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Sign up Closed: Callaway White Box Golf Balls

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2,422 signups
Equipment Type: Golf Balls
Vendor: Callaway

Testers Wanted! Callaway White Box Golf Ball Testing

Test Ball (1).jpg

As you would expect we don't have much information to share with you, because that would be spoiling the surprise! 

What we can tell you is that Callaway is offering up to 50 members the opportunity to test, review and keep their new golf ball. 

What do we want from you? Your honest feedback, data and if this Callaway White Box golf ball could be your next gamer golf ball. 

Think you are up for the challenge and opportunity? 

If you are interested in being a tester and want to be considered please fill out the form below! Please note that the normal sign up button will not be used for this testing opportunity and you MUST fill out the attached form. 

Callaway White Box Testing Application Form 

Test Ball.png

The selected testers will receive a dozen golf balls to test, review and keep (for as long as you can!)

*This testing opportunity is not run the same as others, so testers will be announced as we have them and you will be contacted via email by Callaway*


I think this might be the test of the year...    I play titleist  Pro v1, v1x and avx..    so I'd be very interested in trying the callaway ball.    Especially after reading the testing that you have done on Callaway balls..     Can't wait to see what Callaway has done.     THANKS   

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We should be back to playing by the time testers are selected. The recent significant snowfall in TN brought play to a halt but temps are supposed to be near 60 in a week. 

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Pick me!!!!


The new chrome dimple pattern reminds me of the CB red and CB blue from yrs. ago.


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I'd love to test the new Callaway balls. I've been thinking about changing over to Callaway balls. I have a full set of Pyramid X clubs that I got last year but I have yet to try the Callaway balls.

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Been playing supersoft for the last year and love them, yes I know they are one of the lowest balls callaway makes but I'm getting them for just my time donating blood. Would love to compare them, and hopefully they will be added to the store I can use my blood points from!

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