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Precision Pro claims their new Titan Elite rangefinder is “the new gold standard in golf rangefinders.” A bold claim for a product competing in a category with premium devices that are proven and function exceptionally well. However, Precision Pro has a few tricks up its sleeve with the Titan Elite that they feel set it apart from the rest.

About The Precision Pro Titan Elite Rangefinder

The Titan Elite features an aluminum shell to enhance its durability without adding too much weight. It also boasts an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, meaning rain or shine, this rangefinder is protected against the elements. The IP67 rating is the highest in its class.

Also included are some of the standard but critical features such as visual target lock with a ripple visual effect and pulse vibration when you lock onto the flag.

However, it is the connection with the Precision Pro app that looks to really set the Titan Elite apart. With the app integration, the rangefinder provides front, center and back-of-green GPS yardages through the reticle with the press of a button. 

Finally, what may be the feature golfers could use the most is “Find My Titan.” Forget your rangefinder? Precision Pro has you covered with its GPS location feature. This will ping the Titan Elite and provide a notification on your phone if you misplace it. 

TWPP3 (2).jpg

The Testing Opportunity

We are looking for four golfers to test, review and keep a Precision Pro Titan Elite rangefinder.

We want to know how all these features function in the hands of real golfers. Is this rangefinder truly in a class of its own compared to other top-of-the-line rangefinders?

Do you think you are up to the test?



*Open to all registered Forum members in North America.

*Registration closes June 5.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on June 11.


I would love a chance to review one of these.  I’ve had my precision pro NX7 for close to 4 years now and while it’s been a great purchase I’ve found myself looking into new range finders lately. The connectivity to the app is really intriguing to me and I like the ability to charge the unit instead of having to keep batteries in my bag. Really excited for this one!

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I currently use a Bushnell V5.  I also use a skycaddie to get the front middle and back of greens.  So using something that does both would be helpful and something I'd like to try.  I also live on the Oregon coast where we get a bit of fog in the mornings...  hoping this model would help there too.

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Tried to use a rangefinder in the p1sr but is was of poor quality and Iwas not satisfied with. Finally decided to go for a Garmin s42 instead. Would love to test a good one to compare with a watch and see what are the pros and cons of such device. 

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Range finders definitely add more confidence that you grabbed the right club out of the bag.  I don't like that I can see the crosshairs real well when it's sunny with my current range finder.  I hope this works well on bright days.  Good luck ya'll.

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Good luck all you all. Enjoy. I'll be interested to see how you compare and compute accuracy.

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Been using a Blue Tees for the last 1.5 years, not super happy with it so looking for an alternative to test, great opportunity. The blue tees has slope which is crucial and a magnet to stick to the cart but it's a bit unreliable. I'll lock on the flag a few times and notice a range of about 4-5 yards each time, which seems odd. My prior Bushnell and Callaway models didn't seem to have that fluctuation. 

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Good luck everyone. I would love to test this against the other 4 rangefinders that I have. I have the MG, Pinned, and Blue Tees and I have an older Precision Pro. cmparison would be great. I have small issues with each of these. The Blue Tees only seems to work if there is a reflector on the flagstick, The MG just seems a little off. The Pinned works really well but will occasionally grab something other then the pin. Hope to get chosen for this one.

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I have 2 of them. I still have my Bushnell v3 (no slope, I only use it on tournament days) and a caddytek from Costco (with slope). They give me near identical numbers but what I'm interested in, is the GPS feature of this one.


Thanks for the opportunity.

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I have never even used one before, I would really like to try one. I have a Garmin GPS but it would be nice to have rangefinder for shots to the green. 

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Good luck to those that apply! I am still undecided if I need a rangefinder or if my phone GPS does the trick just as well. Can't wait to hear what the chosen four think. 

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Do you know that golfer in your group who never trusts his playing partners with distances and shoots the flag every opportunity he gets? Well, that's me! My buddies have been saying for years that I need to get a new rangefinder because mine is always off the mark compared to theirs, or it is dead. I spent a good chunk of money on the Garmin Z82, and when I first started using it, I loved it. However, lately, my distance appears to be 10-15 yards longer than groups, and therefore, I am less confident in my yardage. As backup rangefinders, I have used Nikon and Blue Tees rangefinders. Unfortunately, the Nikon was stolen, and the Blue Tees, well, it just wasn't what I was looking for. I have heard great things about Precision Pro over the years and have been lucky enough to play in a golf group that swears by them and allows me to use theirs occasionally. But I'd love to test one and provide feedback on my experience. Most of all, I'd like to return to using a rangefinder that points and shoots effortlessly, locks onto the target seamlessly, and has some of the modern tech (like the magnetic rangefinder that attaches to my cart). Also, I just realized this is the updated version of the R1 Smart Rangefinder they released a few years ago. Initially, it had great reviews, but slowly, people started to experience glitches.  I’d love to see how Precision Pro learned from the old model and made changes. In addition, since I am used to my Z82, I am sure I can compare the golden standard Z82 rangefinder to the upcoming Elite Titan while providing an unbiased take on the DTC brand and the features it offers for a fraction of the cost. I am also familiar with the premier LPGA favorite, the Voice Caddie SL1 & 2 rangefinders, which are similar. I'm confident I could provide some excellent background info from a compare-and-contrast tech-talk point of view.

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Currently have a Leupold in Iowa and a Callaway in Arizona. Would be a fun to compare if chosen. I sometimes carry/use a yardage device when officiating to verify a drop is no closer to the hole.

Good Luck Everyone!

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Between my apple watch (18 birdies and golfshot) and a crappy Amazon one, I am due for an upgrade. I've been eyeing this brand since Fat Perez made it YouTube popular! Looking forward to the testing and results from those lucky enough to be selected!

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I currently use a very old Bushnell.  It doesn't have any of today's bells and whistles.  It works OK, but if I'm a long ways out (which is happening more and more frequently as I get older...😪) it'd be nice to see what some improvements have been made with newer technology.

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My rangefinder is roughly 5 years old and not ideal. Would love to put this new tech through its paces. Been playing 3-4 times a week of late, so plenty of chances to test it out.

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Great Testing opportunity.  I'm a big fan of using a Ranger Finder vs using GPS. 
Look forward to reading the testings! ⛳

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Big opportunity for many who don’t have a rangefinder or have been looking for something to test and upgrade. Good luck to everyone!!

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