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Testers Wanted!


The golf industry has witnessed the emergence of numerous new brands, each striving to carve out its own niche and distinguish itself. Stix is one such brand, and we are excited to have them participate in MyGolfSpy Forum member testing.

About Stix:

Stix was founded on the premise that good, quality golf clubs should be affordable while still delivering top performance. Their minimalistic design approach is engineered to offer excellent quality, impressive aesthetics, and performance to match.

They provide a variety of options for golfers to enter the game or upgrade their current sets, offering complete sets, drivers and woods, irons, wedges, and putters. The Stix lineup covers the needs of many golfers from top to bottom while maintaining low prices and being much more affordable than larger brands.


What Is Being Tested?

All of this sounds promising, almost too good to be true. Therefore, we want to get their products into your hands to test, review, and best of all, keep them at the end of testing.

We want to understand how Stix golf clubs compare against the clubs in your bags, their performance from real golfers, and ultimately whether they are worth the price for golfers considering new clubs.

We will select four golfers for this testing opportunity: one golfer for the Play Series, one for the Perform Series with Graphite shafts, another for the Perform Series with Steel shafts, and finally, one golfer for the Compete Driver offered by Stix.

Are you someone in need of an upgrade to your set and considering this route? Do you believe you're the perfect tester for these Stix products?



*Open to all golfers in North America.

*Must be a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member to be selected for testing.

*Registration ends on May 1.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on May 7.




What an amazing opportunity! 

I went through their basic online fitting, and this is what they came up with. 

Perform series- stiff flex- short- graphite shafts




I believe that I would make a great candidate for testing these. 

 I have been searching for some time for new(er) clubs to suit me, and being as that I am sort of known for my bargain hunting skills, I am confident I can truly fulfill that corner of the testing market for this company. 

While I am still what I personally consider a newer golfer, I have been edging my playing skills bit by bit working from being a high handicapper towards becoming a solid mid handicapper, yet still I struggle with my irons.  This is also an area of opportunity for testing I would use to test if selected. 

Thanks!  And good luck to all!

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Good Morning Fellow Forum Members,

As a previous post stated, this is an excellent opportunity for someone to test.

I would love to test this set of clubs, as I am currently looking for a new set of irons, as my irons are the original PXG 0311 set (10 year old version). I am currently looking at the Srixon ZX Mark II 5&7 combo set, used of course since the price of clubs are getting out of reach. I am also considering the new Wilson Dynapower forged, Takoma, and other DTC brands.

I have been playing golf since I was 18 and that was many, many, many moons ago. I am still trying to perfect my swing, who isn't.  I still walk a par 3 course around once a week and play a full length course the same. So being able to test the set will not be a problem.

Good Luck future testers, I am looking forward to this review.


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This would be a great opportunity for me or anyone else. I have older taylormades I got about 10 years ago and I have improved my game now and need a new set. I use a rapsodo mlm2pro to practice and would love to see how these clubs perform and stand up to the competition. 

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I can only hope to get lucky. I had cancer surgery 3/27 and should be cleared to play again In a couple more weeks. I have heard great things about Stix clubs and what a great way to find out how good they are. My existing set is 8 years old and during this recovery period I've decided to treat myself to new clubs. Stix is on my short list. Fingers crossed! 

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The X-Golf by me uses Stix as the rental sets. Not sure if that’s a normal thing across locations or just this one locations. Last DTC set I owned were Ben Hogan PTX Pro irons. Like most DTC I suspect these will be undervalued. 

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These are definitely not the Vokey SM10 Wedges that the email said, but I do love a matte black golf club. My concern with all of those clubs is that they chip and scuff, so would be intrigued to see how these perform. Sadly I'm not in North America, so can't be considered.


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I feel Stix has a home run of a concept, and as a golfer who, like many have said, is looking to upgrade from some older and passed-down components, this would be an excellent opportunity. Good luck to all and looking forward to the feedback!

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Last season I was paired up with another golfer, who being relatively new to the sport, had chosen Stix for their value and quality. I recall being fairly impressed with them as a starter set. Good luck to the applicants!

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Good morning, fellow MyGolfSpy community. 

Another awesome test opportunity is here, and I would love to be the one to try these clubs out.

I have been playing since I was a teen, but I had to take a long break from the sport I love due to medical matters and only started playing again in the last three years. (Seven years off is a long time, and technology moved past me...lol)  With the kids having moved out and the dog being able to be solo for several hours without eating any shoes, I have been back on the tracks and losing balls with the best of them.

But I am still using my Wilson Firesticks, which I got in my tweeties, which are... well...very old. (I am in my fifties...so you get the point) So, the opportunity to test out new clubs and maybe improve my game with consistency and better flex shafts... Sign me up.  

Good luck to all

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