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Found 13 results

  1. chemclub


    I think this Arccos driver tech is very cool and a lot easier to use than the 14 club stat trackers (although if they made the data management and analysis slick and user friendly then I would love to try it, but for the current price I am not that interested). Direct bluetooth to your cell is much better than those belt sensors and if you carry you can probably leave your phone in the bag. However, does anyone know how it registers your second shot to determine driver distance? If you set your bag down because your playing partner is stick handling up the fairway how does it know you aren't at your shot. Same goes if you are carting. The passive, background data collection is ideal, but I am just trying to figure out how it works. Any thoughts?
  2. Frame your...wait....what?!?!
  3. Can't mess with this.
  4. Joke of the day: Stop making me laugh......you'll make me puma pants.
  5. Shorts, clubs, and more! Check out all of our Flash Sales
  6. To cheat, or not to cheat. For that price, who cares!
  7. This weeks 5-ish Questions are with Golfspy Tim, MyGolfSpys resident technology/gadget reviewer. 1. How did you get started in golf? What lead you to MGS/becoming a spy? I played golf through Jr. High, but then got more into racing mountain bikes from high school into college. In college I worked on the grounds crew at a course in northern California - played about 3 holes before giving up cause every shot was a slice into the woods - add that to the fact that the course I worked at seemed to be made up of stuck-up rich white dudes - I decided golf wasn't a game for me. After I turned 29 a couple of friends started hanging out without me - turns out they were golfing - I was anti golf from my time spent working at the course in college, but when my buddies said I could come along, smoke a cigar and drink beers while driving a vehicle, I was in. Within a few months of playing the local public course with the guys I started realizing my gear ***** tendencies were spiking and I kinda liked the game. Starting my research on gear I stumbled across MGS - signed up for a chance to win a free putter and got really into golf. Eventually an email from MGS came out looking for people with writing experience and eye for photos. I spent two years working as a journalist for a newspaper and work full-time as a photographer. Suddenly the opinions I had been forming on gear had a chance to be heard by more than just my buddies. 2. What do you do off the course? How do you balance your personal life/professional life/MGS duties? Off the course I work as a photographer. My specialty is adventurous and mischievous couples and indulgent weddings. I also spend as much time as possible on adventures whether it's mountain biking, backpacking, hiking, dirt biking, shooting guns and causing trouble. If I can't piss off a cabbie, no one can. It's a tough balance being self employed twice, testing and allowing myself to have fun. My biggest fight is stepping away from my photography to allow myself enough time to play golf, test and write - it all comes down to scheduling and forcing myself to stick with it. Being a spontaneous person, that's a tough fight, but as I turn 35 this year with a kid on the way, my goal is to hold strong to a schedule that maximizes my free time. 3. You seem to be the "tech guy", is there anything coming out in 2015 that has you really excited? I love the tech stuff and I think there's some pretty cool things happening right now - the end of 2014 was exciting to see it all coming together and I think 2015 is where we're going to see tech starting to really come into it's own. In the launch monitor department we're seeing gaps filled, prices coming down, and new tech performing better at lower price points. Sky Trak is a perfect example - a camera based launch monitor that costs less than $2,000 (initial testing is promising and I can't wait to share our launch monitor buyer's guide) One of the more exciting pieces on the tech side is seeing products fill more than one need - eg: the Garmin S6 watch is a GPS watch that also captures your swing tempo and can be used as a practice aid for tempo. Swing analyzers like Swing Byte, ZEPP, Sky Pro (the list goes on) continue to create buzz and have been put to use outside of their original intent by PING as a fitting tool. And let's not forget Game Golf and ARCCOS - Game Golf was released and almost immediately answered by two other products - ARCCOS and CaddieOn. I'm sitting back holding my breath with a grin waiting for the first release of a three-in-one GPS/Swing Analyzer/Stat Tracker - and with the rate that golf technology is moving, maybe that will end up being a four-in-one. 4. What is your preference GPS or Laser and why? And of course you'd come to me with a loaded question. Personally, I carry GPS - but maybe that's because I find myself on the wrong fairway without views of my target flag too often. I play with GolfSpy Dave and he carries a laser - between the two of us, we're pretty well off on a course for distances. Personally, I love GPS and I trust it to be consistent and accurate enough for my game. Breaking down golf stats, I'm someone who shouldn't be pin hunting, I should be going for the center of most greens - GPS is perfect for this, and with a handheld or phone I can play a new course with visual previews of an entire hole as I reach the tee box and break things down without shooting into the dark. So if you're gonna pin me in a corner, I'm gonna go GPS. 5. Do you think sometimes golfers get overly reliant on GPS or lasers? What would happen If you had to play without electronic help? Does all this gadgetry take away from the essence of the game? a) I don't know if I would say that golfers are overly reliant on GPS or lasers - but I do see a lot of players on the course who use one or the other and don't do a lot of thinking when they are using one. They find the number and then hit the club they think will carry the ball to that distance. Not exactly the ideal way to play golf and make shot selections. Too reliant? - maybe not, but do they make us lazy - yes. There's probably an argument for GPS and lasers helping to speed up golf - but I can't say I've seen that be the case on the course. Though rounds without electronics are rare for me, every once in a while it happens. My first step is grabbing a yardage book. I'm kind of fond of yardage books - if there's one thing I'd like to collect from every course I ever play, that would do the trick. Playing with a yardage book slows down my ADD brain (not an easy feat) which kinda helps my game - but my ADD loves the speed of GPS, pointing to a spot, getting a distance and moving forward. I learned the game without GPS/Electronics and I wouldn't venture as far as to say that I've scored any lower adding electronics to my game… (am I allowed to say that….???) c) The essence of the game is a bit different for each person - why we golf - what we get from it - we might share similar stories and ideas, but in the end some people use it as an escape from all connections and don't want any electronics. I've heard people talk about the purity of the game and electronics getting in the way. I think we're so far removed from that reality - I'm a black and white sorta guy - so if I was to make the argument that GPS/Lasers take away from the essence of golf, I'd go all the way to the point of arguing that there should be no yardage markers at all on the course, no yardage books - as these would all take away from being in nature chasing a white (or pink) ball around. Then we'd have to say using a riding cart or even a push cart is wrong, and modern golf clubs get in the way too - and driving a car to the course, sleeping in a home with electricity, or buying food from a super market. If we go down that road I'll need to buy a hickory set and only play balata balls (funny enough, it's crossed my mind, it sounds like a ton of fun - but I don't think that's the answer to golf for me right now and I don't think it's going to help fix what's broken in golf today)
  8. They preferred hybrid for all.
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  10. This deal is just in time for the holidays, and the cold weather.
  11. I've got a great idea......putting this Idea hybrid in the golf bag
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