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Found 4 results

  1. So, another one of my quick reviews. The weather in Europe in Spring is usually quite funny. With it being 27 in the sun, to 11 in the shade, with a shower in between. Then there is my favourite clothing brand - Galvin Green. Their SpringSummer '18 collection is a hit with me, love the waterproofs and interface-1 jackets. "THE JACKET TO WEAR 95 OUT OF 100 ROUNDS" is a bold statement. Considering I clock in 250 rounds a year - it's a tall order. It's a good looking jacket. I put it in my bag weeks ago but it was either cold enough to wear an Insula + Larry Interface-1. Or if it was raining I'd just put waterproofs on. Now that the weather got a lil better and in the low-mid teens I've put that jacket on. It's so thin that I had little trust in it before, but it's pretty warm. It also stretches like a pair of leggings :-D And has a pocket - a feature which most of the 2017 GalvinGreen jackets lacked. So then it started raining. And I was about to take my waterproofs out, but didn't. And the water resistance is actually pretty good. It was heavy rain, but short. I havent tested the jacket out in the little raindrops that just make the air feel super damp. But I will for sure. It's a great addition to any wardrobe. Will continue testing it over the next couple of months and share my experiences :-) Let's be honest here. If I was more of a 'fair weather golfer' it could be close to the truth. But I'm not. And 95 out of 100 rounds for me would mean that it would have to be some jacket made out of Unicorn hair and rainbows. But it's still a jacket I'll get a ton of use, especially with the changing weather in Europe!!
  2. Galvin Green C-KNIT Waterproofs. Style - it's super subjective so I'll leave it. I like it, you may or may not. I have the Argon jacket ( http://www.galvingreen.com/products/argon/argon-g761777) and Arn trousers ( http://www.galvingreen.com/products/arn/arn-g761971). I play all year round, 3/4 rounds a week at least so being in London I get caught in the rain a lot. https://www.instagram.com/p/BU4kAW3h9oy I have used Nike Hyperadapt waterproofs before, but I felt like it was affecting my game. So I decided to bite the bullet and fork out £700 for what my research was showing as the best top layer available. And oh boy. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXDJ3-Yhwad Arrived in July, in a nice box. When I took it out my first thought was to send it back. I wasn't used to clothes weight that much. Or that little to be honest. So thin I was sure it will rip within 10minutes. And it had no pockets - something I've overlooked when making the purchase. Luckily, or not, it rained pretty much instantly so I took the layer out, put it on top of my tee and ... I was dry. It was hot as hell (22-24oC / 72-74oF). I didn't sweat a lot more than in the polo itself... It stopped raining, i took it off. It started, i put it back on. 0 interference with my swing. The C-Knit backing and sleeves take a little getting used to, but it doesn't take long. It's just something touching your neck and hands. I stopped noticing it after maybe 2 holes. Now when it got colder, the rain got a little more annoying, but again, I put it over my pullover and couldn't be happier. Same with the trousers. Easy to put on, comfortable both as a layer by themselves or on top of my golf trousers. The things i don't like - i keep it in my bag. It gets creased as hell. I'd love some sort of a 'storage' bag or smth that i could put the stuff into, but its not a biggie. And another non biggie - the bloody naming and variety of the product leaves me so confused. Even people at Capital Golf in the UK had no idea about the differences. But I guess it must be a Swedish thing cause Ikea does the same. Maybe there is some kind of a system to the naming system - like waterproofs start with "A" but i couldn't find anything to back that up. I also got used to not having pockets in the jacket. It's so thin I'm not sure how they'd manage to put a pocket on it. It's a massive **5/5** and probably the best golf clothing purchase I've made. Any questions - ask.
  3. We announced the concept of the Brella last FEB, now have inventory and have 1 tester input but want 5 more. The Brella is multi-use: users can wear it for working outside, delivering packages, golf, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, skeet and trap, fishing and hunting, at their kid's soccer games, or just taking the dog for a walk. It won't win any design awards, it just performs well. The Brella is an adjustable, high performance, waterproof rain garment for active outdoor sportspeople that can be customized. Customized? Yes, you can get a custom fit at the waist, sides and head area based on the activity for the day. The head area customization allows for increased peripheral vision needed for the activity. The Brella is also going to be featured in the JAN 2018 issue of Fishing Tackle Retailer magazine. What features separates us from the other rain wear competitors? The Brella: Can be customized at the waist, side and head area Offers total freedom of movement for the upper body and arms - you'll have the same swing with or without the Brella protects with a 10,000mm waterproof and 10,000g breathability rating (WP/BR), and the lowest SRP ($99) in the world for this WP/BR rating. Read a review from 1 tester and then add yours if selected: http://bit.ly/2B3JHwm Learn more from our web site at http://bit.ly/2u5B1jk and first come, first serve on the 5 test units ... thank you.
  4. So, it's cold and wet here in England so I thought I may use this time to write up another review. This time of something that may be useful in this kind of weather - Nike Hyperadapt Waterproofs. https://www.instagram.com/p/BdSmC0HhEPt After doing some research online, it had good reviews and at half price of goretex alternatives I thought I'll give it a go. It's made of the Nike's own Storm-Fit material, which promises to be water resistant, and breathable. I've played it in some insane conditions like: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW-AygWBBVy/ Or real storms: https://www.instagram.com/p/BU4kAW3h9oy And the bottom line is - it did keep me dry. Well, kind of. The quality is pretty good. All nike Hyperadapt stuff is good quality to be honest. Rory wears it after all. The stretchable shoulders in Hyperadapt stuff is amazing. Love it, I'm surprised no one else does something like it. Anyway - down to the good, bad and ugly. * It looks good. * It's very easy to put on quickly. * Definitely very waterproof, even in the worse conditions imaginable. * Comparing to other waterproofs it's pretty quiet. * Comfortable to swing in, doesn't restrict movement. I have 1 issue with it, and it's breathability. I do sweat on the best of days, and in this I felt like like Ryan Seacrest watching Brokeback Mountain. Sweaty. Wet. So as much as it kept the water coming from the outside - it did make me wet and hot on the inside :-( And that for me is a dealbreaker :-( Maybe now that the temperatures are close to 0 it would be better. As I have replaced them already, I will be giving the whole suit away. So stay tuned.
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