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Testers Announced: Follow Forum Thread: Titleist Blind Ball Test

Equipment Type: Balls
Vendor: Titleist

Congratulate the following testers:

@Shankster @pooley7 @Jtom2012 @RTurcott @gregh729 @Gman24 @TCUFrog @wolfpacker92 @fozcycle @griecot313 @Mackdaddy9 @Tom D. @Peejer @Larryw @greggarner @scooterhd2 @twyatt700 @Clayton @BMart519 @myherobobhope @ZMendle10 @PingMD702 @GaDawg @McFly

This test will be a significantly different and there will NOT be much follow up or final review since...well...the testers won't know what product they are reviewing. However, all comments and questions are welcome for the testers to answer as best they can!

Follow testers in thread linked below:


This test will be conducted by Titleist and their partners, however we are helping them find the right amount of testers - yes, you read that right, all 24 of them!!
You will receive and be evaluating two different balls from Titleist (1-doz of each variety) and providing feedback directly to them about the performance of each ball. While this is not a development ball, you will be shipped a ball from their portfolio to evaluate its performance to your game...which could feed into future balls 😉


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Would love to compare Titleist golf balls to Srixon. Have always heard that Titleist were the # 1 ball in golf!

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Titleist has send me ball before and ask for my input through a form. They sent me. They never had bad A or B marked on the balls. It was a 2 page form. I would like to also be a tester for MyGolf Spy.

I am 80 years old hold a 8.5 USGA handicap and play both Bridgestone B330 RXS and Titlest AVX.

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I have an inherent sickness to research EVERYTHING. That is part of what naturally has drawn me to mygolfspy and the great work the team does here. I have researched and tried loads of balls. I would be eager to compare these and provide feedback.

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From the pictures liking ball B. Would love to see if I am wrong! Just the blue color I guess. It would be kind of amazing to just join MyGolfSpy and get picked to be a tester. I will not hold my breath. I try all kinds of balls on my own anyway just to see how they work with my game. Love Titleist Pro-V's but if I'm not playing well I keep them at home. 

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I would be interested in becoming a tester.  Currently game the Snell MTB-Black.  Play 5 rounds a week, HCP now 12.


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I'll probably lose some of the balls if I'm selected, there is a lot of water on Florida golf courses.   

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I signed up but a quick question: Do they float or have one of those finder tiles?

Asking for a friend.

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Oh man this is super cool!  I got a sleeve of ProV1x proto balls a few years back through Team Titleist and was able to give feedback... this will be at a whole different level!  and 24 testers!   That's a quadruple gross amount of balls.

Good luck to all those who apply! 

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Currently play twice a week to a 12 handicap, with Titleist TruFeel.  Would love to test and review the new Titleist Models.

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Man… I should sign up for this one on the sheer chance that they might send a •ProV1… it’s in the portfolio right?

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Would love the opportunity to do testing of Titleist golf balls and contribute in some way in helping Titleist to manufacture a golf ball for many others. 

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Pretty cool concept - I think many of us have preconceived ideas about what a ball does based upon what the pro's play and the commercials/ads.

This will be interesting!!

-- Peejer

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Often wondered if the Number 1 ball in golf is worth the extra money.

Now would be a great time to find out.

Good luck all you MyGolfSpyers !!!

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Signed up. Feedback may not be my strongest attribute -  but it is  - ALWAYS trying different Golf Balls to find a magic solution.

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Very cool. When the TP5/TP5X was introduced, Taylor Made asked me to participate in a test. Lots of fun, and I'm still playing the TP5, as I feel it is the best ball I've ever played. The "X" was too hard, but the trajectory of the TP5 is still the best I've played.

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