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Test In-Progress: Maxfli Tour/TourX

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Equipment Type: Golf Ball
Vendor: Maxfli


Plenty of golfers aren't looking to spend $50 on a dozen golf balls. And in a perfect world, they'd pay less and retain all the performance of the higher-priced options.

Maxfli isn't trying to win any market share battles with the industry leaders. But, what it can offer golfers for around $35/dozen (currently two for $55) is a lot of value for a ball that consistently bests more expensive models in performance and manufacturing consistency tests.

And unlike many balls made overseas by reputable third-party manufactures (Foremost, Nassau), a good bit of technology contained within the new balls is unique to Maxfli. The core formulation is exclusive to Maxfli as is the new high flexural modulus mantle. The cast urethane cover is softer than last time around too but, otherwise, it’s the same 318 dimple pattern as last time around.

Interesting in high performance at a reasonable price? We're looking for Forum members (US and International) to test and review a dozen each of the revised Maxfli Tour and TourX balls. Click the blue "Sign Up" button in the upper right to apply for testing!

Testers Annouced!
Please congratulate our 8 testers for the Maxfli Tour & TourX Balls!
@Tom the Golf Nut
@Josh Ross


Have played and liked the CG line currently offered. Would love to try the new line and see if they are a good fit for me

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Would love test the new ones.  I played the old XS (I think) back in the early 2000s and thought it was a decent ball.

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I’ve signed up and would love to test these.  I use a Check Go Pro to mark all of my golf balls.  Currently playing the Bridgestone Tour BRX.

Playing off of a 4.1 index.  Have 202 scores entered into the GHIN system in the past 12 months.  I have a Rapsodo MLM launch monitor that I can use to compare these versus other balls.

Regardless if I’m selected or not I will follow the test with interest as I’ve become a believer in the usefulness of identifying the center of gravity and having balls marked accordingly.

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67 years old,

Played 229 rounds last year, 12 states, 3 different countries,

got my handicap down to 11.2

Always open to trying a new ball🤩🤩

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Currently playing the  Z Star, but would be willing to give the Maxfli a go to see how it measures up.

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I used to play Maxfli's before the Titleist pro V1 & X's came out, would like to try them again.

Now i play only tour grade balls (titleist pro v1/x, bridgestone tour B/s, callaway chrome soft/x &  taylormade tp5/x) but a year or 2 out of date to get a better price point at their performance level.

I now play a 27 hole layout with a mid to low 130's slope and 24 of 27 holes have some forced carry so i should know pretty quickly.  I am currently just under a 12 handicap and trying to play more to get back under a 10.

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I would really like to test and compare the new version since have been playing the Maxfli Tour CG for a year now. 

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Would love t participate. Have done blind testing in the past and reported on the differences I saw as a 93 mph driver sing speed and single digit handicap.  

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Would give accurate feedback and performance feel / insight on the Tour X.

Currently play ProV1X.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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Are these the CG balanced balls? Would be interesting to check these on my Check Go Pro and validate.

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