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Testers Announced: Follow Forum Thread: Titleist Blind Ball Test

Equipment Type: Balls
Vendor: Titleist

Congratulate the following testers:

@Shankster @pooley7 @Jtom2012 @RTurcott @gregh729 @Gman24 @TCUFrog @wolfpacker92 @fozcycle @griecot313 @Mackdaddy9 @Tom D. @Peejer @Larryw @greggarner @scooterhd2 @twyatt700 @Clayton @BMart519 @myherobobhope @ZMendle10 @PingMD702 @GaDawg @McFly

This test will be a significantly different and there will NOT be much follow up or final review since...well...the testers won't know what product they are reviewing. However, all comments and questions are welcome for the testers to answer as best they can!

Follow testers in thread linked below:


This test will be conducted by Titleist and their partners, however we are helping them find the right amount of testers - yes, you read that right, all 24 of them!!
You will receive and be evaluating two different balls from Titleist (1-doz of each variety) and providing feedback directly to them about the performance of each ball. While this is not a development ball, you will be shipped a ball from their portfolio to evaluate its performance to your game...which could feed into future balls 😉


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Would love to be part of this research and test.  Primarily play ProV1 so this would fit with that as well.


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Having played the ProV1x, and dismissed the ProV1, I have developed an opinion of the two.  I'd love to express an opinion of these two balls and differentiate the two.


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Currently switching between ProV1 and Chromesoft so would be good to settle on one brand for a month.

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At my age, 74, many golfers have gone to SOFT BALLS, however I still use yellow prov1 and shoot my age or near it, usually in the 70's on courses where the slope is 110 to 140. I love a challenge and my putting is the best part of my game, but the driver is still good for 230 to 240 yards, you can par any hole if the second shot is right down the middle, secret...lag putting. TT

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It is potentially a very effective and dirt-cheap field test - not to mention a fantastic idea 🙂

Need an amateur? I certainly qualify ....

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Been using Titleist since the late 1960s. When I was first starting to play I used the Acushnet Club Special 65 cents each.  Would love to test these. I did get to test some previous balls several years ago under the Team Titleist program.

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Would love to test golf balls - senior golfer and want see if the premium ball would really help. 

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Great idea to have amateurs see if they can feel a difference. I’d like to know why some big brand expensive balls seem like they’re shorter and have less feel than some of the independent brands. 

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Titleist definitely needs to see how this will play with us in the geriatric set who fly it 200 yards!😆 I've played Pro V 1X for centuries because I can!😅

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Brilliant opportunity - played my first ProV1 in early 2021, so interesting to see how they've maintained the development

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I tested a Titleist ball several years ago and I am almost 100% positive that the ball was the Velocity, which came out a few months later.

Always looking for a new ball to play and demoed Titleist balls earlier this year.


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When watching a TXG video, Ian spoke of a study Titleist did that showed the higher handicap golfer was affected more by not playing a premium ball than a lower handicap golfer was. That's quite the opposite of what most people think as I've heard many people say something along the lines of, "Well I'm not that good so I don't need a better ball." Can't wait to see how this one plays out!

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Been going back and forth between to Z Star and ProV1 past few rounds trying to figure out which ball is better for my game.

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