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Found 4 results

  1. If we want new people playing this great game we're going to have slow play. If we let old people play with bad eye sight "Me" I lost more balls in Fairways, short grass, than water or woods this year. My play may be consistered slow. Is 4.5 hrs slow 5? If your better than me play through
  2. I worked a long time in the golf industry. One thing I see severely lacking these days is good Marshalling. Here are some of my suggestions, feel free to add your own. Guide to Good Marshalling First and foremost, it starts at the Pro Shop. They need to tell groups what is expected of them: Less than 15 minutes per hole and keep up with the group in front of you. Marshals should always carry; 4 little flags, extra balls and a tee sheet. When they see an open hole on the golf course, you don't just pull up and say “you're a hole behind, get moving” then pull away. They should say “I noticed a gap in front of you, I'll do my best to help you catch up but if you can't, you'll need to skip a hole”. Then stay with the group and help find errant balls (or give them one out of your basket), rake bunkers and possibly give yardages until they catch up. If they don't catch up, never let the group behind play through, that only slows down everything behind. Simply ask them to skip a hole. Yes, they will probably be offended, but would you rather offend 4 slow players or the 50 behind them that are getting more annoyed by the minute. If they refuse to skip a hole, I like to offer them a certificate for a free round another day. We never honored these certificates on the weekend or holidays when we are busy. ​Side Note, I would tell my Marshals that if they got caught picking up more golf balls then trash, they would be fired. I thought it was working until I found out that they would simply stop at a trash can on the course and put a bunch in their cart.
  3. OK -- there have been several threads / discussions on pace of play .. and some strong opinions on the matter .. and there have been many suggestions put forward on possible methods on how to handle pace of play issues. But here, I'd like discuss the Tee It Forward idea. Personally I practice it myself, and it is not directly related to pace of play (although that dovetails in) but more about.... * developing my game; * having more confidence with my tee shot; * working to hit more fairways. As one example of _not_ teeing it forward .. and I'm pretty sure you've all witnessed examples of this .. are the players who go all the way back to the tournament / championship tees and then either... 1. barely make it past the forward tees, or 2. lose most of their drives off the fairway. Yes, both those scenarios may have a negative impact on the pace of play for all groups behind, but -- HOW DOES THIS IMPACT HOW THESE PLAYERS ARE DEVELOPING THEIR GAME??? What say you?
  4. That guy ... you know the one that thinks he is better than he actually is. He may do some of the following: line up every putt as if it's for the U.S. Open take as much time lining up the putt for an 8 that he does for a par get mad at someone because they "took the tee box from you" .... just because we are in the interest of slow play, we like to play "ready golf" ... especially when there is a storm clearly heading our direction! spend 10 minutes looking for the ball that was clearly hit OB just because you are the last group off in the league and there is no one behind you blame every missed shot on something other than what it actually is ... "Oh I pushed that one." or "Damn this rough is brutal." NO Pal ... you just suck and couldn't find the fairway if you fell out of the cart play the wrong set of tees because you think you hit the ball further than you actually do claim you got a 5 on the hole when you clearly hit it OB once & had to take an unplayable lie, so it was at least an 8. Then get mad when I question it. If you are going to play by the rules, you may want to learn them first. when taking a drop from a lateral stake in the rough, don't claim that the ball moved towards the green on each drop just so you get to place it. (grant it the rough was about 4" high in places but still we all have to play the same course.) Take the game WAYYYYYY TOO serious! It's league play .... I mean c'mon we are playing for a beer for Christs Sake! Yes all of these occurred the other night in my league play. It was brutal ... playing slow, having to teach the rules to someone, etc. I even had to break out the actual Rule Book out of my bag for this guy! (yes, I keep one just for days like this) So ... don't be "that guy!" And if you happen to play with "that guy" ... I wish you well & good luck!
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