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Testers Wanted!


The golf industry has witnessed the emergence of numerous new brands, each striving to carve out its own niche and distinguish itself. Stix is one such brand, and we are excited to have them participate in MyGolfSpy Forum member testing.

About Stix:

Stix was founded on the premise that good, quality golf clubs should be affordable while still delivering top performance. Their minimalistic design approach is engineered to offer excellent quality, impressive aesthetics, and performance to match.

They provide a variety of options for golfers to enter the game or upgrade their current sets, offering complete sets, drivers and woods, irons, wedges, and putters. The Stix lineup covers the needs of many golfers from top to bottom while maintaining low prices and being much more affordable than larger brands.


What Is Being Tested?

All of this sounds promising, almost too good to be true. Therefore, we want to get their products into your hands to test, review, and best of all, keep them at the end of testing.

We want to understand how Stix golf clubs compare against the clubs in your bags, their performance from real golfers, and ultimately whether they are worth the price for golfers considering new clubs.

We will select four golfers for this testing opportunity: one golfer for the Play Series, one for the Perform Series with Graphite shafts, another for the Perform Series with Steel shafts, and finally, one golfer for the Compete Driver offered by Stix.

Are you someone in need of an upgrade to your set and considering this route? Do you believe you're the perfect tester for these Stix products?



*Open to all golfers in North America.

*Must be a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member to be selected for testing.

*Registration ends on May 1.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on May 7.




I have a stix 5 wood that I have really enjoyed! Stix is the dtc company that made me realize there are more affordable ways to get golf gear. If I didn't love my current driver/wedge/putter set-up so much, then I would sign up in a heart beat!

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I'm very interested how the Performance series rate. I would love to try these out - not sure if I would want steel shaft or graphite in the irons though.

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Always been interested to see how these would feel and perform compared to the bigger brands. Golf is a great sport but the price of golf clubs has made an impact on the game. Stix may help bridge the gap and get more people involved!

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Would love to see how these compare to my current Mizuno MBs. I’m not a great golfer but I find the feedback helps me to find tune my ball striking. 

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On 4/25/2024 at 1:40 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

This is likely going to be one of the more underrated and valuable tests this season. So many golfers are looking for ways to save, can these sets be that? How many new golfers could benefit from starting with this versus buying or using older clubs?

Let's find out!

Thanks for the opportunity!

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This is awesome....every time I see one of these, it's for the USA only, glad to see Canada being included.  As a guy who likes to change his clubs as much as his socks, I'd be perfect for this I think.  I would be able to compare these to a lot of different styles, and as a non-brand loyalist, I feel I would give as honest feedback as possible.

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First time commenting. Made a profile just for this. Seen these all over my instagram. Would like to be a tester for these. Very good looking clubs. Hope they perform well!


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I was super excited to see Stix offers these sets in a left handed option. Too many times I have seen a new club come out that I’d like to try, only to see they aren’t available for lefties. Awesome work, Stix! Hoping these aren’t too good to be true. 

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These clubs undoubtably look amazing (which is a huge part of choosing an iron set/club) but the real test is if they will perform.  Especially with the advertised benefit of Stix being more affordable for similar quality clubs when compared to the big brands, this would be a huge disruption to the market if the clubs do in fact perform well.  I would love to be one of the testers involved, and here is why I think I would be a good fit. 

Over the past 5 years golfing with a full membership at a local course, I have started to improve my golf game and have been taking it more seriously.  I have consistently lowered my handicap by 2 or 3 strokes every year over the last 4 years (started near a 22, I am now down to a 5.3; low index being a 4.3).  The interesting part; over the past 5 years of trying to get better, I have been playing Cobra One Length Irons (F7 King Irons, 2019 Forged Tec One Lengths, currently using 2022 Forged Tec One Length Irons).  I have gotten to a point where I am a good golfer who can drop into the high and mid 70s with regularity during mid-season, but last year my handicap and overall golf game didn't improve much.  It has always been in the back of my head, but I've always wondered whether using Cobra's One Length system has 1) helped my golf game grow and made me a better golfer in general, 2) has slowed my progression of becoming better (maybe I would have gotten even better faster if I wasn't using the One Length system), 3) has helped me improve my game but has now capped out on how much it can help me in my pursuit to improve and is holding me back.

Being able to test a new set of irons that are looking to disrupt the industry, and as a bonus, being able to compare them to a One Length system to see if that transition is beneficial or not (whether that be immediately or over time) would be a great thing to test!

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I purchased  a Stix putter after renting a set clubs at a golf course in Orlando. I love it. Would love to test the complete set as one of the people I  played with had just purchased them. I was really impressed with the quality and design of the black clubs

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Got my name in the hat for sure, This would be a great step in the right direction to make a difference in my game. I want to see what a good set of club will do for my game and what I can accomplish with them in the long run. 🤘

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I signed up for the forum specifically for this test. I tried to buy a set a couple years ago, but shipping and communication issues forced me to cancel my order. Surely they've gotten all that straightened out by now though. I really like the way they look.

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Would love to be a part of this test! Transitioning from playing blades (MP-33's and TP-MB's) for the last 20+ years to cavity backs (Pro-223's), and would like to compare the performance across the different tech. 

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I am curious about the Perform Series with stiff shafts. I've just recently got back into golf and am using my old Highschool set and need an upgrade. I would love to be able to test these out and help give an honest review on them.

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