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Found 8 results

  1. -plays at 35” -LAGP 135 shaft -also include original Scotty shaft with original grip -new Lamkin deep etched grip -Built this up but it’s not for me. -played about 10 rounds, near mint condition. includes head cover, original shaft and grip $500 plus shipping
  2. GraceRW

    The Batman

    Not for everyone but I’m a big fan of the mallet, scotty and marvel characters - checkout my new ‘bread & butter’ (the Phantom) I’ve christened the ‘BatMan’
  3. Hey guys. New to the forum and wanted to share my dream set that I put together in October 2019 was stolen from my car 2 weeks before the CA stay in place. Barely got to break them in. Not like I could use them now but they were mine. Driver: Taylormade M4 stock/shaft 3 Wood: Exotics XCG5 15° stock shaft/grip Driving Irons: Titleist 2 & 3 iron stock shaft grips Irons: Miura CB 501's 4-PW with Aerotech i80 shafts bent 2° down with Pride Grips Wedge: Miura Black Wedges, Aerotech i90's bent 2° down Pride Grips Putter: Scotty Cameron Del Mar Sigh... What should I get as replacements? Looking at the Tour Exotics EXS 220 Driver. Hit it a few times and smoked the piss out of them. Maybe Honma irons? I don't want my heart broken again with Miuras.
  4. Current 2019 WITB. I just swapped over to all new everything to reinvent my game, and so far it's helping. I've dropped 6 strokes off my typical score and went down from 13 to a 10 on my handicap. All by getting fitted again after 6 years, and getting new gear. So without further ado... Sun Mountain C130 USA bag Driver - PXG 0811XF - Tensei Ck Orange - 66 G Stiff 3 Wood - TM M6 - Tensei CK Orange - 65 G Stiff 19* Hybrid - TM M6 - Tensei CK Orange - 82 G Stiff 22* Hyrbid - TM M6 - Tensei CK Orange - 82 G Stiff Irons - PXG 0211 5-PW - True Temper Elevate Tour 117 G Stiff Wedges - PXG 0211 50*, 54*, 60* - True Temper Elevate Tour 117 G Stiff All wrapped in Standard Winn Gray/Red Dri-Tacs Putter - Scotty Cameron - Newport 1.5 - 33" - Super Stroke 5.0 FATSO Ball - TM TP5 or Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis yellow and black
  5. I'm a new poster to the Forums, here, though I've been reading the tests and your posts for years. After I'd paid for someone else to install grips and, later, shafts, in my clubs, the technician said, "Look, you seem to be a pretty handy guy, these are just mechanical processes. You could be doing this yourself and not paying me." Made sense! I'm a "Build Your Own Clubs" (BYOC) fan! I've been building my own clubs since about 1999. I mostly use Bang Golf heads and have tried a LOT of different shafts. I keep coming back to my old Grafalloy Prolite Elite's in my drivers, and the Prolite Colors in my fairway woods (yes, they're metal, but...) I keep a couple of running searches on eBay. These older Stiff shafts just seem to fit my swing. I have two sets of clubs with Bang drivers and fairway woods and Bang Mellow Yellow irons (one with the paint-fill changed to red) that I rotate most weeks. I recently added Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Utility Irons to both sets. Each set is housed in an appropriately colored Sun Mountain C130 bag. (University of Wyoming for the yellow set.) I've been playing the red set for the past month or so, since I switched to full-cord grips in the heat. I'll leave the yellow set with the multi-compounds for now. I'm a brand-loyal kinda guy. I try not to buy knock-offs, though I think I bought some fake Golf Pride's last year by mistake. Won't happen again. I have two nearly identical Scotty Newports with Golf Pride SNSR Contour grips. One is copper-plated (aftermarket,) and the other was refurbed in Scotty's shop. I ruined the platinum finish on that one a couple of days after I got it back. Turns out I like it better this way! I'm a ball snob. I started playing Wilson Staff balls when I was in college, and I don't play anything else except to try a sleeve to compare once in a while. I've read everything ever written here on golf balls, and I just keep thinking that this is one more variable I can eliminate. I usually buy last year's model, NOS, in bulk, on eBay. I don't pay more than a buck a ball, including shipping. On the day I think it's the ball that's costing me strokes, I'll buy THIS year's model. (And probably lose 'em just the same!) My wife says I'm a "shoe horse." Okay, ten pairs of golf shoes is probably overkill, But, they keep my feet happy! Again, brand-loyal: Gloves and shoes all FJ, all the time. I know I won't ever make a living from golf, and that's just fine with me. Once in a while I make a club for someone else, or give someone a driver or a putter if I think it will help them enjoy playing more. I once bribed a service technician with a new Cobra driver. I bought the head on eBay, paired it with an excellent shaft I didn't like, and he loved it! I think a big part of the reason more families don't take up golf is because clubs for kids are difficult to fit and buy or make. Components are not readily available, and sets are far too expensive to fit kids who grow so fast! (There ought to be an exchange program for kids' clubs!) I'm building a new set for my wife who has had three sets in the past 15 years and has yet to play a full round of golf. (It's along story.) I LOVE golf and golf equipment! But, I think the act of hitting a golf shot depends upon the interaction of the entire "system:" We buy or build golf clubs to fit the swing we THINK we have, to hit the ball we choose (for sometimes dubious reasons,) and adapt the swing we REALLY have to produce results as close as possible to the results we had in mind at the outset. When the results or expectations change, we try again. And, therein lies the fun! Thanks for indulging my fancy, fantasy, and fanaticism!
  6. Hey guys and girls, I have a Scotty Cameron red x3. I want to make the whole putter red. Does anyone have experience with painting a putter including the face? Basically I'm worried that it will throw off the loft of the putter and/or make the face uneven and cause putts to roll offline. I'm also considering powdercoating it. Any info and experience you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks MacKie
  7. I have been getting multiple emails from Titleist and Golfsmith with pictures of the new Scotty Cameron models for 2016. They look sweet! Now I can't get them out of my head. I know if i go over to the store and start hitting them, I'll buy one for $400! They say, if you pay $500 for a driver you use maybe 14 times per round, why not pay $400 for a club you'll use twice as much and to score with? Do any of you think the Scotty Camerons made much difference in your game, and if so, why and how?
  8. Well guys. Here's the fun part! The place I get to show off all of my golf stuff to the people who actually know what I'm talking about! Haha. So, without further ado... Also, hope you guys notice my awesome green toed socks! Haha. List of equipment: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour Driver. Stock length/Shaft. Set to 9.5* Nike Covert 2.0 Tour 3 Wood. Stock length/shaft. Standard Loft. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour 3H. Stock. Mizuno MP-H4 4 iron. Dynalite XP. Stiff. -1/2 in. Standard lie. Mizuno MP-59 5-PW. Dynalite XP. Stiff. -1/2 in. Standard. Edel custom wedges. 52/56/60. DG Spinner shaft. 2* flat. -1/4 inch throughout. DVR grind on 52/56. DGR grind on 60. These wedges play 15/18/21* of bounce moving up by loft. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select. 33". Counterbalanced with 50g above my hands and 50g 10" down the shaft. All clubs gripped with Best Grips Microperfs in Black. Putter is gripped with a Grip One round midsized non-tapered grip. List of accessories: Mizuno Kuma Cart Bag Titleist Logo Umbrella AB Designs Classic Headcovers Titleist Pro V1 Balls Epoch S3 3 1/4 in. Tees Mizuno Retroflex Glove Leupold Gx-4i Rangefinder Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Mizuno Japan Hat Clip/Marker Various Poker Chips I also wear FJ Project M spikeless shoes and Allen Edmonds golf spikes! Both pair are so comfy! Especially the AE's. If you've never tried them they mold to your feet. Fantastic. Here's the full bag. I'll include some closeups as well. Another shot... Sorry about the messy bed behind this picture. Neat & Tidy. These beauties! Love the new setup. Amazing feel. I love the compact head design even though the driver is still 460cc. I have a crush on my Edel wedges... I would recommend these things to anyone. If you take golf seriously (which who on this forum DOESN'T) they are worth getting fit for. My trusty Scotty. Custom Paintfill. Just some extras. All comments, opinions and thoughts are welcome! I can feel the ho itch coming on... But I'm pretty happy with my setup right now. Although that Best Grips Tiffany Blue D putter grip sure looks sexy. Or a major leaguer or a MicroPerf. Haha. Oh the options....
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