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Final Reviews: Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor

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Equipment Type: Launch Monitor
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The great testing opportunities keep coming! Here we are looking for 4 testers for the Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor, but wait there is more. With this testing not only do you get to test and keep the launch monitor, but you will also receive access to the Coach Connect where you will be paired with an instructor and receive comprehensive swing evaluation through Rapsodo's Coach Connect platform as part of the testing experience.

Rapsodo has had a great product so for winning 2019 and 2020 Mygolfspy Most Wanted awards... how will if fare for you?

This test is open to all entries left or right handed, international and US, but only users of IOS devices. This can be iphone or ipad, however android at this time is not supported. 

Thank you all for applying and we look forward to seeing selected testers put it through its paces and share the experience with Rapsodo!

Please congratulate our testers for the Rapsodo MLM


Looks & Feel
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  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor review!

Thank you MGS of course for the testing opportunity and Rapsodo for providing a incredible product for myself and our other 3 lucky testers to put through its paces.

Introduction: August 2, 2021

To start off we will of course begin with a introduction. For those new the the site I am lucky enough to be the newest of the Mods on a fantastic team here at MGS. Before I managed to get my @golfspy tag I went by Apolloshowl and before that Danbrook . In previous reviews I would leave a link to a past one to give you an idea of me and my game, however that seems like a lifetime ago and with our new system it means time for a brand new introduction.

My name is Jamie, I am 33 and I live in a little town about a half hour from Zurich, Switzerland. August 1st not only represents the Swiss national holiday, but also our 1 year here in Switzerland... oh I should probably elaborate on the plural. When I made the decision to move here for work, my then girlfriend now wife (Allyssa) joined me on this great adventure. We were of course joined by our 3 dogs. Apollo, Fender and Oliver (or Ollie or Smalls or Smalliver). We absolutely love it here and are excited to welcome a new member to our family in the new year and are very fortunate to call Switzerland home. 

As for the work that brought me here, well it is unique. I work as a Ice Technician for curling clubs and events. For me this normally means travelling a few months a year to different parts of the world making ice and maintaining my home club where we have ice 11 months a year and host many Olympic teams and training. It's work that has constant surprises and is always changing. I truly love what I do and can't imagine doing any other work... of course my work here as a mod not included. 

That sums up life/work in a short way, which means we are now onto the fun part. Golf and MGS!
Before I get into my game here is a link (I'm doing it again) to what sums up my MGS career a little bit: 

Now with that out of the way my golf game. I play to a 11, although sadly I really haven't got a chance to play nearly as much as I would like to this season with work, incoming baby and covid it has meant a lot less golf. However when I have played I still have a good feel for everything and have put up respectable scores. My biggest strength is my putting. That is also what I practice a fair bit at home so it is simply a comfort for me. My weakness is chipping and tee shots. My driver is less then consistent and after SuperSpeed testing last year it didn't hurt, but also didn't help. With a increase of speed and not as much practice it has meant some more big misses with the driver. My irons I love and am just really comfortable with, although arccos would tell me to club up on approach shots as I will very often come up short vs miss left or right. 

If you want to check out a WITB for me it will be linked in the post about my MGS history above. 

Finally now we get to the goods and the product in question for testing. 
For starters I'll be using my ipad on it, as I have an Android phone (old iphone if I have to). Most of testing will be here at home (be ready for the unboxing post of all unboxing posts!) at the range and some on course use where possible (golfing in Switzerland is a little different and very go go go so less time to videoing and so on). I do promise to try and get some good backdrops where I can!

Why am I excited for Rapsodo and what this test means to me?
As eluded to above I don't get out to play nearly as much as I would like and Rapsodo will give me a great tool to practice and work on my game here at home both indoors and out. The coach feature is likely what I'm looking forward to most in I have not had a lesson in years and think this will be very beneficial as I can take the time to work on what is given to me before taking it to the course and get lots of reps in. It will also be great to get numbers and have a better idea of how far I am hitting all of my clubs since Superspeed training. 

What will be tested and examined?
For this test I will again test it both indoors and outside. I will also be going to our local shop and see how some of the numbers compare against GC Quad for those curious in that. 
Last the coach feature. I truthfully am not exactly sure what to expect with this. I will be going in with a open mind and willing to try anything the coach recommends or suggests. I think I forgot to mention this, but I am also a lefty... so outside of suggesting I play right handed I'll be all ears! 
There are lots of good solid reviews out there on the Rapsodo MLM so I will try and bring something fresh and new to the table with that, but I will also put a large focus on the Coach Feature and how it could benefit all of you. 

Unboxing: September 23, 2021
Time for a photo dump. As I said in the post the Rapsodo comes with everything you want and need and nothing that you do not. This to me is great. Less waste and I don't need a bunch of things to open or fiddle around with. A power button, simple setup guide and instructions, usb C cord and thats about it. 

That being said my ipad case does not work with it so that had to be taken off which is fine, but not a easy case to take off.


It is pretty small and compact which is also fantastic!


It also feels sturdy as a device, which I won't say is surprising but i feel the durability will be great for the long term with this device as well. 


Then we have the home setup which is a big reason why I wanted to get in on this. With life changes and being in a new country I haven't got a chance to play nearly as much as I would have liked and with baby on the way this is going to get a lot of use and the Rapsodo will help me dial in numbers over the course the review a future.


First impressions are great so far and very happy with the quick setup and install and looking forward to the Coaching Feature and how I can improve my swing. 


For now I am going to wrap this up and for future updates, unboxing, photos and reviews check back both on this post and the comments! 

Final Review: November 25th, 2021

Looks & Feel (8 out of 10 points) 
Describe the following for the device:
This is a big bonus for the Rapsodo device. It is small, compact and really simple. I’ve touched base on this throughout parts of the review process, but with how simple it is I really think this is a key feature to it being a good product in any golfers bag. The added carrying case, USB C charger are great to have with one protecting the device and the other being a basic standard for most chargers now aday (funnily enough not apple which is what you need to use to use for this… just now noticing the irony in that)

I used mind with a ipad in a net almost exclusively and although I didn’t get around to doing head to head with gc quard or trackman I was able to do some with the PRGR which if we are being more realistic is a more comparable device for those who may be looking at getting the Rapsodo MLM. 

In comparison the Rapsodo is a slightly larger, but add in the ipad and it feels like a much more professional unit and one much more suited to someone looking to dive into the data. 

As for the score of 8, it is a good unit and sleek there is no doubt about that, but there is also nothing really makes it stand out and say WOW so a score of 8 I think is justified. 


Setup (10 out of 15 points)
Set up is stupid simple. Make sure its charged up, turn the power on. Have the app downloaded and account created within the Apple device and simply select pair. The app walks you through step by step and within a matter of minutes you are ready to hit golf balls. The app really does a stellar job and making sure you are given the proper knowledge going into it. 

The battery on the device for me lasted several sessions and I never ran it down to dead, it was quick and easy enough to bring in and throw on charge for a couple hours and put it back on the bag. 

Although I did not have any reason to contact customer care, I was happy to see that after one session that seemed to have missed more then a fair share of shots I got a email notification asking about the session and saying here are some tips and tricks if I was having trouble and gave the information for customer service. I did have another bad session where the ipad kept shutting down, I reset it and recharged it to full and didn’t have the issue again. HOWEVER I did make sure the ipad always had 80% or better charge from there on out. I don’t recommend using it with a lower charge as it may use too much and shut down. Also worthy to note that the ipad would not simply turn back on, but had to be plugged in to reboot. 

Scoring reasoning of 10 I think is covered above, but even though initial setup and integration and app itself are really good. The bugs with the devices and needing to have a near full powered device is a downfall for me. Side note a feature which I would love to see, not sure if it was there or not but a power indicator on the unit itself would be great!


Accuracy (12 out of 15 points)
The accuracy of this device is exactly what you should expect for its price point. Some shots are missed, some are spot on and there is a variance in between. That being said if you are trying to dial in distances as a whole I think this is a great unit. I like how it displayed and showed the data on the ipad and really liked how you can go back and look at shots. I believe it accurately detected thin shots, fat shots and of course the odd perfect one that I hit. Distances were consistent with what I would expect on the course and there were very few that I looked at and said well thats a obvious misread. If anyting those misreads were simply just missed entirely. This happened for me I would say 5-7% of the time. Again this could be more because I was using a net almost exclusively and maybe the flight wasn’t far enough. 

This brings me to the second point in this where distance is one thing, direction is another. I again believe in the distances it showed. The direction I’m not so sure of. I mean I would love my dispersion to be as tight as it was, but know that I’m not that accurate so I think into a net with a limited ball flight the direction has a bit of room for improvement, but is more then adequate. I didn’t shank any, but did hit some high toe shots that I could see go into the top left of the net and it would read them as being more straight. 

Comparing to PRGR I was quite happy, swing speed seemed to be close to on point which is what PRGR is known for and ball speed I would say is pretty darn close to. Now with that information is that showing better things for Rapsodo or PRGR? I’ll let you know and determine that for yourself.

Scoring reason- lets be honest for the price this is at and the features it provides its great. A 12 given some of its grey areas are truly awesome. 
Are the yardages accurate? (compare to another method if possible)


On-Course (20 out of 30 points)
I did get out for a round with it, as well as a few range sessions, but again I want to focus this more on net compatibility as we head into the off season and colder weather could this be something that is used a lot indoors for training and improvement?

Again setup is simple, the app is great and I think this could work really well for someone who wants to use this at home not as a simulator, but as a training device and to keep their swing in shape in the winter months and dial in some numbers as well as distances. 

Obviously the ball flight features and such are great for on course and range, but something you do not get at home. Maybe one day there can be a simulated flight, but for these purposes it's not really needed. 

The biggest draw back I found was outside of a 7 iron I could barely see my swing, almost my whole body was out of the video which I’m sure I could move the device further and further back, but driver I would need to have it so far back it would be way out of the parameters of working so I do think that is a area for improvement. 

I feel like I am being a little harsh on Rapsodo with my gradings, but I think it is important to understand what you are getting and what you are wanting to achieve with this device. Outside of testing I’ll be honest I don’t think I’ll be bringing this onto the course with me again. Not that it was difficult, but I’m not sure I see the benefit for on course use. That being said range/net use I think is great as a base device to get you numbers, data sets and general swing thoughts for your golf game. Which I do believe is important, especially in todays number centric golfing world. It gives you a lot more then PRGR, but that also comes with a cost of $350 or more… which is about what I would expect. 

I will also say that I used multiple sets of clubs to see if there were different launch angles and such and it did seem to pick those up. My Cobra Fly Z Pro set was shorter as expected then the i210s. Sadly driver was a tough one. I believe it was good and generally accurate, but I was using my old old driver as my Epic decided to crack on the crown so I can’t really accurately say driver numbers were spot on. I feel they were, but my 3 wood was about as far according to the numbers Rapsodo showed. This I also don’t doubt. 


Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)
Okay there isn’t too much to put in here. However this is where I think Rapsodo does score perfect. It is clear they believe in their product. They have come out with several updates for the App along with new features. They have also expanded the use of the Rapsodo MLM to include a coaching feature which unfortunately we weren’t able to gain access to, however they did give us full access to the premium subscription which allows you to store more shots, see more videos and get some additional data sets. This is FREE for any Rapsodo user for the first month which is fantastic! A great trial before you decide to take the plunge, which I do believe is worth while. 
It is great to see they are enhancing features around the same unit to give it more uses as well as data to use. This is great to see and Rapsodo themselves were very good to deal with when I had to email them about some of the features of us doing this review. 


Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20 points)
This will be more brief for me. I will play it and use it. With life changing and family growing my golf game will be more out of home focused which means this will get used more and be part of my more normal golf routine as well as help me keep my game in check and swing smooth. However if I was to be out on the course a lot more and able to play more I honestly am not sure how much I would use it? So in short yes and I am very happy with the unit itself along with its features for my golf game and where golf fits into my life now.


TLDR- The Rapsodo device is a great small, simple and compact device that gives you solid data points across the board and in terms of my testing was nice to see net compatibility function well. Rapsodo continues to work and improve not only the app, but features and uses of the MLM which only adds to its overall value

Final Score: 75/100









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 ⛳🛄 as of April 15, 2022

SuperSpeed 2020 from 100-112 and climbing!

Driver:   :callaway-small: Mavrik Sub Zero - Set at 9.5* with Aldila Rogue Max 65 gram 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ weight back

               :ping-small: G410 Crossover - 2 and 4 iron

Irons:     :ping-small: i210 5-U w/ Nippon Modus 105 stiff (2018 Tester)

Wedge:  :ping-small: Glide 2.0 54* 58* w/ Nippon Modus 105 Stiff

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7 35* and oversized grip (2019 Tester)

Balls:      :srixon-small: Z Star

Other:     :Arccos: 

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Rhapsodo MLM Review: Introduction

Hello again fellow Golf Spies! 

I'm excited to get started on another product review with MyGolfSpy, it is always an honor to be selected. 

My name is Greg, and I live in Tampa Florida, and play the majority of my golf in and around the central Florida region. I first started playing golf in high school after a friend invited me to go play. We borrowed his dad's clubs and off we went. I shot about 120 that day, but on the 17th tee I hit a soaring long draw with the driver and I was hooked, I mean destined, to be a golfer for life. I played as often as I could through the rest of high school and college with a 'set' of clubs I was able to piece together one or two clubs at a time off the sale rack at Sports Authority on a minimum wage pay check.

After completing the four year ROTC program at UCF (Go Knights) I spent just over 20 years flying KC-135 air  refueling tankers in the Air Force.


During my first year in the AF, I bought my first real set of clubs and began playing golf in earnest. I was mostly self taught and relied on whatever natural athleticism would manage and could usually make it around the course scoring in the low 90's. In my late 30's I finally decided to seek out a coach and take lessons, but the military lifestyle and transient nature of golf instructors made it difficult to stay with any particular coach for very long, but I managed to work my handicap down to about 10 for a while and played pretty consistently in the low 80's.


After retiring from the Air Force I got to move back home to Tampa where I now work teaching current KC-135 pilots in the flight simulator. I'm able to play or practice golf 2-3 times per week. My current handicap index is around 13, and I'm about to finish my fourth season playing in a local competitive league. See the League Play From the Middle of the Pack 2021 Season thread for my story there.


I've done several other tests for MyGolfSpy, including Odyssey EXO putter, Ping G410 irons, and Sqairz golf shoes. This is going to be my first 'soft goods' test though so it will be interesting to interact with you all as we put the Rapsodo MLM through it's paces.

How am I going to approach this testing process?

 Like the other testers, I'm most curious about the Remote Coaching option they have generously added into the test process for us. I have been working with my current coach for about 6 months now, and I feel like my swing is in a pretty good place. I've played pretty consistently the last couple of months. It will be an interesting comparison to see what the remote coach can see and recommend versus the in-person coaching. 

One cool aspect for this test is my current coach uses an indoor studio with a ForeSight system for full swing lessons. I think I can convince him pretty easily to let me set up the Rhapsodo during a session and get some direct comparison data. 

I also purchased the ShotScope V3 GPS watch (thanks in large part to the MGS review) for shot and performance tracking. I've also been using the 18 Birdies app for scoring history and track handicap trends along with MyScorecard through the league managing my USGA official handicap. Especially Shot Scope will give me a way to do some side-by-side data comparisons with what the Rapsodo says on the range and the on-course performance data I've gathered through Shot Scope.

As always, the fun part of these reviews is the interaction with the other testers and all of the readers as we put the product through its paces. Thanks again to MyGolfSpy for this newest opportunity. Really looking forward to getting started, and as always, feel free to ask whatever questions you like along the way, and I will give the best answers that I can.




Final Review: 28 November 2021

Thanks again MGS for another great test/review opportunity. Many of my review centric thoughts were included in the discussion thread, so if you've followed along or scrolled through those comments some of this final review might sound repetitive. Anyway, here goes, and happy holidays!

First Impressions:  Packaging for the device was simple, compact, and more than enough for protecting the device in transit. One big plus is the compact size. The carry case and device are small enough to carry in or attach to your golf bag for transit to the range. Keeping the charging cord in the carry case made keeping track of that easy, especially in my house where chargers and cords tend to be everywhere. Getting started was easy and intuitive as well. A quick search in the app store, and a couple of clicks in the app itself, some charging time, and I was off and running (well in the car at least) to the range for session number one!

1406560616_productbox.jpg.bf6681c119110e2ae445f2b209523df3.jpg  1064931276_carrycase.jpg.5987a5dce637c167d9fc4f7e12b3d25c.jpg 1815332343_appopenscnshot.jpg.bcf9224b2ef063147352b6f43867dbec.jpg


Looks and Feel: 8 out of 10 points:  As more of a soft goods product, there really isn't much to looks and feel with regard to the device itself. It's small size makes it easy to use. The device is simple, and I suppose for looks you'd have to say simple is better. I didn't have to spend a bunch of time on the range with it answering 'Hey, what's that?' type of questions, which meant I got to enjoy my range sessions with the device. The interface within the app is simple and intuitive as well, so I didn't have to spend hours figuring out how to access my data or swing videos after a session.

Setup: 9 out of 15 points:  One of the aspects of the Rapsodo MLM is it's versatility and being able to use it both indoors or outdoors. The less you need to change the ball placement spot, the easier setup winds up being. That makes indoor setup a breeze, since hitting off an indoor mat means you don't need to reposition the ball after several swings or potentially change your target line. Outdoor setup is a little more cumbersome. The app tracks your device's gps postion, so it can recognize you are on the property of 'Golf Club X'. It takes a minute to properly position and orient the device to your spot on the range. Once you've done that, the instructions are pretty spot on with where and how to position the device. A challenge to battle is changing your position relative to the device. If you have to move forward or back a few inches/feet for turf you have to make sure you are in line with the device.

The MLM itself seems to charge  pretty quickly. Even after sitting unused for several days, it lasted at least through a range session with as little as 15 minutes of charging time. If it has a battery level indicator anywhere other than the LED on the front of the device changing color, then it was somewhere I didn't notice it.

One thing of note here was needing to give the device a little shade to operate in. Several of my sessions here in Florida were in full sun and warm temperatures. On days like that, the device tended to overheat pretty quickly, whether it was my phone or the device itself, left exposed 20-25 minutes was about all the session time I could get out of it before needing to let it cool down a bit and start a new session. Giving it some shade by using the umbrella on my push cart usually got me to 45-60 minutes before the device would drop offline.

Accuracy 13 out of 15 points:  Considering the size of the device, and the fact it is using radar to capture two different, simultaneous data points (club speed, ball speed) the Rapsodo MLM was pretty accurate. For outdoor sessions I made sure to laser capture the target posts on the range to give me a gauge for estimating shot distance to compare. Indoors, I had the opportunity to use it side-by-side with my coach's Trackman system and the distance numbers were pretty close to the same.

Indoors has some limitations on the output though. It seemed like the more of the ball flight the camera was able to capture, the better the 'Shot Type' description turned out. Hitting indoors or into a net, the short ball flight tended to come back with almost every shot being called 'Straight'. Outdoors, with the camera interface seeing the entire ball flight it was much more accurate identifying Pull/Hook/Draw/Fade etc. 

Keep in mind, the only real data points you get are club head speed at impact, and ball speed at launch. The rest of the distance is the device doing math that we don't want to. You do get the depiction of ball flight on outdoor sessions, and since ball flight is king, that is a big benefit with this device. If you are looking for more advanced club related data like attack angle, face angle, path and such, you're out of luck. And if you are a 'spin nerd' then  you are left out completely.


On Course 20 of 30 points: The Rapsodo MLM is not really designed or intended for on course use. That being said, I did have the opportunity to take it out onto the course on a slow day and see what I could get out of it. Of course, you have to have the time to go through the setup process before any shots you want to record on the course. The data again was accurate relative to the comparison, which on-course for me was ShotScope v3. I did like getting to see a video replay of a couple of good shots though. 


On the range though, where it is intended to be used, it is easy to set up, even if it's not necessarily quick. It provides good, useful launch data and it's nice and portable so you don't have to take a whole bunch of extra stuff with you to the range to use it.

Miscellaneous 7 out of 10  points: It feels like there is a lot more to cover in the Miscellaneous category for the Rapsodo MLM when you start looking into the extra little features in the app. 

One that most of the testers were keen to investigate was the Coach Connect feature. Once I looked into this in the app, I decided it wasn't really for me. Living where I do, I have year round access to coaches I can see in person that are within close proximity to my house. For players who live in remote areas without a lot of golf course options or quality coaches close enough, then the Coach Connect feature can get you in touch with a coach. There are a lot of coaches in the Rapsodo system, but price depends on which coach you choose. Then you have to take video recordings of you swing/s to send them and wait for their feedback and drill recommendations. 

1952826088_Screenshot2021-11-28at5_16.41PM(2).jpg.cb144c9445d91a18630884e20cb97b10.jpg  343586925_Screenshot2021-11-28at5_18_04PM.jpg.d7ab3dc1b7ea18ea221a6046a65c4017.jpg

Other in-app features were the remote Long Drive and Close to Pin contests. I'll admit, those didn't seem inviting enough to me to try. Take note though, those in-app contests do offer prizes to the winners, of course you have to be a subscription member to participate.

A feature added later into our testing process was the Insights feature. So each recorded session gives premium subscription members an option to get robot analysis of their practice session. It uses some algorithms to compare your recorded session to other players of your handicap level to suggest where you are better or worse than average on some performance parameters, and gives a suggestion on where to work to improve. It seems pretty intuitive and accurate with the analysis, but it goes by every shot in the session, including any drill swings or outlier swings you recorded.

IMG_0749.PNG.85d3d8ca89f2c65212eb72ba75eb6017.PNG  IMG_0750.PNG.8cde3b4155585ccba777299112ef470f.PNG

One helpful little feature is the club recognition for outdoor sessions. It is, so far, not available on indoor sessions, but outdoors, if you hold an iron in front of the camera for a few seconds, it will automatically change the club in the session. I found that it works about 80% of the time, and is more accurate recognizing irons versus driver etc. 

I especially liked the headphone compatibility option. If you have Bluetooth compatible headphones connected while you use it, you get audio feedback after each shot with ball speed, launch angle and distance. You can also listen to your range tunes at the same time. I didn't notice any detriment to the device function life with that over the sessions where I went without the headphones.

As other reviewers have mentioned, the camera field of view can be a serious limiting factor if you are looking for reviewable video of your swing. With long clubs the hands and forearms tend to get cut out of the frame at the top of the backswing unless you more significantly further from the device. When you do that though, the data accuracy tends to get degraded. Same applies with indoor use. You may not have sufficient room in front of the MLM to get the entire swing in the frame. It's designed to capture the launch data though, and it does a good job of that.

Play It or Trade It - 10 out of 20 points: I went middle of the road here because my jury is still out on what I plan to do with this long term. The folks at Rapsodo were more than generous with our test group and set us each up with a one year premium subscription. I'm going to wait and see what comes down the pike as far as additional features or upgrades. There is also the fact that this is a rapidly growing segment of the golf gadget market and there are likely to be more options to choose from in the not too distant future. For now it stays, and I'll continue to use it during my league off season to help steer me toward where to focus my lessons and practice.

Conclusion: The Rapsodo MLM is not a device for every golfer out there. As I mentioned in the discussion thread, if you are a competitive golfer or are seriously trying to improve your game, then it is a wallet friendly option as a personal launch monitor compared to it's high priced big brothers used by professional coaches and teachers and club fitters. Other than saying "I have this really cool gadget I use on the range" there really isn't much utility in it for a purely recreational golfer. It's got enough useful data you can verify your club gapping. If you are working on swing changes, ball flight is where it's at, and this is a very good ball flight monitor. As far as capturing video of the swing, well, the device is what it is. It is a Launch Monitor, and it does a good job of giving you the basic launch data you need - Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle and doing the math on all that, an accurate distance. 

Final Score: 67 / 100 points

app store scnshot.jpg


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Driver:  PXG 211 Project X Evenflow CB, 50g 5.5

Fariway:  PXG 211, 3-Wood Project X Evenflow CB, 60g 5.5

Hybrid:   PXG 211, 3H Project X Evenflow H, 80g, 5.5

Irons:  :titelist-small: T300 4-5, T200 6-PW Nippon 880 Pro R

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:  CBX2 50*, 54*, 58*, TT Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2 Murdered Out

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Looks & Feel
On the Course
Play it Or Trade it


How we doing y’all?!  Welcome to B.Boston’s official Rapsodo MLM review!  I am super excited about this one as I had literally commented to another member on instagram that if I had $1,000 to spend on golf equipment I would buy a personal launch monitor and get some lessons, then I saw that MGS was looking for testers for exactly that!  

No review would be started correctly without thanking both Rapsodo and MGS for offering up this launch monitor for review.  And thank you to the mods for selecting me.  It is always a humbling experience to be chosen to do a review and I know we have high expectations of our reviewers here.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Who is this B.Boston guy anyway?

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about me!  My name is Bryan, and I am from Bellingham, MA.  Based on my user name you might see that I identify with Boston as my “home” city.  I grew up about 40 minutes outside the city, went to school just outside the city, and have lived within those 40 minutes for my entire life.  If you don’t know me already, or heck even if you do based on my Cobra Connect posts last year you’d probably expect me to be your Dunkin’ and Sam Adams drinking cousin from Boston sports guy with a wicked accent and Tom Brady posters all over the place.  While some of that is true… my accent is apparently disappointing.

Obligatory family photo from our recent vacation:


I’ve been golfing since as long as I can remember, getting my first set and going to the executive par 3 near me from when I was about 7 years old, but I got much more serious about it (read: tried to eliminate my slice) as I got into college.  Now 34 years old and a happily married father of three I would say I am borderline obsessed with the game and I have an ultimate goal of reaching “scratch” status for my handicap.  I am currently a 5.8 based on my Arccos stats.  Strength of my game is putting and I’m really hopeful that I can dial in my approach and long game with the help of the Rapsodo MLM and Coaching.

State of my game:

Just for reference here is a current view of some Arccos data:





My gapping is pretty good and I really just need to work on consistency.  My worst stats come from Approach and Short Game shots.  I need to get better in my proximity to the hole on approaches, and get closer for an easy one putt if I don’t hit the green.

Here’s a recent swing clip.  This should be useful representative of a starting point for me before any changes or developments from the coaching aspect of this review:

My signature shows my current WITB, but in case you’re reading this on mobile and can’t see I’m playing here are the details:

  • Driver: Callaway Epic Max LS
  • Fairway:  Cobra Speedzone 5-wood
  • Hybrid:  Titleist TSi3 20*
  • Irons:  Cobra Forged Tec (5-GW)
  • Wedges:  Cobra MIM Black (52, 56, 60)
  • Putter:  Evnroll ER2B
  • Ball:  Titleist Pro V1x
  • Tech:  Precision Pro NX9 Slope, Arccos Caddie

I’m a tech nerd at heart so I’m always interested in ways to utilize technology to enhance my game.  I have been loving Arccos and its strokes gained information as it has been insightful in many cases and damn eye opening in others.  I’ll record my swing at the range and on the course to see if there’s anything I notice off on a particular day, and can not wait to pair it with a powerful tool in the Rapsodo MLM to get an even better understanding of my game.  

What will I be looking at in this test, and what am I hoping to get out of it?

I will primarily be using this device outside at the driving range, and hopefully getting some actual on-course data as well.  I know that from both last year’s forum testing and the most wanted articles that the Rapsodo MLM is top of its class and very comparable to professional grade units for good quality strikes.  I know all of these units can suffer on strikes that are at opposite ends of the bell curve, so I don’t expect perfection, but I will do my best to test out the accuracy claims.  I want to see what the Rapsodo shows as my carry gapping versus my Arccos stats total yardage.  Also to see if I am getting good ball speed gaps, peak heights, etc. to make sure that everything is looking in line.

However, the thing I’m most excited to take part in is the coaching feature as I have only ever had one golf lesson and while I would love to have a coach and consistently see them, it’s difficult for me to know which day I’ll be able to shoot to the range on lunch and scheduling something after work is challenging, and if I’m booking time on the weekend for golf, I’d much rather it be time playing on the course and enjoying the game.  I really feel that the coaching feature will help me maximize my range sessions by getting feedback and things to work on for the next bucket of balls.    

I’m also going to try and have some fun, and highlight some of the cool features for you all.  There will be a long drive contest and hopefully some other videos along the way.

Much more to come with the unboxing and review!  Please sound off in the comment section with anything else you’re hoping to see from my review or any of the other testers.  As much as this review is about my experience, I want to make sure the forums are learning everything they possibly want to about them to aid in future purchase decisions.

Make sure to give this thread a follow so you don’t miss out!

Initial Impressions! (September 10th Update):

I’ve had three range sessions in the books now with the Rapsodo MLM and have had an opportunity to try everything out except the coaching feature, so I’ll be adding more details about that later on.


Rapsodo claims that the MLM sets up in under 30 seconds and I have to agree.  The iPhone and iPad apps are super responsive to start a practice or game session and just as slick in reviewing rounds once the session has been uploaded.  Every time that I powered the unit on it connected quickly to my phone and I was able to get a session going without any issues.  Even swapping to the iPad to test went smoothly.  I had no issue going through my session after getting home, looking at swing videos, and viewing detailed data.  I had even forgotten to switch clubs at one point and that was easy in the app too.  I can’t stress enough how simple the app made it to get setup and start hitting shots.  This is important to me because I don’t want to be thinking about the set up and capture of swings to get the data to the point that I’m not thinking you know… about my golf swing and hitting the shots I want to hit.  

Here’s my typical range setup:


The iPad version of the app allows for more data to be shown and I think it looks cooler.


Side Note:  On the first day I did have to improvise as the MLM needs to generally be level with the ground you are hitting on, so I used a flipped over small bucket as the ground behind the mat I was on sloped down and away.  I have since used it slightly below the level of the ball (maybe 4 or 5 inches) and it seemed to work just fine.  But it was still level, which I think is more important.


Rapsodo highlights several features when talking about the MLM:

  • Shot Tracer

  • GPS Shot Map

  • Video Playback

  • Club Gapping

  • Interactive Games/Sharing

  • Shot Library

  • NET(Indoor/Outdoor)

  • Smart Club Recognition

They also highlight that accuracy matters, and so far the MLM seems to have done really well on good/average strikes.  Poor strikes have been less consistent, but yeah, it’s a poor strike and likely out of the focal range of the unit’s radar.  I’m not going to fuss that the unit was unable to show my topped drive was 30 yards before it hit the ground instead of a 42 yard carry (I mean if I were to have had a shot like that…. Which I NEVER do!).  

So far the clunkiest part of the app experience has been exporting swing videos to the camera roll.  For such a smooth app for everything else it takes way too many clicks, and too much time to do.

So what does this accuracy get you?  Here are the metrics the Rapsodo MLM captures:

  • Distance (Carry for irons, user selectable Carry or Carry + Roll for woods)

  • Ball Speed immediately after impact

  • Club Speed immediately prior to impact

  • Smash Factor for strike efficiency

  • Launch Angle

  • Launch Direction

So far, it seems to be a pretty accurate launch monitor, particularly with well struck balls.  I’ve had a few data issues with pull-hooks, my guess is because the ball gets lost behind my club or body and the reading gets messed up.  I can forgive that miss as I realize these are not perfect commercial sized radar units.  It’s also disappointing that there is no spin, but I read a rumor that they are working on that, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  My club and ball speed numbers are right inline with what I saw earlier this year on a trackman and were well within my expectations.




(Very cool to have the visual satellite overlay view, but I’m not convinced the scaling is quite right.  More research needed.)

Not too shabby for the asking price right?  But wait, there’s more!

There are two main subscriptions offered with the MLM for golfers.  Basic (AKA Free), and Premium ($99 annually)..  There is also a Coach Connect subscription, but that is teaching professionals and is out of scope on this review.  With the Basic subscription you only get cloud storage for your last 100 shots included.  The premium subscription includes more:

  • Cloud storage for 10,000 shots

  • Slow motion swing replays at 4 speeds

  • Shot Apex data on your swings

  • Access to online golf lesions through the Coach Connect platform

I need some more time to think about it, but I don’t think we’re getting enough as consumers at the Free level.  100 shots isn’t even 10 good shots with each club in my bag, so the club gapping is much less appealing.  Heck, that’s not even two full buckets at the range.  I really think that something like 250 or 300 shots should be included, or I should be able to use my iPhone or iPad’s internal memory.  It is super portable with the included carry case, so it really would be a shame to not be able to see more than 2 range sessions of history since I can see myself always having it there available to use.


As for the upgraded features you do get with the premium, I DO enjoy the peak height indicator on the shot replays.  It’s not always easy to tell due to the angle of the camera and it is something that I do like to see.  The ability to play your swings in several levels of slow motion is neat, but I think the app needs to use a higher FPS on the camera’s phone to really take advantage of it.  Slow motion videos from the native iPhone app are much better.  I need to do a comparison there on the downswing as well as some more testing to show what I mean.

I should be getting into the online golf lessons soon, and will update here after I get to try that out.  Until then, it’s off to the range for some more hone my skills with the Rapsodo MLM in tow!


Final Scores! (November 23rd Update):

Looks & Feel (10 out of 10 points) 

The Rapsodo MLM is very well built and feels like a tank.  It feels very dense and solid, not hollow.  I like that feeling as it feels more high quality even if a lighter unit may be just as good.  It strikes a good balance with some softer feeling rubberized plastic.  Also the buttons and flap that you open for the phone/tablet stand have a satisfying smooth feeling to them. 

The case is a good standard feeling rangefinder style zip case.  With that storage for between uses and the high quality feeling unit itself I have no doubts that unit will hold up long term.


Setup (13 out of 15 points)

As I touched on in my initial impressions, the Rapsodo MLM and Rapsodo app could not be easier to set up and get going. Turn it on, place it down, open the app, select practice or the mode you want, set location and heading, verify you’re in your box and the ball is in its box, and Go.  Demos in the app are very good at showing you what to do step-by-step if it’s your first time setting it up.  

The unit charges fast enough through standard USB connections and I don’t doubt I can get through 2 or more range sessions on a charge, but I usually just charge it after a practice session anyway.  

Upon swinging the replay shows all your relevant data (more is shown on the iPad, and I prefer that view).  The data is all useful information for your shots and can help track your progress.  I find the ball speed to be the most useful (with driver at least) as a way of determining how solidly I’m hitting the ball.

While I won’t say any of it is useless, the least useful metric to me is the shot shape.  I’ve had several shots that were over or under curved, likely due to the device not capturing spin.  However, I don’t recall it being wildly off, but enough that I consider the tracer more of an estimate than a calculated or tracked overlay.


Accuracy (13 out of 15 points)

As far as accuracy is concerned I want to note that I used the Rapsodo MLM exclusively at the driving range outdoors..  I have no indoor or outdoor net experience so this is all based on Outdoor mode with range balls. 

I think the unit overall does a really good job on well struck shots.  Considering the condition of the range balls I was using I was expecting some variance, even if the data is normalized.  One area I did see some strange results was on shots that started more left and maybe got part of the ball flight lost behind me while swinging.  I also had several shots where the tracer did not start at the ball, and I am not sure if that means the numbers are good or not.  

Here is a chart of my Arrcos Smart Distance versus Rapsodo Lifetime Stats (Driver and woods are set to Carry+Roll setting in the app):


So now, let's take a look at the story here by club grouping:

  • Wedges (52*, 56*, and 60*)
    • No surprise here.  At the range I hit my 52, 56, and 60 to some specific targets and on-course I end up with many different length shots.  The Rapsodo distances feel very accurate to the targets I am usually shooting at with them
  • Irons (including PW and GW)
    • These feel really accurate in aggregate as well.  Considering I don’t get much roll through the 9 iron I am happy to see they match my Arccos on-course performance.  It makes sense to me that I would see some gaps in the longer irons as Rapsodo does not account for roll on these shots.  If anything, the quality of ball I’m hitting may start to impact carry figures for the 6 and 5 irons by 3-5 yards.
  • Hybrid
    • Ok so this is the only one that I really don’t agree with.  It’s also one of the clubs I hit the least during practice, so it could be a sample size thing with a few bad shots pulling the numbers down.  I think I only have a dozen or so shots with it in the Rapsodo data, but once again when we account for roll, this may only be 5-8 yards off on carry.  Maybe it rolls a lot more for me than I’m thinking?
  • 5-wood
    • This looks pretty good to me.  At this point the range I practice at does back uphill, so it’s easier to gauge how close to the targets your landing and estimate total carry distance.  Also I don’t tee this club up at the range and my Arccos data would include tee shots which in theory would allow for some additional distance.
  • Driver
    • This one is tough for me to gauge.  I don’t like seeing a 20 yard gap here, but I have a hard time believing the range balls are not partially to blame here.  The last few sessions out I could see the ball traveling shorter overall distances even though the Rapsodo unit was showing a lot of the same swing speeds.  It also had my efficiency at about 1.42 so maybe with my gamer balls that number would be a little higher.  Or maybe it is because I was practicing a lot with the Epic Max LS as it was the newest club in my bag, and I was trying different shafts, and had a bunch of poor shots in the data.  I will note that I saw my biggest “Hmmmm” moments when looking at the Rapsodo readouts with the driver, particularly if my start line got pulled to the left at all.  But, more on that later…

I’m docking a couple points here because the accuracy of the shot tracer and shot direction/path is just OK.  With no ability to edit for the landing point  it looks awkward if you’re not hitting on a flat surface and without spin measurements it’s only ever going to be a guess anyway, but overall the yardages seem solid in aggregate even if some individual shots are off.  I actually had purposely not looked at the summary stats until writing this section so I was pleasantly surprised to see the figures matching up and making sense.    

see here the tracer isn't starting at impact, or even within the range of the "hit zone" on this one.  I had more than a few shots like this:



On-Course (25 out of 30 points)

At the range getting ready to play is pretty simple.  Open the app, move the icon over the spot to where you’re hitting, and set your heading.  Then all you have to do is line up your unit and make sure the hitting area is within the box on the screen.  I can’t say that it interfered with my normal practice routine at all.  I could make my swing, watch the flight, and then turn around in time to see the some/all of the replay and see the numbers.  It worked out well because I could see if the MLM picked up the shot shape and get a gauge as to if I felt it was a good shot or not.  I didn’t really get along well with the “Smart Club Recognition” but it was simple to select the right one, or even edit post practice if I forgot  (I usually work through my bag with all even or odd clubs so it’s pretty clear when I changed based on the numbers.  

Compared to my old way of playing at the range I didn’t really change much.  I normally will use my rangefinder to get the distances to flags or markers and go from there.  One thing I did do differently with the MLM is set up in line with the middle of the range which has a 100 yard marker.  Then I would try to hit all my balls over that flag to get the distance as I was warming up, which was great with the unit for tracking accuracy and distance, then get to my target practice in the second part of my practice. 

However, I did run into some issues/limitations with the MLM while out on the range.  The unit does not like high contrast situations.  At one of my practice sessions it was hot and humid, and I was able to hit in a covered bay to keep myself, and the MLM a little cooler.  However the MLM failed to capture probably close to 25-30% of swings that session as the ball was starting in the shade and jumping out into a bright clear sunny day.  The unit was unable to track this so it must be using both its radar and your mobile phone to track and lost the ball from transition from shade to sun.

The unit also did not seem to like my Hybrid very much, missing a noticeable amount of shots with that club, including several that were just straight, medium trajectory, boring shots.  I still can’t quite figure out why, but it was enough to notice the trend.  

While I can’t say I play better or worse since including this in my practice, my range sessions or definitely more enjoyable.  It’s also fun to use the long-drive feature as @Lacassem and I did.  I recorded that with the intent of creating a video to share with everyone, but it was windy and the audio came out like absolute trash… and my competitor was trash that day too. 😉 


Miscellaneous (7 out of 10 points)

Speaking of the long drive/closest to the pin built in challenges…. They need to work on the UI for that a bit.  So I’m deducting 2 points.  First,  the results are not saved in your shots or sessions.  When Mark and I completed the long drive challenge we wouldn’t have been able to back and see the totals for each round had I not set up a screen record.  It is not saved in your session, and you cannot review the swings after.  On top of that, there is barely a final page or summary screen at the end.  I’d love to see Longest from each round and longest overall or something with the averages… something more than just our names in first and second and then once the page clears it’s gone forever.  Although that’s probably how Mark wanted it since it was a clean sweep for me.  *Side note: maybe next time you show up for a long drive competition don’t be wearing work boots.*

Nothing really much to mention otherwise.  Shipping was quick.  We were all hoping to get to try out the coaching feature, but were not able to get access to coaches during the testing period (-2 points) despite our mod’s best efforts (thanks Jamie!).  But we did get a full year of premium from Rapsodo (+1 point).  I may investigate the coaching feature in the Spring, or maybe over the winter if I find some indoor practice time, but with the prices varying wildly from coach to coach I may be better off getting in front of an actual coach the old-fashioned way, face-to-face, so they can see my particular inconsistencies IRL and not just a selection of my best and worst swings. 

Rapsodo INSIGHTS.  This has some real potential and now that I’ve seen what it is I feel like I can’t un-see the gap that was there before.  Insights in a new AI driven addition to the MLM app that gives you feedback (sort of like strokes-gained) on your practice sessions as a whole.  It takes the MLM from being a “toy” to being a real “tool” that can be used for improvement in my opinion.  Data like left/right misses and distance compared to other golfers of varying skill levels should help you focus your practice much like strokes gained analysis will point out your on-course weaknesses.  I’m excited about this addition and look forward to seeing more added to it for even better practice sessions.  

Here are some of the summary screens you get with Insights, it really does take the MLM to the next level:





Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20 points)

This is a tough question for me to answer.  So I’m going to break it down into a few parts for the unit and the subscription.  I think that the unit is great, and see no reason to not continue using it.  Despite a few challenges with the technology working great my numbers are pretty spot on in aggregate and I think it’s one of the best personal launch monitors out there for its cost.

When we factor in the annual subscription things get a little less clean for me.  I think $99 per year is a bit much for cloud storage and some expanded analysis.  I also feel that the base level does not include enough storage for the asking price of the unit.  
Regarding coaching (which is not factored into the score here as I did not test it, but as an aside) the prices vary significantly from instructor to instructor, which you’d see just the same if you were looking at different coaches at a few places near you, but Rapsodo does a good job of having the coaches offer both standalone, lesson packs, or unlimited monthly offerings.  It also looks to have limited slots for coaches which is good, because it gives me the sense that the coaches will have the correct amount of time to dedicate to each student.

The most natural competitor I can think of to the Rapsodo MLM and other personal launch monitors using this base plus subscription model would be Arccos’s shot tracking system or Shot Scope.  I think both the PLM and On-Course data gathering are both means to the same end of improvement for golfers.  If we take a look at this as a three year investment the MLM will cost you around $800,  While 3 years of Arccos is going to run about half of that.  

Now I know they are not the same tools, but if someone came to me asking which one they should get FIRST, my answer would be Arccos or Shotscope.  I feel that the on-course data and strokes gained analysis is going to be money better spent for golfers.  However, if you’re like me and already have on-course shot tracking, well, then the Rapsodo MLM is a powerful tool that can partner with your on-course data to help measure improvements during practice.  I hope that in the next few years costs can come down, but the Rapsodo MLM is not high priced compared to some of the other units that it is competing against considering the accuracy of the results. 


Conclusion (TL;DR):

Rapsodo has an absolute hit with the MLM unit and slick operating iPhone/iPad app.  It works well in most conditions, and if you know where it doesn’t work well you can generally avoid setting it up that way.  I’m not sure there is a more accurate unit available in its price bracket, and while I’d like to see either a reduced annual subscription fee, or more features for the base plan, I can see that Rapsodo is putting the money into R&D as the new INSIGHTS platform is a welcome addition to post-practice analysis.

Overall, I like it, but I don’t love it.  However I think it will be a very useful tool for my future practice sessions and I’m excited to see if I can improve my game a little bit from the insights analysis and my on-course tracking during normal rounds.  Insights is a massive release for analyzing your practice sessions and I also feel that many of my issues with it can be address via software updates.  I am confident that the folks over at Rapsodo are working hard to stay ahead of the competition with constant improvement and updates.

B. Boston’s Final Score: 83!



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Link to review
Looks & Feel
On the Course
Play it Or Trade it

Hello fellow spies.

Welcome to my review of the Rapsodo MLM.

First let me say a big thank you to MGS and Rapsodo for the privelege of being a part of this test.

Who am I?

My name is Chuck and I live in the Seattle area.  No, I'm not a Seahawks/Mariners/Sonics (RIP) fan.  I'm a big hockey fan and have a love/hate relationship with soccer.  I love the Pittsburgh Penguins and now I'm going to be a Kraken fan!  Release the Kraken!

I'm a father of 3 girls and a grandfather to 2 of the most beautiful little girls in the world, one is 5 and the other is 6 months.



My Game

I'm 49 years old and have been playing golf for the better part of my adult life.  I picked it up early in my 14 year career in the Marine Corps.  I'm a self taught player, never had any lessons other than the free ones you get from your buddies.  The strength of my game is in the short strokes and bunker shots.  I don't get a chance to play as often as I would like, which is the reason (excuse) for my 18 handicap.  The Coach Connect option of this test is going to be the part to which I pay very close attention.

Here is my swing...

MGS Tests

I have had the honor of being a part of one other MGS test, linked below.

Nippon N.S. Pro Zelos 8 – Official MGS Forum Review by IDontGiveAchuck

My Expectations

As I said before, I'm really looking forward to testing the Coach Connect.  I hope to give a very amateur point of view on this as someone who's never taken formal lessons before.

In summary, I am excited about this test.  I look forward to seeing the data and comparing it to data I get from the launch monitors at the local range.  I hope to do everyone here a service and give a worthwhile review of the Rapsodo.

I'll post the unboxing as soon as it arrives.


The Grand Unveiling...

Here are the photos of my unboxing:











Initial Thoughts

Packaging - Despite it being a demo unit that does look like its been put through its paces, the packaging is well put together.  I like the look of it and the information provided on the box is well done.

Contents - I like the soft case that is supplied.  Keeps everything nice and tidy.  Also comes with "carabiner" clip to hang it from my bag and allow everyone to know I have a Rapsodo MLM! 😆

Unit - Again, even though its a demo unit, it's in fairly decent condition.  I can tell its been used by the scuffs and scratches, and hopefully this doesn't affect testing. 

I like the size of it, not even the size of my hand.  So huge plus there.  Very much a MOBILE launch monitor.  

Controls are easy enough to understand, it has 1 power button on the side, and 1 multi-color status light on the front.

I'll be testing this with an iPad and it fits on the unit fairly well, although I think that an iPhone will probably be more stable.


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Link to review


34 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

When @Lacassem and I had a little Long Drive competition we did see several missed shots, and I think that the MLM might have been a little too far below the level of the ball.  We were at a spot in the range where it dips down a bit behind the hitting bays.  I noticed some of she shot tracers were starting below the actual ball line.  

That makes two sessions out of 6 or 7 where I had some issues with shot capture.  The first was believed to be the shaded hitting bay vs bright sunlight just a few feet past impact which was causing tracking issues, but this time we were outside on a mostly cloudy but bright day.  I'm guessing that had to be the issue with the setup this time.  FWIW I didnt notice and increase or decrease in the amount of missed shots with my iPad vs iPhone.  Both struggled on the first day I had issues.  

Well my issues were indoors with a measured distance for ball flight and distance of the unit according to the setup guide. Maybe the alignment is wrong. Good to know you haven’t seen a difference with phone vs iPad. 

Rapsodo customer service did suggest to use an iPad to deal with any overheating problems. Sorry, if you were going to cover some of this with your reviews but I’m had to ask if anyone else experienced some of these issues. 

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3 minutes ago, HeathS16 said:

Well my issues were indoors with a measured distance for ball flight and distance of the unit according to the setup guide. Maybe the alignment is wrong. Good to know you haven’t seen a difference with phone vs iPad. 

Rapsodo customer service did suggest to use an iPad to deal with any overheating problems. Sorry, if you were going to cover some of this with your reviews but I’m had to ask if anyone else experienced some of these issues. 

Don't be sorry at all! The questions are a part of it and we are all happy to share the experiences so far independent of the reviews. We are still awaiting access to the Connect Coach feature which I hope will be shortly. After this we should have more updates. So far it has been a lot of fun to use and a great product for what I want it for. I'm sure there are some that give more, but this has been a great experience so far and looking forward to the other features that are invovled with the coaching aspect.

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8 minutes ago, HeathS16 said:

Well my issues were indoors with a measured distance for ball flight and distance of the unit according to the setup guide. Maybe the alignment is wrong. Good to know you haven’t seen a difference with phone vs iPad. 

Rapsodo customer service did suggest to use an iPad to deal with any overheating problems. Sorry, if you were going to cover some of this with your reviews but I’m had to ask if anyone else experienced some of these issues. 

Not a problem at all, this is what we're here for!  I haven't tried indoor/net myself, but maybe @GolfSpy_APH will chime in there with his sweet net set up.

Edit: speaking of Jamie... looks like he just replied too! haha

I would double check your alignment.  I set mine up and found myself dropping balls down near the edge of the "place ball here" window when I wasn't hitting driver off the tee.  but for as many issues as your were seeing I'd imagine it's something else than user error.  

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2 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Don't be sorry at all! The questions are a part of it and we are all happy to share the experiences so far independent of the reviews. We are still awaiting access to the Connect Coach feature which I hope will be shortly. After this we should have more updates. So far it has been a lot of fun to use and a great product for what I want it for. I'm sure there are some that give more, but this has been a great experience so far and looking forward to the other features that are invovled with the coaching aspect.

I appreciate the feedback, I’m really wanting this to be a good practice tool as well. Hoping I can get this figured out. 

2 hours ago, B.Boston said:

Not a problem at all, this is what we're here for!  I haven't tried indoor/net myself, but maybe @GolfSpy_APH will chime in there with his sweet net set up.

Edit: speaking of Jamie... looks like he just replied too! haha

I would double check your alignment.  I set mine up and found myself dropping balls down near the edge of the "place ball here" window when I wasn't hitting driver off the tee.  but for as many issues as your were seeing I'd imagine it's something else than user error.  

I think it boils down to alignment but I have tried every suggestion they gave to no avail. 🤷‍♂️  Hope y’all get that coach connect up soon! 

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@HeathS16 I just got an app update on my phone for the Rapsodo app… “This release contains Net mode improvements.”

Hopefully whatever they update will improve your experience!

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27 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

@HeathS16 I just got an app update on my phone for the Rapsodo app… “This release contains Net mode improvements.”

Hopefully whatever they update will improve your experience!

Although I haven't read the specifics for it I do know there were a few new apple devices they were adding to the list for Net Compatibility as well so this may be part of it.  

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9 hours ago, B.Boston said:

@HeathS16 I just got an app update on my phone for the Rapsodo app… “This release contains Net mode improvements.”

Hopefully whatever they update will improve your experience!

I just saw that! I hope it helps, all it says is that it contains net mode improvements but no details.  I will have to try again sometime this week. 

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On 10/3/2021 at 2:25 AM, amwolf90 said:

i wouldnt mind seeing or hearing how everyone aligns their units. Any tips or tricks to getting some good reads. I currently have one and sometimes I get good days and some are bad. 

Thanks all for your time and effort in putting together these reviews.

I have gotten good results with laying down an alignment stick down my intended line and setting the MLM up down that line. It seems one key thing is the monitor being level. If it is pointing up or down a bit it can skew the launch angle numbers. Distance from the ball seems to not matter much as far as capturing the ball flight. Anywhere from 3-5 paces from the unit works okay. The difference depends on how much of the 'swinger' you want to see in the video. When hitting longer clubs, you'll need to place the ball a bit further from the unit to get full video of the golfer.

Keeping the unit is a bit of shade helps too. I had one session in full daylight and after about 20 minutes the unit showed signs of overheating with errant reads and missed a couple of shots. Then it shut down the app. I had to let it cool down for about  minutes before starting another session. Using the umbrella in the holder on my push cart to shade the unit works like a champ.

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On 10/4/2021 at 3:01 PM, HeathS16 said:

Well my issues were indoors with a measured distance for ball flight and distance of the unit according to the setup guide. Maybe the alignment is wrong. Good to know you haven’t seen a difference with phone vs iPad. 

Heath - I've done a few indoor sessions with mine, in both a large hitting bay and a smaller one. It seemed like the more ball flight the unit can capture, the more accurate the data comes out. I also noticed it fails to capture shots more indoors which seems weird with less space and easier alignment. With my outdoor sessions, having the unit positioned 4 paces behind the ball is the sweet spot. At that spacing though, the camera view (iphone) can't quite capture the full swing with long clubs and I lose sight of hands/forearms at the top. Ball flight capture though is spot on.

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8 hours ago, GregB135 said:

Heath - I've done a few indoor sessions with mine, in both a large hitting bay and a smaller one. It seemed like the more ball flight the unit can capture, the more accurate the data comes out. I also noticed it fails to capture shots more indoors which seems weird with less space and easier alignment. With my outdoor sessions, having the unit positioned 4 paces behind the ball is the sweet spot. At that spacing though, the camera view (iphone) can't quite capture the full swing with long clubs and I lose sight of hands/forearms at the top. Ball flight capture though is spot on.

I appreciate the tips! I’ve had up to 12 ft of ball flight before the net in indoor setups and still have the same issues. I’ll try the 4 paces, I certainly noticed that the frame for me to stand in isn’t quite big enough for longer clubs and loses view. 

im going to try it out again this week, hopefully I can get it to work 😃

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Well, I tried everything y’all suggested and the rapsodo worked well today. Only missed 3 shots out of 30 before my phone overheated. I will say, the numbers were a bit shorter than normal but I am chalking this up as progress! 

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New feature coming soon:


I think this could be awesome to help summarize your sessions, as the log of all your shots doesn’t really give you any “insight” as to how the session went. 

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Looks interesting! I'm away the first few weeks of November but I'm hoping when I get back it's up and running and I'll be able to get some trial runs in before the snow hits. 

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That video made me realize just how close we are to November here in NE... not even the mass of leaves on the ground had made that sink in yet! haha

I had another range session and the MLM worked well in the direct sun.  It was about 70* out and the only shots missed were tops.  There were 5 or so other shots with my driver that the shot tracer starting point was way off, so I'm not sure those shots were read properly.

I was happy to see a few club head speeds around 108-109 on the MLM, which reads a, probably more accurate, few MPH slower than my swing speed radar.


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Was having a good session in the back, but ran into a issue of having the ipad constantly closing out and just shutting down after 15 or 20 minutes. It also oddly just completely drained the battery life. It was in the shade and not direct sun. It is also only maybe 15 or so in the sun here so not too hot at all. So a little more then disappointing... but I did get a email from them after saying "hey we noticed that your session ended unexpectedly and we missed some shots here are some tips and the contact CS" type message which was nice. 

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1 hour ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Was having a good session in the back, but ran into a issue of having the ipad constantly closing out and just shutting down after 15 or 20 minutes. It also oddly just completely drained the battery life. It was in the shade and not direct sun. It is also only maybe 15 or so in the sun here so not too hot at all. So a little more then disappointing... but I did get a email from them after saying "hey we noticed that your session ended unexpectedly and we missed some shots here are some tips and the contact CS" type message which was nice. 

For those of us who are reading "15 in the sun" and "not too hot" and thinking, son that's damn cold:


What model iPad do you have?  I have the 2nd gen iPad pro and it's worked well at the range.  but I haven't tried any net only practice. 

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2 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

For those of us who are reading "15 in the sun" and "not too hot" and thinking, son that's damn cold:


What model iPad do you have?  I have the 2nd gen iPad pro and it's worked well at the range.  but I haven't tried any net only practice. 

First Gen ipad Pro... Wondering if anyone would translate to F. 

Not sure if it's just have a bad day or what, but I'll give it a good charge and try again tomorrow.  

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4 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

First Gen ipad Pro... Wondering if anyone would translate to F. 

Not sure if it's just have a bad day or what, but I'll give it a good charge and try again tomorrow.  

That’s the same issue I was running into earlier but using my phone. Maybe a bug from the recent update? 

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Just now, HeathS16 said:

That’s the same issue I was running into earlier but using my phone. Maybe a bug from the recent update? 

Could be. I didn't have a chance to get back out as it started to get dark after dinner so I'll give it another run tomorrow.

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5 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Could be. I didn't have a chance to get back out as it started to get dark after dinner so I'll give it another run tomorrow.

Hope it works better. My sessions have all been cut short every time due to overheating. But it certainly isn’t 59 degrees Fahrenheit here! 

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Had what I would describe as good session this afternoon. Went through the whole bag minus 58 degree and got some good data on all. This was all at home in the net and I would say it recorded about 85% of my shots and the majority that it didn't record were higher lofted really well struck shots haha

The ipad had no issues this time around so maybe it was a charge thing or update I don't know, but I didn't have any of the issues I had previously which was nice. 

However a few things didn't work as well one being the auto club detect. Not a big issue as its super simple to just tap a new club, but worth noting. 

Also to my surprise it was the higher speed clubs that I would say were more accurate and reliable. This also seems to be more alike to what we find at most simulators. The other factor I would say is into a net (which is where the majority of my testing is done) it doesn't get a complete ball flight, but I am curious as how this could be used for a launch monitor for indoor use if this is a product that maybe one day could be hooked up to software for round simulation in the future. 

Our reviews are going to be up and posted November 1st so for all those who want to see other features or have any other questions please let us know!

Update for the Coaching Feature: We haven't gotten any further word on this feature for us as testers. We hope to get access to it, but if not we will cover the basics of pricing, but not the actual coaches/feature as we had hoped.

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On 10/21/2021 at 9:58 AM, GolfSpy_APH said:

However a few things didn't work as well one being the auto club detect. Not a big issue as its super simple to just tap a new club, but worth noting. 

I noticed this right off the bat, and it was noted that the auto club detect is - at least so far - an outdoor only feature. I'm curious,.. with your net setup being outdoors, do you start up an outdoor session or indoor when setting up? If you use outdoor, does the limited all flight of the net affect the output from the MLM?

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Before I get into crafting my final review, I'm going to add in a series of posts here in the comment thread to look at some individual discussion points about the Rapsodo MLM.

Discussion Point/Question 1:  Is the Rapsodo MLM something I need, and what can it do for me? 

Of course, you'll have to answer this question with another question, or two. 

Q1: Am I, at any level, a competitive golfer? Q2: How can I use the RMLM to improve in competition?

A1 = Yes, what about Q2: 

A2: The RMLM is going to give you some basic launch and distance data you can use for club gapping. Since you are already a competitive golfer, you probably already have a decent idea of how far you hit each club, and what your typical ball flight looks like. So the RMLM is either going to reinforce your accurate self assessment, or it's going to help keep your golfing self image rooted in reality. Full utility of the device though, comes at a cost beyond the original $500 for purchase. The basic device offers only 100 shots worth of cloud video storage history, so you can look back at your last range session, maybe two. To get more than that, you have to spend the $99/year for a premium subscription. That unlocks 10,000 shots worth of history storage, and some additional data features. One extra data point the premium option offers is peak height on each shot. Beyond that you get access to the Coach Connect feature (additional post pending on that), and the ability to treat the RMLM like a social media platform for some remote contests like longest drive, or closest to target. 

At the end of it all, you'll get distance and ball flight data that I would call between accurate and precise, and if you need it, remote access to a coach. As a competitive golfer, if you want access to that in your hip pocket (iPhone users), or at least clipped onto your golf bag, and you don't have the budget for a more robust LM system, then it might be worth the expense.

A1 = No, I'm only a recreational golfer. Well then, see A2 above and ask yourself, 'why am I thinking about the RMLM in the first place?'. If you are working toward becoming a competitive golfer, it gives you just about enough baseline data to work with as far as ball flight and distance performance. If you are looking for something that will reinforce swing changes you're making, keep in mind, the RMLM does not give enough club data or the ability to edit or overlay lines on the video to study that with. End of the day though, ball flight is really what matters, and you get at least an accurate depiction of that.

If none of that matters to you as a recreational golfer, then the RMLM is a cool gadget you can take with you to the range as a conversation starter, because trust me, people will ask you about it.

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Discussion Point/Question 2: What kind of useful data is the RMLM going to give me?

What you get out of the RMLM is some basic launch data. You get club speed, ball speed, and launch angle. It does a bit of math and provides a reasonably accurate distance. If you are outside and it can see a bit more ball flight, you get a pretty accurate assessment of basic shot shape, and a video recording with a ball tracer to look at.

Without a lot of extra club based data, like swing path, face angle, angle of attack, and the like, it would probably be more accurate to call the RMLM a 'Ball Flight Monitor' rather than a true launch monitor. Don't get me wrong, you do get the basic launch data you might be looking for. If you are at all concerned about spin, well, the RMLM has nothing for you.

To get anything more than the basic data, the premium subscription adds in peak height on each recorded shot, but that's about it as far as extra information goes. As mentioned in other posts, the premium subscription increases history storage, so you can look back a lot further to see any changes or improvements.

When it all comes down to it though, ball flight is really what matters. That is what the RMLM offers over distance data gathering systems like ShotScope, Game Golf, or Arccos. Those might actually provide a better data set on club distance, but they don't show you how the ball got there, and they don't discern between a 'stock shot' from the fairway, or a recovery/trouble shot from the rough, rocks, trees, and bushes. Using the RMLM will show you the what that stock shot looks like along with giving you a good idea of how far it travels. The only word of caution there is this. Chances are, when you are using this outdoors, you're probably hitting range balls and not your gamer. There are going to be some slight deviations between what you see with those and what you see on the course.

So, final answer.. the best, or most useful information you get from the Rapsodo, is actually what really matters, the ball flight.

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Discussion Point/Question 3: What about the Coach Connect feature?

I'll be honest, once I got a look at what the Coach Connect feature really is, I was able to tell it wasn't really going to be all that right for me to use. Coach Connect is access to a group of coaches offering remote lessons through the Rapsodo online platform. First thing you have to do is buy into the $99/year subscription to unlock access to CC. Then you can scroll through the list of coaches, find one you MIGHT like, and start paying for remote lessons or swing assessments. The price of that, of course, varies based on the quality and/or notoriety of the coach. That said, just about all the available coaches have posted stock practice drill videos that tackle a lot of the more common swing faults. So if you know what you need, you can sort through all of the coaches and videos and there you go.

Once you've decided on a coach to give your money to, you are left at the mercy of your ability to record at least one video of your swing (usually two - face on, down the line) and send it digitally to your coach. Then, depending on the quality of your video, and your coach, you'll get a response with some suggested drills to work on whatever swing improvement you are hoping for.

Here's the downside(s) of that, at least as I see it. Most of us don't have the ability to take simultaneous video of the same single swing from two different view points. So chances are, you're going to send your coach individual recordings of two different swings. Unless you're able to share the video from the RMLM, or some other golf centric recording app that has a ball tracer, the coach is not going to see much of the ball flight. So if you tell the coach you're trying to correct a ball flight error, they might not be able to verify that's the ball flight you sent them. In discussing this feature with my local coach, his opinion of the biggest downside of remote coaching is the fact the remote coach, 'can't touch you'. A lot of what we do in golf, and certainly a lot of what we do in trying to make swing changes, is in how something feels while we do it. A remote coach simply can't put their hands on you to try and demonstrate a different/desired body position and how that position feels different compared to what you are doing.

Why do I feel like Coach Connect is not really for me then? Well, I live in the Tampa, Florida area. So, year round, I can't swing a wayward 9-iron without risk of hitting a golf coach and/or a practice range. I'm also happy with my current coach(s). My full swing coach has a nice indoor facility using trackman (which provides gobs more data than the RMLM, especially regarding the club path and impact). I also utilize my local club's resident coach for short game and clinic work. All that put together means, unless I'm looking for some kind of quick key or quick fix drill, I don't have a need that Coach Connect meets.

If your situation is different, i.e. living in a winter season area where facilities close, and coaches leave, or the closest available coach is not a good fit for you, then Coach Connect might be a way for you to get there.

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Would be a fantastic opportunity to become a tester of the Rapsodo MLM Launch monitor, i live a 5 minute walk from our local driving range and course, this would be of great benefit to test out as i work shifts and can't always get a round in, so spend a fair bit of time at the range practicing trying to get a better idea of club distance although not always easy with range balls 🤞👍doe's this product work on an ipad otherwise it would be worth changing as my contract comes up soon🤞

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What a great opportunity- thank you. I would love to test the monitor… and be able to “play golf” in the winter. 


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I would really like to test this monitor! My wife and I are avid golfers and we like to keep up with the latest technologies to improve our game. It's fun challenging myself and playing my best against my golfing buddies.

Thanks for the opportunity,





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When are they going to make it available for Android devices?   I at least have an Ipad I can use but those are harder to tote around back & fourth to the driving range.  But hey, I'll do it if it gets me the opportunity to test one out.  I'm sure this will help my game

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This might be the best training tool I could use as a high handicapper. Would love to be able to test this out. 

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Would love to try this out for both the outdoor season and the loooong cold indoor season here in Iowa!

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Awesome opportunity to test a launch monitor, especially with the new clubs I bought last fall after getting fitted for them.

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really cool!  Had a friend who had the 1st version and used it a couple times.  It was great!  I've been keeping my eye out for a system (seems like there are a bunch now) but Rapsodo seems to be gaining lots of traction and is becoming more affordable!  Would like to get this to help figure out why everything is off to the right these days!

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This would be great! 

To be able to hit balls at home and get my yardages this would be great! I love to be able to hit balls at home but not getting any feedback is difficult.

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I would love to test this launch monitor which would not only help me but most importantly my daughter who plays on the Howard University Golf Team. This would be a blessing.

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Would love to help out the greater golf community by testing this product. ( How’s that for a noble cause?)

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Wow - this would be a dream come true and get used all the time. I just finished outfitting my Massachusetts garage with a hitting mat and net to help keep the game sharp in the (far too long) off-season and this would put that setup over the top! 

Good luck all!

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Would really like to sign up for this one, I've heard really good things about the Rapsodo MLM, but with no Android support a lot of us have to look elsewhere.  

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What a great opportunity. I’m in the process of relocating to a colder weather city and have already been looking at options to practice indoors all winter. The Rapsodo is already on my list!

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WOW!! MGS has hit me with an opportunity right when I was deciding upon buying a MLM Launch Monitor! I really think it would take my game over that little hump that I need to get to a scratch handicap. I just purchased a new set of irons a month ago from Club Champion, and they are awesome! But, I would really love to know exact yardages on throttled shots with each iron. Yeah, I could do it on the course, but it would take forever to do it that way. We have a really good driving range here and that coupled with a Launch Monitor could make quick work of that sort of task. 
thanks MGS!!!! Help a golfer out!🏌️♂️ 

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I am a Korean Apple owner (Samsung note 10) and I am frustrated by the lack of apps available for these devices. You would think these manufacturers would take into consideration the market is not dominated by Apple? Poor PR and Marketing on their part but I guess we can just purchase the product that works for our phones.

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