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  1. So, it may be a little rant-like but I want to improve as quickly as possible without going in circles so I thought I'll ask for an opinion here. Went for my first lesson - as I've started struggling with 2-5 irons for some reason, so instead of the usual 2h spent on pitching and chipping - we spent some time on going back to basics with the swing. My impact position was still pretty solid, the body works 'okish' but i wasnt happy with the contact on shots. So after a few shots the diagnosis was - I'm laying off the shaft too much. I am consciously doing it, as I've got a fad
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for some advise. I currently have a set of TaylorMade Speedblades, stiff shaft and my swing speed is between 85 - 95 MPH. I am looking to move over to the 2016 M2 Irons, should i move over to Regular shafts?
  3. Is anyone using or working on the Leadbetter A Swing? I started trying it to try and work on eliminating my blocks and blocked fades. I have been working on it and have developed a hook. Any advice from people working on this swing would be appreciated.
  4. This past Sunday I stumbled across (again) the Tour Tempo website. Basically they are promoting a method to train yourself to have a more tempo'd swing. Of course once you have that you'll strike the ball better with increased distance, accuracy, etc. Ok, I can use that. I thought the idea of using the app and listening to the tones might help my game in some measure. Sure couldn't hurt. The app is quite expensive as far as apps go. $25. I plan to get out tomorrow and give Tour Tempo a try. Have any of you guys tried it? Any success? Thoughts?
  5. Is this a photo of Ben actually swinging? Or is he demonstrating/practicing a drill? The position he is in, in this photo, appears different from many of the other shots of him at this stage in his swing. Also, he appears to have a club on the ground behind his right foot with 2 balls lined up along the shaft. Did he just drop it there or is he using it as a reference point of some kind?
  6. Thanks for accepting us to the Mygolfspy community. We are the inventors of the TI, a golf training club that alows golfers to copy the Tempo and Rhythm of professional golfers. My sons and I have worked on this over 7 years and have finally finished making a first manufacturing run. Please ask me anything you would like to know, from conceiving, inventing, patenting,starting a biz, and any of the other 870 things we needed to do. Regards... Craig
  7. ESPN just reported that Tiger Woods announced that he will no longer be working with coach Sean Foley. He also stated their is no timetable for hiring a new coach. After his latest playing attempts, it was obvious that Tiger needs to adjust his swing style......and that would probably require his finding a new coach with a different swing philosophy. I really think that Butch Harmon is the best coach suited to help Tiger change to a smoother swing so that he does not continue to injure hi back. What you y'all think?
  8. Stay cool while you play during those hot summer days.
  9. So I'm reading this article on ScreenRant - "15 Batman Villains That Deserve their Movie Due" and bam outta nowhere #3 just screams YES! Ladies and gentlemen, The Mulligan of death.. Mr. Fun Real Name: Unknown First Appearance: Batman: Family #1 Powers/Abilities: Skilled assassin, killer golf swing. Who Is He: At first glance Mr. Fun looks like a wholesome, all-American, 1950s Ward Cleaver-type guy, which is true, except for the fact that he is a trained assassin who bashes people's heads in with a golf club. He's pretty much the Mr. Books of the Batman world. Why We Want Him:
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