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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: ODIN Golf Balls

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Equipment Type: Golf Balls
Vendor: ODIN Golf

Calling All Golfers! Testers Wanted for ODIN Golf Balls


In the vast landscape of golf ball options available to consumers, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) golf ball market has experienced an explosion of new brands in recent years, introducing golfers to a plethora of choices.

One such brand that caught the attention of our Forum members, although not featured in the primary golf ball test of 2023, is ODIN Golf. So, who exactly is ODIN Golf, and what sets them apart in the competitive DTC golf ball market?


About ODIN Golf

According to ODIN Golf, their mission is to make golf more accessible, affordable, and streamlined for the next generation of everyday golfers.

ODIN Golf aims to deliver a golf ball experience equal to or better than traditional brands, all without breaking the bank. An additional enticing feature is ODIN Golf's unique Cashback program, offering a 20% return on every dozen purchased (applied to future purchase) providing golfers with savings on subsequent ODIN orders. Essentially, you get paid to play golf, mirroring the benefits enjoyed by the pros.

Emphasizing their commitment to the everyday golfer, ODIN Golf distances itself from the allure of tour pros, declaring, "We're not excited about the pros; we're excited about you!" They aim for their community to directly benefit from and engage in the value they bring as a company, extending beyond merely reloading on ODIN golf balls.


Want To Test?

For this testing opportunity, we're seeking five dedicated golfers to test, review and keep one dozen ODIN X1 golf balls.

The ODIN X1 is a 3-piece Urethane-covered golf ball designed for low to mid handicaps and tournament enthusiasts. With a high compression rating of 86, ODIN Golf promises a softer feel for players.

Notably, ODIN Golf asserts that the performance of their X1 golf ball is on par with the renowned Titleist ProV1.


Does the prospect of testing the ODIN X1 golf ball intrigue you?


*This testing opportunity is open to all Forum members in the US only. 
*Registration closes December 6, 2023 with selected testers being announced December 12, 2023.


15 hours ago, Lacassem said:

Very interested in the X1 cannot wait to hear thoughts! I always say if it can knock off the ProV1 gamer I will happily change my ball! Looking forward to see if there is the potential here! Good luck everyone

You should try the Maxfli tour line up then! Great ball for cheap when you buy 4 dozen.

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14 hours ago, RayT said:

Interested in comparing these  to my Maxfli tour x

Thanks for stopping by Ray! We really appreciate all the support, pumped to have you try them out. 

10 hours ago, Coulter said:

You should try the Maxfli tour line up then! Great ball for cheap when you buy 4 dozen.

Great call, reload without the price guilt!

3 hours ago, CigarsRumGolf said:

I’m a big fan of oncore and would like to try a new dtc ball.


Thanks for popping by! Excited to have you try them out, thanks again for all the support!

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18 hours ago, Optik DGM said:

I'd love to give them a shot.  See how long the finish lasts on it as I can play the same ball for 10 rounds.  I like the finish on the TP5 and Pro v1 . It seems the Sharpie marks are absorbed into the cover and not on the surface which tells me the cover is too hard.  

Thanks for stopping by! Excited to have you try them out, always love when they get put through a rigorous test drive!

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I would love to test those. 

I currently play IKARUS Golf balls that come with a pretty similar claim and I do love them (only available in Europe so far), those guys are from a golf club near my place, so I do support them.

Besides the IKARUS Tour I prefer the Mizuno RB Tour X and have a few packs of it available.

So testing another „exotic“ Golfball would be exactly my piece of cake 😄

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20 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

What do you think separates them from others?

The constant communication between Jordan whenever there are questions! The workability of the ball! The longevity of the bal itself over many rounds of golf! Spin control is pretty decent! And amount of money saved on balls! Pluse the ability to purchase and NFT to back the company! And the future hopes for the company itself! All though the ball is soft it flys further than most balls I’ve hit! Just an all around very good ball! I hope it surprise people like it did me!

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