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Testers Announced: Follow Forum Thread: Titleist Blind Ball Test

Equipment Type: Balls
Vendor: Titleist

Congratulate the following testers:

@Shankster @pooley7 @Jtom2012 @RTurcott @gregh729 @Gman24 @TCUFrog @wolfpacker92 @fozcycle @griecot313 @Mackdaddy9 @Tom D. @Peejer @Larryw @greggarner @scooterhd2 @twyatt700 @Clayton @BMart519 @myherobobhope @ZMendle10 @PingMD702 @GaDawg @McFly

This test will be a significantly different and there will NOT be much follow up or final review since...well...the testers won't know what product they are reviewing. However, all comments and questions are welcome for the testers to answer as best they can!

Follow testers in thread linked below:


This test will be conducted by Titleist and their partners, however we are helping them find the right amount of testers - yes, you read that right, all 24 of them!!
You will receive and be evaluating two different balls from Titleist (1-doz of each variety) and providing feedback directly to them about the performance of each ball. While this is not a development ball, you will be shipped a ball from their portfolio to evaluate its performance to your game...which could feed into future balls 😉


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I love this as an idea. Absolutely the best "put your money where your mouth is" move. This one should be fun!

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They did and made it available to the public. I think it was called the EXP-01 (Probably today's tour speed).

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This is something Titleist has done for a while through their Team Titleist membership forum. It must have worked for them so they are expanding to the broader audience.

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Fantastic idea and sounds like fun for everyone. Hopefully one shot and a lost ball is enough of a test.

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This would be fun, to take launch numbers compare and then move to real world testing. I love the -prov maybe this is a new low spin offering for someone like me!

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Have really been wondering about if different balls really show that much difference for most people, sounds like a great testing opportunity. Thank you MGS and Good Luck to all who enter!

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This experiment sounds like a lot of fun!  I love trying out new equipment and putting it through the ringer at my home course where we have great practice areas.  I hope I get picked to try them out.

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I have been playing them since the days of the Sweet Shot and Spaulding Dot. From the old Acushnet to today. JJ

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I prefer to play a Titleist but have been using Bridgestone due to a great deal I got on balls. I would love to test these out!

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If selected I'd only test them on non-tee shots (I lose 2 to 3 balls a round) to prolong the test window.

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