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Found 3 results

  1. I got a some bag upgrades so I figured I would update you guys. I was playing two hybrids (3 and 4) but found that they were going a similar distance (not sure why), so I decided to dump the 3H and stick with the 4H as I am more comfortable with it. I also upgraded my irons and 3 wood, I am currently gaming the M6 Irons (4-PW) and the Ben Hogan GS53 (total technological upgrade, may or may not stick in the bag). I also replaced my GW with a Sub70 48*, will probably replace my 56* with another club from Sub70 once they come out with their new Satin wedges. The last upgrade would be the putter, decided to go with the Wilson Staff Michigan Ave which I am enjoying thus far. Here are some pics:
  2. Meanwhile back in the states today, more golf was being played on the PGA Tour as the rain delayed Barbasol Championship wrapped up. Troy Merritt took the win with an impressive 23 under par. Birides were a lot more plentiful in Kentucky than Carnoustie. Note this was only Merritt's second round with the Raw V6's. WITB FG Tour V6 RAW 4-9, PW Irons KBS C-Taper 125 Tour Velvet D300 9* Driver Diamana D+ 70 X Tour Velvet FG Tour V4 2 or 3 Utility Iron KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid Tour Velvet FG Tour PMP 50° Traditional FG Tour PMP 54° Traditional FG Tour PMP 58° Tour Grind KBS Tour 120 Tour Velvet
  3. I will start with: Yes, I know someone from Wilson. And it's summer here now! HCap is hanging around the 2 area. My birthday in October was my 44th anniversary of my first set of clubs. No pictures because there's nothing to see here. They're all pretty bog standard. Ask if you're really bored. Most important thing in my bag: As powerful as I can get sunscreen: I have had melanomas removed. It is not pleasant- it is cancer, and a very nasty cancer. It took me 2 years to get over it and the treatment played havoc with my game and wardrobe. However, I now have a nice selection of Oakley garments in my current smaller size. OK, things to hit balls with. Wilson gear may look off-the-rack but it's not. We tried other shafts and almost went with heavy Nippons. The S300 have been tweaked. Driver: Cobra Fly-Z plus, 10*, weight back, black, Tour AD GT-7 stiff, 44.5" D2 Fairway: Cobra Fly-Z, 14.5*, black, Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie, stiff, 43" D2 Utility Irons: Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 2/18* & 3/21*, 7g weight, Kuro Kage Black 90 Stiff D2 Irons: 4-7 Wilson Staff FG Tour V4, Dynamic Gold DG Pro S300 D2 Irons: 8-P Wilson Staff FG Tour V4, Dynamic Gold DG Pro S300 1* strong D2 Gap Wedge: 52* Wilson Staff TC, DG Spinner, 2* flat Lob/Sand Wedge: 58* Wilson Staff TC Tour Grind sole, DG Wedge, 2* flat (If you want to know why my wedges are 2* flat, ask!) (52/58* wedges are getting tired and are about to be replaced. Open to brand and models.) All grips Lamkin Crossline midsize based on trajectory, not hand size. Putter: SeeMore FGP 35.5" w/ Lamkin "SeeMore" grip Putter left near my bag to remind the FGP that no one is indispensable: Nickent Tour Prototype Milled MP/05 (Putters that I used to use now hanging on the wall in the man cave: Wilson 8802, Spalding TP Mills II, original Ping PAL, original Ping B61. Showing my age there...) Bags: Wilson Staff neXus carry Wilson Staff staff with "the Loop" extra strap. I prefer the older red & white bags- a classic look. The red ones and the black ones... Meh. Balls: Srixon Z-Star XV white balls during 2015, but I'm reviewing my 2016 balls. Other things in the bag, besides sunscreen (did I mention sunscreen?): Lycra sleeves for those high UV days. Tees: 2.75" unfinished wood. Rule book: What do you mean you don't have one? While I am a rules official and unless it's a tournament or you're really pissing me off, it's there mainly because of other golfers who ruin my round by not waiting until I've finished my enjoyment before they ask questions... Gloves: Wilson Conform. I find them more comfortable than the FG Tour gloves I can also get for the same nominal cost. Towel: Club Glove caddy towel. Bananas.
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