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Full Bag Reviews: Cobra Connect 5

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Equipment Type: Irons, Driver, Wedges, Bag
Vendor: Cobra Golf



Cobra Connect 5 had a few bumps along the way however our 6 testers are still going to put forth some stellar reviews over the coming weeks with how their equipment performed and provide some awesome feedback. Although we will likely keep most of the chatter in the thread linked below, the main reviews will be posted here for your viewing pleasure. 

Follow our Testers in the Forum Thread linked below



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Cobra probably is my favorite brand, I just like how they go about things. I'm still gaming a F7 5w and love my King Forged utility. 

And since MGS is my only actual social media account. I'll stand aside for those of you who would bring better brand awareness to them through your accounts. 

But definitely the gem of testing opportunities. 

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This is always fun to follow along with, good luck to everyone who enters! 

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18 hours ago, Lacassem said:

Gotta do it:


Wow I hit a quad on this for reactions.  normally on course that’s no bueno but here I’ll take it!

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Man!  This sounds like so much fun.  How could I not sign up.  Checked out the RadSpeed irons and they sound awesome.

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I'm so excited to see this event. I wish to be participating in the event. 

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Chris, South Jersey, extra stiff to stiff shafts Driver > Irons, swing speed 100-110. 

Currently playing SpeedZone SZ driver, big tour 3, F7 2-3 and 3-4 with connect. 

Would love to see how the new versions stack up against last year and later models. 

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It would be fantastic to become a tester for Cobra golf equipment.  Thanks for making this happen.

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Wow it's back! Good luck to all the applicants! Such an awesome opportunity! 

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I am a senior. So that can be a good thing. There are a lot of us out here that could use an upgrade. Just think about that. I am 72 and I play 4 days a week. I still play regular shafts, but I have hit the Senior shaft in my driver very well. Pick me and you won't be dissapointed.


Have a blessed day.

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Apparently my account here was created in 2014, and I posted a couple of times and left... 2014 was also the year my second daughter was born and I walked off the golf course on 13 to go home and help my wife with our children... took a hiatus from golf, and came back with a passion... Enough about the past, let's talk about the future. 

The totally unasked for application to join the ranks of Cobra Connect 5:

Who am I? I'm Will! I've played golf my whole life and love to chat... my parents used to sit me by myself on airplanes so I'd annoy strangers instead of them... I now have a daughter that won't stop talking... I'm also currently trying to figure out how to introduce myself to a guy at the club I confused for someone else and just started chatting with... I'm sorry Wes. I thought you were Tim. Wes is far nicer than Tim, btw... I'm currently a 6 handicap coming off a hiatus due to a back injury... If you are looking for a single digit handicap likely to drop some strokes in some sort of competition, I might be a good fit! My game is back on track and I'm looking forward to shooting some low rounds.

My golf game: I'm decently long (270 carry on a good drive) with a decent iron game... my putting was holding me back last season, but I've invested the time in my putting and hope it will improve this season... Mostly focused on tempo... Very happy with my SeeMore and glad this is only a 13 club challenge. The SeeMore putter is going to be in my bag for awhile. I tore cartilage in my back last season (chasing gains, I think) but I'm back to fully healthy. No lingering issues that would require me being put out to pasture... I spent the past weekend throwing a giddy toddler into the air with no back pain, and if that isn't an all clear sign, I don't know what is. Seriously, I don't know. I'm not a doctor... but my back doesn't hurt and I've successfully played 5 rounds already this month... despite snow on the ground at points.

My Qualifications: I'm willing to make my own memes... I'm a fan of the Chasing Scratch Podcast and created multiple GIFs celebrating the phrase KUDOS... I also suggested to Cobra that they remake the RAD movie trailer with Bryson and Rickie... Did they? Of course not, it was a terrible idea. But, with every 10 bad ideas I have, a good one can slip in... I'm also willing to throw out casual references to shows that amused me... You want an OC reference? I've seen Rooney live. You want to talk MTV's The Challenge? I've watched more of it than I'm willing to admit... (not really, I've watched most of it... then I had kids and the stark reality that these guys were buffoons pretending to be bigger buffoons took the shine off laughing at a man who called himself Johnny Bananas). I also really like to make comments in parentheses (I don't know why, but it's a weird habit I've developed [oh well])... I currently have the time to improve my game, the desire to improve my game and would love the opportunity to make strangers read about me improving my game. I have access to a GC Hawk, a range and a golf course... 


What's in the bag: I should probably update my signature, and will do so later... but let's take a dive into it! 

Driver: Callaway Mavrik with Ventus Black 7X...  I won this driver elsewhere, and my assistant pro traded me his Ventus... This is the nicest free club I've ever had... It replaced my Cobra LTD Pro, which was my favorite driver I've had... Sadly, I scratched the crown of the LTD so it's living out retirement in a place of honor in my basement. The Cobra had a 110 Aldila Silver 70X in it that I loved... the ventus is a monster

3 wood: this is currently a gaping hole where dreams go to die... I had an Adams 13 degree speedline with an X100 in it for awhile, and it didn't do what I wanted... Shockingly, building a modern driver with a steel shaft on a whim on my own was a bad idea... I tried a brief experiment with a 12 degree Adams driver and a 43 inch shaft... I just want something that carries 250-260 and stops... my bag currently has a borrowed 13 degree MAVRIK in it, but I basically try not to hit it... Have I eyed the Big Tour 3 for this slot? Yes, yes I have. 

Hybrid: Sub70 hybrid. I got the new one. I like it. It replaced a 18 degree Adams hybrid with a TourX shaft in it... allegedly said club once belonged to Cameron Tringale. I've kept that hybrid in case Cameron ever needs it again. I love the look of the new Cobra hybrids, and would be excited to try one.

4 iron: Sub70 4 utility... I like this club, but could easily replace it. Call me.

5 iron Sub70 5 iron... Long story, but I played without a 5 iron for 3 months until I found a spot I needed a 5 iron on and bought this... it introduced me to Sub70 clubs, and they are usually my go to for replacement clubs.

6-GW: Adams CMB - My first post on MGS was about how I'd happily play the "old" adams CMBs... that post was 7 years ago... I bought CMB heads last year and got them shafted on the cheap... It's my second set of irons ever... with the TM Burner Oversize being set #1. The only reason I'm entering this contest is I like the Cobra irons enough to kick the Adams out of the bag. They are great looking clubs, but I didn't win my master's pool, so I don't have them in my budget this year.

Wedges: 54 high bounce Sub70, 58 low bounce Sub70. New this year and built to my specs. I like them! I also really like the look of the new Cobra wedges and think the MIM technology is cool. 

Bag: I'm still carrying my high school bag... it's a Ping Hoofer 2 from 1999. I'd upgrade it, but I need something high enough quality to justify moving away from a bag that is legally able to drink but still looks great!

In conclusion, if you read all this nonsense:


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Crazy busy this summer, but will keep an eye on those who do participate.


When the rosters are set, maybe think about setting up some props and futures we can bet on!

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Cool idea for cobra. Used cobra gear off and on since my first bag at 13 y/o.

I am a recent dad so the urge for blades is fading to “what’s a little helpful for the times I haven’t been playing for three weeks” haha. Yet I still can’t get my F9 out the bag, would welcome competition from a RAD.


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I have a set of Cobra forged players irons that I love and being an old guy (70) still pump drives out in the 235-255 range and would love to give the RAD a run 

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