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Testers Announced: Follow Forum Thread: Titleist Blind Ball Test

Equipment Type: Balls
Vendor: Titleist

Congratulate the following testers:

@Shankster @pooley7 @Jtom2012 @RTurcott @gregh729 @Gman24 @TCUFrog @wolfpacker92 @fozcycle @griecot313 @Mackdaddy9 @Tom D. @Peejer @Larryw @greggarner @scooterhd2 @twyatt700 @Clayton @BMart519 @myherobobhope @ZMendle10 @PingMD702 @GaDawg @McFly

This test will be a significantly different and there will NOT be much follow up or final review since...well...the testers won't know what product they are reviewing. However, all comments and questions are welcome for the testers to answer as best they can!

Follow testers in thread linked below:


This test will be conducted by Titleist and their partners, however we are helping them find the right amount of testers - yes, you read that right, all 24 of them!!
You will receive and be evaluating two different balls from Titleist (1-doz of each variety) and providing feedback directly to them about the performance of each ball. While this is not a development ball, you will be shipped a ball from their portfolio to evaluate its performance to your game...which could feed into future balls 😉


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Great idea!  Titliest gets good info and testers get a chance to see if there might be a better ball for them. 

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Been playing for over 50 years and have played a lot of different balls.  Would love to put my experience to the test

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I love tests like these!  Especially with my favorite ball company .... Titleist.  I love testing balls 🙂 

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Very cool idea! I’ve played Titleist golfballs since the balata days. Would love the opportunity to be part of this. 

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I support more blind testing opportunities. I like the idea of being surprised about new equipment or a new ball without any preconceived biases. 

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On 6/16/2021 at 8:32 AM, ZMendle10 said:

They did and made it available to the public. I think it was called the EXP-01 (Probably today's tour speed).

I wondering if its the " PRO V 1  LEFT DOT  " which I seen but not played.

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Been playing ProV1X for a number of years and would be good to see have these perform next to the X.

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Currently play Pro V1x and contemplating moving to the Seed SD-02; cheaper and I really can't tell them apart. Did try a blind test with these 2 with my golfing buddies so this would be real fun to be part of; right up my street.

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Congratulations to all the testers!  Great mix of spies, journeymen and newbies.  Wouldn't it be a hoot if there was no difference between the balls... got your wheels spinning now 🤣.  Have fun with the test.

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Congrats to all my fellow testers! Excited to see how these test out and if I'm as knowledgeable on how my ball performs as I think I am. Should be a fun test

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Congrats testers! This should be a fun review thread to follow since you're (hopefully) not going in with any preconceived notions about what to expect.

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Looking forward to testing the ball that I receive. I appreciate the opportunity to provide some feedback.

Happy Friday to everyone!

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