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Test In-Progress: Sub70 849 Pro Driver

Ratings Distribution

Equipment Type: Driver
Vendor: Sub70

Testers Wanted! 4 Testers, open to international applicants (RH only).


Sub 70 is the #1 Direct to Consumer golf company according to MyGolfSpy readers. This is due, in part, to the high-quality/low-cost nature of its equipment portfolio. And with the addition of the better-player-focused, 849 Pro driver, the company continues to update its resume with golf gear designed for lower handicap players.

The Sub 70 849 Pro driver is 450cc (10 cc less than the legal maximum) and fade-biased. In addition, the849 Pro comes with a weight kit and is adjustable seven ways to Sunday. Each head can be adjusted two degrees up or down in 0.5- to 0.75-degree increments. At its lowest loft setting, the face angle sits 4.5 degrees open and, as you loft up, it reaches 3.5 degrees closed. It has three sole weights: a 12-gram weight in the rear and two three-gram weights in the heel and toe. The weight kit includes a six-, eight- and 10-gram weight, allowing you to adjust further for shot shape and launch.

With all of that said, we'd like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.


Pretesting Placeholder

Sub70 845 Pro – Official MGS Forum Review by Shapotomous


I am thankful to be chosen for testing and looking forward to see how this driver compares to my custom weighted G410+ with an Accra shaft upgrade (especially in the spin #’s and its impact on distance & accuracy).  I’ve been playing over 50 years (still waiting for my first HIO by the way) and currently around a 5 handicap.  I’ve been getting out about twice per week – a 9 hole league and as many as I can get in on a weekend evening.  I moved to the G410 from a G10 in late 2019.  I liked the G10 so much I stuck with Ping & experimented with a couple shafts, loft / lie adjustments and head weights to settle on the current version of the gamer. 

With a warm weather comfortable swing speed about 105, usually carrying about 240 and pretty straight, the driver doesn’t get me in much trouble and I consider it a strength of my game on the courses & tees I usually play.  A small draw or fade will be prevalent for the round depending how my back feels and I play it rather than trying to fight it.  Keeping it in play at about 250 yds is my #1 priority, I don’t swing at 100% to gain an extra 15 yards at the expense of accuracy.  I am stubbornly ignoring the oft quoted length statistics so that I stay out of the trees at 275!  I don’t mind aiming over a hazard or a few trees if I know the carry number is below my normal 240.  A few years ago some disk issues in my lower back had robbed me of some distance and playing time.  Thankfully through stretching and light workouts and equipment advances I’ve been able to turn the clock back about 10 years in how it feels and got back that distance.

 My miss is an infrequent over the top pull.  I think it generally shows up if my top half gets ahead of my bottom half.  It doesn’t play favorites and can happen on occasion with woods, hybrids or irons (maybe even the putter  😱 ).

If a par 5 is about 500 I can usually get on in two if my drive gets a little friendly roll to it.  Usually a 7i thru pw will get me onto the par 4’s on the courses & tees I play.  At times some young punk will drag me to the back tees and the 5 & 6 irons &  hybrids get used quite a bit more on the par 4’s.

I have a small synthetic putting green in the backyard but ironically putting can be a weakness if I don’t play a lot.  For me green reading breaks and speed have to be ‘played’ rather than ‘practiced’ in the backyard.  The practice green is fast and flat so it’s good for dialing in a consistent stroke but not developing touch so I get too mechanical.  This backyard green has turned 45 – 65 yard wedges shots into a strength as thousands of balls have been hit to it so those distances are in my DNA now.

 I couldn't find an assistant but after a few times with bad camera aim, I have this one from tonights testing...





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Modern Bag:  Ping G410+ 9*, Accra TourZ X265 M5;  Snake Eyes 15*, 18* & 23* Hybrids; Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 5 - PW, PX LZ 6.0;  Cleveland Tour Action 49*, 53*, 57*; PX LZ 6.5 ;  Ping Heppler Fetch;  Ball - Snell MTB-X; Bag - Sun Mountain H2NO 

Classic Bag:  Driver - Wilson Staff Persimmon; 3w - Hogan Speed Slot; 5w - Wilson Staff Tour Block; 3 - pw - Staff Dynapower; sw - Ram Tom Watson;  putter - bullseye standard or flange.

Link to review

Pretesting Placeholder


I’m incredibly excited to be a part of testing this driver, so thank you MGS and Sub70. I believe this test has been mine to be selected for since I spoke it into existence all those months ago 😝

My name is Taylor Wyatt, I reside in a suburb of Portland, OR and have a beautiful wife and two kids (6&3). I have become golf obsessed over the last few years and have almost fully converted my baseball swing to a decent golf swing. I played baseball at a DII level and started golfing to scratch that “I need to hit something” itch about 5 years ago. I am a recreational golfer who just likes to have fun and love the ability to compete against myself on the course. I float at an 8-9 Hcp but am improving, last year I was at a 12-15 with some generous scoring 😉. I got lessons this year for the first time ever and I think the lower scores are coming. I prefer to play with buddies abs just have a good time, not take anything too serious on the course, and be thankful for the few hours we get to escape the realities of daily life.  I haven’t delved into the competitive world yet as I really don’t have the time to commit with my current life. I would like to but also need my game to get a little more consistent too. 

I plan to test this driver against my current gamer with my Rapsodo MLM and will able to get several rounds in with it for the important on course testing. I may be able to test it against some other stock drivers at my local DSG with their recently remodeled hitting bay complete with a Trackman.  

My current driver is my attempt at a longer driver, it’s a 47” cobra speedzone extreme, with evenflow black shaft in a 6.0. I really have been in a groove with the driver this summer and the longer shaft has really helped straighten out my ball, plus the added speed helps with the distance 😜

My swing speed on my little radar is 105-113 but much lower with the MLM, I honestly don’t care as long as I hit the middle of the face and the ball goes where I’m pointed I’m happy. On the course my average drive is in the 240-275 range. With recently being a bit longer due to more confidence in my mechanics to swing “harder.”

My swing feel is a slower take away with a smooth transition, with the focus on making sure impact is solid and in the middle. This has led to better results from my early days of grip it and rip it mentality that lead to a huge slice.

My miss now is a blocked out cut where as I play a 5 yard fade on almost all my shots. I learned to hit the low draw on demand though but it’s with a 3/4 swing. 

I like to play aggressive but I’m learning to play smarter, lay up to the right spots, and only take on risk with needed. This has helped me lower my scores significantly and usually leaves the driver in the bag more often, which I actually don’t mind. 
For me I don’t play tournaments and so distance to me isn’t as important as position. I’m looking for the driver to be long enough with a smooth swing, but also stable when I want to go after one. My current driver is good with the former, but I have mastered to latter quite yet.  
Let’s see if Sub 70 can find yet another spot in my bag!









First Impressions

First off the club came 2 weeks sooner than expected! Good on Sub 70 for that! Considering the wait for many other tests, this was a pleasant surprise and it came the week of my end of summer golf weekend!

The club didn’t come in the classic sub 70 black box, but still it was well protected. 

If you’ve ever bought a Sub 70 club before you know it’s all class! This was the same, hand written note, bag of tees, stickers, business card, nice bag with the wrench and weights. Nice premium head cover, lined and padded. 

The club looks premium as well. Per usual their pictures don’t do the club any justice. The black out look is a favorite of mine. The carbon crown reminds me of a Callaway style, although with no alignment aid. The sole has the look of the PXG 0811 X with the 3 weight ports. There are plenty of different weights available to allow for flight optimization. The adjustable sleeve also has a significant amount of adjustment available with up to 2* in each direction and 12 adjustment settings total. I chose a 9* head with the Evenflow Riptide shaft in a 6.5, I had the club built at the longest available length at 46”. It’s still an inch short than mine current gamer but I’m excited to try the stiffer shaft as I believe it will allow me to be more aggressive with my swing than I currently can with the softer flex in my current gamer. 

Overall I’m super impressed with the aesthetic of the club, but I’m not surprised. I’ve learned with Sub 70 not to expect anything less than premium despite their prices.












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:cobra-small:  Speedzone White 10.5*

:callaway-small:Mavrik 4W - 16.5*

:titelist-small: 818 H1 19* Hybrid 😍

:Sub70: 699U Pro 3 iron 

:Sub70: 699 Pro Black 5-PW

:cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore 48* 54* 58*


:taylormade-small: Spider Tour Black on Black on Black


:Sub70: Sycamore 005 Wide Blade Putter


Tommy Armour No. 3 Impact Arm Lock 38"

Ball: :titelist-small: . Pro V1 

Currently testing: Sub 70 848 Pro Driver 

Link to review

Pretesting Placeholder

Sub 70 849 Pro Driver


This is one very sleek looking club.  If it performs as good as it looks I will be very happy.

For something a bit different from the standard club photos, I thought I’d give MyGolfSpy readers an inside at the 849 Pro head vs the G400 SFT. The other reviewers have the standard photos well covered





I live and play golf on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, about an hour’s drive southwest of Melbourne. 

The Bellarine is blessed with some great golf courses, including 4 rated in Australia’s top 100. My club is Curlewis Golf Club, where I play the majority of my golf.  I live a few minutes from the course, and drive past every day on my way to work.   https://curlewisgolf.com.au/pages/about-the-course

I’ve been playing for over 30 years, 20 of those seriously. The vast majority of my golf is in formal competitions, which is normal for golf in Australia. Only competition rounds are allowed for handicapping, and every competition round is entered into the Golf Australia handicap site.

On course, (and off) I love a bit of banter, and try to enjoy myself, while still trying to score the best I can. I spent the first half of my golf “career” just turning up and playing, never practicing at all.

My oldest daughter started playing when she was about 6, and started attending weekly junior clinics with the club pro when she was about 10. While these were on, I filled in time with some practice, and my handicap dropped from 10-12 down to 6 in 4 months. Amazing to see what a bit of practice can do.

I love the constant challenge that golf offers, and both the competitive and social aspect of the game.  While I enjoy the occasional scramble or 4BBB, I love the fact that what I score on the course is usually entirely up to me, be it good or bad.



My handicap is currently 6.8, based mainly around a solid game off the tee, solid fairway woods and a competent chipping and putting game.  Covid has had a significant impact on my ability to get on course, but hopefully things are improving in that area.

I currently play a Ping G400 SFT driver. I was fitted for this when my swing was going through a stage of poor setup and alignment. My swing and setup have improved this year after a lesson and some work, resulting in me missing left more often. The SFT may have too much left bias for my current swing. I played my previous driver for around 10 years as I couldn’t find anything that performed significantly better for me until the G400. I’m not one to change equipment unless I think it will help lower my score.  My driver swing speed is around 105mph, except when I really try to smash one, when it probably comes down.


I recently started using a Shotscope V3 tracking watch, which is I plan to use during the review.  I’m planning on obtaining some more data on my current driver, and switching to the 849 Pro on course once I’ve got the adjustments to loft, face angle, and weights optimised.  I have tagged the 849 Pro as a 2 wood on my Shotscope, hopefully the strokes gained data doesn’t get skewed. My rationale was that I want to be able to get data from the same round for both drivers. I’ll see how that goes.

We’re coming into summer here, and with daylight savings starting this weekend I should have lots of opportunity to get on the course.



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:ping-small:  G400 SFT Aldila Xtorsion Copper Stiff
:cobra-small: F8 3 & 5 Woods Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0

:titelist-small: TS2 7 Wood Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0
:mizuno-small:  MP18 MMC - Project X LZ 5.5
:cleveland-small: Zipcore Wedges 50,54,58 - Project X LZ 5.5
MLA Tour Mallet 33"
:srixon-small:  Z Star
:ping-small: Pioneer bag
:Clicgear: buggy

Link to review

Pretesting Placeholder


It is an honor to be a part of testing this driver, thank you MGS and Sub70. I plan to test this driver against three other drivers I have. I will be testing the driver on the course, at Golftec (GCQuad/Foresight), and on the range with my Rapsodo MLM so I will have some good data and video. I will try to be as consistent as possible with balls and shafts. About me, I am married with two 10 month old puppies and an avid golfer. Also, "Hi. I am a hockey player, but I am here to play golf" Happy Gilmore...I played D-1 college hockey and did not take golf seriously until about 6 years ago. I have had some success since I started playing tournaments (qualified for the USGA Mid-Am in 2017 and 2021). Photos of me and the family below! 

Here is my golf info intro with some bolded items to get the short and sweet: 

  • I am a tournament golfer so I practice/play during the season most days. Even if it’s just rolling a few putts on the Perfect Practice Mat or swinging the Orange Whip. I am kind of a golf geek and enjoy the process. My forte is hitting it far and putting well. Handicap is +2.5. Swing tempo is 3.4:1 (data from Zepp) and Driver swing speed is 115+ MPH. My natural ball flight is right to left, but I can play shots both directions. Typical miss that would cause problems is left. My current gamer is the original Taylormade M1 with a Mitsubishi Tensie Pro Orange 70TX. I went back to this club this year after going through a plethora of Taylormade drivers (3 Sims, 2 M5s) that kept breaking. The M1 also performed very well in the MGS winner's test, which made me go back! I love the looks of the M1 driver. I was not fit for this driver. With driver in hand ball flight is the priority, but the look of the clubface is really important to me as well. Some drivers set up looking like they closed and I do not like that! I do not like taking chances with aggressive lines, unless I know I can hit it past all of the trouble. I mostly “play conservative, but cocky” (Dr. Bob Rotella quote). I am going for par 5’s in 2 as much as possible and not many that I can't reach. The statistics show that the closer you are the better and I rarely lay up to a specific yardage. Into par 4s a wedge is my typical club.

First Impressions

Coming out of the box it was fun: Business card, tees, hand written note, and stickers along with the wrench and weights. Club looks really clean. Headcover is not the best, needs to be broken in or a little bigger. The OEM States and I AGREE "849 Pro Driver continues Sub 70's aesthetic of clean, classic lines, dark colors, and performance driven shapes". The 450cc 849 Pro provides the higher level ball striker a good soft sound: "sound of the driver has been optimized as well, so as not to draw looks at impact, but only after people have seen where the ball has landed." I chose the lowest launch/spin shaft available without an upcharge, Project X HAZRDUS Smoke 6.5 with the stock Lamkin Crossline 360 to fit a profile close to my Gamer. Sub 70 fits my notions that it is a better players direct to consumer priced option. The lower price point with a touch of good business (card and extras) was nice! This club will earn a spot in my bag if it performs better (distance and dispersion are important to me off of the tee). I will be testing with Rapsodo MLM, Golftec (foresight/GCQuad), driving range, and on course. It will be fun to test the most extreme settings for fade and draw bias! 

Info on the driver: 


Video of my initial impressions: 






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Brandon Johnson, MBA
Capt (Sep.) US Air Force 

e: brandon.johnson.mn@gmail.com


  • D - Taylormade M1 w/ tensie pro orange 
  • 3w- Taylormade M5 w/ tensie pro orange 
  • 2i - Srixon 
  • 4- 5 Srixon 785 
  • 6- 9 Srixon z blades 
  • PW, GW, SW, LW Cleveland rtx 
  • true temper shafts in all of my irons 
  • putter - odyssey #9
Link to review


Nice! Congrats everyone. 👏🏼 Actually looking fwd to the reviews on this driver … and as a bonus, seems like Sub70 haven’t been affected too much by supply chain issues.

Hopefully y’all get the driver soon. 

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Congratulations Spies!  Have fun testing what looks to be another winner from Sub70.  I'll be keeping my eye on the classifieds forum for some orphaned drivers 🙂.

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Congrats guys! Very interested to see how this review goes. Driver has quickly become a strength in my bag, and this club and this company have me intrigued. Have some fun fellas!!

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Congrats! Disappointed that it wasn't me, but looking forward to the results!

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Congrats everyone, and look forward to hearing about all the Pro drives everyone will be hitting.

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Bastards Sorry, I meant congratulations fellas! Really looking forward to seeing how this one works out for you. And if you get it with a Project X Smoke Black 6.0 and it doesn't work for you...I may know someone. 😬

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Congrats to the testers.  Actually, happy that I didn't get chosen.  Things have changed since I submitted my request and, had I been chosen, I would have had to decline.   Headed off on a 3-4 week trip with a possible move to new location following, so I wouldn't have had the time to adequately review a product!  Again, congrats to the chosen testers and look forward to your reviews!

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Driver tests are always fun; I just ordered a RadSpeed, so I think I'll sit this one out. Good luck y'all!

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Very Cool Test! Love seeing how the small guy stacks up against the big OEM's. Especially with clubs aimed at the better player (who also tend to be a bit pickier)

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"Better player focused" is definitely not me but I'm sure this is going to be an amazing test for some spies. All of the Sub70 gear seems to get great reviews and I'm sure this will continue that trend. Good luck to everyone entering!

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Tempted to apply. Just got the Max ls in a trade but would be great to compare the forgiveness vs the max ls

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OOOOOOOOOOhhh, I love this as a testing op. Got a Sub70 5 wood this summer and I have loved it!  Happy with my TSi3 atm but I am super interested in hearing from the fellow spies on how this DTC driver stacks up! 

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Well! I was just looking at this beauty yesterday... Today is the sign-up for testers.... hmmmm..... 

Good Luck to all who apply!

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Unless I'm missing something on their website, they want us to let them choose our specs

based on certain criteria that we fill in 

rather than let us choose our own specs  directly.


That would be a non-starter.

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2 hours ago, russtopherb said:

"Better player focused" is definitely not me but I'm sure this is going to be an amazing test for some spies. All of the Sub70 gear seems to get great reviews and I'm sure this will continue that trend. Good luck to everyone entering!

I wavered on whether to sign up given those words, but figured an 18 handicapper might actually be valuable for consistency, forgiveness, and standard deviation testing. And since I use two different drivers depending on how my back is feeling, this is one where I'd have comps for it against my "forgiving" and "long" drivers. 

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Good luck fellow spies. Just finished testing (Voice Caddie SL2), so time for others to get in on this one.  Just moved to the TSi2 (from the G400 Max I gamed for years) so need to give that some time in the bag.  Looking forward to the feedback from "the chosen" !

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41 minutes ago, CarlH said:

I'm in for this one.   Looking for a new driver, as it is.

So you're not getting along with the TSi any longer?

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6 minutes ago, Tom D. said:

So you're not getting along with the TSi any longer?

Must have me mixed up with someone else.  I'm hitting a Ping G400 Max.  Getting along with it fine.  But, I'm considering others.

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Would love to test this one. I am considering a new driver soon to replace an old Diablo Edge, and this one is on the short list. My plan is to get get a fitting to help the shaft and spec selection,

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Would love to test just kicked out my PXG 0811, and have the 639s being built right now. 

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18 minutes ago, CarlH said:

Must have me mixed up with someone else.  I'm hitting a Ping G400 Max.  Getting along with it fine.  But, I'm considering others.

Yep, obviously have you mixed up with someone else, and shouldn't have relied on my aging brain, but taken a few extra moments to actually look up the test to confirm.  I just moved from G400 Max that I gamed for a few years, to a TSi2 with the Tensei blue 55 reg flex shaft and found a few extra yards with the same level of forgiveness.  Good luck in your quest !

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I'll say enjoy to any testers going for this. My lesson was learned and driver testing is off my plate. 

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