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Sign up Closed: Vortex Rangefinders

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The MyGolfSpy Forum prides itself on bringing new brands and equipment to our member testing platform. Golf is growing and so are the brands entering the golfing industry. It can be difficult to keep track of them all and even harder to discern which brands are actually producing worthwhile equipment for consumers. This is where you come in.

About Vortex

Vortex Optics is an American company that makes high-end scopes, binoculars and rangefinders for hunting and other outdoor sports. In February, Vortex released golf-specific rangefinders.

With world-class optics and an unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty, their new line of rangefinders has a lot of potential.

Their current lineup of rangefinders consists of three models: Anarch, Blade Slope and Blade. The Blade is the base version and includes a cart magnet and pin-spotter mode. The Blade Slope builds on those features by adding a slope function. The Anarch, their premium model, adds a red display and image stabilization. All models are tournament legal, shockproof and waterproof.


The Testing Opportunity

For this testing opportunity, we are looking for four golfers to test, review and keep a Vortex rangefinder. We will have the full lineup tested and select two golfers for the Anarch and one each for the Blade and Blade Slope.

We want to know how these perform against the best of the best, what they feel like and how accurate they really are. Can a new company really compete with the best rangefinders in golf? Let’s find out!

Do you think you are the perfect tester for this opportunity?



*Must be a registered Forum member to be selected.

*Open to U.S. residents only.

*Registration closes June 19.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on June 25.


Vortex makes some great optics.  I've been waiting for another optic company to try their hand at range finders.  Have a few of their different variety pieces of glass and they are nice.  I imagine the image quality will be spectacular.

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Vortex is awesome.  As a Wisconsin resident, would love to support this awesome company right in my backyard.  I drive by the company weekly.  Vortex has an excellent reputation and can’t wait to see the optics on this rangefinder.  

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This just maybe what I’m looking for in identifying yardage to points on the course. I currently use Arccos App and a Garmin watch. The down side is they are not quick to find yardage to a pinpoint location that I want to hit to next shoot ( if I’m laying up at a dogleg, ect.). I see golfers on the course with only a range finder, may be worth dropping my Garman for a rangefinder. So this test would be a double bonus for both of us!!!


Happy Golfing!!!

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I have my fingers crossed for this one. Just lost my Bushnell last week, accidentally left it on the golf cart and the guys at the club said they didn’t find it, so I’m range finderless and on the hunt for something new. 

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