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Found 6 results

  1. Selling a GCQ ball data only with Alienware computer. This set up works well for home simulator bays. You can look up "Ball Data Only" on Foresight's website to learn exactly what that means. It does have basic club data. Pictures coming soon. Excellent condition. Indoor use only. Includes all original accessories. GCQ: https://shop.foresightsports.com/collections/new-gc-launch-monitors/products/gcquad-launch-monitor Computer: Alienware Model R3 Gaming Computer. 15.6" HD Display, Intel i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070+8GB graphics card. HDMI & USB3 email inquiries to sheponline@mac.com - SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. No frivolous inquiries and no trades! Ships from Dallas, TX. $9400 w/ free shipping and insurance to the continental US.
  2. Happened to run across this interesting looking gadget that claims to help you train your swing for different distances and (according to the product description) "develop muscle memory, rhythm and tempo"... (the top one is the Swing caddy; the bottom one is just a shorter version) The top of the trainer has an adjustment that correlates a swing speed (in mph) to a distance (in yards); when you swing you get an audible "click" feedback telling you at what point in your swing you've reached the target swing-speed to hit the ball the (theoretical) distance... So.... Anyone seen or heard of or possibly used this trainer? And... What is your feedback or what have you heard? Thanks! Chuck Product description at... https://www.swingimpact.com/swing-impact-swingtrainers
  3. What is your favorite training aid and why? It doesn't necessarily have to be the one that helped you improve the most it could be the one you have the most fun using. If you were stranded on a island with just your golf clubs and one training aid which would you choose?
  4. Orange Whip LightSpeed -- Initial Quick Take. Forum Member unofficial mini-review. July, 2020 About two or so years I jumped aboard the Orange Whip "train" (lol) ... and it quickly became one of my favorite swing training aids (and I've tried a LOT of different ones over the years); in fact, I liked it so much I added the OW "Compact" trainer shortly thereafter (basically a shorter version intended to simulate an iron swing). I still use both of these frequently, and definitely feel that I'm still gaining benefit from both of them. Recently I saw an ad for OW's new "LightSpeed" speed (of course!) trainer. I'd been looking at SuperSpeed's "C" trainer, but then considered that since I'm already using - and am comfortable with - two OW training aids then their model of speed trainer may be a better fit for me. Note: I have not used any SuperSpeed trainer and this mini-review makes no effort to compare/contrast them. My swing speed: Don't know my driver swing speed but based on charts I've seen online my current 3-wood (that I use off the tee most often; tho technically it could be a 4W, I guess, at 17* loft?) clubhead speed should be hi 80s / close to 90 mph (ie. I get close to 200 yd carry when I catch it right). My training goal: Obviously I hope to improve my clubhead speed -- to improve both the distances I can reach off the tee and that I can hit a second shot, and also to increase the distance from where I can comfortably attempt an approach shot. However - I'm not looking for outright speed but rather a little more let's call it "playable" clubhead speed with my woods, hybrids, irons .. *while still swinging in control and making solid contact* (and, hopefully ha ha, towards my on-course targets). It would be nice to add, if I can get there, another 10% / 20 yards to my tee shots with my 3W. Additionally, being 64 now I'm hoping that with regular use it'll help me to maintain a decent clubhead speed over time. I don't plan on measuring my swing speed on an LM, now nor after a period of training; my results .. positive, negative, unchanged .. will reveal themselves on the course. OK, back to the product: If you're familiar with an OW Trainer then you'll already be familiar with its slightly shorter, and of course much lighter, brother LightSpeed - eg. same construction with an orange ball head, flexible shaft, counterweight ball on the butt end of the grip, etc. Where they differ includes - LightSpeed has a smaller, lighter head; uses a longer length of the thinner profile/more flexible shaft material; and has a slightly larger/slightly heavier counterweight ball. It also uses a slightly different style wrap grip on it (possibly an update to all OW products?) with slightly wider spacing between the wraps and small dimples for texture; the material feels more synthetic vs the more rubbery grip on the original Trainer; plus the grip on the LightSpeed is slightly larger around .. almost like an extra wrap or two of tape underneath a standard grip (actually a welcome plus for these old fingers!). Minor QA dings: 1. The ferrule, I guess you'd call it, at the joining of the two shaft sections was loose; it needs a bit of glue to hold it in place. 2. The counterweight ball was loose, not fully screwed down. This was a bit surprising as I recall having read two years ago on the Orange Whip site that some models may have shipped with a loose counterweight and the user was cautioned to tighten it. I twisted it down hand tight, but if it does loosen after some use I'll put a drop of ThreadLock in there. First impressions: Almost as expected due to having used other OW trainers, the first swings with the LightSpeed did not feel awkward. In fact it feels nicely balanced as you swing back and through, and just like it's bigger brother the Trainer it encourages you to swing with good sequencing and tempo. I started out slowly, and slowly dialed it up, until I heard the pronounced SWISH at the bottom of the swing. You can very clearly locate where that point is, too - ie. early, late, or at the just right release point. Then I picked up the Trainer for a few swings, then alternated back to the LightSpeed for a few rips. I can feel that this thing is going to be a big help to me! Training aid review points: Any golf swing training aid, of any type, should imho ... - be easy to understand how to use it; - and be actually easy to use; - require little to no setup and teardown; - provide audible, visual and/or tactile feedback when used properly and improperly; - encourage its continued and repeated use. I believe the Orange Whip LightSpeed checks all these boxes. ...I'll come back and add an update after some more time with it.
  5. Testers Wanted (4) During these days that COVID-19 has restricted many things, one area that has thrived admist the shutdown and restricted activities this spring, were golf practice items. Yes, we're talking about practice, and so is Spornia. It's SPG-7 net has been in high demand since the spring. Oh and did we mention it finished 2nd earlier this year in the MGS Best Golf Practice Net's Buyer's Guide? So pandemic aside, heading into winter where one of these would set up nicely and very quickly in a garage or backyard is the perfect time. Spornia is going to let four of our readers test, review and keep a SPG-7 and report back to the community your thoughts How to Apply US Residents Only In a post below please provide the following information: First Name/City State Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net Do you use any sort of LM with one We'll be choosing the testers late next week, so check back to see if you have been selected. Please do not quote this post in your reply.
  6. //ES14 Personal Review - please see attached PDF. Please feel free to ask questions. Let me know if you have something you think I might have missed, post personal experiences, or anything else... I'd like to hear what you guys think about this unit and this review. Enjoy! ES14 REVIEW.pdf
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