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  1. Got the official info on this the other day and thought you might find it interesting. Wilson Staff is officially launching its new ECO stand bag. What makes the ECO interesting is that its made from over 50 recycled plastic water bottles. The bottles themselves are ground up and melted and then turned into recycled polyester. 50 bottles will make 1.7 yards of recycled polyester, and that equals 1 bag. According to Wilson, recycled polyester is virtually the same as virgin polyester, but takes 59% less energy to produce. Apart from being recycled, the ECO has a 5-way padded top with two full length dividers and an integrated handle. It's fairly light, coming in at 4.3 pounds. It has six pockets which, from what we can see, look pretty standard - and it comes in three colors: Alpine Green, Deep Ocean Blue and Cloud Silver. The ECO was not included in this year's MyGolfSpy Stand Bag Buyer's Guide - but its big brother the EXO was. The EXO finished in the middle of the pack overall, not really standing out in any category. The ECO is more compact and lighter than the EXO, which weighs in at 5.5 pounds. The ECO is priced pretty aggressively at $149.99. You can check it out here.
  2. Some sweet new bags released today by Wilson Golf. Whaddya guys think? WILSON UNVEILS NEW EXO GOLF BAG FAMILY The new Wilson Staff eXo cart and carry line delivers a higher level of organization through its wide open top and geometric pocket designs. CHICAGO, September 24th , 2018 – Wilson has officially announced the 2019 line of eXo carry and eXo cart bags. Designed with optimal club space and ergonomic pockets, eXo offers a wide range of storage options for golfers who enjoy easy access to their equipment while walking or riding during their round. The five-way 10' x 7.5' top of the eXo carry bag incorporates five large dividers which allow for easy club organization and accessibility. With six functional storage pockets, the new carry bag provides golfers ample storage space and convenience access to the essentials during a round on the course. “The organization and design of each pocket on the eXo carry and cart line make things effortless for golfers,” said Jean-Pierre Degembe, Global Product Director. “We went to great lengths to meet the needs of the everyday golfer, who enjoys the game without the hassle of searching or misplacing items inside their bags.” The lightweight eXo carry bagweighs in at 5.1lb/2.3 kg, features a non-skid base which rests flat on the ground and has integrated stand legs completing the self-standing design for greater stability around the golf course. The bag also offers a 2-in- one self-balancing four-point double strap system for carrying comfort. Designed for the keen carrier, the eXo carry bag integrates 3D air flow padded straps and a 3D air flow hip/low back pad to keep golfers cool in warmer conditions. Additional features include an umbrella and glove holders, a towel ring and rain hood for inclement weather. The eXo cart bag features a new 14-way 11' x 9' top with 14 full-length dividers with an enlarged putter well to accommodate oversized grips. A new base which features a trolley anchor, which fits easily on a cart and securely on a trolley. Eight functional pockets provide smooth access to belongings, which includes two “Dry- tech” pockets, two full-size garment spaces and three front accessories pockets. The cart bag also showcases one large cooler pocket. The umbrella and glove holder, tee holders, towel ring, rain hood and 3D foam padded strap complete the list of additional bag features. Both eXo carry and eXo cart bags are available in four stylish colour schemes: Blue/Royal/Yellow, Black/Black/Orange, Navy/White/Red and Red/White/Red. The eXo family will be available starting Monday, Spetember 24. Price Details: eXo Carry: $159.99 eXo Cart: $179.99
  3. Had a chance to go to Golf Galaxy over the weekend and they had the Wilson Cortex on display. Tried out the 9* head w/ the Fujikura Atmos Blue which on paper is the shaft that should suit me the best. I tend to do well with shafts that have a stiffer butt and tip but a softer middle. From a looks perspective, the Cortex is very attractive and on a retail rack it commands the appeal of a premium club. The face is nice and deep and at address the size and shape is just perfect to my eye. It is very compact looking and I love the black carbon fiber look. Some of the quality fades away as you get into the adjustment of the weights but I'll come back to that in a moment. I was very excited to hit this club after standing over it at address and seeing the shape of the head and Wilson nailed the look behind the ball. As I started to hit the club the feel and sound was pretty good. Based on the initial reviews I had read online I somewhat expected the sound to be a little deeper or less metallic but it still have remnants of that weird sound that Wilson drivers have had in the past. I've had the F5 and the Triton and have also hit the C300 and all of them have a very strange metallic noise that I can only associate with the brand. Not sure what they are doing when they manufacture heads but the Cortex still had a little of that sound. The sound is very good though, especially compared to their older drivers and of course the Triton. I was also hitting indoors so the sound may change out on the course. Still was pleased with the sound and feel. The Atmos Blue feels very smooth and maybe just a tad loose in stiff flex. I was swinging between 101-105 on this particular day according to the monitor and felt the Atmos Blue could be tipped about 1" and would feel perfect. The shots coming off the face didn't look like they were rocketing off but ballspeed was average. I'd say it was producing numbers that were in the lower end of most of the drivers I've hit. Again, nothing bad but nothing really great either. The biggest problem I had with the driver was trying to get the spin down. I could not get spin to stay consistently below the 2800 and 3200 RPM range. I hit a few low on the face and the spin shot way up to 3500+. I was hitting a little bit of a fade so I swapped the 8 gram toe weight into the heel and put the 2 gram weight into the toe. This didn't really seem to make any noticeable difference in my shot shape or any with my spin numbers. I then moved the sliding weight all the way forward to try and see if I could drop the spin any and like the heel/toe weights, nothing really changed. The feel of the club changed for the worse and my spin numbers seemed to actually go up. The head definitely feels better with the weight towards the middle and back of the head. Since the slider didn't do anything for my spin numbers, I moved it back towards the rear as the shots felt so much better. There was a Wilson C300 9* driver on the used rack and I was able to hit it side by side with the Cortex. It had the stock Fuji 58 Pro stiff shaft in it which wasn't exactly the same but I immediately dropped my spin by over 1000 RPM's. I could barely get the C300 above the 2000 RPM mark and the highest spin I got was 2400 on a shot that over-faded to the right. I immediately picked up 7-12 yards of carry due to the lower spin. Ballspeed numbers between the Cortex and C300 were identical. I did hit the C300 lower and found it harder to launch as high which also gave me a lot more roll after landing. I launched the C300 around 9-11 degrees and the Cortex around 12-13 degrees. I didn't have a chance to try the Atmos Black but historically speaking the black's bend profile doesn't work for me. Since no store will ever have any other shafts to try I doubt I'll have the chance to find another combination that might bring the spin down. My theory is that the center of gravity of this head is not as low as it could be. Even though the crown is carbon fiber to remove weight, most of the sole is also which removes that weight from the heavier bottom of the club. You have weight freed up for the heel/toe weights and the slider but nothing low and back to pull that COG back down. The carbon fiber inserts in the sole are also raised up into the head which means that the structure that holds them is also up higher in the head. I can't wait to see where this club sits on the MyGolfSpy Center of Gravity chart! I mentioned earlier that there was some quality issues as I adjusted the weights. First off, the screw heads for all the weights are very shallow, shallower than any other weight screws I've adjusted, and the wrench slipped out of them very easily as I was trying to tighten them. I PROMISE these screws will get stripped very quickly and easily if you adjust the weights a few times and Wilson's wrenches feel like they have a lot of torque to get them to click. I also noticed that the heel and toe weights don't sit flush with the sole of the driver so it looks like you don't have them tightened all the way down. Not really a huge deal but worth mentioning. Also the heel/toe weight screws are very skinny and kind of hard to get started in the hole. I dropped the damn 2 gram weight (which is just plastic) 3-4 times trying to line it up and get the screw started with the wrench. It took forever and was slightly frustrating. The shaft adapter also looks like the same adapter Wilson has been using which means that the hosel is plastic. This means it will be impossible to reshaft because it will melt and the ferrules are not available without buying the entire tip. Taylormade used to do this but at least you could get replacement plastic ferrules that had the loft measurements once you destroyed the original. This means that even trying to find another shaft on my own would be impossible! All in all I enjoyed hitting the club even though I could never get it to work for me. The spin was too high and the options to try and get a better fit just don't exist. Really too bad because the head is absolutely beautiful and perfect looking at address.
  4. Anyone watch last night's episode? I thought it would be lame, but it was interesting to see the "celebs" try the clubs. Was impressed with Willie Robertson's swing - seems like he spends some time on the range as well as in the swamps. Josh Beckett had the best swing, but the guy I'd love to play 18 with would have to be Herm Edwards, with Kevin Millar as close second. So, who are you puling for? Didn't think I'd care this much, but they're doing a good job of building the suspense. I wish they'd have showed more of the down and dirty design stuff, but I'm guessing that - while some might find it fascinating - the larger audience might have been bored to tears by it. Really looking forward to the finale!
  5. Apparently Season 1 proved successful enough for Wilson Staff to go to the well once again for Season Two of Driver Vs. Driver....We'll see what we can find out...
  6. Wilson Staff is announcing a new tour level ball today: a re-introduction of the FG Tour Urethane - a 4-layer ball with a soft, cast urethane cover. Barnes will be playing the FG Tour ball this weekend. The new FG Tour Urethane lists for $44.99/dozen - Wilson doesn't have a formal release as of yet as this is a "soft launch' (get it??) for green grass accounts. It is available on their website though.
  7. (4) TESTERS WANTED!! WILSON STAFF C300/C300 FORGED IRONS Gotta say gang, we're really excited to bring this one to you. There's been more buzz this spring about the Wilson Staff C300 and C300 Forged irons on these pages than any other Wilson offering that I can remember, and for good reason. They do represent one of the more intriguing iron releases of 2018. Both irons fall into the Game Improvement category, with the C300 offering more distance and forgiveness and the C300 Forged offering a more compact frame, bit more pop than a better player's cavity back and all the forged goodness you could possibly want. TESTERS WANTED: We're looking for four of you to do that voodoo that you do and give these things a good MyGolfSpy Forum going over. We need two avid golfers to test and review (and keep) a set of the C300's, and two more to do the same thing with the C300 Forged. As always, we want to make sure you're ready to tackle the challenge of being a MyGolfSpy tester. You'll be asked to spend a solid two months working with these irons on both the practice range and on the course. You'll also be asked to write a two stage review (we'll provide you with a template) and provide your fellow Forum members with a detailed, thoughtful and - most importantly - honest evaluation of the C300's. This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer/dedicated reviewer in the US, Canada or the UK. How To Apply: If you want to test and review (and keep, did we mention that?) a set of C300's, please apply in THIS FORUM ONLY (applying in the blog won't do you any good, okay?). In this thread, please tell us the following: Your first name/home state or province Your current iron set/shaft combo Your current handicap Your review preference - C300 or C300 Forged We'll be selecting two of you to review the C300's and two others to review the C300 Forged. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back! Thanks, and best of luck!!!
  8. Wilson is unveiling a new red (and I mean RED) matte DUOSoft ball...and they're having a "Name That Color" contest on Instagram. Not sure what the prize is, but dang, that thing is RED....
  9. Official Forum Member Review Wilson Staff D300 Irons josmi15 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Camcmart Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Reesedw Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 PunkRockDoc Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
  10. Wilson is unveiling the new DUO's today - and trust me, they WILL get your attention! Yup - those are the new DUO matte colors and I gotta say, they look pretty cool in person. As for performance, if you like the old DUO, you'll like this one just as much. It's not a Tour-level ball, but for the average player (or anyone playing in cool temps) it performs very well. The new DUO Soft Spin is getting a facelift too -- some tech tweaks and the Wilson shield as a logo (looks VERY classy). Full report is on the blog - check it out here Thoughts?
  11. RE-EDIT: Steele wins again at the Safeway!!! That's two in a row... EDIT: This is an update from a post from March of 2015 - an interview with Wilson Staff Tour Pro Brendan Steele. I got to meet Brendan at a Wilson Photo Shoot in December of 2014 - he had just joined Wilson from Titleist and enjoyed very solid, but winless, 2015 and 2016 seasons. In last year's Safeway, Brendan held the 54-hole lead heading into the final day but a final round 76 denied him his 2nd Tour victory. Brendan took a different path this weekend, charing from behind with a final round 65, finishing birdie-birdie-birdie. Steele's WITB for the Safeway: TaylorMade M2 driver, and FW woods (15 & 21*) Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 blades (4-pw) Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Wedge (50* bent to 52*) Vokey SM5 wedges (58 & 60*) Scotty Cameron Futura X Tour Proto Putter Here's our Q&A with Brendan - I found him to be, like other Wilson Staffers, a really good guy. Enjoy.... PGA Pro Brendan Steele heads into today's suspended final round of The Honda Classic tied for 4th with Phil Mickelson, just three strokes off the lead. Brendan is enjoying a solid season 2015 season, making 8 out of 8 cuts, with 1 top 5 finish and 3 top 25's. He's currently 25th in Fedex Cup points (that should change after today) and is ranked 105th in the world. Brendan's lone tour win came in his rookie season of 2011, holing a clutch 5-foot putt on the 72nd hole of the Valero Texas Open to edge out Charlie Hoffman and Kevin Chappell. Brendan joined Wilson Staff this past off-season, and I had a chance to talk with him a few months ago during a Wilson Staff photo-shoot. Here's what he had to say… MGS 5Q's: You have kind of a unique swing. If you were to say your swing is modeled after anyone's, who would it be? Brendan Steele: (Laughs) Good question! I don't know that it's really modeled after anybody, and it's probably just an insult to everybody if I tell them that I copied them! You know, I have a very unique swing. I do a lot of things that are unconventional and that you wouldn't really teach. I have a very strong grip, I kinda get the club behind me and with a lot of club rotation. I guess it's my swing, my way – the way I've always done it and I've just tried to build on it throughout the years. So I've always kinda done it the same way, but I've picked things up as I went along. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it's somewhat effective. I'd like to be more on plane and shorter and more under control, but it's all part of my timing mechanism. With the strong grip I've got to get the club in a certain place and it's got to be a little bit longer to find the “slot” of your backswing, if you will. And then that gets me in a position where I can get it on plane as I get back into the ball. So everything's a kind of a cause and affect, and it all starts with my setup and my grip. MGS 5Q's: What are your goals for the season, and what are your favorite early season tournaments? Steele: Definitely to make the Tour Championship. That really sets you up for the following season. If I could pick up a win before Augusta that would be great, because you always want to play Augusta. But those are definitely the two things that I'm after. Your favorite tournaments are the ones where you always play well in. I usually play well at Phoenix – I've had three good results there the last three years, I think a 4th, 5th and 6th the last three years, so that's one that I always look forward to (Brendan tied for 26th this year). Torrey Pines, I grew up playing Junior World there and different things, so that's one of my favorites (tied for 45th). Humana is a home tournament for me – I grew up in the mountains right there, I get a lot of support out there so I like to play well there (and he did, finishing tied for 2nd). And Riviera is also one that I've had a little bit of success at and I really love the track (tied for 14th). MGS 5Q's: What made you come to Wilson after your contract with Titleist ended? What specifically about the equipment made you go to Wilson? Steele: You know, when my contract was up this last year I really wanted to base my bag around the best clubs that I could possibly find. I did extensive testing and Wilson came out ahead and it was a really easy decision for me. The irons are the best irons that I've ever played, the weighting on them, the way that they go through the turf, how straight they fly and how far they fly was superior to anything that I'd ever tried before. I'm bagging the FG Tour 100's, and with a blade you wouldn't think that there was that much more that you could do. I mean, everybody makes a pretty good blade, right? Well there's a big difference. There's a big difference in the weighting, and how the ball comes off and how straight they go. Most people don't want to play blades because they don't think they can hit them straight. Well these are the straightest blades I've ever hit, by far. You have to work to make them move, which is great. When I want it to hook, I can make it hook. But if I don't want it to hook, it doesn't really hook. You can make it do what you want and you've really go a forgiving blade that will also go a long way, so it's kinda the best of all worlds. MGS 5Q's: Forgiving blade sounds like an oxymoron. How can a blade be forgiving? I think it just has to do with the weighting that they put in the head, and where the center of gravity is. The distribution of the weighting is the only explanation that I have for it. I'm not smart enough to figure that stuff out, but the way it goes through the turf and the way it launches off, it's just a totally different kind of feel and different flight. MGS 5Q's: Have you ever been in “the zone” when you're playing? What does it feel like? Can you feel it coming? What's that experience like? Steele: Well I know I was in the zone watching Kevin (Streelman) finish at Traveler's last year. I posted, I think, 13 under and was thinking ‘maybe this has a chance if some guys make some mistakes coming in.' And then Kevin went and birdied seven holes in a row, so I'd say that qualifies as being “in the zone.” There are times when you feel like the only thing you can do is focus on the shot that you have. You're not thinking anything negative, you're not concerned with anything else that's going on. You can just feel everything that's happening around the shot. And there are other times – most of the time – when you hear everything, you see everything. You see all the trouble you can get into, you're concerned with things that have no bearing on what is actually going on, whether it's mechanics or the fact that you just made a bogie or whatever. That is the complete opposite of being in the zone. It's just this feeling where it's total commitment and inclusion in the shot. And a quiet mind. The game seems very simple when you're in the zone, and it doesn't come around very often. But when it does it's a lot of fun and you always want it to come back and come back more often. But there's no way to know when it's going to come, or why, but if you knew that, then you'd be in pretty good shape!
  12. From GD -- Streels is putting the Triton in play on Tour this weekend. What I found most interesting from the article: in 10 years Streelman has only had one driver contract for about half a season. How does a PGA Tour player put a driver in play designed by an armchair engineer? Very carefully... Kevin Streelman, who was a judge on Wilson Golf's Driver Vs. Driver television show is going to put the winning Triton DVD driver in play this week at the PGA Tour's CareerBuilder Challenge. In speaking with Streelman about the decision he made two things very clear: This was not a kneejerk decision and he's not contractually bound to do it. “Dead honest—I'm not getting any bonus and haven't signed anything contractual to play this club,” said Streelman, who does have an endorsement contract with Wilson, but it does not include the driver. “I love to support Wilson and the company, but for me to switch to this club it had to be as good if not better than what I was using before. I know some people will be saying, ‘Oh, he's getting paid a lot of money to switch' but that's not the case.” While it would be easy to raise an eyebrow to that statement, consider Streelman has played 10 years on the PGA Tour and only had a driver contract for half of one season. He has essentially used two drivers for the last six seasons. It's not an easy club to get in Streelman's bag. “I'm very particular about my driver,” said Streelman, a winner of two PGA Tour events. “It's the best club in my bag year to year. I've been top 20, 30 in driving most every year I've been on tour [he's been in the top 26 in strokes gained/driving three of the last four years]. I was all about being fun and supportive during the design process, but once I had a prototype to hit, I was going to be their toughest critic.” Now 38, Streelman knows he needs to find the right launch angle to spin ratio in order to keep up with the Justin Thomas' of the world. ShotLink shows Streelman's numbers at a shade over 11 degrees launch and 2,554 spin. Not bad, but not ideal. “Triton is high launch and low spin which for me is very exciting because I tend to have a spinnier ball flight,” noted Streelman. “I'm excited to see my swing launch it at 12 to 13 degrees with 2,200 to 2,300 rpms of spin. Before when I got that high on launch the spin was closer to 3,000. That difference can equate to 20 to 30 yards of roll on the firm fairways of the PGA Tour.” Streelman's testing process involves a significant amount of time on TrackMan gathering data using clubs built to specific specs. “Whenever a company wants me to try a club I say ‘it has to be this length; this shaft, tipped this amount, with this grip.' Basically I want to compare apples to apples,” said Streelman. After gathering his data from TrackMan, Streelman then goes on course. “You play practice rounds or money matches with it and it's amazing what you'll see on the golf course that you don't see on a range,” he said. “That's because we play at a different speed on the course. There's a different intention of the shot. There's the nerve factor. You have to play with some pressure to see how it truly performs. Then I'll take it to maybe a pro-am, then give it a shot in a tournament. That's how I do my business. It's critical to get it right and I'm a harsh critic. It's my livelihood and that of my family on the line. It has to be right.” Part of getting it right was arriving at the final setup. After extensive testing at his home course of Whisper Rock as well as TPC Scottsdale, Streelman arrived at a 9 degree clubhead with the loft setting at neutral. The adjustable sole plate is the lighter, 9-gram carbon fiber version (which Streelman says also helped reduce spin) and the weights are 6 grams in the heel, 6 grams in the back and 2 grams in the toe. The final piece was the shaft. “At first I struggled with it because we kept trying to build it to the same spec as my Ping G30, which I have used for three years now,” Streelman said. “I kept trying my Aldila Rogue shaft but it didn't feel right in the Triton. Then we tried some different shafts and one, the blue Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited, clicked. I was seeing the ball flight I wanted with the lower spin.” All of which, along with taking some of ex-Chicago Bear and fellow Driver vs. Driver judge Brian Urlacher's money at Whisper Rock, has Streelman confident enough to put it in play in PGA Tour competition. “I'm really excited to see what this driver can do under tournament conditions,” said Streelman. “I had a great start in the fall and I hope this thing makes it in the bag all year and I win multiple times with it. You can't predict what the future will hold, but it'll be in the bag this week so we'll see.”
  13. Wilson announced its new Super game improvement offerings today - the D300 irons and metal woods. Have had the chance to try them over the weekend - duly impressed with both. The irons are even easier to hit than the D200's, if such a thing is possible. Adding the FLX Face Tech to the irons has given them a much softer, almost forged like sound and feel. Impressive for an SGI irons. Like the Steelheads, JGR Hybrid irons and others in that niche, they go VERY high with the stock shafts - with some carry to them. The metal woods aren't bad, either -- stock shaft as the Matrix Speed Rulz A type -- 44 grams with a no upcharge option for the 65 gram. These are also designed to help get the ball up in the air and get some carry - but I played a D200 for the season 2 years ago with a RIP Phenon NL shaft and loved it. The sound is not nearly as tinny as the D200, as well -- it's much more muted and "thwacky." Blogs posts on each today. Click here to check out the irons, and here to check out the metal woods. Gotta say, some of the comments on the metal woods blog are borderline hilarious, if not particularly enlightened Thoughts?
  14. HARRINGTON SIGNS NEW LANDMARK DEAL WITH WILSON GOLF 20 years playing their clubs Words: James Greenwood Photography: Getty Images Padraig Harrington has signed a new multi-year deal with Wilson Golf that will see him reach a milestone of 20 consecutive seasons playing Wilson Staff clubs on Tours around the world. The new agreement follows impressive recent form for the three-time Major champion, culminating in his first European Tour victory in eight years at the recent Portugal Masters, where he won playing with the new FG Tour V6 irons that he put into his bag for the first time that week. “My association with Wilson Golf is currently one of the longest in the sport and I'm proud to be renewing our agreement for more years to come,” said the Irishman. “The new V6 irons are exceptional and I'd encourage all amateur players to try out the latest Wilson Staff clubs, as they can help golfers of all abilities to improve their games.” Padraig first signed to play Wilson Staff clubs in 1998 and went on to help the brand achieve more Major victories with its irons than any other (61), with back-to-back Open Championships in 2007 and 2008 and another victory at the US PGA Championship in 2008. In recent years, he secured the 2010 Johor Open, finished fourth at the 2012 US Open, won the prestigious PGA Grand Slam of Golf title against three other Major champions later that year and in 2014 was victorious at the Indonesian Open. In 2015, he won on the PGA Tour for the first time in seven years with victory at the Honda Classic and earlier this year represented Ireland at the Olympic Games in Rio, before acting as a Vice Captain of the European Team in the Ryder Cup matches at Hazeltine. “We are thrilled to have Padraig sign a new agreement for him to keep playing Wilson Staff clubs and continue to represent our brand around the world with such passion,” said Tim Clark, President of Wilson Golf. “He's a valued member of our Wilson Advisory Staff and contributes a great deal to the development of clubs across the range.”
  15. Have you guys been watching? It's starting to get interesting now that they've weeded out some of the weaker entries. They've posted some of the "commercials" the remaining contestants have put together to tout their ideas. See anything here you'd game?
  16. Wilson sent over some videos that add to the Driver vs. Driver content -- I think you'll like the Tim Clarke videos. He's a great guy and has done a phenomenal job leading Wilson back to relevance...
  17. Gotta share this one -- a couple of the craziest ideas submitted to Driver Vs. Driver (Episode 2 tonite). What these guys lack in golf knowledge they more than make up for in enthusiasm. Not to mention crazy!
  18. ​This came across the InBox this morning -- Wilson is announcing its 11 finalists for the Driver Vs. Driver program on Golf Channel. Wilson announced it was doing this program last summer - basically they're giving people the opportunity to design a driver and the best overall design wins the competition, gets $500,000 and has their driver put into production for 2017. There have been a few naysayers out there in cyberspace, but if nothing else the show looks like a hell of a lot of fun and it'll be interesting to see what the teams come up with. And I'll watch almost anything with Melanie Collins... FINALISTS ANNOUNCED FOR GOLF CHANNEL'S NEW DRIVER VS. DRIVER SERIES, PREMIERING TUESDAY, OCT. 4 AT 10 P.M. ET Wilson Golf Taking Unique Approach To Find Next Great Golf Driver, Shining Spotlight on Aspiring Equipment in All-New Elimination-Style Reality Television Series Finalists Range from College Students to Former Golf Professionals to Engineers and Product Designers Panel of Celebrity Judges Includes Former NFL Linebacker and Avid Golfer Brian Urlacher; Two-Time PGA TOUR Winner Kevin Streelman, Former USGA Technical Director Frank Thomas and Wilson Golf President Tim Clarke ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 24, 2016 – Golf Channel announced today the 11 finalists who will present their innovative driver concepts and ideas with the hopes of ultimately becoming Wilson Golf's newest driver for 2017 on a new, first-of-its-kind television series, Driver vs. Driver presented by Wilson. The series premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. ET. Driver vs. Driver will follow the trials and tribulations of aspiring golf equipment designers as they compete for the chance to win $500,000, and the opportunity to have their driver design sold at retail under the Wilson Staff name. The finalists, selected through an open call application process, will present to a panel of celebrity judges – former Chicago Bears linebacker and avid golfer Brian Urlacher, former USGA Technical Director Frank Thomas and President of Wilson Golf Tim Clarke – during the series' first two episodes. Two-time PGA TOUR winner and Wilson Advisory Staff member Kevin Streelman joins the series as a judge beginning with the third episode. Following the presentations, the judges will debate on which finalists' concepts will advance in the competition. The seven-episode series will then take viewers behind the scenes as the advancing teams work with Wilson LABS – the innovation hub at Wilson – engineers to evaluate, critique, refine and test their concepts, all while the panel of expert judges evaluates the best concept that will help golfers perform off the tee. Viewers also will get a look behind the curtain at one of the most iconic sports brands in history, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Golf Channel cameras will give viewers a glimpse inside the company's Wilson LABS facility, an expansive innovation center that serves as a primary design and testing hub for its sporting goods concepts and products, including tennis, basketball, baseball, football and golf, among others. The series' finalists are a diverse cast that includes professional golfers and former club manufacturers, college students, engineers and product designers. Some of the finalists are well versed in the sport of golf, where others have never taken up the game but have extensive engineering and design background. FINALISTS: Jonathan Dineen (26, Wilmington, N.C.) – An industrial engineer with a determined work ethic, Dineen's driver design concept is called “The Wasp,” the concept for his senior thesis at Appalachian State University. Richard Gischer (37, Crowley Texas) and Kimberly Leonard (35, Pinckneyville, Ill.) – A brother-sister team, Gischer is the golf expert and Leonard is the sales and communications expert. A graduate from the Professional Golf Management program at Campbell University, Gischer formerly worked at Nike, building custom golf clubs for some of the best players in the world before leaving the company to pursue another passion of his – mission work. Their driver concept is a green design, with the hopes of creating a driver using renewably sourced bio-product. Kyle Hanquist (26), Kevin Neitzel (30), Ann Arbor, Michigan – Colleagues and friends at the University of Michigan, Hanquist and Neitzel are both PhD students in aerospace engineering, studying aerothermodynamics of high speed flight. When they aren't in school together, they play golf and travel the world – their idea for Driver vs. Driver was submitted while traveling through Europe. Jimmy Huynh (26), Brian Mar (21), Patrick Soriano (25), Sheila Pancani (45), Patrick Soriano (25) and Matt Ulery (30), Long Beach, Calif. – Seniors in the industrial design program at California State University, Long Beach, this diverse is determined to create a driver that is, in their words, “Sick.” The group – who has no golf experience – underwent a three-week driver cram session to learn everything they could before submitting their driver design. Their micro-honeycomb design was modelled after Formula 1 cars and the grill from Ulery's motorcycle. Branndon Jones (21) and Ryan Nelson (21), Knoxville, Tenn. – Students at the University of Tennessee, Jones and Nelson have known each other since their freshman year of high school. Nelson is more outgoing and creative, where Jones is more analytical. They plan on having a balanced approach to try to create the most unique and technologically advanced driver on the golf market today. Their design idea came about after Jones watched Serena Williams, a long-time Wilson Advisory Staff Member, on television competing in a tennis match. Steve Kirouac (59, Welland, Ontario, Canada) – A retired art teacher, Kirouac had a “eureka” moment one afternoon grilling sausages in his backyard that led to his driver concept. The sound of the fly swatter hitting the wood while he “shooed” away bees reminded him of a driver hitting a golf ball and thus, an idea was born. The result is a honeycomb golf club, an aerodynamic club designed to increase club speed. Weston Maughan (35, Draper, Utah) – A former golf professional who is now working in the business sector, Maughan has been hooked on the game ever since Hall-of-Famer Johnny Miller gave him instruction tips that yielded instant results as a young child. Maughan is utilizing his golf expertise in developing his driver design, which allows the driver to dial in the weight of the club, making it customizable. Matt Purtell (37, Sonoma, Calif.) – An avid golfer and building contractor who has lived his entire life in Sonoma, Calif., Purtell's driver design idea stemmed from often mis-hitting his driver, but never his 3-wood. His concept focuses on overlaying the crown of a 3-wood on top of the driver to help make a more controlled golf swing. Eric Sillies (26, Cincinnati, Ohio) – A product designer who believes in the power of making better products to make life better for people, his driver design is called “Manta,” a multi-piece construction with a unique alignment feature. Sillies formerly interned with Dick's Sporting Goods while in college, where he had the opportunity to help design the aesthetic direction for the 2012 Nickent golf club line. Gavin Wallin (40, Eagle Mountain, Utah) – A product designer who has extensive experience in golf club design with multiple manufacturers, Wallin is combining his real-world experience and his industrial design college degree to develop an adjustable driver concept that has benefits for both the low handicap and high handicap player. Karl West (43, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) – Originally born in New Zealand and now residing in Victoria, British Columbia, West is a long time golf instructor at Royal Colwood. A self-professed “tinkerer,” West enjoys conceptualizing and designing putters and drivers in his basement lab. West is self-taught in developing concepts for drivers and putters, and his ultimate goal is to bring his driver idea to life through the series. MELANIE COLLINS TO HOST: Sports broadcaster Melanie Collins will serve as the host of Driver vs. Driver. Currently a sideline reporter for CBS' college football and basketball coverage, Collins also was co-host for Golf Channel's competition series, Big Break. GRAND PRIZE: The finalists are competing for $500,000 and the opportunity to have their driver design sold at retail under the Wilson Staff name. SERIES PRODUCTION: Following a call-for-entries in the summer of 2015, production for Driver vs. Driver began in the fall of '15 and continued through July 2016. Driver vs. Driver will air weekly for seven episodes, concluding Tuesday, Nov. 22.
  19. Rather than further hijack KCLeo's thread on the M1, let's start a new one on another new driver, the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5... While possibly rivaling Callaways Big Bertha Double Black Diamond 816 for the most syllables in a new driver release, Wilson's new driver fills a hole for them, a "player's" driver. I gamed the D200 this season and really liked it -- forgiving, easy to hit and plenty long. Received the F5 about 3 weeks ago for the blog's First Look piece (click here) and have played 5 rounds with it and I gotta report that this thing is the real deal! Some stats: - 460 CC head, traditional pear shape, fairly deep face - 9* & 10.5* heads, adjustable in .5 degree increments - 1* down thru 2* up - Real deal Fubuki Z 50 shaft (shaft coloring is altered slightly to match the head) - FastFit hosel is supposedly the lightest on the market, allows them to redistribute weight - Green Means GO adjustability - you can adjust the head without having to remove the head - 3 interchangeable sole weights - Reactive Face Technology - Maximize ball speed no matter where you hit it on the face - Serious baddass looking headcover - nice departure from the sock-puppets they offered for the D200 On the course, for me the thing launches somewhat high, but not as high as the D200. But I have been getting some pretty serious distance - even keeping up with my Hack To Jack partner, who can hit it a mile! Outdriving much younger bombers is better than Viagra! The sound is really unique -- I'm still struggling with the best way to describe it -- it's kind of a "KLOCK" sound -- sorta like the original Alpha. it's not a bad sound at all, but it's definitely distinctive, and not metalliic or "clinky" like many drivers. It's a low/forward CG driver, and a 7 gram sole weight comes factory installed. You also get a 3 gram and an 11 gram weight. Wilson says their testing shows most golfers will achieve maximum club head speed with the 7 gram weight, but some will swing faster with the lighter or the heavier options. On the LM I was swinging a fairly steady 102 with the 7 gram weight...haven't tried the others yet simply because I've been pretty happy with the stock results. I would, however, love to see if a fitting would put me into a different shaft. Again, it's hard to argue with the results thus far, but you never know. I did hit this thing side by side against an R15 on the LM a couple of weeks ago, with both drivers set to 9*. The results were interesting. Comparing best swings to best swings, the F5, while launching a bit higher, provided roughly 27% less spin than the R15 with 7 to 10 more yards worth of carry, plus some roll. Disclosure - I fiddled with the R15 weight settings to try to get the best performance I could out of it, but I have no idea whether it was optimized. Wilson has changed their F-C-D fitting program a little. F is Feel, while D is Distance. C used to stand for "Control," in the future it will stand for "Crossover," which is probably more descriptive. The player's clubs - the FG 100 blades and V4 irons are in the F category, while the D200 SGI irons are in the D category. The D200 driver is a GI driver, but Wilson is putting the F5 in the Feel and Crossover category. A 15 handicap who hits the driver well can play the F5. The matching F5 hybrid and fairway woods should be coming in the next week or so...can't wait to give those things a try. The fairways come in three options (13.5*, 15* and 17*) and all are adjustable 1* down and 2* up in .5* increments. The hybrids also come in 3 options (17*, 20* and 23*), and are have two levels of adjustability. You can go 1* up or down in 1* increments, but you can also adjust the lie angle between either Standard or 2* upright. Questions?
  20. It's been a busy couple of days for Wilson Staff. We've already shown you new C200 irons, but this week also marks the debut for Wilson's new wedge series and a new ball in the DUO line that's sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Let's take a look at the new FG Tour PMP wedges... Okay, let's get all the "Pimp My Wedge" jokes out of our systems. Are we settled? Good. In this case, PMP stands for "Precision Milled Performance," which Wilson says will maximize spin on full and partial shots. Basically, you have big deep grooves for full shows and 11 laser etched smaller grooves, called Micro Spin Lines, for spin on partial shots. The big change for Wilson is the addition of a third sole grind. Their most recent wedges, the FG Tour TC line, offered 2 soles- the wider-soled Traditional Grind for medium to steeper swings, and the thinner-soled Tour Grind for shallower swings. The new line adds a Wide Sole grind to the mix. With all of the different soles, bounces and lofts (each can be bent +/1 3 degrees, which effectively changes bounce), the PMP line has 97 different possible combinations. They'll be available in either Tour Frosted or Gun Blue PVD, and can be customized with stampings and paint fill through Wilson's Custom Department. The PMP wedges are already in the bags of Troy Merritt, Ricky Barnes and Brendan Steele. Kevin Streelman and Padraig Harrington are expected to start gaming them soon. Wilson is offering the KBS HI-REV 2.0 shaft with the Lamkin Performance Plus 3Gen grip as stock. MSRP for the FG Tour PMP Gun Blue model is $119.99, the Tour Frosted model is $99.99. They'll be in stores January 15th, but can be ordered now on Wilson's website.
  21. Looks like Paddy is making some changes in his bag for this year...and he's going Game Improvement... What do you think of Padraig's weapons?
  22. Official MyGolfSpy Wilson DUO Urethane Forum Member Review ​How does Wilson Staff's New 55-compression Urethane covered ball perform? Wilson Staff has a legitimate claim to being the leaders in the new "soft" ball revolution. The company introduced the Staff Titanium back in 1997, an 80 compression ball at a time when most premium balls were in the 90 to 110 range. The Elite 50, The DUO and last year's DUO Spin continued the trend. Other companies are jumping on the soft bandwagon, so right now the consumer has a wide range of choices when it comes to low compression balls. Earlier this month Wilson introduced its first Urethane covered low compression ball, the DUO Urethane. Three luck MyGolfSpyers are getting outfitted with 3 dozen of the new DUO's to try out, including a dozen with the official logo of Super Bowl 50 (Wilson, of course, is the official football of the NFL). They're primed and ready to share their thoughts not only here but on social media. Our test crew includes: Golfzilla2069 1st Impressions Review EthanSterlingPrice 1st Impressions Review sp0rtsfan86 1st Impressions Review We've had some discussion on this ball before, so let's keep it going here. Any questions you have for the boys, let 'em fly!! For more info on the Wilson DUO Urethane, click here.
  23. Pop Quiz: What has a FLX Face, Power Holes, TE031 Urethane, is very, very long and wants to live in your golf bag for free? If you answered the Wilson Staff C200 irons, you may already be a winner! All you have to do is demo the C200's at your local golf shop and post your pictures here! The Mother of All Contests Let's cut to the chase. MyGolfSpy and the good folks at Wilson Staff have a significantly awesome, tremendously fun and incredibly easy way for two of you to win a set of Wilson's new and very highly rated C200 irons. And one more lucky MyGolfSpy fan will win a full “Head To Toe” Wilson Staff equipment and apparel makeover. We're talking hat, shirt and belt for apparel; driver, woods, irons, wedges, putter, golf balls and a personalized Wilson Staff staff bag – the real “Wilson Eye for the Golf Guy” treatment! Yup, you read that right. Two of you win full sets of the Wilson C200's, and one of you gets the Full Monty, Wilson-style. Holy FLX Face, Batman! Sound interesting? We thought so. It's easy to enter. You'll need the MyGolfSpy app for iPhone or Android, and you'll have to demo the Wilson C200's at any local golf shop, demo event or driving range near you. Post your pictures and thoughts right here and then wait for the UPS truck to show up with a long, skinny brown box! Here's the thing – the clock is ticking. You have until Sunday, March 20th at 8PM Eastern Time get your entry in. Our selection committee will choose the winners for the two sets of C200's, as well as the Grand Prize “Head To Toe” Makeover winner, so spelling counts. As do pictures. And words – be sure to tell us what you think. And while it won't necessarily help your chances, posting on all the usual Social Media suspects won't necessarily hurt your chances, either. Especially if you use the following #hashtags (hint, hint): #MyGolfSpyC200 #C200 #GenFLX But Wait, There's More… Wilson will be holding demo and fitting events at stores and golf courses nationwide today through Sunday, and you can find that list and register for a custom-fitting online. And if you register for and attend a fitting event at one of the participating PGA Super Stores, you'll also get a $20 store gift card for your trouble. Marching Orders So here are the steps: Download the MyGolfSpy Mobile App for iPhone or Android Demo the Wilson C200's at ANY LOCAL GOLF SHOP, or at one of the events listed by Wilson Post pictures, location and your thoughts below. Remember, this is a fast-track contest. The deadline for posting on the Forum is Sunday, 20th at 8PM Eastern Time. So don't dilly-dally. We'll announce the winners right here on Monday, March 21st. Go…
  24. Pick The Super Bowl 50 Winner and Win This Driver!!! Super Bowl 50 is upon us - will Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset with one last victory, or will Cam Newton be "dabbing" his way to the Lombardi Trophy? And will YOU be gaming the new Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver this season? There's a lot riding on the Big Game's outcome -- and MyGolfSpy wants to make this as interesting as possible. All you have to do is pick the winner and final score - if you nail it, you'll win a brand spankin' new FG Tour F5 driver from Wilson Staff. It's a right-handed, 9* adjustable driver with a real deal Fubuki Z50 shaft in stiff (click here to check it out). So here's what you need to do: 1. Pick the winner and final score 2. Tie breaker #1: SB50 MVP 3. Tie breaker #2: TD passes for the winning QB Simple stuff - have at it and let the trash talk begin!!
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