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Found 9 results

  1. Well, as if the distance thing wasn't enough, we now have rangerfinder-gate . Looks like they'll be allowed at the PGA Championship as a part of a let's test it out program. Personally, if they make the paceofplay-gate any worse, I'm all for their use. I use Shotscope V2 and find it of great help and definitely speeds my game (yes, I use to find the course markers and pace off distance). The use of this technology seems totally appropriate. What are your thoughts?
  2. With a putter fitting next on my list, I've been cruising the interwebz highway and getting familiar with various approaches to this. Because PING offers free fittings, I plan to schedule one while in AZ this coming winter. I found this video of Michael Newton going through a fitting at PING's Europe HQ. No doubt other OEM's have developed similar analytical devices (i.e. Mizuno's Shaft Optimizer 3D), but I've not seen this one that PING uses. Anyone completed a putter fitting recently and what did they use to help with the downselect?
  3. We often ask our self, if we will be gaining anything about going from our current fairly recent driver to the newest latest models out there. But let's turn the tables on that, have you ever gone from a newer release club of any sort to an older model. I know Rick Shiels has the new driver vs 5 year old driver video out that has been talked about a bit. But this morning, during a conversation with MDGolfHacker I told him about my two midnight Ebay purchases with much enthusiasm. I was met with a cold bucket of water right in the face!! He was silent for a while then said, "Why would you go backwards in technology. You have the "latest" newest technology in in Titleist's 917 driver that is brand new. Why would you want a G30 that is what 4 years old," I told him, I think it's more like two years turns out it's--actually not quite 3.5 yet...so we'll split the difference--hey, it's my thread so I can make up the guidelines. But back on track, we had a conversation about my 917 driver that is about 14 months old, and told him what I had seen and heard about the G30, and also the JPX850. You know what a rabbit hole Youtube is, you go on looking for one thing, and end up looking at half a dozen others. So I should feel fortunate, I only walked away with two. But after watching several reviews of both drivers, I came away very intrigued. And to be fair, I also had on course experience with a friends G30 last week that was pretty amazing, which started this whole, well let's look at this well, maybe the driver of two or three years ago is pretty good. So what about anyone else, is there a cluub of any sort, driver, irons, wedges or putter that you have gone backwards on to an older model. If so, why and how did it work out?
  4. Having just recently upgraded from a GBB driver to my Callaway Razr, I'm now seeing another technology shift to the Taylor Made "Twist Face" design. As my opening statement obviously suggests, I've never been one to chase the latest in technology in my golf equipment (fly-fishing equipment as well). That said, this design/concept is pretty intriguing. If you're playing this driver, what do you think about it?
  5. Since golf started players have been in search of the perfect putting stroke. They are constantly looking for new and advanced technology and more effective methods to improve their putting. There are many factors that have to come together to hit a perfect putt, but all are irrelevant if one is aiming incorrectly. It is thought that over 80% of putting errors are due to aiming the putterface poorly. With other sports where accurate aiming is important (shooting a gun, playing snooker, throwing a dart) one puts their eyes on the target line behind the projectile. This is the best way to accurately gauge where the target is. Aiming a putter to the target is like shooting a gun while looking at the barrel from the side and is therefore extremely difficult to get right. How can we solve this problem??
  6. Hi All - I recently made an iPhone app for my dad (who is deaf) to help him communicate with hearing people. Did you know that lipreading is only ~30% accurate? My dad is a 5 handicap golfer and I noticed that often times he'll get paired up with other golfers in tournaments or weekend play, and after the other golfers find out he's deaf they'll simplify their speech or avoid talking to him because they don't know what to say. The app converts voice-to-text in real time and all you would have to do is talk into the phone or plug in an Apple earbud and talk into the microphone (which tends to reduce the background noice and get a more accurate transcription). My dad has tested the app in numerous situations, including on the golf course, and so far the response has been great. The new people he meets are able to speak normally and he can follow along with the conversation by reading the iPhone instead of acting like he understands what his going or being said. Have any of you played golf with someone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and would App MyEar have helped your interaction? Curious to know what you think! Link to a recent interview we did for Rochester news: http://www.rochester...n-duo/861743558 And a link to our Facebook page with more information and video of the app in action: https://www.facebook.com/appmyear/
  7. LG G4 SMARTPHONE Over the past month I had the opportunity to participate in LG Electronics Canada's test group for their new G4 Smartphone. Testers were required to compete in a series of photo challenges and submit these photos via an in phone app to showcase this device. LG is billing the G4 as the best mobile phone camera to date, so you know how excited I was to be selected with my love for photography. http://trylgg4.ca/archive/main.php Sure it's not a golf device, but why not share my experience with you guys in case someone's looking for a new phone. I'm new to Android, I normally use a Nokia Windows Phone. I fell in love with it's simple to use UI and flashy live tiles. I've always ranked Android as number 3 on my list of OS's I wanted to be a part of as it always had more of a PC feel rather than smartphone. Prior to a couple months ago my day job was Quality Assurance Analyst for a digital agency. On a daily basis I interacted with every mobile device and OS imaginable while testing websites. Android never stood out and I had come to enjoy the ease of Apple & Window OS's and always found Android devices cumbersome to navigate. So into my life walks the stylish LG G4. Now if the OS experience and internal hardware can match what it's fine exterior is selling I'm in. Design The front of the phone is anchored by a stunning, slightly curved 5 and a half inch ips screen, which exhibits brilliant dynamic colours. It really has impressed me how punchy the screen is without over saturating colours, the G4 displays perhaps the most true to life colour I've seen on a phone to date. LG has married these natural colours with a solid contrast ratio and deep blacks. These deep blacks manage to retain every ounce of shadow detail in images, portraying a very true to life image. A lot of people wouldn't stop to think of this sort of thing, but it's important to have a screen that doesn't crush your blacks into a blob when editing photos. The G4's colours, blacks and overall natural accuracy rival anything I've seen in displays today. Can a phone be called sexy? With the back of the phone LG has somehow managed to ride the fine line between a solid durable feel and a luxurious one. The genuine leather back feels extremely sturdy, but somehow retains its premium leathery texture. I don't see why anyone would get this phone with the plastic back and the perhaps add a case when the stock leather option is just so good. Seriously, this is a sexy looking phone. The location of the power and volumes buttons takes getting used to seeing how LG has chosen to place them center back right under the camera. Coming from your typical side button phones I was constantly double checking to see if I was touching the camera lens for the first week or two. Eventually you start to realize that these back buttons are just sitting naturally where you fingers need to be and there's never an issue. As for overall size I'll admit it; I have small hands, snicker as you may… This phone is a touch on the big side for me especially when it comes to day to day transit. On the train I want to be able to know I have a tight grasp on my phone and still be able to interact with one hand, but find it hard to reach the far side of the screen with my thumb. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the extra real estate the larger display a lots me, but be warned for some this will be a two-hander. OS I'm not going to get all technical here, it's Android and Lollipop is actually very good. Coming from Windows Phone 8.1 I really enjoyed it's UI, where my previous Android experiences felt more of a PC desktop where everything was hidden deep in menu when with a mobile phone I just wanted quick and easy. Android 5.0 Lollipop combined with LG's UX 4.0 user interface makes for a very clean and smooth user experience. Things look simple and are easy to navigate and settings are where you'd expect to find them. There's a few features I've been really impressed with so far as well. LG's choice to go with a smaller processor came with some contention by fans and reviewers, but at no time have I felt like the phone is slow. One area that has impressed me the most is the G4's ability to switch between apps very quickly which makes multitasking an absolute snap. One other feature I want to point out is Smart Lock's Trusted Places for passwords. You can set locations that your phone will recognize when you're in a “safe zone” and you will not be required to swipe or punch in a pass code everytime you open the phone. I really commend Android for this feature, it's just simply one of the little things that makes the phone so easy to use. It's all the little things that add up to make for a great user experience and LG has a bunch of them, making this Android phone very fun and easy to use. All in all it's Android mobile OS and most people will make their own decision on what they want. Camera Where do I start? This camera is just sick - it's un-fricken-believable! LG has a game changer on their hands in the world of mobile camera phones. Like the screen itself, photos from the rear 16 megapixel shooter are punchy and not over saturated with dynamic natural lifelike colours. It's pretty crazy how good the photos are for a phone and LG has moved one step forward bridging the gap between mobile devices and today's digital cameras. The camera's UI is simple and easy to use, buttons are cleanly laid out and easy to understand which is which. Switching between front and back cameras is fast as well as accessing manual, simple mode or general settings. For day to day use the camera's Auto Mode is my go to and I really don't find the need to venture too far out of it. The cameras laser focus locks on fast and you can still tap the screen to focus on specific objects. I haven't really found any instances where it picked the wrong scene mode for shooting a certain condition. Overall Auto will be a very popular choice for most of you as well. The G4 has a more than serviceable 8mp front shooter taking those normal borderline acceptable selfies to a new level. Seriously the front camera on this blows away most flagship cameras from years past and even some on the market today. Here's some camera samples: Battery The LG G4's battery is really impressive, especially coming from a phone that I almost charged 3 times a day. Under moderate use, taking the phone off the charger at 7am lasts me until bedtime (9-11) and at that point it's still retaining 10-30%, heavy use days will be ready to die by bedtime. My typical day consists of maybe 20-30 minutes total gaming on the train going to and from work, 5 emails syncing, handful of photos, constant Whatsapp chats, managing/surfing social media, standard web browsing and news readers like Feedly and Flipboard. At bedtime I don't usually plug it in either, opting to wait until I awaken during the night just to see where we're at, I still have plenty of battery and actually it has barely budge a percent. Standby battery time on this phone is nothing short of stellar and definitely a strong selling feature of the G4. Golf Apps During my month with the G4, ZEPP was the only app I experimented with and this device did not disappoint. I normally used my iPad mini which of course has a much larger screen and it's easy to read your data lying on the ground without the need to pick it up. Not only was the G4 a very smooth experience with ZEPP, but it's bright and large 5.5 inch screen was very easy to read from about 7 feet away. In The End I've been delightfully surprised by my Android experience and I credit that to the stunning and highly efficient LG G4. LG's designers have have produced a phone that one could easily describe as sexy and engaging while making it extremely functional for daily use. It's a really nice device to hold, the screen is fabulous and I can't say enough about the camera. If you're in the market for a new Android phone this year and not sure where to start looking, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out the new LG G4. http://www.lg.com/ca_en/cell-phones/g4 http://trylgg4.ca/archive/main.php
  8. Not only a putter, a Smart Putter! Putting, it's one these skills which really makes the difference between two players. In a very close match, victory and defeat will be chosen while putting so why not give yourself the best odds and make a new ally of the green? With the Smartgolf putter, practice whenever and wherever you might be even for 10 minutes a day and finally get these few extra strokes off your game! Equipped with powerful sensors, the Smartgolf putter analyses your putts and transmits the data to your phone, tablet or computer via the Smartgolf application. Analyze your game on the field, at home or even at the office and receive some professional feedback to better yourself. Get transported to a virtual field using the associated application to practice at home surrounded by your loved one! That's not all! Play or practice without the app, using only the Smart putter and still receive feedback from your moves with the innovative LED level indicator and other top of the line features! Enjoy a well-crafted putter and never miss to sink your putts! From the company behind the Smartgolf club, the world's first swing Analyzer comes a new way of practicing your putts, never let anything stop you from exercising your passion, choose where and when to practice! Check out the Kickstarter today and get 50% off the retail price with the launch day special deal (50% and a special gift!)! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartgolf/smart-putter
  9. Hey everyone, just discovered this new tile which has been added to the Microsoft band. https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-band/en-us/support/health-and-exercise/golf-tile This is super exciting to me, as I have a band and when I had picked it up months ago, I was thinking to myself that this device has all the components needed in a golf tracker. GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope. Looks like it allows you to do the following - Track round at courses which Taylormade has created - Track shots automatically - Get GPS yardages - Post round analysis I have not had a chance to take it for a spin as yet. I thought I'd put this out here in case some of you have the band and want to try it out. In case you do it before I do, please share your experience. I will do the same. -Raj
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