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  1. Up for sale is a set of Wishon EQ1-NX single length irons. The set includes 5 iron through GW for a total of 7 clubs. All irons are built to a 37" playing length with the same length of shaft, headweights, lie angle, etc unlike the Cobra's. All clubs are standard loft and standard lie angle. Swing weight is D2. All irons are shafted with premium True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 (stiff) steel shafts and have Sensicore type inserts for vibration dampening and shock absorption. Grips are standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet ribbed grips. The irons are in excellent condition and have only been hit at the driving range and only played outside on a course for 3 rounds. These are premium quality clubs designed by the best club designer in the business, Tom Wishon! These are by far the best single length clubs that you can buy as they gap perfectly. The irons are difficult to source and even more difficult to find second hand. Online each club retails for about $140/each when built. SOLD More Info: Wishon’s new single length iron design concept EQ1-NX offers same length and high COR low loft iron characteristics while adding many new performance enhancing features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design. Features: Enabled by the new 2-piece hollow body design, the Center of Gravity moves progressively through the set from lowest and most rear located on the #5 iron to highest and most forward located on the GW and SW to achieve more consistent shot shape and shot height for each iron in the set The hollow body design throughout the set increases the MOI of each head by removing all mass from the inside of the head to be distributed all around the CG. The hollow body construction also enables the CG progression and uniform impact sound between the high COR and conventional COR heads in the set Low number irons are better matched with their loft to CG position to achieve preferred shot shape/height and allow a wider range of players to be able to effectively hit the #5 and 6 irons to fly and carry with proper distance gaps Traditional GW and SW profile shapes are combined with milled faces and a custom sole grind make the wedges a great choice even if they were standalone wedges and not part of the single length design
  2. sterling single length irons Clubs were adjusted 2 degrees week fro consistent gaping and help elevating the long irons . KBS Tour 120 flighted stiff 37" or 7 iron length. golf pride mcc plus grey grips Sims vibration dampening stick on pads on 7-4 Set was used a few rounds in excellent shape. SOLD obro shipped and ppd conus trade towards TM P790 only
  3. Welcome to my first ever review thread. I apologize for it being it light on pictures, but I hope the content will inspire, educate, inform, and make you think a little bit. The real reason there aren't many picture is because I have no internet at my house and I'm posting this by staying late at work, perhaps pictures may follow when I get a chance. Me, The Golfer Male, Age 28, 5'11", a few extra pounds as my OK Cupid profile would say. I played golf in high school as was one of the better players in Central New York. Two time first team, one time second team all-league. Attempted to walk-on at D3 Oswego State, missed cut because my game left me and my brain was too weak to handle the pressure. Currently play once a week, practice a bit, won a club championship. Handicap back under single digits, but still a ways to go before I get back to where I was in High School, but I hope to get back to sub 5. Why Single Length? To me, I've always enjoyed hitting long irons, but like most I lacked the consistency to continually bag them. I attempted to go the hybrid route with my last iron set and found success, but they never really were my cup of tea. Too far going left on mishits (a common refrain). The single length set allowed me to add back my longer irons, while keeping consistency through the rest of the set. Plus, as someone who really embracing science the physics behind the idea made sense to me and gave me something I wanted to try. Lastly, I had never bought a set of major OEM irons, and when I heard Cobra was coming with this, I knew this was my chance. Trusting The Process First, I must state that without my working at Dick's Sporting Goods, this likely wasn't going to happen. When we got the demos of the F7 line, I was in there whenever I had a spare moment hitting the One Lenghts, getting comfortable with the idea of them. I took to the shorter irons and wedges very quickly, but the long irons were a touch tougher. Also, through working in the industry you are sometimes given the advantage to buy products at factory director pricing, and that was what happened here with Cobra. As a poor law school graduate it's a great way to get good stuff on the cheap. After hitting the irons for nearly 3 months I was ready to go forward. Self Taught Fitting Again, the advantage for working for a big box store, you learn how to do standard fittings. That was all I needed for this I was coming from a set of Nickent 6DX combos, not a bad set of irons, but I bought them off the rack after my original purchase fell through due to lack of stock. First, the irons needed to be +1 upright. Second was finding the right shaft. I had thought between the KBS Tours and the TT XP line. I wanted a good feeling shaft and the numbers on both these were close. However, the launch angle of the KBS Tour R+ combined with the slightly higher weight led to that being the choice. The other issue was at the high end of the bag on gapping. The 5 in the set is 23*, the 6 is 26*. With the steel shafts there were carrying too close and finishing too close to validate having them both. So, I did as any mad scientist would. I bent the 5 iron one degree strong, and put a graphite shaft in it to get more speed. It's more my 4.5 iron, but it works. Top it off with the sweet Ace Crossline Blue grips and we had a winner. Playing Under Pressure So, now to the meat of the issue, how did these bad boys perform? The answer would be like I expected. Now, I know no club is a cure all for any swing flaw or lack of practice, but there is little doubt that these clubs have aided my game. I've played 6 tournament rounds this season, my average score has been just over 79 and that's with minimum practice time and really only playing like once a week. The consistency of having to swing only one swing is something that I think would benefit most golfers. My weird 4.5 iron has been a great club for me off the tee. I use it on long par 3's and to lay up on short par fours and I get around 185-200 out of it, exactly the numbers I'm looking for. I will say though, it hasn't been great as a non driving iron. Luckily I don't have shots that I need to cover that distance at most courses because I'm long enough off the tee, but that's one of the few weaknesses. The biggest surprise has been my wedge play. Full swing wedges are an absolute joy to play. It's almost like point and click with these things. That was the part of this I was not expecting. I've been able to open them up and play lengthy flop shots, hit good half and three quarter pitches, and full swings are fantastic as well. It has been such a revelation that I am removing my standard length 60* wedge this upcoming season for a One length wedge. Chipping with them is no problem and controlling ball flight is the same. The other irons all perform as well, but as they are close enough to their regular lengths with only slight variation, I was expecting that to be honest. Across the board I would say that I'm around maybe a quarter to a half club longer through the bag, perhaps from achieving more optimum flight and better spin rates, or just because of my swing being more consistent. I've always been a good short iron player, but adding that consistency to my wedge game and seeing some better results from the long irons has really improved my game to the point where I've knocked two shotts off my handicap with limited play and practice this year. As time goes on I'm certain that I will be getting even better results as I continue to play and get more accustomed to these clubs. Final Thoughts In the end, I believe that the single length iron trend is more than a gimmick. Yes, I understand that they will not be for everyone, but what set of clubs is? I would say for someone looking for... say it with me... more consistency in your swing, they are a great choice, but you need to commit to the idea. This is not the way golf clubs were designed before and they are a fundamental shift, but if you can get on board and get comfortable with them, they can been an absolute boon to your game.
  4. I really enjoyed the article about Sterling Single Length irons that was on the blog this morning. I urge you all to read it and come back here to discuss. https://www.mygolfspy.com/the-story-behind-sterling-irons-club-design-from-start-to-finish/
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