose of my fitting was for me was to truly get fit for a Scotty Cameron. This is one that I'll keep forever. I love everything about it. Tight one putt shot.m4v 615864493_longuphillputt.m4v
  3. Not aware of there being a list of persons or companies in the UK that provide a customisation service on either clubs or Headcovers but here goes for starters ... CLUBS / PUTTERS Chris Finch Golf Irons UK _golf_id_ : Tom Boucher (Instagram) HEADCOVERS Glam Golf Hell For Leather Golf VARIOUS Custom Putters / Milling specialists ID Golf (personalised grips)
  4. -plays at 35” -LAGP 135 shaft -also include original Scotty shaft with original grip -new Lamkin deep etched grip -Built this up but it’s not for me. -played about 10 rounds, near mint condition. includes head cover, original shaft and grip $500 plus shipping
  5. GraceRW

    The Batman

    Not for everyone but I’m a big fan of the mallet, scotty and marvel characters - checkout my new ‘bread & butter’ (the Phantom) I’ve christened the ‘BatMan’
  6. Hey Crew, Long time forum reader, first time poster, forgive me if I ramble. Excited to talk golf! 2020 is the year I decided to step outside my comfort zone. I had struggled for years with the common inner struggle of “Am I good enough to hit ‘players’ irons?”. After hitting a Callaway X Forged ‘18 7 iron at my local G.T. I was in love. The smile that hitting the middle of that club put on my face was something I had never experienced in golf. I was addicted, but they weren’t ‘meant’ for me (18 hcp at the time). After a few more visits, a few more hits, I decided if they weren’t meant for me, I had better improve, I needed these clubs in my life! 2 months in, 32 rounds down, couldn’t be happier with my decision. When I put a good swing on the ball I get good results, bad swing, bad results *BUT* I know exactly where I mishit it. As for my driver, what a story... Last year I purchased a Callaway Fusion Driver second hand. Liked it, but didn’t LOVE it. Distance was ok, sound wasn’t my jam. About half way through the season I took my honey out for her first round of golf. 3 Holes in, after assuring her “Don’t worry babe, you won’t hurt my clubs”, she tees off, something doesn’t sound right.... I inspect my driver to find a crack in the top crown. So, it sat in a closet for the rest of the year, assuming there was nothing Callaway would do, as I purchased it second hand. Before throwing it out this year I decided, what’s the harm in asking them. I called Callaway customer service, was completely honest about where I purchased it and what happened. They confirmed there was no warranty BUT they are happy to keep me as a customer and instructed me to pick a shaft from their stock offerings as they would send me an Epic Flash..... Jaw dropped....Stunned. This driver is mind blowing, I have never had confidence off the tee with Driver. I’m consistently 10-20 yds further and much more accurate. (See photo below, My drive on a 310 yd Par 4 - Dogleg Left - Bunker on Right side of green. Thread the needle and putting for eagle!) Everyone always says “it’s not the club”. While I agree to an extent, everyone of my friends that has hit this club has gotten consistently better results than their own driver. A few stating they hit their longest drive ever with it. A few searching for deals to purchase their own. I was so happy with Callaway’s service and product I filled out the bag with the following: Callaway Epic Flash 9 deg. Kuro Kage TiNi Silver 70g Callaway Epic Flash 5W Project X Hzrdus Smoke 70g Callaway X-Forged ‘18 3-PW KBS Tour 90 Callaway Forged 52-56 DG S300 Callaway Forged 60 DG S400 Scotty Cameron Kombi S
  7. Titleist TS3 Driver Titleist TS3 3 Wood Titleist TS3 5 Wood Titleist TS2 Hybrid Mizuno MP20 Blades (5 - PW) Mizuno T20 Wedges (50 - 54 - 58) Scotty Cameron Phantom putter Titleist Pro V1x Bushnell v3 Range Finder PRGR Launch Monitor
  8. Now $225 obo. Looking to sell or trade my Cameron Newport putter with additional headcovers. Looking to sell as a set preferably.Putter measures a little over 35 inch with a super stroke 3.0 grip. Would also consider trades for a newer 19* hybrid
  9. Here's my 2020 what's in the bag from a sunny Edinburgh, Scotland. Driver - Callaway Rogue Sub Zero with an Aldila Rogue M.AX 75 X shaft. Set at 9° with D setting on adapter (to put it upright). Fairway Wood - Callaway Rogue 4 Wood 17° with an Aldila Rogue M.AX 85 X shaft. Utility Iron - Srixon ZU45 18° 2 iron with a Miyazaki Tour Issue Blue 7X 6445 flex shaft. Hybrid - Callaway Rogue 4 Hybrid 21° with a Kuro Kage 80 X shaft. Irons - Srixon Z785 5 - PW all standard loft and lie. Fitted with $ taper 130x shafts. Wedges - Srixon Z785 AW 51° fitted with $ taper 130x shaft. Titleist SM7 56° fitted with a X100 shaft. Putter - Scotty Cameron California Del Mar Using the Shotscope V2 but unfortunately not had a round this year due to the current pandemic. Will upload a picture later
  10. Driver: Callaway GBB Epic 9*, Fujikira Pro 62 Stiff Shaft 3 Wood: Taylormade M6 D-type 16*, Project X Evnflow Max Carry Stiff Shaft 4 Hybrid: Cobra Fly Z XL 22*, Cobra Stock Hybrid Shaft Irons: Taylormade P770 4-PW, KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff Wedges: Taylormade Milled Grind 50,54,58, Dynamic Gold Shafts Putter: Scotty Cameron Futura X5, Superstroke 2.0 Grip (Golf Pride MCC +4 ALIGN Midsize grips on driver through 58)
  11. With the COVID-19 virus cancelling all of my tournaments for the next six weeks, and with me closing on a web project, I figured it might be time to treat myself. Ever since I got my Scotty Cameron last year, I've wanted it customized. I feel it adds some personality to the putter. Before I spend a decent amount of money, I just wanted to see if any other Spies had experience with the Custom Shop, and if so, any tips or advice. Thanks!
  12. Fun little thing I came upon earlier. https://www.scottycameron.com/2020-instagram-sweepstakes/ Give it a shot, if you are like me and just sign up for Instagram for the contest, you can tag me. Elson_correa Or Elsonacorrea I'm not sure which one is saved. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Here is my WITB for 2020. Although it may change with the addition of addition of a new driver. Driver - Taylor Made M1 10.5° 75g Aldila Rogue Stiff 3W - Callaway Epic Sub-zero, set to 15°, HRZDUS Smoke Stiff Hybrid - Taylor Made Rescue - 3i Irons - Mizuno MP-5 (7-PW), MP-25 (4-6) Wedges - S5, 50°, 54°, 58° Putter - Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Ball - ProV1x
  14. I just noticed the geo wanderer headcover set that just arrived yesterday has a driver headcover with the “Scotty Cameron Studio Design” label stitched upside down. Wondering what the value of it may be?
  15. Nike Sumo Driver, Precept 3 & 5 wood, Nike Sumo 3 rescue, Titleist DCI 990 4-PW Irons, Cleveland 56, Snake Eyes 60, Scotty Cameron Studio Design Putter, all in a Taylor Made carry bag. Hopeful to be replacing everything but the putter in the coming months.
  16. Here's the bag, June 2019 Callaway Rogue SZ 9*, PX Even Flow T1100 white 6.5, 68g Callaway Rogue SZ 15* 3W, PX Even Flow T1100 white 6.5, 76g TM P790 3 iron, PX 6.0 Titleist 690.MB 5-P, PX 6.0 - old school lofts. Plays 6-G in modern lofts. I've actually taken the 3,4 irons out after a few rounds. Don't really need them. Cleveland RTX4 54*, DG S400 TM HITOE 58*, KBS Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 Titleist ProV1 Jones Golf Utility Stand Bag, Navy Look at that offset!
  17. Press Release from Titleist TITLEIST EQUIPMENT UPDATE: The Honda Classic According to Darrell Survey, for the third time this season, Titleist achieved the feat of sweeping every major equipment category at a PGA TOUR event - this time it is The Honda Classic - and by looking at the counts, the choice is overwhelmingly clear. From golf balls, to drivers, fairway and hybrids, and irons to wedges and putters, the Titleist brand is the overwhelming field favorite as the Tour moves from the west coast to the Florida swing. > Titleist is the top choice in golf balls with 112 players in the field of 144 - that's 78 percent of the field and seven times the nearest competitor with 16. > One out of every three drivers in the field is a Titleist with 48 (33%) in play this week - that's 16 more than the nearest competitor with 32. > The Titleist TS3 continues to be the most played single driver model on the PGA TOUR with 29, nearly double the next closest driver model with 15. > The Titleist TS3 is also the most played driver on the European Tour again this week with 29. That's 20 percent of the field playing that single model. > Titleist irons also accounted for nearly one-third of the field with 46 (32%) sets in play - 21 more sets than the nearest competitor. > The Titleist 718 MB (20) and the 718 AP2 (14) are the top two most played iron models this week. > Titleist Brand Ambassador Peter Malnati is playing the 718 AP2 Black irons (5-9) that were recently released. Malnati was shipped the irons to his home in Tennessee during his off week but never got a chance to practice with them because of inclement weather. It was the only set he brought with him to the Honda Classic and worked them into his bag this bag this week. He joins Cam Smith as the two Titleist players putting the new AP2 Black models in play. > More than half of all wedges in the field this week (220/55%) are of the Vokey Design variety. The nearest competitor has 60 wedges in play. > Scotty Cameron putters are the overwhelming field favorite this week with 54 (38%) in play, 14 more than the nearest competitor. > More players on the PGA TOUR rely upon Scotty Cameron putters than any other brand and tops the Tour in wins with 4 this season. > Titleist equipment counts at The Honda Classic vs. the Nearest Competitor (NC): GOLF BALLS: TITLEIST - 112 (78%) NC - 16 (11%) DRIVERS: TITLEIST - 48 (33%) NC - 32 (22%) FAIRWAYS: TITLEIST - 56 (31%) NC - 37 (20%) HYBRIDS: TITLEIST - 25 (39%) NC - 17 (27%) IRONS: TITLEIST - 46 (32%) NC - 25 (17%) WEDGES: TITLEIST - 220 (55%) NC - 60 (15%) PUTTERS: TITLEIST - 54 (38%) NC - 40 (28%)
  18. I'm selling my two previous gamer putters. A Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 and an Evnroll ER1. Both are 34" and have the original headcover. The Evnroll knocked the Scotty out of the bag two years ago, and the new Evnroll ER5B just knocked the ER1 out of the bag. I'd love to keep them, but they can get more love elsewhere. Asking $175 for each, shipping included. Payment by Venmo. Let me know if you have any questions.
  19. 2018 Scotty Cameron Laguna 1/500. 34”. Used for 9 holes. Still 10/10 condition. Head over included. Shipping will be in original box/packaging and I can include the original receipt for authentication purposes (with any personal info redacted). NOW ON SALE FOR $449 USD OBO. Click here to make an offer. I will entertain a trade for Circle T merch..PM me for trade offers. Can provide more photos upon request.
  20. My Original Jones Black Bag holds: Driver: Titleist 910 D3 8.5° 70g Aldila RIP Stiff 3 Wood: Titleist 917 F3 15° 75g Aldila Rogue MAX Stiff Hybrid: Titleist 818 H1 19° 70g Mitsubishi TENSEI Stiff 3 – PW: Miura Forged Retro Blades NS Pro 1050 X-Stiff Gap: Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG 52°/10 TT Dynamic Gold X-100 Sand: Cleveland RTX-3 V-LG 56°/8 TT Dynamic Gold X-100 Lob: Cleveland RTX-3 V-LG 60°/6 TT Dynamic Gold X-100 Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Ball: Titleist Pro V1 ​Time for a new Driver, hit 10 balls today with the TS3 and it is hot! ​Irons to follow, debating a progressive set ​Santa
  21. I love my Scotty Cameron Studio Select. Are there better, more forgiving putters? Yes, there are. But if you're going to put, put with style is what I say. Anywho, as you can see, I'm long over do for a new putter grip. This putter is probably 6 years old and I have yet to replace the grip. My question is what grip should I replace it with that has a similar shape and yet still stylish? Suggestions anyone? Thanks!
  22. Scotty Cameron Futura X5, $275. 35" shaft with the original Matador Midsize 11".
  23. First off, I am new to Mygolfspy BST, however I have a very reputable Ebay history. Ebay Feedback Link Please PM me with what you have if you are interested. Scotty Cameron Newport Select M2 34 Inches Super Stroke Slim 3.0 (Have SC Red Matador Grip if wanted) Price for Forum Purposes - Traded Oakley Golf Pants Black Size 33X32 Like New Worn only a few times. $20 Oakley Golf Pants Black Size 33X32 Like New Worn only a few times. $20
  24. Dude, Those are Sweet! So I totally dude-ed myself when I looked at the press release email about the new Scotty Cameron Select line. Truth be told, I kind of ignore most things Cameron these days since they really aren't that interested in working with us here at mygolfspy. I always look though. I'm just rarely that impressed with what has been coming from them as of late. That's feeling has now changed. I am super interested in the new Select line. Obviously, I've not had a chance to roll them yet, but the photos are showing some of the best looking Cameron putters in years. Clean AF. That's how I'd describe these. Some Cameron creations have the tendency to get a little over the top in terms of aesthetics. These are subtle. They look amazing, and I dare say, they look like expensive putters. They are expensive, of course. $399.99 bucks. Let's take a little lesson in Laguna. This is one of my favorite heads, and I think that the Laguna was actually the last Cameron putter that I purchased. I loved that putter, but was not a fan of the HUGE CAMERON NAME ALL OVER THE BUMPERS. It was more obnoxious than a 80's rapper's nameplate ring. This new Laguna is all smooth and clean, and it looks amazing. Seriously, the aesthetics on these are so good. Even the dots and sole engravings are more subtle. So good. If you, like me, hated the whole red hot crossed bun alignment scheme on their mallets, rejoice! That's gone too. Now your Fastback or Squareback has a simple sight line. So much better looking at address. Maybe you liked the red cross, but it was a tacky deal breaker for me. These look so much better. Cameron has also tweaked the face design system to improve feel, and altered the sole geometry to help promote a flatter/squarer profile at address. Curious to see how this feels when rolling the putters. And I guess that's the big difference. I want to roll these putters, and for the past few releases, I have not. I could easily see myself buying the Newport 2.5 or the Laguna. Maybe even the Squareback. If that Squareback had a flow neck, it would be a no brainer. Wow, that would be sweet. Anyway, check these out. Am i way off base with my gushing? Has the rounded top line clouded my judgement? It just looks so good to me. Maybe it's just the photos, but I'm thinking that this could be the nicest Scotty Cameron release in quite a while. Maybe I should get a First of 500 Newport 2.5. Time to check PayPal. --------- Titleist Introduces Next Generation of Scotty Cameron Select Putters New Models Include Four-Way Balanced Sole Design, Increased Vibration Dampening Technology with Refined Contours and Setups FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Jan. 23, 2018) – The next generation of Scotty Cameron Select putters – introducing new four-way sole balancing technology – continues the evolution of a line engineered for performance, milled to precision and designed with elegance. Available in golf shops worldwide beginning March 30, the 2018 Select line advances Titleist Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron's proven multi-material construction methodology of combining face inlays of either 303 stainless steel or 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum with stainless steel bodies for superior balance, weight distribution, sound and feel. The new Select line features seven tour-validated modern blade and mid-mallet models. The new Select Laguna joins Scotty's classic Select Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2.5 blade styles, while the popular Fastback and Squareback names return in updated mid-mallet offerings. Rounding out the line is the heel-shafted mid-mallet Select Newport 3. Precise refinements made to the sight, sound and sole components of each Select model deliver key performance benefits: • SIGHT: Contours and sight cues were refined to enhance alignment opportunities and instill confidence. Scotty focused on thinning topline appearances by giving each a slightly rounder radius. Plumbing neck dimensions, edges and angles have been squared up for a cleaner look from address. • SOUND: Improved sound and feel are the result of up to 30 percent more vibration dampening material connecting face inlays with putter bodies. The connecting screws are slightly larger to account for the increased material and the surface compression necessary to produce the softer sound, while preserving the feedback demanded by the best players in the world to aid in distance control and diagnosing mishits. • SOLE: For the first time ever, Scotty has introduced a four-way balanced sole design for a faster setup and easier alignment at address. The balance point of each 2018 Select putter's sole has been shifted forward to account for the weight of the shaft and grip and their impact related to how the putter sits at address. This results in a putter that sits perfectly square at address to promote easier alignment on virtually any lie. QUOTING SCOTTY CAMERON: “Everything I've learned from refining and redesigning Newport-style putters over the last two decades has gone into this 2018 Select line,” Scotty Cameron said. “I always strive to raise the bar by incorporating new materials, milling and manufacturing techniques. I'm at the point with the Select line of putters that now I'm hyper-focused on the finest details. Tour players pick up on things most people don't but those details can make a big difference in how a putter performs. We've reengineered the sole to account for the shaft and grip weight by actually moving metal in minute increments to help the putter align perfectly. I call it four-way sole balancing because we've balanced the putter from face to cavity, and from heel to toe.” 2018 SELECT MODELS & TECHNOLOGY: The 2018 Select line employs three unique setups – incorporating Scotty's innovative face inlays that wrap around the sole and disappear from the player's view at address – to complement each putter shape and size: • New 2018 Select Newport, Newport 2, Newport 2.5 and Laguna models are modern heel-and-toe weighted blades designed to support flowing strokes in several player preferred setups. Each model features a sole-to-topline 303 stainless steel inlay that is precision mid-milled and hand-buffed to a brilliant, metallic finish, then bonded to the stainless steel body using up to 30 percent more high-tech vibration dampening material than previous models. This fusion of materials provides golfers with ultra-responsive feel and feedback at impact. • New 2018 Select Newport 3 is a heel-shafted mid-mallet, based on the classic Newport head shape, designed with a flow neck (with ¾” offset) for the player who needs additional toe flow in his stroke. Multi-material technology – featuring a precision milled, lightweight 6061 aircraft grade aluminum face inlay fused to the precision-milled 303 stainless steel body – distributes weight for higher MOI performance. A left-handed Newport 3 was also added to the line for 2018. • New 2018 Select Fastback and Squareback mid-mallets combine 6061 aircraft grade aluminum inlays with Scotty's wrap-around face-sole technology. The face-sole component is a single piece of lightweight aluminum that wraps down and around to create the midsection of the sole. This construction concentrates weight on the perimeter to produce higher MOI and stability for “straight back/straight through” strokes. The lightweight aluminum face-sole is fine tuned for sound and feel through increased vibration dampening material attached to the stainless steel core. Both new models have been refined with a milled sightline in the flange in lieu of the pop-through feature. SELECT WEIGHTING & ACCESSORIES: New Select putters feature advanced stability weighting with two, customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights, stepless steel shafts and supple Black & Silver Matador Mid-size grips developed to offer the comfort of a larger grip while maintaining responsiveness and feel. REFINED AESTHETICS: Scotty gave the Select line's raw stainless steel finish a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare resistant appearance. Smaller double-milled “cherry dots” on the heel and sole – inspired by Scotty's familiar three bright translucent red dot theme – with simplified, engraved typography represents this modern, refined line. AVAILABILITY: Select putters will be available on March 30 worldwide through Titleist authorized golf shops. 1st of 500 models will be available on March 23. MAP $399. ON THE WEB: www.scottycameron.com/2018-select 2018 SELECT ON YOUTUBE: • Introducing 2018 Scotty Cameron Select: https://youtu.be/otuhq6FP8yI • Select Performance & Technology | Sight: https://youtu.be/C4kzNuXWk1U • Select Performance & Technology | Sound: https://youtu.be/mfCGXTVprhQ • Select Performance & Technology | Sole: https://youtu.be/eRXQm-LlItg 497809.pdf
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