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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Folks, new in town here, my buddy JohnSmalls said I should go ahead and share WITB! Scratch Tour Issue Staff Bag Taylormade RBZ 10.5* Driver Taylormade M2 15* 3 Wood Adams Proto 18* Hybrid Scratch Jeff McCoy Ground AR-1 2i Scratch SB-1 3-9 Scratch 47/60 1018 Wedges Scratch 53 David Duval Proto 53 Wedge Scratch Prototype Putter BB&F Imperial Ferrules Kirkland Signature Tour Performance
  2. For sale is a rare iron set from MacGregor - Hand ground Tour Issue 4-9 NVG2 irons by Don White, master clubmaker who made clubs for Nicklaus, Norman and Palmer, as well as many others while at MacGregor. Don has since worked for Scratch Golf, and currently grinds for National Custom Works. These are the only set of game improvement irons I have been able to track down, and the only set of NVG2's with the famous DW stamp on them. NVG2's were played by Greg Norman on tour in 2007. The clubs do show signs of use, but are in fairly good condition; the grooves are still very good and faces in great shape. There are some small chrome cracks where the face meets the hosel, but have had them checked out by my trusted local shop and they are just cosmetic. Shafts are TrueTemper DynaLite Gold s300 in great shape that are 3/4 inch longer than standard, and Golf Pride grips with a little life left in them. Asking $450 OBO Shipped.
  3. I'm a born and bred Canadian in my 40's, who fell back in love with the game after a 2016 trip to Scotland. This second chapter to my golf career continues to pick up speed, and this site looks like a great forum to stay informed of trends, product and opportunities that admittedly I stopped paying attention to a long time ago. The first chapter is a long story, starting at age 5 when my parents took up the game – I started with them, cut down adult clubs and all. I was more interested raking the sand greens at our first 9-hole course than I was trying to get the ball in the air. Names like Indian Hill, Bridge Valley, Henderson Lake, Picture Butte and Land-O-Lakes were where I learned to play the game. By the time I was 11, I beat my father and shot in the 80's. By 13, he never beat me again. Not bad for a game that we only played 6 months of the year, but with all the other sports that I played competitively, this was just another outlet where so many of the same fundamentals applied. Competition breeds results. Even when we traveled, the clubs were in tow. More sand greens in Ituna, the links of Melville and Yorkton, Fort Qu'Appelle, Milk River and Meadow Lake. It was only after playing in Scotland that I realised just how much my wind swept summers on sun baked prairie golf courses so closely mirrored links golf. My parents were supportive, so I competed in numerous tournaments, and played countless games as a teenage member against much older, and better players. More than once I played for (and occasionally lost) money that I did not have. By 16 I was a scratch golfer, but it was not until I was 19 and now playing university golf that I had my first golf lesson. Flaws in my swing managed to get me that far, but they did not lead by any means to a memorable resume by the time I got my degree, but my game was more than capable enough of qualifying for the CPGA. Public golf courses are not the ideal place to improve one's game, not when the priorities are selling green fees and teaching lessons to make a living. Golf and I were at a crossroads at this time, though only in hindsight did I fully appreciate that. 60 hour work weeks during the summer months meant that golf that was played when there was time, not as a priority. That life wasn't for me, and by 30 I was out of the golf business. My new career became (and remains to this day) a busy one. I had many years where 15-20 rounds of golf was all I would play. I played more casual golf and corporate golf in scrambles with people who picked up clubs once or twice a year, and who marvelled at shots I would hit without any clue that they were a groove low, or a tad off the heel. My 30's might qualify at the second chapter, but it was more like finding rock bottom in my golf game, with, an occasional round in the 60's. A really good home life, and the knowledge that I still enjoy golf, led me to start practicing again. I used to hit a lot of balls (1-2,000 a week) but now I was averaging 150 a month. As 40 loomed, I joined a private club and started practicing more, but more importantly, started re-introducing myself to a competitive environment where I had to shake the rust off, invest in newer clubs, and simply play less with golfers who were not pushing me to improve myself. Chapter 2 had begun. Now it was 25-30 games a year, and a little more practice. But life also now allowed me to start planning and taking golf trips. My interest was picking up. The Okanagan and Vancouver Island golf trips inspired me to finally plan and go to Scotland. From the moment I arrived in St. Andrews with friends in late August 2016, spent 5 days there and 2 more at Carnoustie, I was in love with golf again. Perspective is a powerful tool, if you are paying attention. Since then, a road trip to Chambers Bay and Bandon Dunes, and a getaway trip to Scottsdale and West Phoenix have only fueled my desire to start playing good golf again. For the first time, in a long time, I am frustrated at the slow pace that I am achieving results. I now need to be smarter about how I play and realize that my body is not what it once was (but that is just a decision to not accept it and work to get it back). Most importantly, I understand far better what I am doing (and why), and have the knowledge of how to make needed adjustments. If ever there was a time to be patient and stay engaged, it is now. I write this on a Sunday, having hit balls quite well while practicing during the week, but still not quite able to translate those swings to the golf course. Knowing how to miss, and a decent short game still led to a 73 this morning, but there were a lot of strokes left on the golf course today. The journey continues. This Forum looks like a logical progression for my second chapter. I was introduced to it back in 2012, but clearly wasn't ready to be involved. Now I am. I will engage when I can and look forward to hearing comments from others. One goal is to be a competitive scratch player again. So at some point, tournament golf must follow. ​Santa
  4. All that is left is the deadly 9031 Hybrid. Great club, I just can't stand the white paint. This is an Adams Super 903116* Hyrbid. The grip is an unmet released Gridiron in the color "Assault" (designed to mimic spec ops camo). The shaft is a AXE Hyb, but I can get the kuro kage that came in it off the tour van installed in it. This is off the Adams Tour Van, as well. ($125, now $100) Played a few rounds. Stock headcover. As always, make an offer! Also, What I'm looking for.... 9.5 or 8.5 G25 Driver 15 or 17 X Hot Pro Fairway Pm me here, or email zsewill@gmail.com! These Scratch irons have a bit of a story. They are the precursor to the Ar1. I used these for about a half a season as well. They have wrapped leather grips and have True Temper Dynamic Gold SL stiff shafts. This set is 5-Pw. SOLD ($400). This is an Adams Super LS 10.5* Driver. The grip is a Gridiron Club Grip. The shaft is TS AXE 7+. This is off the Adams Tour Van. (SOLD) Played for a few months. The headcover is a Drivershoe (British Open 2013) This is an Adams Super LS 13* Fw. The grip is a Yellow Gridiron Club Grip. The shaft is a TS AXE 7+. This is off the Adams Tour Van. (SOLD) Played for a couple months. Stock headcover. The Miura irons are the Retro Tournament Blade (3-PW) with spined, flowed, and frequency matched rifle 5.5 shafts. They have a brand new set of Gridiron Club Grips. I used these for about a half a season SOLD ($500, now $400).
  5. All sold, feel free to delete the post. Finally decided to get rid of some extras. I'll ship only to the lower 48 states and paypal only. I believe condition is accurately reflected in the pictures, but if you would like different angles or higher resolution pictures just let me know. My only trade interest is a TMaG SLDR with stiff shaft, prefer the TP shaft, but I'm open to anything. On to the goods... Dynalite 90 stiff shafts. Pulled from a set of Cobra Amp Cell irons. 4i shafts measures 38" and they go in 1/2" steps. Set is 4i-GW and they have blue Lamkin 3Gen grips with 4 wraps. Asking sold Left handed 9.5° Nike VRs driver head + adapter. Bought this one for the shaft it came with and since I'm right handed I have no use for it. Just want this one gone so asking sold Nike Covert adapter. It's been pulled from a shaft so a little cleaning up is needed before install. Asking sold Oban Devotion 65 04 shaft with R1 tip. No tipping to the best of my knowledge and currently no grip. Measures just over 44" with the tip. Asking sold Oban Kiyoshi 64 04 shaft with RBZ Stage 2 tip. No tipping to the best of my knowledge. There is some tip prep showing above the Stage 2 tip and there is a little over 1" extension on this shaft. Has a blue PURE grip on it. Measures just over 44" with the tip. Due to the extension and tip prep showing I'm asking sold. Last but not least is my Scratch Combo set of irons. It's 4i-6i AR-1 and 7i-PW SB-1. DD grind and shafted with KBS C-Taper Stiff shafts. No shaft bands installed, but I can send them with. Matching ferrules, grips and paint fill. Specs are listed in the first picture. There is a very small ding in the 7i and as pictured they show some bag chatter. I used them for most of last season, but overall in pretty good shape. Asking sold Let me know if there are any questions and thanks for looking Price recap Dynalite shafts - sold LH Nike VRs + Adapter - sold Nike Covert Adapter - sold Oban Devotion - sold Oban Kiyoshi - sold Scratch Irons - sold
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