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Final Reviews: Fujikura MC Shaft & Evnroll V Series Putter

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Equipment Type: Shaft & Putter
Vendor: Fujikura & Evnroll
Please congratulate our testers!
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The graphite composite/multi-material putter shaft is far from ubiquitous. However, things are changing.
Callaway nearly made it mainstream with Stroke Lab. Bryson has 14 graphite shafts in the bag, including an LA Golf Partners putter shaft.
The most recent addition to the growing cadre of steel alternative putter shafts is the second generation of MC Putter shaft from Fujikura.
While it may not come with a side of fries or a plastic toy, the MC Putter is yet another option that suggests that maybe, just maybe, the future of shafts is graphite.
But, because it's tough to evaluate a putter shaft without, well, the putter, we have a little bonus. Each selected tester will receive a Fujikura MC putter shaft and Evnroll V-Series putter head.
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We are looking for 4 (Right Handed Only) anywhere in the world - Please use Sign Up button top right --->


Lets get this off with a bang!

For purposes of this review I will be adding important dates (just below) of each add to this review! 

8/8/2021 Intro:

Just a little history on me:

  • Mark Lacasse and I am from Massachusetts.
  • 32 years old with a wife and 2 children.
  • I get out as much as I can, with younger kids I get a decent amount of rounds in every year depending on how far the season goes into the fall (If we go to November I am very happy), since I am in New England you just don't know. But typically anywhere from 25-40 rounds a year.
  • Love the outdoors give me a fire, drink and someone to sit and chit chat with I am good to go!
  • I am a Facilities Manager for a large portfolio in the Northeast from hard services (HVAC, electrical etc.) to soft services (landscaping, janitorial etc.) I have always been involved in facilities for my professional career in the Navy was an "Engineman" where I worked on HVAC equipment and when I got out was an HVAC tech as well.
  • The Family:


Me and Golf:

  • Started playing golf later in life. Played as a kid but baseball was my passion and maybe played a couple rounds in the summer from 12-20.
  • Once I got out of the military (Navy) baseball was not in the cards anymore and started playing ALOT more. I was never fitted and was consistently in the mid-high 90s or low 100s for several years.
  • Over the past 5 years I have really become competitive and striving to get better. Lowered my handicap to a current 6.9 (will be dropping with the most recent 2 rounds I played). I was fitted 2 years ago and have been focusing on swing adjustments which have shown very good play this year as a whole, just a few tweaks I think need to be made.
  • Arccos has been a very big eye opener for me. Driving and putting are the best parts of my game (putting was a big surprise to me) driving have had several penalties this year which has brought me down a bit. Wedge play as of late has been a huge positive for me (SG was closer to -10 beginning of the season), while approach play is a massive struggle, know what I need to do....just need to do it.....(tempo)
  • I am not a gear tinkerer, I like to stick with a setup but MGS has opened my eyes to so many aspects of golf I didn't look at in years past. I by no means stick to 1 thing during  around, if something isn't working I am adjusting and will figure it out after the round. Put a few sticks in my hand I am going off feel for the day and I will score.
  • Current look at my strokes gained to a 0 HDCP (Past 10 rounds vs Past 5 rounds):


  • Putting has always been pretty good but Arccos is a huge eye opener.
  • My current gamer is an ODYSSEY O-WORKS 1W. I prefer the wide blade and that's what I went with for this test (ER2V with Firm shaft) WITB:
    • Big stick-COBRA RadSpeed 8*
    • 3W-Taylormade SIM
    • Hybrid-COBRA SpeedZone (4H)
    • Irons-Taylormade P790's
    • Wedges-SM7/8
    • Putter-Odyssey O-Works 1W

Since this will be a putter test a couple big things for me (Goals):

  • I want to have a little more consistency. My biggest struggle is the 6-15' range. My current gamer is hot off the face and I typically blow those by and give myself a tough come backer (Past 5 rounds not so much though, pretty sure the putter knows its on the hot seat). My goal is to make a few more of those though.
  • Pretty good under 6' and rarely 2 putt from there (I intentionally toe the ball with my current gamer) so this will be something I want to make sure continues.
  • Lag putting is good and I think this might be the biggest struggle transition wise but we will see. I hope that I can maintain my consistency from 15'+, I probably have gotten efficient with lag because of my poor approach play, so I suppose I could reduce my distance that way!
  • I have been looking at swapping my putter for over a year, not that I am not comfortable with mine but I am strictly going for a different feel now (see my game above), I am hoping this setup provides that more responsive feel and less of that soft feeling with my current setup.
  • My stats aren't super accurate pre-selection as I was not great about placing pins on Arccos but the last 3 have been accurate so we will look at that:


  • I am usually good for a 3 putt or 2 per round so the past few is an anomaly! 
  • I will be updating as I continue to play rounds prior to receiving equipment so look out for those 3+!


I am looking forward to this test, I hope the shaft provides stabillty all around the green from long to short putts. My goal is to consistently be sub 30 putts and reduce my 2 putts from 6'-15'!

If you're interested in seeing my previous reviews they are in my signature!. Thank you MGS, @Fujikura Golfand EVNROLL for this opportunity! Can also add me on Instagram as I will be updating on there as the testing goes @lacassemark.

8/18/2021 Package Received/Initial Thoughts:

Package has been received folks! I had not received any tracking details UNTIL the package was delivered, and even then I received a text message from my wife letting me know it was there before FedEx sent their alert. Needless to say I bailed from work! First I will go over unboxing with some pictures and then get into my first thoughts on this equipment!

From Ordered to Package on Porch:

  • So I was pretty surprised the quick turn around on this setup. From time of selection to test on 7/17 to ordering around 7/20 we are looking at less than 4 weeks which EVNROLL is saying lead time is even longer than that on the site. Never mind the shaft is somewhat difficult to find outside of eBay (have done some looking into what their lead times were and all the dealers didn't even have at this time).
  • My specific order is as follows:
    • ER2V 
    • 34" (-1" compared to my current gamer)
    • Standard lie/loft
    • Long plumber neck
    • Shaft 115 Firm
    • EVNROLL Gravity Grip
  • Package was in good shape when received and my daughter was more than ecstatic to open it up for me (she proceeded to color the box, not pictured)


  • Nothing special about the packaging, there was no bubble wrap or anything like that which was surprising because it was not a snug fit in the box but was a very sturdy plastic (nothing against packaging as their was no damage just noting what I am seeing)


  • Going through material everything was clean, no marks on the shaft, grip or head. The shaft into the plumbers neck was very clean and their was no glue or debris. Same with the grip. The build is very clean!

Model Shoot:

  • The entire setup is gorgeous. Such a clean looking setup. Fujikura on aesthetics alone do a beautiful job. I think I am going to call this setup "the little black dress"
  • Shaft:
    • I am happy that the shaft description is setup on the back of the shaft at address, small thing but very happy to see that as I do not like verbiage from the top down view.


  • Head:



  • Gamer VS. Potential Replacement:


First 24 hour thoughts:

  • So overall the transition to this putter ascetically should not be difficult. Very similar setup and toe hang. The plumbers neck is more appeasing to my eye which I am happy with.
  • Overall weight feels heavier (will get official weights in time) and feels much smoother.
  • I am excited to get into the overall feel of this shaft. The material it is built with claims to have better balance as well as better feel. Initial stroke test feels extremely smooth and cannot wait to get some balls rolling.
  •  Also looking at the "firm shaft" really looking forward to the feel claims. Looking to get at a minimum to a green this weekend even if I do not play so keep an eye out on the comments section!Technology.PNG.81279ee071d4297f9d67bb271fd3df3b.PNG1735063312_FirmDescription.PNG.3ddcd7d0022192955577dbf61ed6bcbb.PNG


9/28/2021 Final Review:

Final Review: Fujikura MC Putter Shaft

Official MGS Forum Review by: Lacassem (Mark Lacasse)


Welcome back everyone! Hope you enjoyed the week to week thoughts on this Fujikura shaft and EVNROLL setup. Of course, I want to start off with thanking MGS, Fujikura and EVNROLL for giving me the chance to go through this tool. I think (as you will see) this putter has really changed some things for me on course.

My focus on this review was to hit the course, as well as some practicing but most was on course testing. I am all for practice but what’s the point if you are not making them when it matters? Also, I was on a pretty good hot streak in terms of putting prior to being selected so wanted to just roll with the new setup and see what translated.

 As I had discussed on the intro, I really wanted to hone-in certain distances (10-20’ range) and not lose any of my other consistent scoring from the other distances. I had a pretty poor 1 putt percentage from anything over 6’ and was really hurting my potential. I talked about 6’-15’ range on my intro but using Arccos data my review will be referencing 1’-10’ and 10’-20’.

Just as a disclaimer for the below review the grading is based on the shaft but I will be including review thoughts on the ER2V putter head as well as the EVNROLL grip. I think giving thoughts on the entire setup is important as I cannot putt without the head and grip, but also feel like doing justice to EVNROLL for jumping on another review is important. (Spoiler alert) I also think a lot of my success putting is the entire setup not just the shaft.

Looks that will make you do a double take (10 out of 10 points) 

 The shaft is beautiful. It adds a little originality to your putter. You have your different colored steel shafts but the black/grey combo on the firm setup is just awesome. I really like that Fujikura set this design up as an additional alignment with your grip down to the putter head, that alignment aid shows as an “MC” which is pretty clever in my opinion, just an extension of the grip visually. The rest of the design sits on the back side which I also like because it keeps the shaft at address simple. The pattern and color choices are top notch, just love the black and grey.


I compared it to the Ventus shafts, the overall look is very similar. I really like that having this shaft just adds a little something extra to your putter, helps it stand out. I had several folks on course ask what I was using and made for some great conversation on the putting greens.

I was hoping to get the black head to go with this BUT I am very happy with the regular head. Compliments the grey in the shaft and the grip. The single black line for the alignment aids I like as well as 2 dot closer to the face, very simple.


Harmonious sounds and sweet feels (10 out of 10 points)

Was able to putt with both the ER2B with a steel shaft and the ER2V, the shaft made a clear difference in sound as well as feel. The ER2V felt softer at impact as well as a softer/quieter sound, I thought the ER2B sounded a little tinnier (had the steel shaft). I would be willing to bet that if this shaft was in the ER2B it would have sounded and felt just like the ER2V. Much more pleasant for me with this shaft.

The feeling was good across the entire face. Firmer than what I am used to coming from the insert but still felt soft on all spots across the face but with a little “deader feeling” off the toe or heel compared to when making center contact. The rubber composite made a very big difference in feel for me. It is just a really pure sense of contact.

Once I was using the ER2V and Fujikura MC shaft consistently and not going back and forth with my Odyssey 1W, I lost all sense of putting with the Odyssey (in my office for all to use). Whenever I pick up the Odyssey it feels off, and I was putting extremely well before this testing.

Only thing I would change is maybe a feel of a little more firmness on center strikes. Curious if I went with the X-Firm if I would get that feeling. It was a good transition for me though coming from an insert that was very soft.


The basics (16 out of 20 points)

This setup from the get-go translated for me. I had previously (not knowing prior to really analyzing my stroke through this test) not seen that:

  • I opened the face slightly and didn’t always get back to square
  • Needed to choke down on my gamer @ 35” because the toe was up at address.

Both issues were fixed with the Fujikura/EVNROLL. Cut the shaft down to 34” which fixed the toe. Then when putting, the face opening was completely removed with this setup. I attribute this to the head and the long plumber neck.

From the get-go I was using both my gamer and the new putter on my putting mat with the puttout trainer. While I was not continuously getting perfect putts, I was continuously rolling the ball from 8’ and hitting the white/rolling up the puttout. Distance control and accuracy continued onto practice greens as well as on course.

Practice greens I was able to replicate to the best of my ability a similar stroke and I was extremely happy with the ability to hit my line and control distance. I have reduced points here because I do not believe it had anything to do with the shaft. These practice sessions I was using the ER2B with a steel shaft as well, I was able to replicate the same stroke and was able to make the same putts. Later, I did the same evolution with my Odyssey gamer, results were not the same (several long when I caught the ball square off the face).

I had no issues putting from fringe or different areas of a green (uphill/downhill/flat) and all aspects of the face played consistent. As I had said before during testing, toe and heel need a little more “OOMF”, but I do not intend to be intentionally hitting off the toe or heel anymore like I had previously done with the odyssey! The stability of the stroke and knowing the center face contact distance/feel, I am very confident about making square and center contact which in turn gets a good end over end roll for me. I was trying to get a good roll video but nothing was coming out very well besides the one I had already taken.

The on-course data…GET IN THE HOLE! (28 out of 30 points)

The best thing about my on-course performance I can say are:

  • Lining up to a putt, I am 100% confident in the putts standing over them, something I did not have with my previous gamer (longer putts will take some time, but I do not foresee any issues with long lags down the road as I continue working this setup).
  • I completely changed my 10’-20’ range “make” ability. I am consistently making those putts. While I am not naive enough to think this percentage will stay the same, it is super exciting to see my percentage this high. Previously I was almost guaranteed a 2 putt from outside 10’


As I have expressed before, I cannot attribute my overall play or stats to just the shaft. It is the entire setup that I need to give credit to. The 5 rounds that I played, compared to 0 HCP statistics are as followed for SG:


My scores are a little better and I attribute that to the made putts, but I was also playing well and putting myself in good spots with my short game. Two of those rounds (86/81) my putting really saved the round which in the past I would have expected a low 90’s score. I foresee some low rounds in the future if I can clean up my approach, which has shown some light in a few of these rounds.

While I am sure there is some benefit to the shaft, I am not entirely sure what they could improve on? I would be interested to see how the other shafts feel compared to the firm but besides that…It is a putter shaft. I really enjoy both the grip and head as I stated before. I do not think there is anything they need change for me to get me to enjoy it more than I already do. My opinion on Fujikura has not changed, they are a top-notch shaft company I just do not believe this shaft is going to change your short game. On the reverse side EVNROLL will now always be in the conversation for future sticks, good luck getting this thing out of my hands.

The other stuff (9 out of 10 points)

Not shaft or head related but two additional things were the putter cover and grip. The head cover I went with was black. Goes really well with my setup and really great quality. The magnetic close is strong and durable, but I have my shark headcover that I will never part with. I have said in previous threads I am “uncle shark” to my nieces and nephews (some say “auntie shark” but I’ll let it slide, buggers), the headcover stays.

I absolutely love the gravity grip. Little bigger and heavier than I was used to, but I really enjoy it. I never thought I would go away from a superstroke with the flat front but here we are. I think it has helped me become a little more stable on my stroke and I think it also played a part in not opening the face on takeaway, keeping the face much squarer through the stroke. The “G” throughout the grip is a nice feature too (the grip pattern is all G, tough to get a picture without too large a pixel)



Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)

110% keeping if you couldn’t tell. This setup instantly translated to my game. While I maintained a similar total putt to the previous couple rounds prior to receiving when I was keeping good data, previous rounds when I was just keeping total putts I was putting were usually in the 35-36 range compared to 31-32. I also achieved exactly what I wanted from this setup…more 1 putts and more made putts from 10’-20’. I also did not lose much in the strokes gained aspect of long putts and the SG from the other ranges more than make up for any loss further out, but I do not foresee that being a long term issue as I get even more accustomed to this.


For you skippers, here is the Snopes version (conclusion)

If you jumped right to the end here it is, sweet and simple synopsis.

Love this entire putter. Shaft, head, grip all of it. I set my sites on cleaning up some of my putting. The numbers speak for themselves. I’m ready to compete with some 0 handicappers (only in putting) so if anyone needs a go to tournament guy for on the green let me know. (stats compared to 0 HDCP)


Seriously though I accomplished several things by cleaning up some of my 2 putts and making them outside of 10’. I did not lose many strokes if any from other ranges and as time progresses, I am confident anything over 30’ will be a consistent 2 putt for me as I had previously been doing. Sprinkle in a 3 putt here in there because I am only human.

The rubber composite in the shaft does make it feel smoother and a little softer when hitting center on the head. The putting stroke feels like a steel shaft but there is a clear difference in feel when making contact with the composite in there compared to steel. In a word, pure.

Now I know the BIG question coming into this needs to be answered, which I saved for the end right here, “Does this shaft really help your putting and is it worthy of the premium price tag?”. My answer to this is personally, no. The shaft in my opinion did not play a major factor in my putting gains, I attribute all that to the EVNROLL head, long plumbers’ neck, and grip. BUT Bruce Sizemore said it well “The putter is the most personalized club in your bag, If you have 12 putters in your garage that are different, I think you are going to putt best with one that is customized specifically for you, if you’re proud of your putter, whether it is because your name is on it, or it is your favorite color or whatever…you’re going to exude more confidence and putt better”.

So, while I would most likely not pay the premium price tag it would take to get this shaft, I cannot argue that this entire setup has really changed putting. I step over a putt and I 100% anticipate I am going to drain it, and it has been the case consistently as of late. So, if you are looking into this shaft and you think it will help your confidence and you are really looking for a premium feel, get it.

I am officially naming her:


Final Score: 93 out of 100 points


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:titelist-small: 48 (SM8), 52, 56, 60 (SM7) - Nippon Modus 125 S 

:EVNROLL: ER2VI :titelist-small: PROV1X #19 

🇺🇸Thank you to all those that have served/are serving and God Bless America 🇺🇸

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Well, nothing else left to it, but to do it!  So let's get this going! 


Day 1 


  • Eric Seay and I reside in the great football town of Knoxville, Tennessee.  (great football town, not great football anymore)
  • 34 years old with two kids, 4 years old and 8 months and i've been married for 8 years.
  • For the most part my golf opportunities have become corporate outings/charity tournaments and about once a month on the weekend
  • I lead Business Development for a large construction company so in the summer/fall, there tends to be a lot of company outings, so I play my fair share of golf and even sneak out on a few Friday's to go to the range.  
  • My wife will tell you have too many hobbies so spreading my time around appropriately to which sport can sometimes be hard!  Between playing basketball, softball, golf, and even a kickball league this year, sometimes golf gets put on the back burner lately.  


This game called golf

  • You know the scene in the movie My Cousin Vinny where Marisa Tomei is explaining why she knows about cars?  "My father was a mechanic, his father was a mechanic, my brothers are all mechanics...", You get the idea.  Well, that is my family and golf.  My grandfather was a pro, my uncle won everything there was to win at a local level, my grandfather's brother was a pro...but me, my first love was baseball.
  • Then in 7th grade my baseball coach started coaching the golf team for the middle school and asked if I wanted to play.  To that point, I had not ever played.  Really enjoyed playing in 7th grade but was AWFUL.  Played on a points system - 3pts for par, 2pts for bogey, etc.  I would have around 6-8 points per 9 holes.  After 7th grade my grandfather asked if I planned to keep playing which I did.  He told me in these exact words, "If your last name is Seay and you want to keep playing, you can't play like that" so the plan was put in motion.  That summer, he took me to his course 3 days a week and sent me to the range and out on the course and the other two days I played with him and his buddies.  In 8th grade, i was around 22 points per 9 nine, became the 1 player in high school and played college golf at University of the Cumberlands.  
  • Fast forward to now - The game has gotten a little lost, mostly because of my driver.  MGS has been generous enough to select me for multiple driver testing opportunities which has only confirmed it's not the  clubs fault.  There isn't a golf course wide enough to keep me in play when i'm going poorly which has me playing to around an 8 these days.  If you forced me to play a stroke play tournament today I would hit 4 iron off every tee and would feel confident I would shoot in the 70s.  
  • For the rest of the game.  Really good iron player, good scrambler (because I'm always in the trees), good wedge player, so-so chipper, and very average putter. 

A little about the Putter and what i'm looking for

  • I am a very conservative putter.  The goal is to never 3 putt which means I tend to not be aggressive on putts even inside of 20 feet.  Miss far too many birdie putts so that I can ensure the par.  My current gamer is a Odyssey Red Two Ball Fang.  Love the alignment of the two ball.  Played one through college, had a Rife for a bit that I really liked (so very excited about this EVNROLL), tried some other things and went right back to a two ball.  I like the weight and swing of the larger head
  • While I love the alignment of the two ball, I am not a consistent striker of the putter with regards to speed and stroke.  I'll come in with firm hands and a firm strike on one and the next is a longer stroke with a much softer impact - I just lack consistency there.  I tend to start most putts on the line I intend and speed is usually acceptable.  
  • I also have not made a left to right putt in probably 9 years. 
  • For this review  I went with the ER7V with the smooth flex shaft & long plumber neck
  • I wanted a more "straight back straight thru" path and liked the alignment on the head.  Fujikura says the smooth shaft maintains stability for off-center strikes, geared more towards players with long strokes and want to feel the head more.  ding ding ding! 
  • Ultimately, I want a more consistent feel and strike to my putts and hoping a putter shaft technology is just the change I need!

To close...I cant wait to get out onto the course to try this out and make some putts.  Plenty of corporate outings in September to try it out and I'm sure I'll be playing plenty in the fall.  Thank you to MGS, @Fujikura Golf , and EVNROLL for this opportunity!  

Stage Two - [Fujikura Putter Shaft] – Official MGS Forum Review by Eric Seay (eseay32)



Thanks again to MyGolfSpy, Fujikura, and EVNROLL for this opportunity!  I thoroughly enjoyed this testing opportunity!  With that said, let's get right into it!  After not being able to get out much to test this bad boy out, things finally opened up and I played 4 times in about 10 days!  It was quite nice and could certainly get used to that type of life but alas, it doesnt last forever.  I was able to play in 4 SWAT outings which in my opinion is not a bad way to test a club or putter!  It allowed me to be aggressive with putts, not worry about lagging them up, confident in strokes and have an opportunity on pretty much every hole to have a makeable putt.  Add to that, leaving work early for these tournaments to socialize, eat lunch, and hit the putting green - Makes for a real solid test.  There was some complexity in my opinion to this test because I tried to be focused on the shaft, not the putter itself.  Of course this is a package deal but I did not want to get too high or too low on something because of the total package.   As a reminder to everyone, I chose the ER7V with the "soft" shaft, 34 inches long and white pistol grip.  I'm comparing this to my Odyssey 2 Ball Fang Putter with a Super Stroke 1.0 Grip

Looks 10 out of 10 points)  - She's a BEAUT, Clark!

So, i'm starting with the looks of the shaft and will move towards the entire putter.  First impression, it's sleek and has a great look to it.  The black and silver tones add some nice graphics so it's eye catching.  I went with the white Pistol grip and EVNROLL has done a great job with this one.  Love the feel, size, and the 3 rectangles on the front do a great of helping me consistently grab and hold the putter.  it sits great and has great balance.  Love the alignment on the ER7V.  The 3 line track with and two dots on the top really help me see my spot and the line i'm trying to hit it on.  

Overall, I dont think I would change anything from the setup or the looks of it.  TEN! TEN!



Sound & Feel (out of 10 points)

This was the biggest component of the test in my opinion.  How does the graphite shaft feel compared to a traditional steel shaft?  So as a reminder i went with the "soft" shaft and what I  would compare as certainly softer than a steel shaft.  The first thing I did after opening the box was wiggled the putter and this soft shaft has some real flexibility to it.  However, you dont notice it in the stroke assuming you are the right shaft for your stroke.  I would categorize my putter swing as a smooth, slower motion.  I dont get quick or pop at it so I think this is an appropriate shaft for me.  

So how does it feel?  SO SWEET AND DIVINE!  This was one of the game changers for me that made me really enjoy this putter.  The feel of the ER7V head was so solid.  It has kind of a soft, smooth strike to it and the ball comes off so well and stays right on line.  If I were trying to describe it's like you are pushing the ball off the putter face without taking the putter back.  You dont feel the "hit" and it's like you are catching the ball on the putter face.  I was really impressed with the strike i was able to make.  The best part is, it's consistently whether that strike comes from the toe or heel or center -- the feel is still smooth.  Obviously, as with any club, it does not correct mishits so there will be some disance loss with a mishit but in my opinion it feels great regardless of where you are striking the ball. 

So I have basically raved about this putter and the feel you get from it..."it catches the ball, you have not mishit feeling" so why score it a 9 out of 10...Here's why...it's almost too good!  i've had a little bit of a hard time dialing in my distance control with this putter because the strike feels so good and the ball comes off the putter so well with that proper topspin that I ran my fair share of putts by the hole! Mentally, I've had to adjust my thinking with distance wanting to FEEL like i'm trying to leave the ball a little short.  I firmly believe that all gets corrected with a few more rounds though.  

Great feel, great strike!

Basic Characteristics (19 out of 20 points)

I spent less time running the putter through the paces around the putting green but certainly put in some effort here.  Again, i was very pleasantly surprised.  My focus on the putting green is just getting a feel for the speed and seeing if the practice is over or under breaking.  From an accuracy perspective, this putter really helps me line things up so I was confident when taking it to the course that I was able to hit my spot over and over again.  Running it through long and short putts the distance control is really there in the sense that I was consistently having the ball travel the same distance.  As I mentioned above, I knocked one point off because the putter is TOO good so i'm staying consistent here...One point off for distance control because i'm sending the ball past the hole on a regular basis.  Typically, I want to die the ball in the hole so this can affect my mentality going forward.  

I made sure to hit the ball off the toe and heel quite a few times on the practice green just getting a feel and similar to as I mentioned, it does well in this respect.  So last thing to do was take it to the COURSE!!


On-Course Performance (30 out of 30 points)

So this is what everyone is waiting for... sure, the other things are all important BUT the most important thing is...did you hole more putts?    I will save you the anticipation and anxiety of reading through this portion of the review and give you my answer right now...YES!  As Stephen A. Smith might say "Unequivocally, inspirationally, unapologetically, YES!"  During my 4 rounds of SWAT golf, I was not the guy that hit the first put so everyone else could see the line.  I was the holer of the putts!  I usually prefer to putt 2nd in Captain Choice tournaments - I want to see the first guy to make sure we read it right, then I want to hit it.  I dont learn much from 4 guys hitting the putt with different speed and break.  However, my most recent tournament where we lapped the field and won by 4 - the 3rd and 4th guy didnt have to hit too many putts!

The ball really starts off on the intended line and has a good amount of top speed that helps it consistently get off the putter face and keep it's speed up.  I forward press my hands some also to create even more.  It holds it's line and limits the hops well.  But if you stopped me on the course and asked "Eric, how do you know this putter is really helping you out and you just didnt happen to hole more putts?"  I would be able to give you a very, VERY simple answer...You know how I know this putter is different?  Because I rolled in not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 LEFT to RIGHT putts.   I've played golf for 20 years and i'm not sure i've made that many.  It's been a problem for me for YEARS.  i'm almost always low or so high it never stands a chance.  I attribute making these to the alignment aids and consistently solid strikes that gets the ball rolling and on the ground quickly. 

I do have one complaint but it's not enough to affect the scoring in my opinion.  I like to putt whenever possible.  Tight lies, shortsided, etc.  i'm a firm believer a bad putt puts you closer than a decent chip 99% of the time.  Two different times I putted from off the green in a little bit of rough and both times the ball popped a foot into the air.  Certainly not something i'm used to seeing with a lot of practice of this shot under by belt.  Again, I dont feel like that's something that should affect any scoring but moving forward, I will think about that shot a little more before choosing my approach. 

Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)

Similar to Mark's post, i'm going to make my post about two things that do not really affect the Putter/shaft or my review.  The grip and the head cover.  I really appreciate EVNROLL not cheaping out on a grip and going with a standard option.  We had 4 choices I believe and all of them were quality options.  I talked about the grip earlier but it has a great tacky feel, a little oversized which I love, and the boxes have helped me repeat my grip over and over.  I wont be changing the grip any time soon.  

The other is the head cover.  I went with the white head cover and it's quality again.  Great closure, white leather, feels great, soft inside, hangs on the putter well.  (picture to follow)



Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)

I was curious how I would like this putter and this "soft" shaft combination.  It's been years since  I was playing anything other than a 2 Ball.  I've always loved the setup and aim that the 2 ball presented.  After testing the Fujikura shaft and ER7V this decision was relatively easy.  This bad boy will STAY in the bag.  I without a doubt holed more putts.  I love the alignment, i feel like I have two ways to ensure accuracy, and the feel is great but again, at the end of the day, I holed more putts and that's something I have really struggled with.  So this was as easy as an answer as I can give you...YES



So wrapping everything up and putting a bow on this review I was obviously VERY impressed with the total package of this testing opportunity and it is definitely staying in the bag.  BUT did I really answer the question that I was picked to answer which is "does a graphite shaft make a difference?"  My answer...I dont think so.  I tried my best to not turn this into an EVNROLL test opportunity but the feedback that you get from a shaft on a putter is minimal.  While it's obviously a more flexible shaft, the weight and swing do not feel different compared to a steel shaft and can't think of a way that the shaft impacted the stroke negatively or positively.  So in my final, FINAL conclusion to this test - I love the putter, I love making more putts, and i'm not going to change the graphite shaft out for a steel and I will keep everything the exact same and I cant wait to play with it more! 


Final Score: (Add up all categories and present a total score out of 100) 98/100!!!!!





evn back shaft.jpg

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<p>Knoxville, TN 8 Hdcp PXG 0811  10.59deg loft Ping G25 3 wood Titleist 2i rescue Ping I irons +1 upright Vokey Sm5 52, 56, OdysseyRed 2Ball Fang with 1.0 super stroke</p>

Link to review


- Name is Chuck Zirkle, currently living in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina (across the river from Charleston) but my roots are still in Strawberry Plains, TN and my blood runs big orange.  I went to school at UT for a short period of time in 1964-1965 before joining the Air Force and did my duty until 1971.  My first job after being medically discharged was working for a sporting goods store in Knoxville, TN.  Having left the fun job went in to management and became a district manager for numerous companies and covered up to five states.  In 1990 I went to work for the state of South Carolina as a Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist and worked with veterans for 21 years until retirement in 2011.  During my state employment, member of employees professional organizational; State President (2)(Member SC Chapter Hall of Fame), District Representative (NC/SC), International Vice President and President Elect.  My wife, Connye, who is a retired Guidance Counselor, have been married for 44 years on November 12th and will be heading to St Croix, St Kitts, St Maarten, Antigua, and Barbados for our anniversary.  We love to travel, collect art, Broadway shows and our miniature dachshund Katie.     

- I started playing golf in 1984 when we moved to Mt Pleasant.  With all the opportunities to play and it be such a great golf destination I joined Patriots Point GC.  Golf is a passion for me and I get involved in any way I can.  In 1991, the Ryder Cup came to our area I experienced volunteerism and have been doing it for the PGA, SR PBA, LPGA, Nationwide, US Amateurs, in various capacities.  Even worked as a starter and ranger at the local municipal golf course where I now play (Won the employee match play tournament) and was President of the Jenkins Links Golf Association, the muni handicap club.  I have done testing for major golf companies and have been employed since 2016 as the Territorial Support Representative to the FJ Sales Representative for the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head/Savannah areas.   My responsibilities include doing shoe fittings at pro/ams and member/member, member/guest events in our areas, as well as passing out swag.   We work side by side with the guys from Titleist and sometimes assist customers with balls and wedges. 

- I play golf for the love of the game.  I seem to be the only sport that really challenges me and always finds a way to beat me, but rewards me and keeps bringing Chuck back.  I played softball until my mid forties and my body just said, "it is time to hand up the glove." I play in a men's senior golf league on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and try to stay involved in the local amateur invitational senior tournaments.  I have been trying to play three to four tournaments a year.  My current GHIN handicap is 15.7 from the senior tees.  Hey, after all, I will be 75 on September 10.  My lowest round in all these years was a 69 and I have had 4 holes in one.  I am a FootJoy Ambassador as well as a member of Team Titleist and attend any TT events that come up that I feel my health will allow me to play in and will be joining them September 12th at Pinehurst.    

- In my bag:  All Titleist equipment.  Driver (TSi3 10.75), Fairway (TSi2 16.5), Hybrids (816 18.0 and 818 21.0), irons (T300 5-53W), wedge (Vokey SM7 58.12D).  Why?  Have tried most all the major brands and Titleist fits my game best including the Scotty Cameron putters.  I used a number of his Newport styles before finally settling on a 2017 Newport 2 Select Chrome Notchback.  The balance, the feel and the roll I can get on my Prov1 is awesome.  That was the last year that model was made.  When purchasing new equipment I always see a Titleist certified fitter in my area. 

- My stance and grip are somewhat old school.  Learned from someone who could putt the eyes out.  I use the same grip I use to hit my other clubs and stand a bit over the ball.  The grip I prefer is the GolfPride 104cc Pistol and just feels natural.  Was taught to hit it to the hole and has worked for me.  Not really dying nor past the hole.  Kinda like if you hit it in the hole it goes in.  Kind of a tick tock tempo and letting the putter head do all the work.  My confidence level is high at most all distances.  When I warm up before each round I start from 30-40 feet to get that tempo or feel, sometimes farther, depending on the speed of the greens.  Really gives me that confidence I need for the day.  If I can get it the one foot circle image I have in my mind, I am good to go.  If I do miss, it is most likely on the high side because I read a break that was not there.  

- The model that I have chosen,  ER2v MidBlade – a three tiered wider heel and toe weighted blade, for this test is very close to the SC model that I have and have a lot of confidence in.  May be a little wider and the bottom, but the specifications are very close.  The main difference is that I have chosen a short plumbing neck which I have had in the past of precious SC putters.   I am a big fan of Fujikura shafts and have them in all the heads of my metals and that is what drew me to sign up for this event.  I think this will be a very interesting test and I feel with my experience in testing of products and knowledge of the game I will be able to offer some great insight.  I have never played a EVNRoll putter and am truly excited and honored about being chosen to test this product.   

- The pictures represent the two things that come first in my life.  Family and golf.  You can't have one without the other, and my wife supports me playing, volunteering and our love for travel.   





Looks (8/10 pts) 

I am not one who considers appearance when looking for a putter.  I am more about feel and performance. No disrespect to the putter but it looks nice, nothing outstanding that would not catch my attention, when on a rack in a golf shop.  First impression, love the shaft.   I chose the EVR2 with a plumbing short neck Squareback with a 104cc grip.  Instead I was sent a 140cc grip.  The colors come together well.  The grip has a good feel even though it is a bit oversized for me, the tack is awesome.    I have shown this to other golfers I play with and most like the looks of it.    The EVNRoll is on the right.




Sound & Feel (8/10 pts)

When I first took the putter to the putting green it I hated the sound and feel.  It is a heavy putter and had a clunk sound.  It took a while to get used to mis-hits due to the milled area not being from heal to toe as I am used to in my Scotty Camerons.  Any hits outside the milled area can result in negative results and a noticeable sound.  After practice and playing, I adjusted to the weight of the head, things improved.  Mis-hits are noticeably pronounced.   In the beginning it did affect the mental side of my game requiring me to think more about correctly striking the ball with the putter's small milled area.  I like to react, not to think.  Eventually everything fell into place.  Our greens have been slow lately and this putter performs well on slow greens.   


Basic Characteristics (19/20  pts)

I, too, spent less time on the putting greens prior to actual play.  Living on the coast of S Carolina, we are in our tropical storm season (rain, rain, please go away) and being on vacation for two weeks,  I had to get my time in testing when I could.  I got seven rounds in with the putter and felt lucky to do so. But the little time I spent on the greens helped me prepare for playing with the putter.  When struck correctly, I found it to be accurate and to have very good distance control.  I feel that the Fujikura MC shaft definitely aided to the stability of the stroke in keeping on line.  Did I find it forgiving?  Yes, if struck in the milled area.  I am a muni player (Seth Raynor style greens) who is not afraid to play the "Texas wedge" when necessary, so I used my EVNRoll from all areas, which included the fringe, rough and found it to work very well with positive results.  I play on greens that are severely sloped and up hill it is a gem but down hill, with it's weight, the results are not positive.  On flat greens with moderate breaks it works like a champ.  As stated before, I recommend this putter for slower greens.     

On-Course Performance (27/30pts)

When taking this evaluation into consideration I have to take my previous performance versus my performance with the EVNRoll.  When I stood over my SC putter I always felt I could make a putt.  Can I say that about the EVNRoll.  No.  One area that I was pleased with was from distances with the EVR2. With the weight of the head I could get the ball close to the hole making short tap ins, on slower greens.   Did this lower my scores?  No.  Did it decrease my number of putts?  During the first five rounds I averaged 2.0 putts per green, which is a high number for me, but during the last two rounds the average dropped to 1.7 per green, which is still higher than normal.  NO.  My normal with my SC putter is around 1.5.  I really like the set up of the putter with the Squareback and truly wish that the MC shaft could have been connected to the head instead of thru the plumbing neck and screwed into the head.  Am not a fan of plumbing neck shafts (use to play plumbing neck SC putters but sold all of them due to dislike of their performance) but love the Squareback which is very similar to my two notchback SC putters which are much lighter in weight.  Was not familiar or heard of this brand until this test.  Feel is it a worthy product.

Miscellaneous (7/10pts)  

Upon receipt of the product was very disappointed because the putter was thrown in a shipping box with no packing and the box was dented and left on my door step.  Fortunately it was not damaged.  he order came in a reasonable time frame, but the grip I ordered was wrong.  I asked for a 104cc grip and was shipped a 140cc grip.  The grip is great looking and has a great feel but had to change my entire feel and tempo to test this product.  Most who have seen me play with this putter admire it, like the looks and ask what brand it is.  Most not familiar the brand.   Love the headcover, well designed.  


Play it or Trade it? (20/20 pts)

I currently have two SC Newport 2 Select Notchback putters.  They are set up for faster greens and I need one for greens that run slower and think is one I will hang on to. With it's weight it will have a place and time, but will have to get the grip changed.  PLAY IT. 


I have enjoyed participating in this test.  Weather has not been my friend but was able to get some time in with the product and some results.  I was impressed with the Fujikura MC shaft, which I am a huge fan of their products.  EVNRoll is a new name to me but think they have a product they will benefit a lot of golfers.  I am one who is all about feel, alignment and tempo. In choosing the EVR2, it's heavier weight was an big adjustment for me.  I feel, based on this test that this product could be a great asset for those who play public/muni courses whose greens on the slower side (8-9).  Test it and consider putting it in you bag.   Putters are a personal and individual choice.  

Final Score: 89/100



Best regards.

Chuck Zirkle   


















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DRIVER - TSi3 11.50* - Fujikura Speeder 661 TR S   

FAIRWAY - TSI2 15.0* - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 S

HYBRID - 816H1 18.0* - Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec S

HYBRID - 818H1 21.0* - Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec S

IRONS - T300 (2019) - 5-W - True Temper AMT Red 107g-95gm R300

WEDGES - VOKEY SM9 - 52.08F, 56.10S - True Temper AMT Red 94gm R300,  SM7 - 58.12D N.S. PRO 950GH R300       

***  GolfPride MC+4 Midsize Grips  (all woods/irons/wedges) 

PUTTER -  + 2022 PING PLD  - 35" Anser Milled Black Matte   * Ping Midsize Grip

 ++  2020 CAMERON SPECIAL SELECT CUSTOM  - 35" Newport 2   *GolfPride SNSR 104 Grip


GOLF BAG - TITLEIST - Midsize Tour Bag Black/Black/Red and Black Cart 14 

GOLF GLOVE - FOOTJOY - StaSof, Hyper Flex, StaCooler, Rain Glove

SHOES - FOOTJOY - Premieres, Traditions, Tradition MyJoys, Pro/SLs, Flex, Flex XP, DryJoy Tour MyJoys, Icon MyJoys, Rain Boots. 




Link to review



  • I am Jim Howard and I currently live in Winston-Salem, NC.
  • I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Miami and began my career as an embedded software engineer at Motorola in Plantation, FL.
  • I began playing golf in college and played fairly often in my early-to-mid 20’s even joining the Motorola golf league.
  • I moved to North Carolina in 2006 to attend Law School at Duke and began my career as an attorney in Winston-Salem, NC.
  • Between school, work, and the birth of our second child, I haven’t played much golf in the last 15 years.
  • This year I decided to prioritize some time for golf as I very much enjoy all aspects of the game (yes, even the regular crushing of my spirits).
  • Putting is a stronger area of my game. I have been using the same Odyssey White Hot #4 since the early 2000’s. I still very much enjoy this putter, despite it being a little long for my stroke. I am excited to see how the putter I selected for this review compares.


Test Putter Configuration

  • Model: I selected Evnroll’s ER8v (https://us.evnroll.com/product/er8v/). I generally prefer the feel and aesthetics of a mid-mallet and was instantly drawn to the ER8v when reviewing the options. 
  • Grip: Pistol grips feel most natural to me. Accordingly, I selected Evnroll’s pistol grip. I further chose red to add a pop of color that ties in to both the red details in putter head and to the red in the white and red cover I selected.
  • Fujikura MC Shaft: This is my first time trying a non-steel putter shaft. After mulling Fujikura’s options and descriptions (https://fujikuragolf.com/irons/mc-putter), I selected firm since it is closest to traditional steel in flex with the advantages of lower torque. 
  • Lie/Loft: Standard (I am too dumb in the ways of putter lie and loft to make an intelligent choice)
  • Hosel: Short plumber

Unboxing / Initial Impressions

  • Putter arrived in a white Evnroll box. Box was in good condition.
  • Putter arrived in perfect condition inside of a clear bag marked with a large Evnroll logo.
  • Putter head was shrink-wrapped in plastic.
  • Head cover: very attractive, feels high quality. The head cover has a magnetic latching mechanism to secure the head cover that I really like. “EVNROLL” is embroidered on the front and back with Evnroll’s “E” logo embroidered on the top of the cover.
  • Head: The club head looks really nice and feels great to the touch. The red and white painted lettering pops nicely.
  • Grip: Seeing the red grip in person made me glad that I selected that option along with the white and red head cover. It is thicker (larger in diameter) than the pistol grip on my Odyssey.  Holding the putter in my hand, the thicker is an improvement over the grip on my Odyssey.  It also feels a bit grippier compared to my Odyssey.
  • First swings: Length is perfect (no need to choke up a bit like I have to with my regular putter). It feels a tad heavier than my current putter, but in a good way. Practice swings felt natural very quickly. The extra weight seemed to help with the consistency of my club head path.










Final Review

Fujikura MC Shaft & Evnroll ER8v Putter - Official MGS Forum Review by Jim Howard (Hobert)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Fujikura, Evnroll, and MGS for providing this fantastic opportunity.  It is an honor to be a part of the MGS Forum Reviews that help so many of MGS's readers.  While other clubs in my bag have changed over time, I have gamed the same putter for 15 years.  I think intimately knowing my gamer served as an advantage in this testing opportunity in that it allowed me to notice even subtle differences, but also may have been a disadvantage in making it more difficult for me to acclimate to a new putter and thereby subjectively skewing the results a bit.  I hope this review helps others in choosing their next flatstick.

Looks (10 out of 10 points) - Should come with a towel to wipe the drool off your chin 

As noted above, I found the ER8v with the Fujikura MC shaft aesthetically pleasing right out of the box. The contrast of the black and silver Fujikura MC shaft against the red Evnroll pistol grip and ER8v head looks fantastic. The contours and finish of the ER8v make readily apparent its top notch craftsmanship. My affinity for its looks only increased as I played and practiced with it, so much that I really, really wanted it to work for me and displace my current Odyssey gamer from my bag.  I have always thought of my Odyssey as an attractive putter, but the looks of ER8v with the Fujikura shaft completely eclipses the the Odyssey.



Sound & Feel (9 out of 10 points)

Surprisingly, the sound of the Evnroll/Fujikura setup was a similar sounding and satisfying thwack compared to my Odyssey gamer. I expected a substantial difference given the Odyssey's White Hot insert vs the fully milled steel head of the ER8v, but was pleased to find no real difference (as I've always enjoyed the sound of the Odyssey). I found the sound to be consistent, even where I struck the ball off-center.

In terms of feel, the feedback from contact with the ball felt slightly more muted than I feel with my Odyssey. As a result, what the ball was going to do coming off the test putter based on feel was at times a bit of mystery (compared to my Odyssey). At times when it felt good upon contact, the result was not quite as expected. It should be noted that, while noticeable, the difference in feel was relatively minor. I also believe that becoming more familiar with the putter will mitigate the impact of this difference.

Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points)

Before digging in, I note that I chose the “firm” MC shaft which Fujikura describes as closest to traditional steel flex. Throughout my testing, I could not discern a substantial difference in terms of performance between the Fujikura-shafted ER8v and my steel-shafted Odyssey that I could clearly attribute to the difference in shafts. Having worked through this test, it seems that comparing a shaft under review/test to another (e.g. steel) would best be done with otherwise common components (same putter head, grip, etc.). It is also not unlikely that my amateur putting self could not tell the subtle differences with the Fujikura shaft whereas better golfers could.

In testing of the putter, I struggled with feel in terms of speed.  While I could adjust and improve repeated attempts of the same putt, moving from one putt to another different putt, the speed coming off the putter face was often not what I expected based on previous putts, both shorter than I expected in some cases and longer than expected in others.  This made it difficult to determine the appropriate stroke for subsequent putts. I suspect this is due in part to the ER8v being heavier than my Odyssey more than the shaft. 

With respect to accuracy, the extra weight versus my Odyssey required extra concentration to maintain consistency in my swing plane.  Where I failed to provide that extra focus, the stroke would negatively effect my accuracy.  However, I view this as a Jim-problem as opposed to any sort of performance with the putter. When I swung the club true, it would send the ball in the direction aimed. This was true with respect to shots from the fringe as well as the green.

Because of unforeseen circumstances, my last work with the putter before penning this review was a lengthy practice session largely focused on putts from 10 to 20 feet from a variety of slopes/breaks on the practice green at Oak Valley in Clemmons, NC.  While some groupings were solid, others had an unfortunate outlier or two resulting from the issues described above.  Picking up my Odyssey for a bit during the practice session resulted in more consistent groupings for me.  However, over the course of the session my results gradually improved overall with the Fujikura/ER8tester.  Given my improvement with the test putter over the course of the session, and keeping in mind my long exclusive relationship with the Odyssey, with continued practice and experience I think I will eventually be able to match and surpass my results with my Odyssey gamer.

1617534824_grouping1.jpg.96ed100227d88b2522f0eb013e0d4d5a.jpg 909281571_grouping2.jpg.cca2352e437822fea7945b5ba42d1b81.jpg

1652737628_grouping3.jpg.387de367a361942a3bada83910a03b25.jpg 1033466310_grouping4.jpg.008ea7a3f0eb458ec6550d30df0d3951.jpg

1027504495_grouping5.jpg.f1818f73263cab6a5f8a8bc6e5ea5e14.jpg 132522008_grouping6.jpg.2e573e2d56947b629854132e43cbbac6.jpg

1253836231_grouping7.jpg.8ce6ff7902a6bb9098a87506d8bf0f2e.jpg 1358318868_grouping8.jpg.537c8ee50367f6ed881e72ac047fd3fc.jpg

309100936_grouping9.jpg.080d3efdf471cd8f05dd994c06b9fcf0.jpg 1174427502_grouping10.jpg.b53476634a56426e2a21dfaca7f9118d.jpg

On-Course Performance (26 out of 30 points)

The on-course performance of the Fujikura/ER8v was again quite positive overall.  The proper length (compared to my too long Odyssey), the feeling of quality, the forgiveness, and the perfect sound all engendered confidence on the green and I did hit a number of quality putts.  That said, the issues described above with respect to speed and distance control were uninvited guests on the course as well. In my second round in particular, my first putts on the first two holes traveled much further than expected for the stroke.  Attempting to adjust based on this information in later holes resulted in several putts stopping well short.  The need for additional focus to maintain my swing plane also was problematic at times as I was already devoting additional attention to distance control.  

However, as discussed above, I largely assign the blame for these issues to my long exclusive relationship with my Odyssey leading to a steeper curve to get fully acclimated.  It is for the learning curve, more than the issues themselves, that I deducted a few points for this category.

One “fringe” benefit (pun intended) of the putter was the attention it received from player partners during my round.

Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)

As established above, I LOVE the looks of this club (both the the Fujikura shaft and the Evnroll grip/ER8head).  But it doesn't stop there. The white headcover exudes quality and style. Not only does it look fantastic, the materials (luxury feeling leather or leather-like material), craftsmanship (impeccably embroidered logos), and design of the headcover really round out the entire package.  I continued to enjoy the magnetic latching mechanism throughout my testing. In addition, I liked Evnroll's use of its logo to create the texture on the pistol grip.  These details definitely contribute to the feeling of a premium putter package.




Play it or Trade it? (18 out of 20 points)

While I struggled a bit to attain the same success with the test setup over the course of a few rounds and time on the practice green as I have with my gamer of 15 years, I believe more quality time with the Fujikura/Evnroll will resolve this in the short term and may ultimately win out in the long term. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would select the ER2v as it has a closer head size and shape to my Odyssey thereby reducing the steepness of my learning curve. That said, I think with a little patience and practice the ER8v will work for me.  This combined with my great appreciation for the club's aesthetics and craftsmanship means it's staying in the bag!!!




It’s beautiful! The Fujikura/ER8v marriage results in a gorgeous putter. While my experience overall was positive, I did struggle a bit, primarily with distance control, during the short time period of this test and could not attain the same success with the test setup over the course of a few rounds and time on the practice green as I have with my gamer of 15 years. I believe that is more attributable to me, and my long exclusive relationship with my Odyssey gamer, than the Fujikura/ER8putter. I also could not discern any distinct advantages (other than its good looks) or disadvantages attributable to the Fujikura MC shaft (please keep in mind that I did choose the option most similar to a traditional steel putter shaft.) If I had to do it all over again, the only change I would make would be to opt for the ER2v, which is more similar to my Odyssey, to reduce or even largely eliminate the learning curve related to switching to the new putter. 

I plan to keep the Fujikura/ER8in the bag, continue to climb the steep learning curve, and fly down the other side of the mountain to 15+ successful years with the Fujikura/ER8v.

Much thanks again to Fujikura, Evnroll, and MGS for this opportunity.

Final Score: 91/100


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:EVNROLL: ER8v with Fujikura MC shaft (firm)

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Maxfli Tour

Link to review


I'll chime in with some unofficial feedback after giving @Lacassem's ER2v with the Firm Fujikura MC putter shaft a go on the practice green after our round over the weekend.  I've been using the ER2B for over a full year now, and even had a gravity grip like Mark's has for a portion of that time.  I'm going to break it down between swing feel and impact feel.

  • Short putts (inside 5 feet):
    • Swing Feel:  No discernable difference between the Fuji and Steel.  I think this is by design as the firm is supposed to feel closest to a steel shaft and a stroke this short I just wasn't able to identify anything different on the putting green
    • Impact Feel:  No discernable difference.  The ER2V head seemed to have a slightly higher pitched "click" at impact, but that did not translate to my hands, which may be to better vibration dampening in the Fuji Shaft.
  • Medium putts (10-20 feet):
    • Swing Feel:  Much like the short putts, I really didn't notice any difference in swinging the putter.  It felt the same in my hands and I didn't feel like either was helping with my tempo any more or less.
    • Impact Feel:  Here I started to notice a different feel at impact.  It was muted, but not mushy.  I could still tell if I hit it heel or toe but the overall sensation in my hands was not as great.  The sound difference here from the heads was about the same as the short putts,  The ER2B seemed a bit deeper than the ER2V with Fuji.
  • Long Putts (45 feet):
    • Swing Feel: Here I noticed that I was feeling the head more at the end of my backstroke into transition.  Almost as if I was feeling a touch of "load" in the shaft like you might notice on a well fit driver shaft.  
    • Impact Feel:  Similar to the medium putts what I was hearing was not aligned with what I was feeling.  The ER2V head wanted to be higher pitched, but the Fuji shaft seemed to manage the vibrations better in my hands and they felt a more muted impact.  It's was sort of like I could feel the impact in the head directly into the grip.  Maybe that's the added stability in the shaft?  Or maybe that's just the graphite nature of it?  I'm not sure, but it was different.

Overall Thoughts:

I really like what Fuji did with the MC putter shaft line.  They look great and with the right fit I don't doubt that you can get an improved feel from your putter.  The Firm setup Mark has with the black grip and silver head really looks great, and I normally prefer a black finish on putters.  I almost wonder if I should try the soft model as I tend to take a longer/smoother stroke putting.  I might notice some more difference on medium and maybe even short putts too.  But, performance wise I think it would take a lot of putts and/or a really high quality fitting to get data to show improvements outside of any preference in feel.

I will add this, I took 6 alternating putts with the 2 putters at the 45 foot Mark mentioned above.  I made the first 1 and was in tap in range for other 5.  Thankfully my putter was the one that made it so it's safe in the bag! 🤣


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I'm finally able to get out on the course this Friday afternoon for some real-world testing. I also plan on spending time this weekend on a practice green testing the Evnroll vs my old Odyssey. Will post informal feedback immediately after.

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On 8/28/2021 at 12:38 PM, Lacassem said:

The saga continues though. I intend to get a lot more of these comparisons between these two putters because its the closest I can get to the same setup minus the shaft. Anyone looking for some other information?

Really enjoy following along on this one!  You guys are doing great!  I wanted to throw a few questions out there if you guys don't mind.

Do you feel any difference in weighting?  I know, especially with Evnroll, that they change their head weights with the length of the shaft.  Do you feel like you would have needed to get a lighter/heavier head because of the graphite shaft?

How were you guys "fit" for the flex of the shaft between Smooth, Firm, X-Firm?  If you could, would you change the stiffness after having this one for a bit?

How would you recommend people to try a graphite putter shaft to see if it is worth $250 before just dropping that amount?

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1 minute ago, goaliewales14 said:

Really enjoy following along on this one!  You guys are doing great!  I wanted to throw a few questions out there if you guys don't mind.

Do you feel any difference in weighting?  I know, especially with Evnroll, that they change their head weights with the length of the shaft.  Do you feel like you would have needed to get a lighter/heavier head because of the graphite shaft?

How were you guys "fit" for the flex of the shaft between Smooth, Firm, X-Firm?  If you could, would you change the stiffness after having this one for a bit?

How would you recommend people to try a graphite putter shaft to see if it is worth $250 before just dropping that amount?

I’ll add a little context on my thoughts here.  Again, I have not been able to play yet but I’ve hit about 100 putts on the carpet to get a feel. 

The weight to me feels normal, as any putter, all 3 Fujikura shafts are 115g.  I chose the smooth and holding it and making a stroke it doesn’t feel lighter or more flexible.  Now if you shake it, you can see some bend.  

i don’t think any of us got fit but I certainly did not. Fujikura has some decent descriptions online that I chose off of.  The X Is for more of a pop stroke like Snedeker.  I have a softer, smoother, light at impact stroke so the smooth seems to fit me.  

hope that helps a little! 

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1 minute ago, goaliewales14 said:

Really enjoy following along on this one!  You guys are doing great!  I wanted to throw a few questions out there if you guys don't mind.

Do you feel any difference in weighting?  I know, especially with Evnroll, that they change their head weights with the length of the shaft.  Do you feel like you would have needed to get a lighter/heavier head because of the graphite shaft?

How were you guys "fit" for the flex of the shaft between Smooth, Firm, X-Firm?  If you could, would you change the stiffness after having this one for a bit?

How would you recommend people to try a graphite putter shaft to see if it is worth $250 before just dropping that amount?

Nope love questions, makes testing a lot easier! I know I can get into a single frame of mind so getting others thoughts and questions in really help me (especially this as a putter can be a fairly difficult test)

1) I need to weigh everything and get a comparison. But I believe the 2V head is @ 34" is 365 grams, shaft 115 grams and with the gravity grip another 125 grams. I believe my odyssey is 350 grams (need to confirm) and the typical steel shaft around 110 grams (guessing) also need to verify my super stroke weight as it has the counterbalance weight. Long story short though the FUJI setup feels slightly heavier (gravity grip assists that for sure) but I am loving it. As a whole feels very balanced and the balance points on both in my original picture are more or less exactly the same. The 365 gram head feels right.

2) I was not fit I just took a stab based on description. If I had a choice I would test all 3! But right now feel like I made a pretty sound decision on shaft.

3) More on this later when I do a final review don't want to divulge to much to early, but I will leave it at we are not professionals I think a lot of anyone that will read these reviews base at least a portion of their decision on cost no? This will definitely be part of my thoughts.


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Was able to get a gorgeous round in today.

Putting was strong even with 3 (3) putts which were all in the front 9. Was struggling reading speed, was a little bumpy and all 3 were on 35’ or more on my first putt.

Highlight were 7 (1) putts. 3 of those single putts were from 10’, 16’ and 21’. As I said in my intro this is one of my Main goals with this setup, making more of these distance putts…..It’s an awesome feeling having these going in.

The longer putts feel good and I blame myself on the 3 putts but the 2 putts I figured out speed and was making runs at the hole. It is still tough to really say if the shaft is assisting with this? The whole setup is just top notch for me right now.

highlight distances from the round. That 10-25 in the past is typically much higher.


Bryan grabbed a video for me on 18. Not my best attempT to get it there but left myself an easy cleanup for par


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I finally got a round in yesterday, giving me my first chance to try the putter on a green.  Unfortunately, I had a call that lasted right up until the start of the round, so no practice time as I had hoped.  The ER8v is definitely heavier than my Odyssey. My observations from the first round:

  • Not being used the additional weight and having no practice time resulted in some inconsistencies in my swing path that I don't normally have an issue with. That said, I feel that some decent practice time will take care of this.
  • For the same reasons, I was not as consistent with speed as I am. Again, however, I do not think this will continue as I further familiarize myself with the putter.
  • Feel of the ball off the putter face felt really good. I knew on contact if the initial speed/direction were as I intended.
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Had another stellar round with the Fujikura and ER2V today.

Had my hiccups with pace on some and typical misreads, too much credit, not enough credit….you know how it goes.

But this setup is proving to be just what I need in the 10’-25’ realm where I had no consistency prior. Helped me to 4 birdies today, and 7 (1) putts with 4 of the distances being 10’, 15’, 18’ and 22’. I can honestly say I probably didn’t have a single 1 putt this year prior to receiving this in that range…..Really feeling confident lining up  and even more confident that I’m going to roll it end over end and I can really give it a roll.

Have never seen that green before


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I swear I’m playing golf soon.  I’m actually busting at the seams to try it on the course.  Stay tuned! 

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Just going to leave this here. 5 rounds in so far with the Fujikura/ERV2 setup....


Speaks for itself so far

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5 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

Just going to leave this here. 5 rounds in so far with the Fujikura/ERV2 setup....


Speaks for itself so far

catching up on this thread so not sure if this was already asked but what do you think is more beneficial the shaft or the ERV2 putter head or both equally ?

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Just now, Nolan220 said:

catching up on this thread so not sure if this was already asked but what do you think is more beneficial the shaft or the ERV2 putter head or both equally ?

At this point IMO its dual....Grip and head seem to be a perfect fit and the plumbers neck fits my eye so well at address.

The shaft itself so far FEELS like a steel shaft as a whole but a little softer like I am used to with my previous insert, which is exactly what FUJIKURA is promoting with this specific shaft (firm). It is a fantastic transition for me at this point.

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Was a quiet week this past week for me. Will be getting to some course practice greens and do some of the games I have been wanting to do this week and I have a round this Sunday in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. thoughts to come.

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Golf is finally going to crank up for me.  It’s corporate outing season so the next couple weeks are outing after outing.  I’ll be playing Thursday so looking forward to testing the putter out.  I’m going to arrive early to mess around on the putting green getting a feel for it and testing it out.  The swat will be a good thing too.  No need to try and cozy putts, try to make em all! 

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Hey other testers @Eseay32 @ChuckZ @Hobert are your shafts setup with the designs on the back side as well or are they set up more as an alignment for you? Was just curious as none of us specified where to have the design at address.

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53 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

Hey other testers @Eseay32 @ChuckZ @Hobert are your shafts setup with the designs on the back side as well or are they set up more as an alignment for you? Was just curious as none of us specified where to have the design at address.

All of the text, details, Fujikura logo are on the back (facing my body at address) as well. The only design facing out is the MC that is on both sides of the shaft.

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Should get some good testing in this weekend. Tee time early Saturday and planning to do a longer practice green session as well.

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Was able to get out for about 45 minutes to a local course practice green. Some details later but had some good groupings! Best of the batch came towards the end uphill about 15 feet 1 “made” since they don’t have cups.

Don’t worry about that guy 😂F9160B42-011C-4741-AC91-FFA0DE7D5A48.jpeg.26ac39ec0871302924d1ed90669976e5.jpeg

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2 hours ago, Lacassem said:

Was able to get out for about 45 minutes to a local course practice green. Some details later but had some good groupings! Best of the batch came towards the end uphill about 15 feet 1 “made” since they don’t have cups.

Don’t worry about that guy 😂F9160B42-011C-4741-AC91-FFA0DE7D5A48.jpeg.26ac39ec0871302924d1ed90669976e5.jpeg

That's a solid grouping @Lacassem, I'd take that all day every day from 15 feet, even the shot that shall not be named. 

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30 minutes ago, sirchunksalot said:

That's a solid grouping @Lacassem, I'd take that all day every day from 15 feet, even the shot that shall not be named. 

That SOB was gonna be tricky coming back down the hill, glad I wasn’t taking 2nd shots 😂

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So as I said earlier, got out yesterday afternoon for a bit to a local courses practice green. Usually one of the better greens around but boy was it in rough shape. Overall I am happy with the practice and was pretty consistent but had one real bad grouping (listed below you will see what I am talking about).

So I went all around the green, focus was:

  • All putts were >10'
  • All different lies from the 1st cut (didn't go against the collar of rough because like I said before was in pretty rough shape and I honestly dont know where the balls would have gone)
  • Used 6 balls and went 2 center, 2 toe and 2 heel. I am not a robot but I felt pretty consistent with my stroke and making contact where I intended



Had some misreads here and there you will see in the video below, 1st one was very short and the 2nd stroke leaked right but still within reasonable distance for a 2nd make and this was about 25'



  • Off center strikes are noticeable, shaft helps with the feel but it still feels dull. Roll and line (like I said am not a robot) to me felt consistent. Little more oomph I think is needed off the toe vs the heel IMO but feel wise on contact they felt the same.
  • Confident coming out of the fringe even with how bumpy it was, don't believe the shaft is the catalyst for this but setup as a whole hell yea.
  • Really enjoying the feel, I can be consistent striking and am loving centering this setup on the face and running at pins. 
  • I did not take the 2nd putts but as a whole minus the 1 outlier where I was just lightyears away confident in saying these would have all been 2 putts for the ones I did not hit the stick (did not have many, believe it was 3 pin hits, but from the distances and areas I was coming from and the condition of the green I was pretty ecstatic)
  • Was short on a lot which is ok, greens were much slower than I am used to.

Some of the groupings:

Fringe about 30':


On the green about 40+':


Fringe about 12':


Fringe about 40+' and this is the poor grouping I was talking about before, long way and the fringe was rough at best:


Round upcoming this weekend at a new track, looking forward to it!

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26 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

So as I said earlier, got out yesterday afternoon for a bit to a local courses practice green.


Did you compare against a steel shafted putter?   What benefit/loss is the Fuji shaft playing?  

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19 minutes ago, cnosil said:

Did you compare against a steel shafted putter?   What benefit/loss is the Fuji shaft playing?  

I did not compare against steel yesterday but have several times, for the setup I am 100% confident in this setup and going with something else I already know the results will be different and I am also focusing on improving my on course game and want to get EVERYTHING I can out of this setup.

Without going to far into it the benefit with this shaft IMO is the soft feel on contact, overall feels like steel with a softer compression when making contact. I am chalking a lot of the other consistencies to the grip and head at this point. But look and feel when putting as we all know play a major factor.

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Sorry that I am late but weather has not been our friend with the tropical storm season upon us on the east coast.  I love the look and feel of the ERV2 but the grip that I asked for was a 104c and the sent a 140c which as you see is much bigger and does not set well in my fingers.  Does it affect the performance?  Our greens are fast for a much used municipal golf course, running normally around 11 and having around 65K plus rounds a year.  Lots of thumbprints, redans, bowls, undulations and fast greens.  A renovation with Seth Raynor type greens and bunkers.   .  

Round         1-10ft  11-30ft   31-50ft    51+ft  (to understand the below numbers, 1/2 would be one two putt)

1 #/putts         5/1      7/2          1/2          1/2        

                                          1/3                               1/3   

                                                                                1/4              33 putts     

2 #/putts        3/1       1/1          1/2         1/2          

                       1/2        6/2        1/3          1/3

                       1/3        1/4                                             35 putts   

3 #/putts        3/1       5/2         1/2          1/2 

                       2/2       1/3           1/3            1/3

                       1/3        1/4                                            37 putts  

4 #/putts       4/1         5/2         1/2           1/2

                      4/2                                         1/4            30 putts   

As you can see with my play, my number of putts increased from day one as I tested the product, until the last day.  Day one the greens had been punched three days prior and were slow and the putter worked fairly well and as they sped up the number of putts did increase some.  It is heavy which would be great for those playing on slower greens running in the 8-10 range.   The loft on this putter is set at 4* which is for slower greens.   Of the 135 putts made 96 of them were within the 1-30 foot range.  As you can see the three/four putts are bolded and there the same in the under 30 feet as in the over thirty feet.  That is my reason for saying that this putter is better suited for slower or flatter greens.  As a former auditor numbers and statistics are there for interpretation.  Me I like to know how it feels, lines up and putts.  If you hit the ball outside the milled area, you will definitely hear and feel it.  Something I am not accustomed to.  A real shocker the first time I played with it.  It lines up nicely but the weight is a bit much for me.  I am used to a lighter putter and think that the head and the grip on this putter have added a bit of weight to a great shaft.  I would mind having one of these shafts in one of my Scotty Cameron putters to test.  I am a big fan of Fujikura products and all my metals have their shafts in them.  I feel that the best test for any product is on the course.  My group laughs at me as I walk off the distances as line up my putts and one asked me one day what I was doing when I was gathering the data.  I most likely will have one more when I return to play next week.  I like to give every product every chance.  Cheers.          

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Wow what an amazing opportunity to test one of the hottest putters with one of the hottest shaft makers in the market, now that's what I call a BONUS.  Looking forward to reading your thoughts on using a graphite shaft in a putter.  Good luck fellow spies!!!!

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I'd love to try the Envroll putter with a graphite shaft.  My current Ping putter is about 20 years old, so I'm WAY behind the technology curve.

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What???  Three putter tests going on at the same time???  MGS Official Testing opportunities has officially gone "off the chain". 😆  

GIF caray wow show - animated GIF on GIFER


Good luck everyone!

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I'm on the hunt for a new putter after selling my Scotty, this could be perfect timing.

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could be a once in a lifetime chance to change from steel...just ordered my first wedge with a graphite shaft...times are changing

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Great combo.... Evnroll with it's variable grooves and a great shaft.... would love to test it...  THANK YOU 

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Ping shafted some of their putters with graphite back in the 90’s, still have a Pal 4 BeCu with a graphite shaft. Found it too light and unstable and it’s been in storage since. Definitely interested in trying and reviewing the latest technology. Coming from Fuji, I would think it’s better than good. We’ll see. 

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2 Different testing opportunities for an Evenroll Putter this year is huge. Kudos to MGS for putting together such an amazing opportunity!!

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I'm in, and I'm sure I could find a way to make the little trip south to Carlsbad for a fitting! 👍

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Sounds Like a great test.  - I have several stroke labs steel/graphite , a bloodline carbon/graphite and numerous steel Scotty Phantoms 6/ 7/8 / 11 and a 12 and a Newport 2.5

I think I might be in a great position to add valuable feedback as a putter nerd with a test track 

please send mine with a nice Gravity Grip 😀




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I was lucky enough to be selected for a test recently, so will let other spies have a go at this one.  Good luck, and look forward to the feedback. 

My only thought is that to really be able to give an assessment on how much this shaft is helping, would be to test against the same spec putter with a standard steel shaft.  Yeah, that increases the cost of the test, but would also give more valid results, IMHO.

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Great point about the test conditions. I built a putter lab of sorts during COVID. Tried many (20) putters, 34/35 , different heads, all kinds of grips etc.  

Steel vs Graphite without any other variables would be a true test  



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3 minutes ago, PutterObsessionProblem said:

I think I might be in a great position to add valuable feedback as a putter nerd with a test track 

Well, your screen name is certainly apropos !  Envious of your golf equipment budget.  That is QUITE the collection.  I take it you prefer a mallet?😆

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LOL- Yes my friends said “ you have a putter problem”. I’m fortunate to have the means and our new home was ideal build a green here in AZ.  

definitely more of a mallet guy - one blade to keep me honest on side by side comparisons. 

the exception is my guest putters - Built these for $15 each from old stock.  That was after a couple dragged my perfect Scotty’s across the concrete. Problem solved 🤣


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I think the stoke lap shaft for Odyssey has proven to be a better shaft for putters. One or two extra putts made per round could make me lots of money. I would love to try it.

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Really intriguing. Might be tough to work out whether it’s the shaft or the head. The comparison with the standard Evnroll reviews will be interesting 

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I have never tried a graphite shafted putter but sure would like the chance to test on out. It may do for putting what graphite did for the driver!

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