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Testers Announced: Shot Scope V3 - INTL Welcome!

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Equipment Type: GPS Tracking
Vendor: Shot Scope


@Chip Strokes



From day one, Shotscope changed on-course data collection. The company developed technology that lets RFID club tags communicate automatically with a wrist band to capture shots. However, the wrist band itself was a problem. Shotscope’s original V1 band featured no GPS functionality, just data collection. It was also roughly the size of one of Her Majesty’s aircraft carriers.

Shotscope V2 was a considerable improvement. Unfortunately, while considerably smaller, V2 was still the size of a Royal Destroyer.

Now with the V3 GPS band, Shot Scope offers a full slate of stat-tracking and peformance management features, including strokes-gained analytics.

With that, we'd like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers. We are looking for 4 dedicated, hard working testers to try out the newest version including the RFID tags! Added bonus - V3 comes in fancy new colorways to match your golfing outfit! A feature I know all of you are most excited about 😉




Hi everyone, my name is Jerry.  I've been golfing only for about three months and just broke 100 for the first time yesterday.  My depth perception on most of my hits is horrendous.  I'm the guy muttering "sit" just before my approach lands 20 yards in front of the green, lol.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to test this out; I have no experience with anything like this before.  I have developed some impatience regarding pace of play.  I'm the type who walks up, addresses, and hits all within a few moments.  Because of this, I'm really interested to find out how it affects the regular process of my rounds.

One more thing I'd like to find out is what ways I can interpret the statistics.  As an example, if I regularly use my 7 iron for bump and runs around the green, will it distort my  understanding of the 7 as a full club?

Anyone else interested in anything in particular that maybe I or a fellow Spy might be able to look for?

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Titleist 385k driver

Dunlop 3 wood

Nickent 3DX 3 hybrid

Cobra AMP 5-PW

Pinemeadow 52° 56° 60° 64° wedges

PIng Anser putter

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Consider this my intro/pre-product entry 🙂

I'm Greg, a 3-point-something handicap in Durham, North Carolina. I played D3 college golf and after graduating, just didn't play for quite some time. I'm back and trying to cobble together some semblance of a game. In 2018, I upgraded by Ping i5's with some fresh i210s and availed myself of the offer of a free set of Arccos sensors, thinking that it would revolutionize my game. I'm not here to review Arccos, of course, but I'm always intrigued by the idea of data-informed decision-making and to do that, you, uh, have to have data. Plus they were "free." But what I'm realizing is that I'm basically only using it for club distance-tracking and what I need more help with is overall strategy, both in terms of bag makeup as well as course management.

So let's start off by saying that as a relatively long-time Arccos user, I'm ready to walk away from their platform. Arccos may have been free, but as they say, free like a free puppy, not free like a free beer. I've now paid two annual subscription fees totaling $200 and can't bring myself to get the Link for another $130 so I can leave my phone in my bag nor am I willing to pay several hundred more dollars to get their more in-depth insights. While Arccos' SGA gives me a breakdown of aspects of my game, what it doesn't do is give me tangible insights into how to work on each. For example, in a recent round I lost a couple strokes in Approach from the fairway. In reflecting on my round, I had a shanked PW, a thinned 7i, and a couple of wrong club selections that made my next shot very difficult (i.e. I missed in the wrong spot). I don't expect any system to pick up on two of those three, but when the insight is, "you need to work on shots from the fairway," I don't actually know how to operationalize that.

What I'm looking for from this product, which I admit I know very little about, is something that is less hassle than Arccos, doesn't charge me $100/year for the club distances I'm already pretty confident in, and gives me some insight into what aspects of my game need work and how to fix itI'm not nor will be a pro, I'm just a hack trying to be a little more competitive in my Saturday games and don't want to feel like I need a whole entourage of products, coaches, and trainers to make it happen. Am I asking too much? Maybe. But let's see what Shot Scope has to say first!

But I'm curious -- what do YOU want to see? What kinds of tests or wonderings do you have about this product?

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Driver: :cobra-small: RADspeed 9* with Motore X F1 60S
4-wood: :callaway-small: Mavrik Subzero (16.5*) with Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI X
2i: :srixon-small: ZX with SteelFiber i95 Stiff
Wet/Soft: 3i-PW
:wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged, KBS Tour-V 110S
Hard/Fast: 4i-7i :srixon-small: ZX7, 8i-PW Z-Forged, Modus3 Tour 120 S

52*, 58* :cleveland-small: RTX ZipCore Modus3 Tour 115
Putter: :cleveland-small: HB Soft Premier 11s

Ball: :srixon-small: Z STAR/XV (but I'm not just going to leave a perfectly good ProV1 laying around...)
Bag: :ping-small: Hoofer (2018) in black/white/copper

Using :Arccos: to keep track of my shots

All clubs RH

:wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged 3i-PW, KBS Tour-V 110S - Official Review
:titelist-small: Blind Ball Test (Ball #3 vs Ball #4) - Unofficial Review

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[Shot Scope V3] – Official MGS Forum Review by [Jeremy Booth]


Describe your game as much as necessary to help readers compare your needs to their own.

Currently I am re-learning a lot in my game. I had surgery last year on my wrist to fix an issue that was causing me to not have any or very little feeling in my left hand. I was compensating a lot to “feel” a golf club in my hand to swing.

At this point, my goal is to get to single digit handicap. I work on my game a lot (lessons, range session, etc.) and practice at home. Currently playing 2-3 times a week when the sunshine allows it to record videos of my journey on my YouTube channel.


The Personal Questions

·         What region do you play out of?

      • I currently play golf in North Eastern Ontario just outside of North Bay, ON. 4 hours North of Toronto. I am originally from Niagara Falls, so I play there a few times a year as well.

·         How long have you been golfing?

      • I started playing golf when I was 13, so 36 years off and on. Very steady the last 2 years. (Covid related of course)

·         What kind of golfer are you?

      • I am a social and competitive golfer who tinkers a lot with very small changes


The Golf Questions

·         Handicap? (Or average score) ~12

·         Strengths of your game - my iron play and around the green.

·         Weaknesses – Driver is very inconsistent at the moment

·         What is in your bag and how did you choose them?

·         Currently: All clubs Except driver are Stiff Shafts. Driver is X-Stiff

      • Driver – Callaway Mavrik Set at 9.5* - Guy in town won it and hates Callaway clubs and sold it to me brand new for half of new
      • 3W – TaylorMade M5 – 14* - Got it at global golf as basically brand new club for half the price new
      • 2H – Callaway Apex – 18* - Great price on a used Golf site. Received and didn’t look like it had been hit
      • Irons – Callaway Steelhead XR – 5 – PW, AW – Got them for half price as they had the wrong sale tag on them
      • Wedges – 52, 56 and 60 – Kirkland Signature
      • Putter – Odyssey 3-Ball Hot Metal SRT – first putter back to a mallet style. Tried a Ping Karsten Anser 2 TR and struggled.


·         **Do you consider yourself to be tech savvy?**

      • I am very tech savvy. Love technology and tinkering. This is going to be a lot of fun for me.

·         **How do you currently get your yardages?**

      •  I currently use 2 apps. SwingU and 18 Birdies
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Driver - :callaway-small: Mavrik w/ Aldila Rogue White 130MSI 60X

3-Wood - :taylormade-small: M5 w/ Tensei Orange Pro 60g

Hybrid - :callaway-small: Apex 2 w/ Kuro Kage 65g

Irons - :callaway-small: Steelhead XR's w/ KBS Tour-V 90 - 5-PW, AW

Wedges - Kirkland Signature 52*, 56*, 60*

Putter -   Odyssey 3-Ball Hot Metal



Swing easy.

Link to review
Chip Strokes


hey everyone! i'm beyond stoked to be afforded this opportunity from MGS and ShotScope.

my name is joe, and i've been playing golf for a little over a year.  hard to believe, i know, because it probably seems like i've been annoying you all on here for a lot longer.  i picked the game up last summer during covid when my dad and brother in law convinced me to join them for a round.  

a little about my game: i was blessed with club head speed...a lot of club head speed.  this has been a blessing and a curse so far in my short golf career.  when i'm finding the center of the face, things are pretty easy.  when i'm not, well let's just say misses are amplified.  i've managed to get my handicap down to around a 12 this year.  last summer i was struggling to break 100, and now i'm shooting in the mid-high 80s most times out.  

i've always been into stats and data, no matter what sport i was playing, so i've been interested in ShotScope for a while.  i currently use the GHIN app, which tracks fairways, greens, and putts and compiles them into some meaningful data to review after your rounds.  i'm excited to add some club tracking data to that and start to get a picture of where i'm really losing strokes.  

i feel like i'm a good pick to test the SS v3 because technology and gadgetry aren't really my strong suit.  if it works well and is user friendly, i'll be the world's biggest advocate.  but if the user interface is clumsy, or if it requires a lot of work to make the device useful, then i'll get frustrated with having to take on part time job just to know how far my 8i is going.  

all in all, i'm extremely excited to test this out.  any excuse to get out for a few more rounds as the season gets shorter in the northeast is good in my book.

if you have any specific insights that you'd like me to look into or highlight in my test, let me know! i'd be happy to try and accommodate useful information into my review.  otherwise just sit back and enjoy my rambling, often incoherent thoughts on what i think is going to be a great product.  

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image.png.926c5dbfc594427870bc33c43f290630.pngSIM2 8º | KuroKage XD 70TX 

  image.png.4f15ae5144722103242556b2db6d1033.pngSIM 3W 14º | Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 9TX

image.png.bce9eebd9a20266703b359d88959bbcb.pngSIM2 5W 18º | Fujikura Ventus Black 10X
Titleist logo | Logo gallery, Golf birthday party, Logo designU500 2i | Fujikura Ventus HB Black 10TX
Titleist logo | Logo gallery, Golf birthday party, Logo design T100 4-PW | Dynamic Gold X7
Vokey Design Vector Logo | Free Download - (.SVG   .PNG) format - VTLogo.com SM6 52* SM8 56* SM8 60* | Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
SIK Golf Partners with GolfPlus to Host Entry Level Professional Events!  DW | BGT Stability Tour

Link to review


Congrats guys! Looking forward to the reviews. Have any of you used Arccos to give a good compare?


@Chip Strokes make sure you got that watch on right… I don’t want any reviews on the watch head flying 300 yards down range because it couldn’t handle the swing speed!

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Congrats guys, looking forward to this review.   Do paper and pencil kind of stats now and this is probably the only stat system would consider since there are no subscription fees.  

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Great mix of testers .. Congrats! to the winners!!!

I'm a V3 user myself so looking forward to seeing each new person's experience and comments 👍

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Congrats to the testers.  Will be following this one closely to see if maybe I should change over from Arccos when the battery in my sensors run out....

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Congrats testers. I’ve had my shotscope since their promo early this year(last year maybe?). The latest update with strokes gained has been amazing. Only down side I’ve experienced is losing a few tags from my clubs. 

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I've been an Arccos user for two years now and won't be renewing in January due to some... frustrations... with their platform/service. Would absolutely love to see how ShotScope compares and if their system can exceed where Arccos fails!

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Having had the V3 since it's release, I think those chosen will really like this one.

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Singed up to see how it stacks up to Arccos, which i have been using the last year. Good luck everyone 

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Having only a hand held GPS, this would be interesting.  Good luck to those who apply.  wonder how this compares in cost to the other platforms?

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Four people are going to be very happy here. I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with the improvements made between v2 and v3!


Great opportunity. 

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Love that we are going to get to see Shot Scope and Arccos have tests going head to head at the same time!

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Hah just bought a V3 for myself .. had a V2 a few seasons back but traded it away .. fyi, and without going into detail, V3 is a nice upgrade from V2!

Enjoy whoever's chosen and hope it helps improve your games!!

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Great opportunity here.  I have the V2 and it  has helped me tremendously over the last two years. Granted, it is a large piece of kit. As mentioned, you could name it HMS Brace for the size and ability to keep your wrist locked. But hey once I warm up and start a round I hardly notice it. 😊. That said. The v3 should be awesome. 

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Having recently started using Arccos with the Link, I'm interested in following along on this and seeing how the newest versions of each compare! Good luck to everyone entering!

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Well if this isn't another awesome chance to try out some new gear! Really interested in the tags since using golf pad I have to manually enter my clubs... Good luck to all that apply!

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I am taking lessons to get bette rand would love to be able to track stats to see where I can improve even more!

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Cant wait to see about this one.  The watch looks so much better than the v2 did, its a real contender for me now.  Of course, I’m having a good experience with Arccos right now, but I look forward to seeing some in depth reviews from fellow spies on this! 


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Curious how this new system will work out on the course.  Cancelled the Arccos system after a year as I found it to be less than expected especially when it kept locating me at another course a half mile away.  Arccos tried to fix it, but never could.


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Would love to test this out. Currently using Arccos with little problems (35 rounds).

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Great opportunity. Currently use Arccos, have used game golf in the past, would love to test out Shotscope to compare.

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I've heard good things about Shot Scope, would be interesting to try!  I currently use Arccos and they run pretty good overall, but they have a subscription model requirement which may give an edge to this system.

Good luck everyone 🙂

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I'd love to test this.  I haven't been happy with the inconsistency of the Arccos platform

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