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Found 3 results

  1. OFFICIAL PRECISION PRO NEXUS RANGEFINDER REVIEW Follow along as our four testers put the Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder to the test. Designed to offer all of the competitive advantages of the big boys at a fraction of the cost, can the Nexus deliver on those lofty goals? Read what our testers have to say and find out! With that being said, let's meet our four testers! BIG STU Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Aotearoa_Brad Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Severtheties Stage One Stage Two Stage Three GolfingGreg Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Let us know what you think! Visit Precision Pro's Website HERE Visit Precision Pro's Facebook HERE Visit Precision Pro's Twitter HERE Visit Precision Pro's Instagram HERE
  2. Recently I've been toying around with making myself a yardage booklet of my home course. I most recently tried the 3UP method. It's a good one but I just lost interest in using Google Earth and the sketch program it requires. I'm just not that techie anymore. So, I'm going back to the old school method of sketching up my own. Well sort of…. I ordered a couple of Yardage Marker™ flip booklets to give myself a little guidance and head start. The booklets are spiral bound and the pages are a nice heavy card stock paper. On the front cover it says, A Do-It-Yourself Yardage Book for the Competitive Golfer. Inside the front cover is a description of how to use the book along with common symbols and two example holes of what you'll want to emulate. I think what I'll do initially is go out on the course alone in the late evenings and walk a few holes at a time. I have a measuring wheel to push as well as a laser GPS. I'll take along some other type of tablet and make some sketches as I go. Later I'll re-sketch what I drew in my Yardage Book. I think the whole exercise will be interesting and a good learning process. Over time I can refine my book as needs arise. Does anyone else use a yardage book? Have you made your own?
  3. Speed Review Voice Caddie VC300 – Voice Guidance GPS Written by: Dan Mann Elegant Voice Caddie has hit a home run out of the gate with packaging alone. Upon delivery to my office many co-workers stopped by my desk to ask if I'd gotten a new iPhone. Nope - just a new golf front/middle/back GPS device, with a really sexy box and an inner velvet lining. Then I opened the box. The VC300 is seriously a good looking product with a stunningly modern and elegant design. It's clean, glossy and something that would fit right in on the bridge of JJ Abrams new Star Trek Enterprise. With some of the bulky & sometimes gaudy wrist based products out there, the Voice Caddie 300 is a refreshing treat and something that truly turns heads. My playing partners on the weekend commented immediately upon noticing, just how cool it is. Oooo, and they throw in a slick magnetic ball-marker to boot! Effortless Everything about the Voice Caddie VC300 is easy and that begins with charging. The company recommends a full charge before first use, so take the USB adapter and plug ‘er into the wall. Ya so easy you laugh, but having used competitor brands with quirky charging adaptor connections the VC300 really is a breeze. Initial set up is a few basic steps involving holding down the power button. Voice Caddie greets you, prompts user to select yards or meters and you're done. The remaining setup revolves around reading the manual which is so clearly laid out there's pretty much no going wrong here; you're simply up and running in 5 easy steps. Checking the on board course database and updates are simple as well. After creating an account on the VC website Users simple run the exe file, plug in their device when prompted and then you just cruise around the well laid out software interface. Taking advantage of the VC300's features is an effortless task to say the least. Volume plus/minus buttons are placed on the end for easy access. Swiping forward gives you back yardage, swipe back for front and just click middle for, well ya, middle of green. Exemplary SHE SPEAKS!!! Well, sounds like a female at least. It's “Voice Caddie”, what did you expect? Everything the User needs is a few words away. Volume level is adjustable of course and I found a setting of level 6/7 very easy to understand when outdoors. Course start up was fairly quick. On the first tee I powered the VC300, I'm greeted with “power level XX” and within under 2 minutes a heavenly voice spoke to me from above; “Course Detected”. Well that's a good thing, considering there's over 30,000 preloaded. Oh and when you walk onto the tee there's automatic hole detection, which of course is vocalized to you too. I did encounter an issue though with it finding the first tee one of the days. At Cove the 3rd tee is next to 1, VC could not find the first until I met up with Nidine on the ladies tee. Luckily the VC300 offers a manual hole adjustment feature and with a couple button clicks the problem was solved. Did I miss my laser? Once or twice when I needed to know a layup carry to or over a creek for example, but this is not a laser product so let's look at what it does do. The VC300 gives you front, middle and back yardage; and confirming with my laser it does it well, fast and quite accurately. And boy, when you're standing behind a mound with no line of site to pin, you don't have to run up the hill and laser it out; swipe or click away and that lovely voice whispers distance right to you. This is a fabulous product for not only beginners, but the experienced player looking to keep things fairly simple. I love the fact I don't need to go into the bag all the time and with a swipe I have the distance read to me I need to get to. I found myself using the back yardage a lot more and working back. This meant a lot more middle of greens and not coming up short as frequently. If you can calculate +/- say 5 yards fairly easily, which you better be able to, then this product is a no brainer. Another great feature of the VC300 is shot measurement. Simply hold down the main button until you hear “Now measuring shot distance”. Repeat this process when you arrive at your balls location and viola, Voice Caddie has tracked you distance. Awesome. So remember that issue with finding the first tee? Well I emailed Voice Caddie and they got back to me fast, assuring me they'll be updating the database real soon. Thanks Voice Caddie! As for battery life, the VC300 lasted 27 holes (18 one weekend and 9 the following) and still has some juice left. I'll charge though before next time out. The Wrap Elegant Effortless Exemplary MBP Approves - A lot I never thought I'd give up my laser, but with the ease and accessibility the Voice Caddie VC300 offers it's hard to not want to use it. I have a very good eye for distance already and just having a simple reassurance at a touch of what I basically already estimated is enough for me. If front, middle and back yardage is all you need then the Voice Caddie VC300 should be at the top of your list. Seriously I think this is the quintessential GPS product out there. http://voicecaddie.com/ http://voicecaddie.com/2013/product_vc300_01.php Sorry JJ, I couldn't resist.
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