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  1. Well folks, debated not posting but figured I've gotta start somewhere! It's a bit of a hodge podge, but here's my current load out: Driver: TaylorMade R9 SupterTri (Fujikura MotoreF1 65 shaft) 3W: Callaway X2 Hot (Aldila Tour Green 75 Tx shaft) Irons (PW-2): Ping Eye 2 Wedges (52 & 60): Mack Daddy 2's Putter: Ping Cushin Being that my wife and I still have college loans breathing down our necks I'm on a bit of a budget. This in mind, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on what would be most worth upgrading next? There's not really a club in here I can't stand, and don't want to go buy something that will only be a marginal difference from what I've got. Hit me with what you think!
  2. I haven't been around in a while but figured an update thread as I build my new bag would be a decent way to make a comeback. I haven't really updated my bag in awhile and now have the opportunity to make some changes. I'll be updating it over the next year until I have it set the way I'd like it. I have not gotten fit for any of the new clubs as right now it's not a luxury I can afford but I am a big proponent of custom fitting. I have selected heads that offer forgiveness and some adjustability where needed while also providing the aesthetics that I like to see near the ball. I have selected shafts that I feel will work the best for my swing based on the research I've done. To date I have ordered a new driver, which I have received already (see pictures) and ordered new irons and wedges. I will be finishing out the bag with a new putter, 2 more wedges, 2 hybrids, and a fairway over the next few months to a year. My new driver (pictures included): PXG 0811XF Gen4 Loft - 10.5° Length - 45" Shaft - Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 60g R Grip - PXG Z5 Black Midsize My new irons: PXG 0311T Gen3 (5 - 9) Loft - Stock on 5 - 8, 1° strong on 9 Length - +0.5" Shaft - Mitsubishi MMT 70g R Grip - GolfPride Tour Velvet Midsize My new wedges: TaylorMade MG3 (PW & GW) Loft - 45° PW (1° Strong) & 50° GW (Stock) Length - +0.5" Shaft - Mitsubishi MMT 70g R Grip - GolfPride Tour Velvet Midsize Will post pics of the new irons and wedges when they arrive.
  3. So What's in my bag! I'm the admin for a Trevino fan page!....He needed one so I made one! Well So my journey to a TM bag started with getting gifted a few clubs like my putter and a stand bag at a fundraising tournament in a raffle. From there I just started to fill out the rest of the bag with TM stuff (partly because growing up like many my age TW is king). But harsh reality I cant practice as much as the GOAT and I'm not 6'2 and built like a small Wide Receiver. So my bag is a mis match of me figuring out where the clubs can help me get some help and some results. The only things I've been fit for are my woods. The irons,gonna take something special to knock them out of the bag (maybe T100s??). Driver: SIM MAX - Set @9.75*,CK PRO WHITE X, I came from a 2016 M1 and the aligment was surpisingly similar to that. My favorite part of this club has been my off center hits dont cost me like they used to. Instead of a reload or getting stymied by a tough lie next to the amazon rainforest, I have maybe one tree in the way I can easily navigate around. But since I changed my swing to a figure 8 Trevino style deal those are becoming a thing of the past. The shaft is so darn stable that if I really want to hit up on it....yep, Lefty style bombs that dont plug here in Orlando(rains alot in the summer). 3W: SIM MAX - Set @15.0*, I have always stuggled with some height ever since starting the bowed wrist thing and flattening out the swing a bit....but this thing (pardon the cliche) is my rocketballz cannon. I remember having mis-hit a drive when I was first starting to make some changes and I came to a par 5 where I skied a drive and this club got me on the green from 258 from a scruffy lie....needless to say Birdie (the group had a collective groan) LOL. The best part of TM's industrial design team is really onto something because even though it indeed is 15 degrees this thing looks like a 7 wood to me....big bonus, it definitely earned the VSteel sub-heading. 3Hy: SIM MAX - Set @19.0* - THIS! Changed my whole world view on Hybrids. Pre swing change everything hybrid used to give me hook nightmares! This from 240 is a gem. I may never get rid of it! The beauty of this thing was I can hit it higher and softer than my 3 irons(which I still use depending on conditions)....call me crazy but the 3 comes out after shower when I need something a bit trappy. In general I'm not sure how much the speed pocket plays into my enjoyment of the club but the speed pocket acoustics are nailed on this one....the only way I can describe it is a solid, deeper tone. One to consider now that its a cycle behind now. 4-PW Rocketbladez Tour (Sometimes 3-PW) : True Temper DG S300.These are my workhorses. I believe they were the last attempt TM had at trying to make something that could compete with Titleist's T-Series titans. The player-cavity sector I think ended here for TM and they went to greener and likely easier pastures with the hollow-body designs. It was a smooth transition back in the day to switch from the OG Ping S-56s. I get enough feedback from them but the vibration dampening is a plus for me, I dont need the extra buzz in my wrists or elbow if I dont flush one (flushing them more these days, thanks Lee!). Hi-Toe Wedges: 50,56,60(Bigfoot). First off I love my shovels...I took Lee's advice to heart(although many others online have obvsiously said this) which was to play with more bounce. So these were such a dream while hitting on the launch monitor I grabbed em right away. Now usually you see the pros with more bounce on the 56 and less on the 60. For me more bounce in the 60 is more for the fluffy sand and the spongy lies out at "The Mouse" so immediately my chipping improved around the greens. The place where these wedges do it for me is in the partial swing shots, these wedges are in-and-out of the turf big plus if you love to keep the back of the left hand going down the target line as long as possible. Putter: TP Patina Collection Juno - Superstroke Grip. I have never seen a bad looking anser putter.....now whether I can use them well or not is the question. I may be a dinosaur but I hated inserts for a long long time. This one I picked up off the table at the tournament over here at Isleworth....It just spoke to me. I wanted to see if it lined up well for me....it did. With a single line behind the topline really helped me hit get a better roll. The weights in the ports really complement the grooved insert which let me for the first time have great distance control and stability on offcenter hits....I wonder if they managed to get "TWIST-FACE" into the putters too haha....maybe thats what Morikawa was relying on at THE OPEN(yes I'm with DJ on this, I changed what I call it once I learned thats the real name of it) Ball: ProV1x/Srixon Z Star XV- The Gold Standard, Its long and stable and it lets me knock a few sandies in to keep my rounds going. Theres a reason they earned their reputation. The 4 piece is perfect spin for my medium to low piercing Drives. The face that it keep its spin axis pretty tight also lets me hit those Trevino style "Burning Wedges" without spinning back off the greens like the old Strata(remember them?) balls used to. Sometimes I used this when it's super windy, or when I've spent too much on the 19th hole haha....Solid ball I would recommend to all of the lower caps out there as well as the aspiring ones. Thats it! Thanks for reading -Flea Trevino(Few Pics of address below)
  4. I will start at the Top of the Bag and work my way down. Driver- I currently am using a Mavrik Sub Zero w/ Kinetixx Ballistic Shaft. I love this shaft, it has been my favorite shaft I have played although i would love to test out the Kinetixx Velocity shaft and the LAGolf shafts. The Mavrik I would have to say I am not totally in love with. It is not the most forgiving driver but when I center punch one it is the longest driver I have personally played.( Other than Long drive clubs). NO 3 WOOD For where I Live and where I play I use my 3 wood only about 1 or 2 times a year so I replaced it with a 2 iron. 2 IRON- Mizuno MP-20 HMB w/ Nippon TOUR 130 X stiff Shaft. I have a love/hate relationship with this club. I want to try and get a graphite shaft for it but as of now I have a steel shaft which in my Opinion makes it a little tougher to hit. When I hit it good it can be a great alternative to a 3 wood or a driver. I cant get it to about 250+ on solid contact and good conditions. I do struggle to consistently hit this club solid. This is partially the player and then also I believe I need a different shaft. This has great potential of being a driver replacement for tight fairways or dog legs. 3 IRON(UTILITY IRON)- COBRA King Utility iron w/ Kinetixx Ballistic 90G shaft. This is probably my favorite club in the top of my bag. This is an awesome fairway finder and other situations club. It is much more forgiving then my 2 iron and It feels and flies great. This is surprisingly workable and useful in the rough also. 4-PW Miura TC-201 w/ project X 7.0. I enjoy these irons. I bought these more so out of curiosity of what Miura's were like to play. I would say the TC-201 plays closer to a Blade than a cavity back which is what they take on the looks of. All I have ever heard is they are butter. So I wanted to see for myself. As much as I enjoy these clubs, they are not exactly what I thought they would be, they are butter at times but they are also hard to hit. My expectations were higher then the reality of them. That is not to say the don't feel great and play great. I would personally be open to selling these and testing out other irons, but I still enjoy playing these clubs and the looks of them don't hurt either. To Compare before this I had AP2's and I loved those clubs but the curiosity of what Muira's were like got to me and I had to try them. WEDGES- VOKEY SM8(50,56,60)-- I cannot say enough how much I enjoy playing vokey wedges. I personally will ever have a hard time changing to something else. I bought some taylormade hi-toes to try out and ended up selling them after 1 range session because I did not like the weight and the feel of them. I think vokeys are the best wedges you can get but there are some wedges I have not tried. PUTTER- 33' Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5, this is my favorite putter I have used. It feels soft off the face and feels heavy enough in my hands to give me confidence in my putting stroke. ACCESORIES Other things I have in my bag that I enjoy and the 2 tour towels from Legion Golf, Right now I use Asher gloves if I don't use those Taylor made makes a glove I like. I usually use Titleist prov1x balls. I have a precision pro NX9 which I enjoy using I am not sure if it is much of a con but the button on top is almost too easy to press but other than that it is very nice to use at a great price. I personally use a sun mountain pathfinder 4 push cart and I love using it. It makes walking much better than lugging clubs on your back and not having to pay for a cart or ride in a cart. I also buy Dormie workshop headcovers. High quality head covers but it comes in a little bit pricey for a headcover. I like the designs and things Dormie comes out with.
  5. New setup from Driver to LW. I'm kinda excited. Driver: Srixon Z785 9.5°, Mitsubishi Tensi CK Pro Orange Stiff FW: Srixon Z785 13.5°, Mitsubishi Tensi CK Pro Orange Stiff UT: Srixon ZU85 #2 & #4, Aerotech Steelfiber 110i CW Irons: Srixon Z785 5-Pw, TTDG TI S400 Wedges: Cleveland RTX4 Raw 50°, 54°, 58° TTDG TI S400
  6. My WITB Setup Driver: TaylorMade SIM Max 9.5 Woods: TaylorMade Rbz Stage2 15° 3W(Next Upgrade) Iron Set: TaylorMade Aeroburner HL 4-PW, AW, SW Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore 52° & Cleveland RTX3 CB 60° Putter: TaylorMade Spider X Hydroblast Planning on upgrading my 3W after spacing out my wedges with Cleveland RTX Zipcore 48° & 56°. No need for 5W or 3H since the one I had was same loft as 4 iron. I'm one of those people that hits irons much better than woods and hybrids. My wedges will be lofted at degrees of 43.5, 48, 52, 56, & 60 after i replace Aeroburner HL AW & SW. Thanks for stopping by to see what's in my bag!!
  7. Recently threw the hammer down on a nearly complete update of my bag, which is also the first time I've gotten new clubs since 2009 (aka in high school). Fired up and wanted to share. Then (scroll down for Now) d: Titleist 909D2, 9.5°, Aldila Voodoo 60 S 3w: Taylormade VSteel, 15°, Aldila NVS 65 S h: Adams Idea Pro Gold, 20°, Mitsubishi JAVLN FX H80 S 4-p: Ping i15, black dot, Ping AWT S wedges: 50.08F, 54.08M, 60.08M, Vokey SM7, wedge flex (okay these aren't from high school they're newer) p: Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball (okay you got me this is actually from middle school) bag: Ping Hoofer + Sun Mountain Speed Cart (push carts are the truth and I had to show mine the respect it deserves in the photos) Now d: TSi3 8°, Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI 60X 3w: TSi2 15°, HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 70 6.5 3h: TSi2 18°, Aldila Rogue Silver 85HY X 4-p: Mizuno MP20 MMC, NS Pro 1150GH Taper stiff wedges: 50.08F, 54.08, 60.08: Vokey SM7, wedge flex (no change) p: Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball (no change) bag: Sun Mountain Metro Sunday Bag (no legs works very well with the push cart) [for the curious: ball: Pro V1 range: Precision Pro NX9 RGC edition (I prefer the grey/orange-red color scheme to grey/green )]
  8. Driver Realtree 10.5 3 wood TruLaugh 14 degrees 5 wood TruLaugh 20 degrees 4-PW irons Callaway Extreme chipper Ping Putter Give from FNL 1971 Ping Putter 1971
  9. Driver: Cobra Speedzone 9* - Hzrdus Smoke 60g x-stiff Fairways - Cobra Speedzone 14.5 - Hzrdus smoke 70g Stiff, Cobra Speedzone 17.5 - Hzrdus smoke Stiff Irons - Mizuno Hot Metal Pro (4-PW) - KBS C-Taper 115 Wedges - Cobra MIM black 52, Cobra MIM black 56 Putter - Scotty Cameron Del Mar Custom/ Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas/ Evnroll ER5 Black
  10. Alright as the year and season comes to a close, its time to update the What’s in the bag for the end of the year. I also thought it would be fun to include my stock yardages for each club. All average yardages were captured with GCQuad. Without further adieu here we go. DRIVER: Titleist TSi3 (7.25*) AV RAW WHITE 65 X Tipped 1.5” 3 WOOD: Titleist TSi3 (14.25*) AV RAW WHITE 75 X Tipped 1” DRIVING IRON: Titleist u500 (17*) HRZDUS SMOKE 90 6.5 4/5/6 IRONS: Titleist T100S (21*/25*/29*) C-Taper 130 X 7/8/9/P IRONS: Titleist 620MB (33*/37*/41*/45*) C-Taper 130 X WEDGES: Vokey SM7 (50*/55*/60*) DG X100 PUTTER: Evnroll ER2 BALL: Titleist ProV1 Yellow #3 ACCESSORIES SCORECARD COVER: Custom Thistle Leather Goods Cover RANGE FINDER: Precision Pro NX7Pro BALL MARKER: Custom DPattGolf Logo Metal Marker GLOVE: Under Armour Strikeskin Tour
  11. edit: Scroll through the thread to see how my bag setup has progressed since joining the MGS forums. Finally finished going through my clubs and updating. As some of you might know, I stopped playing golf for about 6 years, and the last time I played regularly was probably 10 years ago. Fell back in love with the sport after my first round back 2 months ago, but playing the same sticks I've had since high school wasn't exciting, so over the last 2 months I've worked through all of them and replaced everything! Old setup: Callaway 454 Big Bertha Callaway Big Bertha 3W (the original ones) 4-PW Ping Eye 2 Callaway X-12 gap wedge Cleveland SW - don't remember the name Ping b60i - the original isopur one from the 90s Now on to the good stuff: http://i.imgur.com/I6u6Yq2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/U9IC0Gn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NQvZ72y.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6DEK2pA.jpg Callaway GBB Epic 10.5 HZRDUS 6.0 Callaway XR16 3W Fujikura Speeder S-flex TaylorMade M2 22* Stock R-flex Nike Vapor Pro Combo 5-AW Callaway MD3 56-10 & 60-8 Evnroll ER-7
  12. What's in my bag: I'm loving the Mizuno 2-iron and the Cobra fairway wood, but the rest of the clubs are just random ones from Dick's sales. I would love to get fitted for some Taylormade P7MBs but I don't have the money for anything like that right now. I would also love to ditch the hybrids; I hit them fine but just I don't like the feel of them. The shafts in my irons and hybrids are Regular+ flex graphite, so there's way too much torque/twisting for my swing (~115 driver clubhead speed). I'm having fun getting better and I'll hopefully be getting fitted sometime in the next few years.
  13. Alright guys, tell me what you think of this setup! Really liking this set, but may take out the T-100 irons for Mizuno MP20 blades in the 6-P and HMB in 4-5.
  14. Hey all, First off, I like getting new stuff and second, I'm on a relatively limited budget for equipment, so the bag definitely reflects that. I'm a BIG fan of GigaGolf and highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a custom-ish set without spending a whole ton of money. That's why they make up the majority of my bag (and speaking of the bag, they actually included it for free). Besides that, I always like a good clearance sale. Driver was $99 on clearance from Golf Galaxy, 3w and hybrids were about $130 total, $140 on the 5-PW, and $80 for the three wedges. Putter listed in the signature is brand new to the bag, picked up from RockBottomGolf for $30 during a "tent" sale, but if it doesn't perform I'll go back to a Cleveland Smart Square Blade that I actually found thrown out with a bunch of junk clubs a couple years ago.
  15. Anyone else see Rickie plying a practice round with the F9? I thought I saw it in one of the earlier tournaments also, maybe in Detroit? any news on this? He is the face of Cobra and SpeedZone which I find surprising I don’t see more Bryson speedzone commercials.
  16. Driver: Taylormade m5 9.0 - Tensei Orange TX 60g 3 wood: Taylormade m5 3 wood - stock Tensei orange 75g x stiff Driving iron: Srixon ZU65 20 degree - Miyazacki tour issue blue 7x x stiff shaft. 4 iron: Mizuno mp20 HMB - KBS Ctaper lite x 5-PW: MP18 blades - KBS Ctaper x stiff (3 and 4 iron taken out) Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM6 50 54 58 black finish - KBS C taper X and S in lob wedge. Putter: Evnroll ER2 34 inch Ball: Bridgestone tour BXS Think that works out to being 3 Mygolfspy winners in the bag? Correct me if I'm wrong! (Disclaimer the picture is slightly old)
  17. Mizuno ST 200 9.5 driver/stiff Mizuno ST200 TS 3 wood Mizuno CLK hybrid 3 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 4-GW (KBS C-Taper Line Stiff) Cleveland CBX2 54 and 58 wedges Mizuno M Craft II putter Now...if I could only hit them consistently...
  18. Its been awhile but its finally time for me to post an update to my WITB for my 2nd year as a Professional. NOTE* I will be testing the HONMA TR20 440 DRIVER so come join the thread & see if it will be helping me win some tournament money this year or if it gets left in the car. Current Bag & Specs are the following: Driver: Titleist TS3 8.5* - Diamana D+Plus Limited Edition 70X, Tipped 1" 3 Wood: Titleist TS3 14.25* - Diamana D+Plus Limited Edition 80X Driving Iron: Titleist U500 17* - HZRDUS Smoke 90X Long Irons (4-6): Titleist T100S (21*, 25*, 29*) - KBS C-Taper 130X Short Irons (7-PW): Titleist 620MB (33*, 37*, 41*, 45*) - KBS C-Taper 130X 50* Wedge: Vokey SM7 F.12 - DG X100 55* Wedge: Vokey SM7 S.11 - DG X100 60* Wedge: Vokey SM7 M.08 - DG X100 Putter: Evnroll ER2 - P2 Aware Tour Ball: Titleist ProV1 Yellow #3 Glove: Under Armour Strikeskin Tour Bag: Titleist Hybrid 14
  19. DUSTIN JOHNSON COLLECTS 21ST PGA TOUR VICTORY AND MAIDEN WIN FOR TAYLORMADE SIM DRIVER AND TRUSS PUTTER Team TaylorMade's Dustin Johnson wins the Travelers Championship keeping his streak of winning every season on the PGA TOUR since turning professional in 2008. Carlsbad, Calif. (June 28, 2020) - In just the third event back since the PGA TOUR re-start, TaylorMade's Dustin Johnson added two SIM Max rescues and a Truss TB1 putter to his bag at TPC River Highlands to claim a one-shot victory in the Travelers Championship. His first win in 2020, Dustin Johnson now has 21 wins on the PGA TOUR and ties Tiger Woods with the most number of PGA TOUR wins since 2008 (the year DJ turned pro). Dustin's Truss TB1 putter. © Getty Images Dustin made some key changes to his bag this week adding a brand new putter, Truss TB1 and two SIM Max rescues. DJ has switched between blade and mallet style putters during his career, loving the look and feel of a blade, but the stability and roll with mallets. With Truss, he has the stability through the truss structure on the hosel and the roll from the PureRoll™ insert. Here are the specs of his Truss TB1: Loft: 3° Lie: 70° Length: 35.75" Swing Weight: E0 Grip: SuperStroke Pistol GT Using a SIM driver, SIM Max fairway, two SIM Max rescues and a TP5 golf ball, DJ carded rounds of 69-64-61-67 to win by 1 shot at -19. One of DJ's two SIM Max rescues in the bag this week. © Getty Images NEED TO KNOW DJ maintains his streak of having won in each of the last 13 seasons on PGA TOUR since turning pro Maiden victory on the PGA TOUR for SIM driver and Truss putter This was the first week DJ had used Truss TB1 DJ gained +1.532 strokes in Putting this week at Travelers Championship Dustin jumps to number 3 in the OWGR DJ now ties Tiger Woods for the most number of PGA TOUR wins (21) since 2008 DUSTIN JOHNSON WITB SIM 10.5° driver SIM Max 15.0° fairway SIM Max 19.0° rescue SIM Max 22.0 rescue P730 4-PW irons MG2 52° and 60° wedges Truss TB1 putter TP5X ball #1
  20. Started golfing again late last year after 15 year break. Driver: Cobra F9 - Hazardous Smoke X stiff 3w: Callaway Steelhead - reg. Utility: Titleist u500 2i - Hazardous smoke x stiff 3H: Cobra F9 Hybrid - Stiff 5-pw: Ping i210 Dynamic Gold x100 52/56/60: Wilson Staff forged - DG s300 Putter: Scotty Cameron X 5 futura Bag: Ping Hoofer Ball: TM tp5 pix
  21. Mizuno ST180 driver (Stiff) Mizuno ST190 3 wood (stiff) Mizuno MP-18 SC irons (3-PW, stiff) Vokey SM7 wedges, 50-08 F, 54-10 S, 58-14K Odyssey White Hot 2-ball
  22. Hey everyone! Finally getting to do a WITB for 2020 as I am "almost" finished upgrading my set after a decade of gaming a chain store complete set! My signature has my up to date setup, including bag, preferred balls and current shoes....enjoy Full bag - Mizuno BRD-4 Cart bag in Gray / Red.....just waiting for spring / quarantine to be over to get fit again for new Mizuno irons!! WITB layout of bag contents...loving the ARCCOS caddie paired with my Apple Watch!! Decades old Slazenger Wrath irons 5-PW still in play until I get my hands on some quality Mizuno irons....got fit for JPX 919's last year but seeing the new MP-20 HMB's make me drool!! New Adidas Code Chaos shoes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.....thinking about grabbing a second pair to switch on-off to keep them fresh!! Upgraded the 3W to a SIM Max 15 deg this year......man this thing is a WEAPON from 200 yards Replaced the Driver early last season with the M5 9 deg tuned down to 7 deg after a great fitting with Club Champion Even though I have always had a good feeling for putting, upgrading to the Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 has given me the extra bit of confidence when on the green!! Excited to see what the rest of 2020 will bring!! Thanks everyone! John (J_L_35) Stay Safe out there!!
  23. Actually did a video of what's in my bag for 2020. I'm a team Callaway supporter all the way. I break down not only the clubs in my bag but also what accessories I have as well. https://youtu.be/a8PTyUVbPPE
  24. Golf is expensive...I bet a lot of us get a bit sad when we see the price tag of new clubs in retail stores. Most of us probably can't justify spending ($500-$1000) on a stock or custom fit club or much more for a set of irons, but it is amazing what deals you can find on the internet! Personally, I haven't bought a "new" club in years, but you'd never know from looking at my bag. So, I'm curious... what are your BEST finds from second hand sources like kijiji, ebay, globalgolf, secondswing, etc. that are in your bag? If you picked up a Scotty at a garage sale for $15 you win My Top 2: Taylormade P790 UDI 2i - KBS Hybrid 80S Shaft My pride and joy...Picked this beauty up Sept 2019 from globalgolf.ca ($130 CAD taxed+shipped). Listed as "value" condition, but I SWEAR it had the plastic on it Cobra F9 Driver - Black & Yelow (9 deg) - Fuji Atmos Black TS 7X - No Headcover Purchased Feb 2020. Bought from globalgolf.ca ($215 CAD taxed+shipped). Listed as "value" condition, but there is NO CHANCE it had ever been hit. What's the best deal in YOUR bag?!
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