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Found 4 results

  1. Looking to buy a used Skytrak unit or Garmin Approach R10!!! If you are in SoCal/Orange County, I can pick up, but shipping is fine as well. Thanks in advance
  2. Unofficial Review of SkyTrak Launch Monitor (ISSUES AND FIXES): DISCLAIMER: This is review based on my personal experience with the SkyTrak unit I own. YMMV. There are many reviews of SkyTrak online which rate its accuracy as quite good even compared to the industry standard bearers like Trackman and GC Quad. You can find them here (TXG), here (WRX) and here (MGS). Therefore, I won’t dwell on that too much in this review. Instead, I will concentrate on issues people have reported which I’ve also experienced. I hope to share with you how I got around those issues and have successfully used it to help me improve my game over the last couple of years. WHAT IT IS : Most of the ‘spies’ are probably aware what SkyTrak is, so I’ll keep this part brief. SkyTrak is a portable launch monitor that is camera based. At the high end, foresight’s GCQuad is an example of a camera-based system whereas Trackman is an example of a radar-based system. You can find a good explanation of how different types of launch monitors work, here. Both types of systems have pros and cons, but camera-based systems are better suited for use in limited spaces where not much of the actual ball flight takes place usually stopped by a net or a screen. I’m only aware of 3 portable camera-based launch monitors, SkyTrak, GC3/BLP & GC Qaud. SkyTrak is the lowest end of the 3, retailing for $1995. SkyTrak only capture ball data unlike the higher end systems which provides club data as well. Like other launch monitors, SkyTrak will work as a golf simulator, too. It will integrate with a few popular simulation software at additional cost. MY HISTORY WITH IT: I purchased mine almost 2 years ago after quite of bit of online research, but without having seen one. The desire to be able to practice effectively at home was the main motivation. Although I was aware some of the issues that people were experiencing, at the end of the day, I decided it was a worthwhile investment. In my estimation, I’ve probably captured ~40,000 shots with it. I say ‘captured’ NOT ‘hit’ since I’ve probably actually hit more like ~45,000 shots since I estimate that about 10% of the shot are not read by SkyTrak. More on that later. I export the practice data from SkyTrak into excel and keep 100 most recent shots worth of data for each club and each type of chip/pitch partial shots. Data is automatically processed in Excel to show FW and GIR type percentages based on offline and carry data for each type of shot as well as 66 percentile carry distances for each club which I use as my yardage for particular club/shot. Yes, I’m kind of a geek. Anyone is interested in the Excel template I created for this, let me know. I have also played some simulated golf using WGT and E6 simulation software (demo version). I’ll cover little bit more of that later also. MY SETUP: My set up at home is quite bargain basement. I have Country Club Elite 5x5 mat, Rakket Sports Pop up net which was semi-permanently set up on my deck (outdoor) until it was taken down before the first snow last week. I use a Windows laptop to run the SkyTrak software at home. Now, I’m taking the SkyTrak to the indoor range I’ve joined for the off season. Instead of my laptop, I use my iPhone to run the SkyTrak software there. May other people I’ve met on golf simulator forums have built/installed much fancier indoor & permanent simulator set ups. ACCURACY: I believe SkyTrak is quite accurate with the ball data it provides which are ‘ball speed’, ‘launch angle’, ‘back spin’, ‘side spin’, ‘side angle’, ‘offline distance’, ’carry distance’, ’roll distance’, ‘total distance, ’flight time’, ’descent angle’ and ‘height’. My claim on its accuracy is based on the fact that I have replicate the carry and launch data on Trackman at practice facilities. Again check out the reviews here (TXG), here (WRX) and here (MGS). NOW THE ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS: MISSED SHOTS: As I stated earlier, I estimate almost ~10% of the shots were not read by my SkyTrak. In the beginning it was much greater than that but now I’ve gotten to a point unless I’m practicing chipping with a lob wedge, missed shots are less than 5%. Following are the causes and remedies for misreads. · Unit not on the same level as the hitting surface. I have a metal protective case that can be purchased separately for the unit which can be height adjusted. Make sure the bottom the SkyTrak is level with the top of the Mat. This was the main cause of missed shots for me in the beginning. · Finicky ball positions: My Unit had trouble reading chip shots and drives. After trial and error as well as suggestion from other users, I found that moving the ball one inch forward of the red dot projected by the unit for ball placement helps greatly with chip shots. With drives, I needed to place the tee about an inch behind the red dot. I still get missed shots, but, mostly with high lofted chips. · White objects in the background: People have reported white background can cause missed shots. For me, it was the use of white colored Birtees (pictured) that made the drive misreads more frequent. Now I use colored Birtees. · Bad Karma: When you hit dead center of your driver face and put a smoothest swing ever and know that you have crushed one down the middle high with a perfect tight draw, it will fail to register the shot. No remedy against bad karma. SIDE ANGLE ALIGNMENT: One would assume that the unit would come calibrated so that setting up the unit parallel to the target line would guarantee accurate side angle data. I did not find that to be true in my case. In the beginning I thought I was just pulling the ball, but I began suspecting that the unit simply reads straight shots are ~2 degrees left. I was able to confirm this when I took it to a driving range and compare actual ball flight to what SkyTrak was reporting. That wasn’t quite enough to convince me so, I hung a piece of thick rope from the top of the net so that it would hang straight down to the ground. I made sure that the mat was square/ parallel to rope (the target). I began hitting chips with 9 iron until I hit the rope. I found that indeed my SkyTrak needed to be rotated counterclockwise 2.5 degrees for the straight chips that hit the rope to record as ‘side angle = 0.0’ I have since created a laminated sheet I can place the SkyTrak on with 2.5 degrees marked on the sheet. (see pic). I was again able to confirm with other users with the same issue taking similar remedies. Here’s good article on how to align your SkyTrak put up by GongHo Golf who is a reseller for SkyTrak (6 Simple Steps To Properly Align Your SkyTrak - GunghoGolf.com) Some, maybe even most units may not exhibit this issue, but many have reported the same problem. The fact that a SkyTrak reseller has this article on his website says it’s a common issue. Why not talk to SkyTrak support? Let’s not even go there. Let’s just say they were hesitant to acknowledge the issue. BTW, SkyTrak does come with an alignment feature where the unit projects 2 red dots which you are supposed use to make the unit target parallel. This does NOT work. The dots projected don’t seem to have anything to do with the internal components that need to be lined up. CONNECTIVITY: There are 3 different ways to connect to SkyTrak with decreasing level of reliability. · USB: SkyTrak can be connected directly to your PC via USB. I have never tried it, but people have generally reported this is the most reliable way. This was not practical for me. · DIRECT WIFI: SkyTrak will broadcast its own wifi network which you can connect your Windows PC or iOS device to. This is the mode I use. My practice session usually last 90 minutes or so. I will have connection issues causing me to have to reconnect every other practice session or so. This happens even though SkyTrak and my laptop/iphone are with within feet of each other. · NETWORK MODE: You can have your SkyTrak and your computer/iOS device connect to same WIFI network. Simulator integration require this method of connection since the simulator software on your device will want internet access. This was not reliable for me even though my WIFI signal was not too bad out on my deck. I suspect it would be more reliable with more robust WIFI signal. SIMULATION SOFTWARE: SkyTrak offers integration with WGT, E6, TGC and Creative golf. I tried WGT and E6 (one month free demo). It was enjoyable when it stayed connected (see above wrt to NETWORK MODE connectivity) except for putting. SkyTrak couldn’t register about a third of my putts with my setup. I had to use auto-putt feature 10ft and in. Anything longer, I was chipping on the green instead. Others have reported better success with their permanent hard wired indoor set ups. YMMV. Simulation software employs it own ball physics model based on the ball launch data SkyTrak (or any other LM) provides. Therefore, I’ll skip on further details on the accuracy of simulation, etc. OTHER NOTEWORTHY ISSUES: · Slow rendering of results. There will be 2-3 second delay before a shot is displayed. This takes away from simulation experience. I didn’t mind it too much. No, it’s not as fast as GC Quad or Trackman, but, it’s also fraction of the price. · Software Crashes. I’ve had software crash or hang occasionally. · Club Data: SkyTrak attempts to provide club head speed. SkyTrak acknowledges that it is a “calculated” value. I don’t see how such value can be calculated. I ignore the club head speed and smash factor data it presents. CLOSING THOUGHTS: I feel like I really bashed the piece of technology that I enjoy almost daily and has help me understand and improve my game tremendously. During my ownership of the unit, I’ve dropped my handicap from 18 down to 12 (as low a 9). I concentrated on the issues because I feel like the positive write-ups about its accuracy and features can easily be found. Again check out the reviews here (TXG), here (WRX) and here (MGS). One sentence review would be: When SkyTrak stays connected, is aligned correctly and is able read the shot, the data it reports is spot on. Thanks for getting to the end of the review, I hope you found it useful in some way. Pakman92
  3. Looking for a used SkyTrak. Looking to trade left handed clubs with cash for one
  4. Hello MGS Community, I'm a long time consumer of MyGolfSpy, but this is my first Topic I've created. The gist of this thread is how to build the best Home Simulator for $4,000. That seems like a lot, but in my honest opinion, this is the lowest cost you can get while getting a full sim experience with true ball data instead of random ball data assumed from club data systems like the Optishot's infrared system. I'm not here to brag about anything as you can see from pictures below that I built this system over a number of years and countless hours of research. In the below spreadsheet, I work through an analysis of each of these components and review them based on personal experience and the reviews of trusted golf equipment reviewers: 1. Launch Monitors 2. Hitting Mats 3. Nets and Impact Screens 4. Simulator Softwares 5. Projector In the spreadsheet, I provide data on my research, actual use, recommendations, costs, and links to the products. I will say you can spend a lot more than $4,000 using my spreadsheet, but you can also spend less. There are always more expensive and cheaper options out there that will work, but I have done my best to give an in depth review of those products including the pros and cons on when to go expensive vs. when is the cheaper option just as good if not better. Popular brands in the analysis are Skytrak, Flightscope Mevo, GC2, Optishot, Net Return, Carl's Place screens, Viewsonic projector, Fiberbuilt, Truestrike, The Golf Club 2019, and TruGolf by E6. Here is the viewable spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hbjBM2Iuk7QC4s6XDVrrWlrEZ7lDRvdwN0qTulBDK7k/edit?usp=sharing Below are some pictures of my final and some of my earlier setups:
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