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Test In-Progress: Duca del Cosma Shoes

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Equipment Type: Shoes
Vendor: Duca del Cosma

TESTERS WANTED - 2 Men & 2 Women!


Are golf shoes equipment or apparel?

On balance, likely the fairest answer is "both." To that end, every brand has a unique recipe it feels best strikes a ratio of style and performance.

Duca del Cosma is a company rooted in designs and craftsmanship with an unmistakable Italian flavor. Can I get some pizza Napoletana, please?

That said, entering a market like North America presents unique opportunities alongside multiple challenges.

With that, we'd like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers. We're looking for 4 total testers in the US or Canada - 2 Female, 2 Male.

Please Congratulate our testers!


Duca Del Cosma Shoe - Vinci - Official MGS Forum Review by @Dragon3


Hi All!  I'm thrilled to be able to lend my expertise and passion for the game.  I'm a golfer who enjoys playing but also watching and analyzing the sport, products, business, history, etc.  It's all encompassing.  I'm a wealth of knowledge and experience and bring a unique perspective and spin on things.  I'm good at reading the greens.   And I have made contributions through other similar venues. 

While I always had an interest in my twenties, I knew it would be an investment.  I actually got my start when I stepped in for my brother for a charitable golf tournament. I was told I was better than him and the rest is history.  The biggest complement I ever received was that I had "natural ability" from Brandt Snedeker.  While I remain competitive, I do wish that I could afford to get to the course more often.  But the time and quality is always well spent.  And if I can't get in a round of -9 or -18, preferably, you'll see me practicing at the driving range, putting and chipping.  I've never had a professional handicap even though I have been golfing for many years.  I also like to combine golf in my travels, to golf a new course.  That has been hampered so to speak.   My average score is 108-111 and fluctuates. Perfecting the shot was always more important to me than the score.  I'm not sure about my swing tempo.  Hopefully it's 3:1.  My driver swing speed has been clocked between 90-103. My typical ball flight is low to mid.  My misses are the slice and inconsistent pitching.  Putting is my strength.  My drives can be a strength and weakness.  My chipping has gotten better.

You can say I'm fashion forward and have an eye for both ladies and men fashions. So this is a nice fit for me.  As for shoes, I still have my Puma IGNITE given to me at the launch I attended.  I also have Callaway's Solaire that I purchased based on the features. I have yet to break these in.  Since, I walk the course comfort and durability are at the top of my priority list . I actually don't have any preconceived expectations.  Since there are limited options for ladies, ranging from clubs, bags, apparel, accessories, etc. I make my contributions and inquiries known when asked upon and whenever  the opportunity affords itself.  While it is getting better, there's always more that can be done in this space.  And when you're petite, there are additional challenges and limited options.

Hope you gain some insight.






First Impressions

It’s all in the presentation. And if first impressions are anything, it’s hands down quality at its finestI took a short video to capture the unveiling.  Golf meets high end fashion, so to speak. Belissima! Loved the color and design.  The roundness of the front will take a slight adjustment in aesthetics.  It is modern and fashionable, while adhering to the traditional.

From my experience with Italian apparel and shoes they run a bit smaller, which is generally great for me. And did a comparison with my Puma IGNITE and you could witness that the Vinci was noticeably smaller.  Since it’s a patent leather, laminate and neoprene, it might feel rather stiff and tight within the toe area or squished based upon the socks worn and/or season of the year.  And if you feel a slight looseness in the heel, I generally would use Compeed or Band-Aid blister care for added comfort.  While it was not required this time, as I had time to break in prior to hitting the course to avoid any pain or discomfort.  Your feet will thank you too!  While it may have been recommended to size up, a whole size would probably have been too big.

This shoe was definitely suited for me “the fashion-conscious golfer.”  Always looking for versatility while not compromising on innovation nor aesthetics.

“The Airplay VII is a new outsole designed by Duca del Cosma for stability to make the perfect swing while enjoying the spotlight on and off the course.   Its innovative design combines form and function, perfect both on and off the course. Lightweight, flexible, super comfortable and fun to wear in in a two-tone design with oversized nubs.”

ARNEFLEX® insole was designed for comfort, waterproof bootie system and high-density memory foam, which translates to unrivaled cushioning and breathable, antibacterial shock absorption. 


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a. Ladies Flex/10-12 degrees loft/25"-27" (male equivalent)

b. Adjustable/Ladies Flex (male equivalent)

c. Right-Handed

d. San Diego

e. -18

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    Hi all! I’m very excited to be one of the testers of these beautiful shoes. Before I get them, I want to introduce myself. My name is Linda. I am retired and living the golf dream life in sunny Northern California. 
    I have lived on the Lincoln Hills Orchard course in Lincoln for two years, so have been able to rekindle my golf game that was somewhat on hold the past 20+ years. It’s my happy place! I’m fortunate to be able to play 4-5 times a week or more on a variety of nice courses. I belong to our ladies club, am the current net club Champion. I also won the Helen Lengfield last October. I’m just a little competitive 😃
I’m about a 23 index, shooting from a low of 85 up into the low 100’s. But I’m taking lessons and hoping to get into the 80’s more often in the near future. I’ve been working on course management and my short game. 
    I currently have over a dozen pairs of shoes, mostly FootJoys, but some Skechers (shoes and sandals) and one pair of Sandbaggers. I saw the Duca Del Cosma’s on Facebook and love the style. I look for comfort (#1), secure (for scrambling up & down hills and out of sand traps) and style - so really looking forward to getting these. 
I’ll let you know more when I get them! 
And that’s me on the left, our group just won the Captain’s cup 🤑







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In 1959, the City of Frankfort, Kentucky opened a new park called Juniper Hills,  located just west of the city.  Juniper Hills included a Par 72, 18 Hole rolling terrain golf course and an Olympic size swimming pool.  My Grandfather and his buddies joined the club and began playing every week.  I was only 8 yrs old, but my Grandfather decided I was old enough to be his caddy.  So I began my golfing career pulling a Bagboy pull-cart filled with Powerbilt golf clubs up and down the rolling terrain of Juniper Hills.  As a caddy, I learned the rules of golf and how the game was played.  My first set of clubs were a hodgepodge set of old hickory shafted clubs, leftovers from my Grandfather’s old clubs.  Ones that he took to Africa when he was building a sawmill to harvest mahogany wood for office furniture in 1948-49.  He was a Civil Engineer.  They carved out some land in the jungles of the Gold Coast(now Ghana) for a 9 hole course and played it for their recreation. Sadly, today I only have the putter left, so it hangs on the wall above my desk at home.  I progressed from the hickory sticks to used Powerbilts that were my Grandfather’s.  At age 10, I got my first set of cleats(steel spikes of course).  I felt like I was king of the world when I walked around the clubhouse area going clickety-clack, clickety-clack.  I spent my summers at Juniper Hills, just a mile from my home, caddying in the mornings then either hawking lost balls, putting for pennies or playing in the hot Summer afternoons.  I witnessed a Hole in one at age 13 when one of my friends aced the 140 yard Par 3 #6.  For my High School Graduation, my Grandfather gave me a new set of Powerbilt irons. I got my Ace in August, 1985 at Pine Ridge Country Club in Winnfield, LA.  When I moved to Florida in 1987, I was a 10 Handicap, gaming Nicklaus Muirfield irons.  Unfortunately, I was either working, or playing with my 4yr old daughter so I did not get much time to retain my handicap and watched it slip to an 18.  Fast forward through the years to now, I have been playing with a 6” steel plate, 13 screws & an inch of my left hip bone in my left wrist (ice skating accident in 1998).  The inch of my left hip was to make both arms the same length again.  Because of the injury, my handicap ballooned to the mid 20’s for several years, so I moved to graphite irons to reduce as much vibration as possible.  I was able to get my handicap back down to 13 for a few months in 2011, but that did not last.  For the past several years, I have been bouncing between 14 and 22.  I also have two Ligaments damaged in my Left Ankle(too many ankle sprains).  The Dr’s offered surgery but I declined because I was not ready to stay off of it for 4 months.  I am an Accountant(Ky State Univ. 1977) that retired in Jan 2017 and played 4 days a week wearing an ankle brace.  I got tired of the brace and decided to play without it.  My drives usually range from 185 to 205, with an occasional 220 and my 6i is my 150 yard club.  I am 70 years old, with an 14 Handicap, and play golf 3 to 4 times every week.


I played at Pebble Creek Golf Club, located in New Tampa, just 7 miles from my home until it was closed on July 31st.  I shot my best round there on the day it closed, 37/38:75.  I have been running the Saturday Game at Pebble Creek for 12 years.  We average between 30 - 50 players each week in our Stableford Points game.  Twice a year we have a 2 day tourney.  Annually, I book a 12 to 24 man Buddy Trip to the Kissimmee FL area. It’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun. We are now playing at Plantation Palms GC, same owner but way different club with many undulations around the elevated greens.


I have previously reviewed Cobra Bio Cell, Cobra F6 irons and Cobra F8 Full Bag Challenge for My Golf Spy.  All were excellent sticks for a mid to high Handicaper.  I have also reviewed Tour Edge CBX119 hybrid and Cleveland Zipcore wedge. Currently testing the Titleist ball blind test.

My Bag is as follows:  Vice Cruiser cart Bag, PXG 0211 Driver(Evenflo Riptide regular set to 11.5*), Cobra F8 3-4 Wood(16.0*) & 5-6 Wood(20*) with Mitsubishi tense ck blue shafts, Cobra King F8 3 Hybrid with Mitsubishi tense ck blue shaft, Wilson D-7 irons 5-PW 2* flat with Recoil 460 regular shafts). The wedges are Cleveland Zipcore 50/54/58*, Putter is Evnroll ER2 33” w/355 gram head. 

My current ball has been the Maxfli CG Tour, Srixon Q Star Tour & Titleist Pro V1x.

I am an avid Tampa Bay sports fan, or should I say “CHAMPA Bay”!

As for shoes, I have around 14 pair, Foot Joy(7 pr) Puma(3 pr) Ecco(2 pr) Addidas and Etonic.

I will be testing the Tomcat shoe by Duca del Cosma.




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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*) & 5-6W(20*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft 

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


Link to review

Good Evening and Hello All!

What an opportunity to test a shoe (Italian) trying to make their mark in the USA. I don't know about the other three testers, however I have a little anxiety over testing shoe. My name is Cory, I live in Ohio and I am first time tester and relatively new "Golfer".

I have always been drawn to this game /sport. Since the being as young as I can remember and my grandpa taking me the local course named Hickory Flats. Now, before I continue with my grandfather and my golf life or lack there of, let me say this. Hickory Flats is not flat, as a matter of fact, its THEE destination for kids on snow days from school. Sledding those hills and dodging the many tree's, fun stuff! Not sure where the name hickory comes from, as I have never seen so many pines. I loved to drive the golf cart in watch grandpa hit balls here there, however we mainly scooped balls from the numerous ponds. The cart was a 3-wheel electric cart and he paid to have it stored there. Some memories I haven't thought of much until writing this. 

I've only played in numerous golf outings over the years, mainly through my connections with the fire departments who put them on. Until this year, I had never actually recorded a score for 18 hole's. I decided late last year during the pandemic that I wanted to finally take golf serious and try to play and enjoy it every day that I could. I bought new clubs, started some lessons and I am playing almost twice a week. Currently, the Grint has my Index at 20.8. My father always told me if I could play once a week I had potential, so we will see! Speaking of him, we have been playing this summer about once a week, and a funny story about grandpa from above.......dad said he doesn't think he ever purchased a golf ball 😂🤷🏻‍♂️. My best score is an 84 and I am consistently in the 90's now. I have a driver swing speed of 95-100 currently and hoping it keeps climbing as I play more. My goal for a shoe is comfort first and foremost. If we can't be comfortable. we can't enjoy ourselves. Next would be performance, does it keep me planted. I would then rate based on weather and durability. 

I am extremely excited from this and truly hope I can bring a fresh and insightful review to everyone. As I said, I am not sure if I am anxious, nervous or just scared to do this for the first time, but I promise to give it my all. Sorry for the late introduction, its been an extremely hectic this past week with work, work and more work, plus a golf trip Mon/Tue. If only these had arrived prior. The Shoe, Duca del Cosma Elpaso looks to be a traditional styled spike-less shoe and boasts the award of Golf Monthly's Editors choice. We shall see as I am building my shoe collection but just recently purchase a few high scoring shoes in this years MGS Buyers Guide.

The shoe's arrived this evening and are still in the shipping box. I will tackle some first impressions tomorrow, maybe break them in a little Friday and Saturday and then put through an initial test walking 18 with @MattF on course I've never played. So the first "test" should be interesting. I plan to bring a back up.... but will I need them 😬  Attached are photo's from the manufacturers website and one of myself. Yes, I can at least dress/look the part, still working on the playing thing. 






The shoes arrived within a few days via UPS within a few days of picking a size. Sizing consists of full size only, with no half sizes. In my experience this typically leads to a shoe sometimes not fitting ideally and always in between sizes (in which they always say go up). Based on Duca's sizing chart and all of my measurements, size 9 was where I ended up. I normally wear a 10 or 10.5 in other shoes FYI. 

The packaging of the shoes was first class. Exactly what you would expect from a shoe in this price range. Nicely boxed, a carry bag, spare (brown) shoe laces and nice welcoming letter on the inside of the lid, thanking you for your purchase and welcoming you to the Duca Del Cosma Family. A very nice touch. The first look and touch of the shoe and you can tell its quality. They do have an odd shape / appearance to what I'm used to wearing, but I like a traditional looking golf shoe and these scream tradition and class. Spikes / sole are also a bit odd, but I believe they were designed this way on purpose.

Initial try on and fit was very mixed. They fit extremely tight in the toe box even though I had plenty of room between big toe and the end of the shoe. Comparing to my current shoes, they were exactly the same size when matching them together. It is definitely a shape / material issue. I walked around the firehouse with them on for 30 min or so and had two short practice sessions with them on in my garage simulator before the first round. First round was a Sunday morning/afternoon at Kent States home course, Windmill Lakes in Ravenna with @MattF.  I was informed the course doesn't drain well and on this day I brought my push cart to walk and really test these shoes. It was cart path only so I was thankful for that decision. So just walking around the course etc....Stability is an A+ but comfort is definitely lacking. I brought my Adidas Tour 360's with me just incase I had problems and originally left them in the truck thinking I could change at the turn, then I remembered my cart bag has shoe pockets built in (Thanks Ping) and I brought the Adidas along and thank goodness I did. I felt blisters potentially starting and decided on the 5th hole after our tee shots that I should set down and take a look. Sure enough blisters, so I decided to change shoes right then. Immediately my Adidas felt cushioned clouds and I was surprised how comfortable they felt and the relief my feet begged for. On the 6th tee, I bandaged my blisters and played the rest of the round in the Adidas. 

Worth noting is the weight of the shoes compared to my only other pair of spineless (Tour 360's). The Duca's are roughly 4.5oz heavier per each shoe, resulting in just over a half pound total difference. It doesn't seem like much, but with both pairs in each hand the DDC's are noticeable heavier. 31oz - 40oz. 

Fast forward to today for a brief update and a glimmer of hope. We discussed going a size up, but I didn't think it would matter. I felt at that point they would just be too big and the potential of blisters would increase with slipping of the heel. The testers also discussed privately the need for break in as these are handmade with quality leather. So that's what I did. I continued to wear in the garage for practice, wore to the range and even some around the yard. Yesterday I played 18 in them (albeit in a cart) but I made it the entire round and did start to enjoy them. So I will continue to test and report back soon, off to the course I go for another round with the Duca del Cosma ElPaso's














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Driver: :titelist-small: TS2 10.5* - Tensei AV Blue 55 S

Fairway Wood: :titelist-small: TS2 16.5* - Tensei AV Blue 65 S

Hybrids: :titelist-small: TS2 19.0* - Tensei AV Blue 70HY S

Irons 5-GW: :mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal - Pro Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 S

Wedges::mizuno-small: T-20 54 | 58 |  M-Grind - Nippon Modus 105 

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2B MidBlade Black - Gravity Grip

Ball: :bridgestone-small: 

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Awesome congrats!  Seriously interested in this review.  I like th look of these classic shoes.

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congrats testers. Haven't seen a shoe being tested yet so that'll be an interesting write-up. Glad to see some women on here now!

...Don't get me wrong, i've seen plenty of swings on here from men who should be playing from the ladies tees but thats another story. 

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Congrats! Looking forward to the reviews. Have not heard of this company and I quite like a couple of the designs. 

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Congratulations testers! I can't wait to see what styles you choose and how they work for you. Duca Del Cosma make some good looking shoes. 

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   Congratulations Testers!!!   


Should be another great shoe test, looking forward to seeing some amazing photos and reading stories about these really cool looking shoes!  Will be interesting to see how they compare to the ones I tested and still wear to extend the test beyond the period of testing and submitting the comprehensive report, maybe these can meet or exceed the Decathlon Inesis experience I had (am having) 👍

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Congrats testers!

Guess I never paid attention to how few women are actually on the forum.....welcome @MsFitz!  

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@ChitownM2Looks like your a fellow Nittany Lion too.

36 minutes ago, ChitownM2 said:

Congrats testers!

Guess I never paid attention to how few women are actually on the forum.....welcome @MsFitz!  


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13 minutes ago, Dragon3 said:

@ChitownM2Looks like your a fellow Nittany Lion too.


Indeed.  Graduated in '03...best time of my life.  

Looking forward to hearing what you and the other testers have to say about the new shoes....  a spikeless pair I can wear on or off the course may be in my future.

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Congrats testers!!!!  I wish I was in your shoes!!  (Bad pun and I'll see myself out now)

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Would love to try them! I play several rounds a week and I’m always looking for a more comfortable pair of shoes. Men’s Size: 9

  • PING i210 irons (4-PW, UW) N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 105 Flex: R, (-2° Flat)
  • Evnroll Putter ER8V 33” (Slight Arc)
  • Ping Driver: G425 Tensei Av Orange  (Stiff) 9° L: (42.5”)
  • Ping 3-Wood: G425 Tensei Av Orange (Stiff) 13.5° 
  • Titleist Wedges: SM8 - 60°, 54°
  •  Ping 3-Utility (Stiff) 18.5° 
  • Bridgestone RXS Ball
  • Handicap - 8 

GmanS63 😉

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I am currently an Adidas brand lover for shoes.   Always comfortable no matter spikes or non-spikes.  The Duca del Cosma have a great look but am interested in how comfortable they are. 

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