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Sign up Closed: FlightScope Mevo Progression Test

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Equipment Type: Launch Monitor
Vendor: FlightScope

Testers Wanted! FlightScope Mevo Progression Series


Exploring FlightScope Mevo: Elevate Your Golf Experience

FlightScope stands as a frontrunner in the personal launch monitor domain, catering to golfers' diverse needs, abilities, and budgets. As a renowned brand, FlightScope has consistently excelled in various Most Wanted seasons, securing high ratings and top rankings for its Mevo range.

FlightScope Mevo: 

This launch monitor employs 3D Doppler radar technology, delivering precise data for both indoor and outdoor use. Tracking eight crucial data parameters, including carry distance, spin rate, club speed, and ball speed, the Mevo is a potent tool for purposeful golf practice.

FlightScope Mevo+: 

A step up in the FlightScope range, the Mevo+ acts as both a launch monitor and simulator. Utilizing patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology, it combines 3D Doppler radar technology with synchronized high-speed image processing, ensuring accurate and consistent data for every shot. With over 20 data parameters for full swing, short game swings, and putting, the Mevo+ is a comprehensive package offering golf simulation and games.

Mevo+ Pro Package:

Enhance your experience with the Mevo+ Pro Package, unlocking an additional 20 parameters, including short game and D-Plane data. This software upgrade broadens the scope of data analysis and provides golfers with comprehensive insights.

Face Impact Location Software: 

FlightScope offers a software upgrade for Face Impact Location, integrated into their FS Golf App. This feature empowers users to refine accuracy and consistency across all clubs, with detailed strike location analysis for a comprehensive swing assessment.

Supported by the FS Golf 2.0 App, FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ users gain access to a wealth of data, simulation options, games, and more, fostering continuous improvement in their golf games.

Become a FlightScope Tester!

We are seeking three golfers to conduct a progression test, exploring the full range of FlightScope Mevo products—Mevo, Mevo+, Mevo+ Pro Package, and (2) Face Impact Location software. This test aims to highlight and review the capabilities, data, and features available at each stage of FlightScope's product range.

Additionally, we are selecting three golfers to test, review, and keep the FlightScope Mevo. If you're ready to take your golf experience to new heights, sign up now!


*Open to MyGolfSpy Forum Members in the US, Canada, UK, and EU.
*Registration closes on December 12, 2023, with testers announced on December 19, 2023.
*This is a 8-10 week testing opportunity. Testers are expected to be very active during the entire testing opportunity. Selected testers will be required to have pre test call to go over details and expectations. 


On 11/23/2023 at 2:22 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

This very well could be the biggest test of the season. What an incredible opportunity and one that will be game changing for the testers who are selected. We are thrilled to partner with FlightScope on this opportunity and cannot wait to get the reviews started! 

I've always wanted something like this to have at home! It would bee awesome to be selected

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I am already a Mevo+ Pro Package owner/user and would be delighted to do a full sweep over the range of products. I am familiar with the flightscope software as well as with the E6 version for iOS and have a perpetual Awesome Golf license.

I have a proper indoor testing environment and have experience in testing the Mevo+ also outdoors. I can test outdoors during the winter. 

I would test with Titleist ProV1 regular balls (with Mevo stickers) and also with Titleist RCT (although not specifically recommended by Flightscope last time I checked, I have read they work well) and I am yet to test how they perform with the Mevo+. 

I am very curious about the possibilities and accuracy of the face impact location software and also the capabilities of the Mevo. 

Finally it would be very interesting to see if the new Mevo+ units present any differences with my current unit (one of the early ones). 

I am an industrial/mechanical/electrical engineer and a fluid mechanics professor, and I am a nerd for the different parameters that a proper launch monitor can deliver, from the basic ones such as speeds and distances, to the different paths and swing/launch angles. I believe I can provide a detailed, unbiased, and substantial review and, above all, I know I would enjoy it thoroughly. 

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I’d love this. I go over to my buddies house and we use his older mevo on his sim all the time. Currently deciding whether to build a shop or overhaul my garage to build a sim. Leaning towards the garage plan 

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