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Testers Announced: Follow Forum Thread: Titleist Blind Ball Test

Equipment Type: Balls
Vendor: Titleist

Congratulate the following testers:

@Shankster @pooley7 @Jtom2012 @RTurcott @gregh729 @Gman24 @TCUFrog @wolfpacker92 @fozcycle @griecot313 @Mackdaddy9 @Tom D. @Peejer @Larryw @greggarner @scooterhd2 @twyatt700 @Clayton @BMart519 @myherobobhope @ZMendle10 @PingMD702 @GaDawg @McFly

This test will be a significantly different and there will NOT be much follow up or final review since...well...the testers won't know what product they are reviewing. However, all comments and questions are welcome for the testers to answer as best they can!

Follow testers in thread linked below:


This test will be conducted by Titleist and their partners, however we are helping them find the right amount of testers - yes, you read that right, all 24 of them!!
You will receive and be evaluating two different balls from Titleist (1-doz of each variety) and providing feedback directly to them about the performance of each ball. While this is not a development ball, you will be shipped a ball from their portfolio to evaluate its performance to your game...which could feed into future balls 😉


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I play both Pro V models and have recently used the EXP01 ball, actually a very good ball but in my opinion the cover is not very durable. The EXP01 is long and will hold the green when hit solid.

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I'm a 5 handicap and play many different balls, but prefer Callaway TP5 for feel and spin and Titleist Velocity for distance. I play 100-150 rounds/year.

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I would love to try to test these test balls and compare to how they spin and how they perform in the wind and how the driver and wedges respond. I will use a launce monitor (Trackman) for a true evaluation.

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I'd love to compare these to the Srixon ball I'm playing. This would be very interesting. I'd be a tough judge as I not only love to play but I love to practice so they'll be fairly tested. Thanks for the opportunity.


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Have been Titleist player for many years , recently went to Bridgestone, anxious to become a tester for this ball.



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This would be awesome! I’ve always wondered if the difference was the ball, or me knowing I was hitting the more expensive tour ball. 

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I am a golf ball NUT!! I do a lot of research to find the right ball for me.  I would be an awesome tester for you!

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Great idea .. I am a Titleist man and have been for some time. But then I never get picked so a bust here too.😪

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I am 58 years old and play 3 or 4 times weekly. I am a 2 handicap and would welcome the opportunity to participate in the test.  I have tested balls in the past directly for Titleist so I know what to deliver beck on results.

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Testers A and B have to be different than my ball (Titleist AVX) due to the dimple design. Love to give it a go!!!


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I usually buy DTC balls, I've always wondered about Titleist, I think it would be a fun test. On the upside it's another great reason to play more golf ⛳

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This would be pretty interesting to test these.  I play Snell MTB black but have been testing prov1x left dash because I can benefit from less spin on all shots.  I think I may have some similar issues Tony Covey, too much delivered loft.  Got fit for a 8 degree driver turned down to 6 to help lower launch and spin and when I got fit for 921 forged the the conversation around shafts was about very tip stiff to help with the launch and spin as well.

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This is really cool. Unfortunately at the rate I have been depositing golf balls OB lately, it would not be a very long test for me 😬

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